~*~Lily's Choice~*~

A boy hid within the depths of the bustling crowd. His deep brown eyes shone with adoration as he watched a young girl struggle with her trunk. The girl's radiant red hair framed her face and cascaded over her shoulders. Her ivory skin was aglow with a slight tinge of scarlet from her struggles with her trunk. Her face held a look of deep concentration, her emerald eyes sparkling. She brushed back her hair carelessly and began to drag her heavy wooden trunk across the platform. The boy brushed a few strings of hair behind his ears and he shifted his weight, ready to offer his help to the struggling girl. However, he froze when he heard a voice.

"Lily!" a voice called warmly across the breezy platform. The girl spun quickly on her heel and scanned the crowds for the owner of the voice. A woman rushed towards her, her long auburn hair swinging behind her. Meanwhile, the boy tore his dark eyes away from the girl and boarded the train silently.

"What is it, Mum?" the girl asked as she quickened her step to meet her mother.

"Lily, darling, have a wonderful year," her mother cried, her voice filled with warmth. She swept Lily into a tight hug. "It is your last year at Hogwarts you know, and your most special!"

"Thanks, Mum, I'm sure it'll be wonderful," Lily responded with a reassuring smile.

"Write to me and your father often, Lily!" her mother exclaimed, her eyes misting up with tears.

"I promise I will, Mother," Lily replied, "and Petunia too," she added.

"Study hard, but do have fun as well. You've made us so proud, Lily!" her mother cried affectionately.

"Mother, don't worry about me, I'll be fine." Lily promised with one last hug. She then straightened her robes and ran her fingers through her vibrant hair. "Well, I'm off!" Lily picked up the handle of her trunk once more and began to drag it towards the train. She struggled to lift it onto the train, but she found that the burden was too much for her to bear alone. With a sigh, she let her trunk fall to the ground with a heavy thump and she allowed herself to sit upon it, her legs collapsing from under her.