Fallen Angel-Kurenai

Fallen Angel-Kurenai

Rave's note: Hi ya! I'm back. Hm...do I hear some groaning? Sorry if this fan-fic is a bit confusing...but I had given it my best shot. The fallen angel is Kurenai and of cuz the other person would be Kurei. Hope ya enjoy reading this and remember to comment okie? =) Er…this is not a poem…though it looks like one…it is not a poem.

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When I was falling,

You caught me in your arms.

You gave me confidence,

To reach for the stars.

You gave me strength,

To give it my best shot.

You gave me back my humanity.

You were my hope and my faith,

You were my reason to live.

Without you,

I would have fallen.

Forever into the deep dark hole.

Where everything is lost,

Where darkness consume the human soul.

But you were there.

You caught me in your arms,

Just as I was about to plunge into hell.

The little things that you do and say,

Brought me back from hell.

You gave me your hand,

You gave me your faith.

You gave me hope.

You gave me back my confidence,

To pick myself up once again,

To face the challenges bravely,

To smile when I was beaten,

To be able to believe in myself once again.

I might seem confident and strong,

But you have seen through me.

You were the only one,

To have seen through me.

When I was lost,

When I was about to give up,

You held out your hands.

Hands of a fallen angel.

You are my angel.

But you were gone,

Because you were my angel.

My fallen angel.

I couldn't protect you,

I couldn't save you,

I couldn't stop your fall.

You were my dreams,

My hope,

My faith,

My everything.

But most of all.

You were my fallen angel.

Even though you were gone,

My angel you will be forever.

My fallen angel.

Even though you are gone,

The roses still bloom everyday.

I still can feel your touch.

Your last wish was to be with me,

Be my fallen angel forever.

Who am I to disagree?

I can't let you go,

I won't let you go.

Because you taught me that love still exist,

In this dark cruel world.

You were the fallen angel from the sky high up above,

I was the man in need of your love.

Your faith,

Your dreams,

Your hopes.

You were the beautiful creature,

Perfect in everyway.

I was the ugly man,

Scarred in everyway.

But you loved me,

Scars and all.

Now we are one.

My flaming fallen angel you would be.

In this cold dark world,

Your love will see me through.

Your faith will be my strength,

Your hopes will be my guide,

Your dreams will be my light.

You are my fallen angel,

My all.

And now you are me.

I'm sorry that I couldn't be the man that you wanted me to be,

I'm sorry that I couldn't break your fall,

I'm sorry that I couldn't let you go.

Forgive me for all that I've done,

Forgive me for not letting you go.

Forgive me for putting on a mask,

Forgive me for letting you fall.

Forgive me for being weak,

I couldn't stop your fall.

Forgive me for not smiling anymore.

Forgive me for the lonely nights that I had spent alone.

Because I forgive you,

For breaking my heart,

For leaving me alone.

For giving love to me,

And taking it away so soon.

For reaching out your hands to me,

For saving me.

My fallen angel you will be

Forever and more.



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