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"Any last words?" The blonde added, cocking the hammer of her gun.

Shaw closed her eyes, prepared. She then felt the hairs on the back of her neck rising and an odd confidence slowly building up. Even without seeing her, Shaw smiled.

"You missed." Shaw said.

Martine tilted her head at the unexpected words, narrowing her eyes. She didn't understand what the meaning behind what Shaw had said was, but she didn't care. The blonde adjusted the grip on her gun, ready to pull the trigger.

And then…


Martine screeched as a bullet flew through her wrist, shattering bone, devouring skin and flesh. The impact of the bullet made Martine fire her own weapon, but it deviated her aim and gave time for Shaw to flinch away from the bullet's route. The blonde's gun fell to the floor when the pain in her wrist became too much for her to hold it. Whilst grabbing her wounded hand with the other, Martine stared at the point of origin of the injuring projectile.

Root was there, walking towards her with her sidearm still pointed forward.

"Told you." Shaw said.

Martine tried to reach for the gun on the floor with her unharmed hand, bending down to catch it, but she was forced back up by the knee that forcefully connected with her jaw, making her stumble backwards. She managed to stay upright, even with her head spinning from the recent blow from Shaw's knee.

Root was now beside Shaw. They were both aiming their guns at the blonde.

"So, now you're going to kill me?" Martine asked, smiling through clenched teeth. The sweat drops in her forehead glistening with the lights of the building as she eyed Root.

Root's smile hardened. She took a final step forward, ready to respond to the challenge, her gun aiming at Martine's forehead and her finger hot on the trigger. Before she could press it, Shaw's hand was on her arm, her eyes on her face. Root didn't look at Shaw, not daring to stray her eyes away from the blonde in front of her, but she furrowed her eyebrows, questioning. Shaw answered with a slight shake of the head that Root saw through the corner of her eye. She hesitated but eventually lowered her gun.

"I'm fine, thanks for asking." John said as he appeared from the other room, limping. A bullet had grazed his right leg. Shaw looked at him, worried, but he shrugged it off. Seeing Martine defenseless and injured, John looked at Root and Shaw with a sardonic expression. "Lioness in distress?"

Root nodded lightly, with a wolfish look.

"As much as I'd like our foursome to continue," Root said to Martine. "You have more friends on the way that would ruin the fun. So, we'll get going. Tell your boss something though" she continued. "Good luck obeying a mute god."

Shaw finished patching up John's leg in the blue seats of the subway train. Harold and Root were on the platform.

"What do you think happens now?" John asked her, his gaze fixed on some indefinite point ahead, his expression rigid.

Shaw stared at him absently for a while, before finally answering with a sigh.

"I don't know. But I trust that she does."

She looked through the thick windows to where Root stood.

John nodded, without another word.

The subway hideout was wrapped in silence, only the faint and continuous sound of the generator buzzed on the background. They had all left, Harold had even taken Bear with him. But Shaw decided to stay, not that she needed to. She just wanted a moment, a moment to decide what to do. She rested her elbows on her legs as she sat down on one of the wooden benches of the subway station.

Root had been the first to leave. And Shaw found herself wondering where the other woman could have gone to. Would she still be in that same apartment as the other night? Or would The Machine have given her a new one by now?

Shaw shook her head. Why was she even asking herself those questions?

She let her head fall backwards and stared at the ceiling for a minute.

"Ah, screw this." Shaw said to herself, getting up from the bench.

She exited the subway station and walked all the way to Root's latest apartment. She had no clue if she'd find Root there. But for some reason she hoped she would.

Shaw stopped outside the door of Root's apartment. She heard movement. Root was there. She counted to three before knocking on the door. The sounds inside ceased suddenly. Then light footsteps came near the door from the other side. A second later, the door lock turned and Root opened it.

"Hi Sameen." Root said, a wide smile on her lips. "What do I owe the pleasure of your late-night visit?"

She left the door open and turned around, walking back into the darkness of the leaving room. The bedroom light was the only light on, and that was were Root walked into.

Shaw looked down the hallway, out of habit, before stepping inside the apartment, closing the door behind her, and slowly following Root.

When she reached the entrance to the small bedroom, Shaw's eyebrows furrowed. There was a suitcase opened on top of the bed and Root was casually putting the few clothes she had there inside of it.

"Are you moving?" Shaw asked.

Root stopped folding a dark blue blouse and looked at Shaw. "Yes." She simply said, resuming her task afterwards.

