"And the winner is..."

Pit shot up two fingers in the air.



The winged boy held his pose while his defeated opponents congratulated him with applause. Or at least, that's what he thought.

"You should look happier, Pittoo," the angel said after he turned around to look at his twin. "Kirby's got the right idea."

The pink ball excitedly clapped his hands above his head while dancing around. Next to him, Robin put his hands together rather slowly. And yawned!

"Just wait until our next match," the dark angel mumbled. But Pit didn't hear him. The angel had already begun clapping for himself. He went on about the crowd not being enthusiastic enough.

Before Dark Pit could reach for his silver bow to teach the cocky angel a lesson, he heard a noise almost like that of a vacuum cleaner followed by a muffled yelp.

Kirby had doubled in size. Pit was nowhere to be seen.

"Should we-"