The last chapter…can you believe it? The final chapter of 'A Pirate?', the first story I've ever finished. I'll save all the sentimental stuff for after the chapter and go ahead and let you read the last chapter of 'A Pirate?'. Enjoy.

Chapter Twenty Five

"Peter!" Alex screamed at the top of her lungs as the cannon ball hurtled through the air and flicked the boy out of the sky like a mere fly. The sickening splash as he hit the water brought most of the Lost Boys to struggle desperately against the bonds that held them in place. They screamed and kicked with all their might in an attempt to free themselves to rescue their fallen leader, but to no avail. The laughter and chuckles of the pirates around them echoed over the ship and through the ears of the captured army. On shore, Neverland seemed to shutter as if it wasn't sure what to do. Was Peter Pan really dead?

"And so doth perish, Peter Pan." the voice of Hook announced over the men which brought on a cheer from the crew. Gliding across the deck of the Jolly Roger, the Captain latched his hook onto the shirt of Alex and pulled her up so they were face to face. A serpent like grin curled its way over his features and his blue eyes shimmered with a deadly red tone.

"Your army is defeated, your hope lost, and your love dead. So goes the life of a traitor." Hook sneered, "And now your life shall so end, my dear." While speaking Hook gestured with his good hand to some of the men who dragged over a ball and chain.

"What are you doing?" the girl asked looking down at her feet as the contraption was clamped onto her ankle. More laughter came from the pirates and their Captain's grin widened when the other tied up girls turned their attention to Alex instead of the waters where Pan fell. Eyes went big and voices screamed as the dark and sinister man dragged Alex toward the side of the ship, the heavy iron ball rolling on the ground after them.

"Go, join your Peter Pan in the depths below." Hook said in boredom and dropped her over the edge, leaving her to dangle upside down while the weight of the ball stayed on the deck. Two crew members picked up the sphere and tossed it overboard, bringing Alex down to the water along with it. The last thing she saw before her vision was taken over by blue was the men and Captain waving to her with sickening smirks on their faces. The muffled screams of her friends still flowed through the water as she struggled with everything she had left to surface. She knew it was useless.

Down, down the iron ball pulled her until it smashed into the sandy bottom below and sent a cloud of the gritty substance up into her face. Alex's hands weren't tied, but the contraption was locked. Nails dug at the clasp and her foot maneuvered from side to side in hopes that it would somehow slip through the oval opening. Air, she needed air. Her slowly deflating lungs were starting to burn with a fierceness, and her energy store was running dry. She wouldn't be able to fight forever, and judging by the looks of things nothing was around to save her. The Lost Boys and the girls were tied up, Smee was injured in the Captains quarters, Tinkerbell was too small even if she was around, and Peter…Peter was…

No. She couldn't think that. Peter Pan couldn't be dead, not yet anyway. The island would have reacted in some way or form right? Neverland would know if its leader was dead and it would be sure to tell everyone about it. But that didn't change the fact that she was drowning. Within seconds she would run out of air and her struggles would end, no matter how much she wanted to go on. Without her or Peter the island would be forever at the mercy of Hook. And Alex knew that he would never show any mercy. No more singing mermaids, no more hunting Indians, no more playing Lost Boys. All was lost…

"Alex…" a voice suddenly hummed through the waves and was left echoing with the current. Ah yes, the hallucinations and voices were starting to begin. Death was right around the corner now.

"Alex…" again the voice called in an almost sing song like tone. She was getting cold and darkness was starting to line the edge of her vision. Alex was dieing. It wasn't like before, she couldn't simply be pulled from a fire on a pole. It was finally coming to an end. After all that she had done, after all that had happened, she was going to die. She would never see the real Peter again, she would never hear the delightful crow he let out whenever he was satisfied with himself. She would never get to tell him that…

"Alex…" Again, again the voice rang through her ears. It was soft, like it was far away. It was then that a feeling of relief washed over Alex and her worries were gone. The bitter cold was replaced by warmth, and the lack of oxygen in her lungs was no more. Her darkened over eyes cleared and were filled with the soft blue light of the ocean around her. Newly chopped hair floated around her face and the clamp on the ball and chain rubbed over her ankle over and over again. This was it? This was being dead?