"New identity?" Shaw pushed.

"Something like that." Root answered vaguely, not stopping what she was doing this time.

"I thought you wouldn't need to do that anymore…" Shaw said, trying to get something more out of Root, trying to understand why she was leaving.

Root grabbed the last few shirts from the small dresser and placed them on top of the rest of her clothes inside the suitcase, zipping it shut. Only then she stared at Shaw again, her hand still on the suitcase, making her body bend to the side slightly, heightening the curve of her hips.

"Things have changed Shaw, but this war isn't over yet." She brushed her fingers along the top of the suitcase and Shaw's eyes involuntarily tracked the movement of her hand.

"You and the boys will be able to continue saving your numbers without Samaritan always around every corner," Root continued as she grabbed the suitcase's hand grip. "I, on the other hand, need to keep doing what The Machine tells me to." She said, walking past Shaw and into the living room, suitcase in hand.

Shaw followed without a word, her mouth slightly parted and her eyebrows pressed together.

"So," Root said with a faint grin as she let go of the suitcase to put on her black leather jacket. "Unless you have something to say - Goodbye, Shaw."

When Shaw didn't say anything else, Root nodded with a hint of disappointment. She turned around and grabbed the door handle to open the door. A sudden opposite force closed it again, a strong arm appeared beside her shoulder, palm flat against the door. A warm body brushing against her back.

"Wait." Shaw said in a husky vocal tone, keeping her hand firm on the door.

Root gasped slightly. Shaw then grabbed Root arm with her other hand, making Root turn around so that her back was against the wooden door.

Their eyes met and Root swallowed hard, finding herself trapped, too close to Shaw, merely the length of Shaw's upper arm separating them.

It would be the perfect time to throw a bunch of innuendos at Shaw, to piss her off and make her leave. But instead, the words seemed to get stuck in Root's throat whilst her eyes locked with Shaw's.

Shaw's lips parted slightly and Root couldn't help but stare at them, her heart rate increasing.

"I know I shouldn't do this, but…" Shaw said, but whatever was the rest of the sentence, she didn't manage to say it. She was glad that Root only questioned the half that she actually managed to say.

"Do what?" Root asked, her voice so fragile that Shaw almost feared she'd break.

"This." Shaw simply answered as she closed the distance between their bodies and tilted her head up to catch Root's lips with her own, her hand tightening around Root's waist.

Sameen's lips were soft and gentle, barely brushing Root's after that smooth kiss. She opened her eyes to watch Root's face, the other woman's eyes remained tightly shut, forehead wrinkled as if unsure of what to make of Shaw's actions. Shaw didn't like that expression in Root's face, she wanted it gone, and she wanted Root to know she wasn't trying to use or manipulate her. She wanted Root to trust her.

Shaw brought a hand to Root's face, her fingers brushing along Root's jawbone and then wandering over Root's thin lips. Only then Root opened her eyes again, and Shaw let her see through her, lowering her walls so that Root would know the only thing Shaw wanted in that moment was her.

Shaw tilted her head up again, breathing against Root's lips without closing that final gap between them, taunting the other woman. When Root moved her head to capture Shaw's lips but Shaw deflected, only to crash their mouths vigorously against each other a second later.

The kiss quickly evolved from soft and gentle to harsh and hungry. Shaw licked Root's lips, her tongue asking permission to enter Root's mouth. A request that was gladly granted.

Their tongues dueled against each other whilst Shaw pressed Root harder against the door, her hands rushing up and down Root's sides, through the fabric of her shirt.

Root moaned, breaking the kiss to give her lungs some much need oxygen. Shaw dipped her head in the crook of Root's neck, taking in the other woman's scent. She kissed and licked the soft skin of Root's neck only halting when she found that sensitive spot that made Root tense up. The hacker's hands were on her hair and shoulder, pulling her impossibly closer whilst Shaw sucked hard on that sensitive spot.

"Shaw," Root said with playfulness in her voice.

Sameen stopped and stared at her.

"I hit on you for more than two years and now you decide you're into me?" Root asked with a grin.

Shaw shrugged.

"You're all talk and no action. Someone had to take the next step." Shaw said, her hand traveling down Root's torso, reaching the hem of her black pants and stopping there, temptingly.

Root gasped at the dangerous proximity of Shaw's hand with where she wanted her the most.

"Go ahead." Root replied, seductively, taunting Shaw who immediately crashed their lips together once more.

Eager. Harsh. Loving.