Chapter One

It was a usually sunny day in Neverland at mermaid lagoon. The splashes of young boys could be heard all around as the lost boys jumped one by one into the salty water. Their floating leader smiled at them from the rock surrounded by fined girls.

"Oh Peter, please tell us another story. Your so brave!" the blonde mermaid gushed, as she stared lovingly up at Peter Pan. He was used to this by now, and ate up every minute of it. Being the cocky boy that he was, absolutely loved being the center of all attention. Peter continued to smile as all of the mermaids announced how brave he was and how handsome, and so forth. But, although he loved and cherished all the attention, he couldn't help but feel a bit lonely.

"Hey Peter watch this!" Nibs yelled as he jumped off the highest rock in the lagoon. Sure the lost boys were a bunch of fun, but he still had that emptiness feeling. Sighing, he shrugged off the feeling at turned his attention back to the mermaids.

*Captain Hooks Ship*

"SMEE! WHERE IS THAT MAP?" Hook bellowed at his first mate, as the small man scurried around the cabin searching desperately. Once again, the captain was looking all over Neverland for the hideout of Peter Pan. And he couldn't very well do that without a map now could he?

"Smee can't you find anything?! Ahgggg! Well if YOU can't find it……Alex?! Where is that blasted girl?" the tall man said to himself. If Smee could never find anything that he wanted, the cabin girl probably could. Hook came upon Alexandria, or Alex, when she was just of the age of ten, along with several other girls that were younger then her, in the other world. He had originally gone to search for Wendy to, of course, capture her and then capturing Peter Pan. But when he spotted these youngsters he realized that seven girls were better then one. Even if that one girl was Wendy. So he kidnapped the girls and brought them to Neverland, hoping to catch Pan once and for all. But of course it never ended up that way, and in a strange turn of events, they ended up staying with him. For he had discovered that they were much help in cleaning, cooking, and finding things on the ship.

"Alex? Alex were are you girl?" he called again.

"Right here cap'n." she said while stepping into the cabin. Alex was about the age of 16 now, but had the maturity of a 12 year old. She was about 5'9", with long light brown hair, and silver eyes. She was a slender girl, but very muscular. She was also very, very pretty. For a pirate, that was a rare thing. Even Hook had to admit, her beauty dwarfed even the beauty of princess Tiger Lily.

"Tell me girl, do you know were the blasted map is?" he questioned, sifting through all the papers on his cluttered desk.

"Uh, I think you locked in the chest." she answered, pointing to the large wooden chest at the end of the captains bed.

"Of course! How could I forget? Thank you Alex, you may go now." he said. He walked over to the chest, opened it and pulled out the map. Starting to go back to his desk, he stopped when he realized the girl was still in the doorway.

"I said you may leave now."

"Yes, yes I know, but, uh, I was wondering cap'n. If maybe me and the girls could go to shore today? We finished all of the chores, already have lunch made for the crew." she asked. Hook looked at her as he thought. Sighing, he came to his conclusion.

"Very well. You may go ashore today if you wish. We need more blackberries anyway. Just be sure you're back before supper, it will need to be prepared. Nodding, Alex left the cabin and entered the top deck. There the 6 girls were waiting for the ok to drop the small boat and go to shore.

"He said we could, but need to be back before supper, and we also need to get some blackberries." she smiled. The girls in front of her all now had a smile on their faces. One of them, Sara, went to get a bucket for the blackberries. The five others started to let down the boat. The five were, Karry, Jenni, Honey, Claire, and the smallest, Meloney.

When the boat hit the water, all the girls climbed down the side of the ship and into the smaller craft, and took off the nearest place you could find blackberries. Mermaid lagoon.