"Are you scared?" the mysterious voice asked.

'No.' Alex thought and shook her head from side to side slowly.

"Are you giving up so easily, Alex?"

'I…' her mind began but faded off. She was giving up wasn't she? But how could she really give up when death was the one that took her away?

"Are you?"

'I don't want to.'

"Why not? What do you have left?"


"Is Peter dead?"

'No. No, he's not dead.'

"Then why are you still here?" the voices last words spoke as it drifted away and the soft clunk of the ankle clamp falling from her foot and onto the iron ball wound its way up to her ears. How did…? Who was…? Before she could answer these questions, Alex felt herself floating upwards. The water grew lighter and lighter until she could nearly make out the sun just above her. Was she really still alive? How was that possible though? Swishing her head back to look down at the dark oblivion where she was previously locked away, Alex slowly blinked her eyes in the salty water of the ocean as she tried to focus on the darkness. Shapes came together and sand swirled over until they all meshed together to form…a face.

"Meloney…" Alex whispered to herself, still underwater. The face stayed unchanged as the girl reached her hand back toward the depths with widened eyes. Suddenly the image vanished and the same panic and burning of her lungs returned and she was once again forced to struggle for the air that was so near and yet so far away. Breaking the surface with a huge gasp of oxygen, she sputtered a few times before pulling herself together and swimming toward the shore which was closer then she expected. Dragging up onto the beach, Alex looked over her shoulder to the Jolly Roger as it drifted away. That damnable Hook was going to dump everyone off at different parts of the island.

Coughing loudly, she sat on the ground ignoring the sand clinging uncomfortably to her wet flesh. Now what was she suppose to do? There was no way she would be able to get back on the ship without being noticed and shot down. How in the world did Peter manage to rescue everyone all the time. However he did it, it was beyond her. Mentioning the Pan…

"Peter?" Alex yelled out in no particular direction while she stumbled to her feet. "Peter Pan, where are you?"

No answer. Whimpering silently to herself, the girl shuffled her way through the sand, the silver eyes scanning every bit of land and sea. He could have made it to shore, couldn't he? After all, he was the Peter Pan, he wouldn't go down that easily. Would he?

"Peter! Peter Pan you answer me right now!" she called out again in an angry tone. Pulling herself through some of the trees that grew along the shore line, Alex dropped her arms loosely to her sides in defeat and let out another, more pathetic yell.

"Peeeeteeeerrrr! Peter, please don't be…dead. Everyone needs you, even if you're a little messed up in the head. I can't do this by myself!" she screamed and dropped to her knees with her head hung low. "I can't be like you. Even though I'm a control freak and I'm suppose to hate you…I need your help. I need you back Peter!" the ex pirate exclaimed and pounded a hand down on the hot sand. "I want you back…"

"You do?" a voice questioned softly behind her. Jumping and twisting around in surprise, Alex's eyes grew wide once more when she spotted a very wet and very shocked looking Peter Pan. His hair was darkened by the water and hung over his eyes, sheltering them for the most part, but letting the bit of confusion that glazed in them show from her confession.

"Peter." she mumbled and slowly stood to her full height. As they both stood there staring at one another, Alex was trying her best not to let her feminine instincts get the best of her. She didn't need to cry…she wouldn't cry…But she would run at him and lock him in a hug that a bear would be jealous of. The boy only held a puzzled look on his face for a few seconds before his expression melted and he returned the hug with just as much enthusiasm. Though what happened next, he couldn't really prepare himself for. Before Peter knew what was happening, Alex had pulled his head back and planted a spur of the moment kiss on his mouth.

