Venom By: Sakura and Badiyannu

A/N Hey, this is a fic made by me and my friend, Badiyannu!


A mission. Yes, another mission that the Spirit Detectives were having to go on. But this was going to be a mission with a spider demon; one that, unfortunately, was one of the most poisonous youkai known to the Makai.

It started off as any normal mission. Well, that is until the tides began to turn for the detectives. First, it started with their agility. They had been fighting for quite some time, and they weren't having an easy time at trying to stop this youkai.

Hiei seemed to be the only one that wasn't getting tired. He kept up a constant attack against the vulgar demon, never pausing for a breath. Hiei looked awfully determined to kill this demon as soon as possible. Maybe it was because his only sister was in grave danger.

The petite ice maiden stood to the side, watching her brother fight courageously.She really had no clue who this short fire demon was, but, somehow, she felt conncected to him. It was something about his eyes. Or maybe the way he moved. Overall, he looked very familiar... and it seemed as if the good guys were losing.

Yukina sighed. How did she get dragged into this mess? She remember last she was.... Oh, now everything was coming back to her... She was at Genkai's temple...

. o O flashback O o .

"Yukina, dear girl, you forgot to sweep the front steps," the old woman rasped, stepping out of the sliding door. She glared at the blue-haired girl impatiently.

"Oh! I'm truly sorry, Genkai. I will do it right away," Yukina said quickly. Sometimes, Genkai scared her. Who knows what she could do? All Yukina knew was that her Spirit energy was very high.

The young girl coughed her way to the front steps, autumn leaves crunching under her feet. Lately, she had been feeling sickly; her throat hurt, her nose was runny, headaches took her by surprise, and she felt weak. It was probably just a illness going around. Should be gone soon. She wasn't allergic to anything, except...

"Yo! Yukina! Heh, what's going on?"

Yukina glanced up at the deep, scratchy voice which could only belong to one person. She smiled.

"Hello, Kazuma. What brings you here?"

Kuwabara blushed slightly as he poked his indez fingers together, sheepishly. "Well... I wanted to know... umm...doyouwanttotakeawalkwithme?" The last words came out rambled and slurred together, but Yukina understood.

"Sure. I'd love that, Kazuma," the ice maiden replied, happily. She kinda liked Kazuma; he was very nice and... she'd do anything to get her away from sweeping.

She walked down the steps and linked her arm with Kuwabara's. He stiffened up immediately and he face turned as red as a beet.

"What's wrong, Kazuma?"

"N-nothing. Nothing... Comon', let's go." He began to walk quickly, causing Yukina to be dragged along.

"Umm, could we slow down?"

"Yeah! Erm, sorry..."

"It's okay." Yukina rested her head on his arm. His shoulder was too tall for her to lean on.

The couple strolled along peacefully, down the steps of Genkai's. Leaves fell for what seemed to be an eternity to reach the ground. It was a sight to behold. A sight of beauty. A perfect time for Kuwabara to tell Yukina how he felt.

He stopped on a platform of the steps and took her by the shoulders. He looked deep into her eyes.

"Kazuma? What is this about?"

"Yukina... I have to tell you... I lo--"

"AH HA! KUWABARA, YOU DOG, YOU!" A figure jumped down from a tree.

"URAMESHI! YOU'RE GONNA PAY! What are you doing up there?!"

Yusuke grinned devilishly. "Oh, I was heading up to Genkai's to get my jacket and then I realized I wasn't cold and that the tree looked like a comfy place to sit without anyone bothering me. Namely, Keiko. Man, she is really grumpy at her time of the month..."

"Well, Urameshi, since you're so dumb, I'm gonna beat you up!"

"What does my intelligence have to do with that?!"

".... I don't know... BUT YOU'RE GONNA-- AHH!!!" Kuwabara's sentence was cut short as he went flying down the steps. Yuesuke was in his place.

"That dork," Yusuke shook his head, "doesn't he know by now, he can NEVER BEAT ME!"

Yukina frowned. "Aww, Kazuma has not done anything to you, Yusuke. Please leave him alone. Poor boy..." She ran down to help the red head up, but as soon as she got there, she was whisked to the side into the woods by Kuwabara himself.

"Kazuma-- what?..."

"Shh! Don't make a sound."

His hand tightened around her waist as his other hand covered her mouth, gently. He looked around sparatically, his eyes darting back and forth. "A demon..."

"Huh?..." Yukina pondered, but then began to cough uncontrollably. She fell back into Kuwabara's chest and a hand flew to her mouth.

"Yukina? What's wrong?" the punk looked down at the girl, conserningly. She looked frightened and sick.

The ice maiden was able to blurt out two words:

"Spider demon."



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