"I never thought I'd see you again." she said in an uncharacteristic cheerful voice. So, this was the girlish side of Alex that few had seen. The Pan stood with his arms still around her from the hug, but his body was stiffened from the lip to lip contact. What had he missed? At the moment, he didn't care. Peter Pan let that cocky grin fill up his face and he looked down at Alex with satisfaction. However, that little grin didn't go unnoticed by the female.

Her expression faded into something unreadable as she tilted her head to the side and looked at the young man through the corner of her eyes. That grin. That wasn't a 'Vincent' Peter grin. Letting go of the locks of wet hair in her grasp, Alex moved her hands up to his face. The grin slowly faded as the eyes behind the curtain of hair watched closely. Running her two index fingers over Peters forehead, the girl pulled away the hair and let them rest on the side of his face. The plain brown orbs of 'Vincent' were long gone, and the lively sun lit gold of Peter were back. At this new development, Alex had to go through all kinds of hell to keep herself from letting loose a few tears.

"Your back." she said in a soft and cracked voice. An unstable smile spread over her features and her eyes narrowed with attempts of holding back the drops of saltwater. "You, I never thought I'd see you again."

"I know what you mean." Peter replied with a serious tone that he hardly ever used. He knew he was gone for those few days. But what he didn't know was what exactly happened. There were splotches of Alex's face here and there, so he knew she was around. During those times he remembered seeing her, but not being able to do anything about it. Like her, Peter never thought that he would really, actually see the girl for himself again.

The two once more just stared at each other. Peter Pan was back. Alex was alive. Only one thing could have ruined the perfect moment. Hook.

"Hook!" Alex suddenly broke the silence and tore out of the boys arms. "You've gotta save everyone from Hook!"

"Right. Already back to normal, huh?" he said with a smile and floated into the air with his same old professionalism. "By the way…nice 'thimble'." Pan finished with a little quirk in his voice and took off into the blue skies.

"Thimble?" Alex asked herself with raised eyebrows. Thimble…oh, right. A kiss. Wait, when did she give Peter a kiss? Was she really that hysterical? She did give him a kiss, didn't she? But she thought he was 'Vincent' Peter, not Peter Peter. She didn't want the real Peter to know about her little…feelings! Why did he have to come back at that time? Cursing to herself, Alex shook her head and concentrated. Happy thoughts…happy thoughts…happy…kiss…It was a pretty nice kiss now that she thought about it. Peters lips were surprisingly enjoyable, not that she would do it again, but…Oh, is she flying? Hmm, go figure.

Shooting up over the tree tops, the girl looked down into the crystal waters of Neverland to see the pirate ship tugging along at an even pace. Little spots showed on the deck, representing the captive children and Indians. The plank was still hung out over the water and from what she could tell the men were organizing the prisoners for dumping. Oh, she could only imagine the look on that old Captains face when Peter…

"When did you learn to fly?" said boys voice asked and he was suddenly hovering behind her, glancing over her shoulder.

"Well," she started with a small shrug. "I had to during the Peter Pan-less circumstances."

"Thought you didn't like flyin'." Peter commented and crossed his arms over his chest. The girl only let out a frustrated sigh.

"The time called for it Peter. Besides, now isn't the time to talk about it! Save everyone for crying out loud!" Alex exclaimed and threw her hand down toward the Jolly Roger.

"If you insist." he droned nonchalantly and drew his dagger from its resting place on his belt. Rolling her eyes, she had to keep herself from smacking him upside the head. Yep, Peter Pan was definitely back. Watching as he dove down to the ship, Alex smiled as she heard the sound that Neverland had been waiting to hear for quite some time. The sound that made the island shake with relief, mermaids sigh with adoration, boys cheer with joy, and pirates scream in fear.

The crow rang out loud and clear through the atmosphere. It was so loud and noticeable, Alex was sure that Wendy and Jane could hear it back in London. Everything would turn out okay now. Peter Pan was back, and Hook didn't stand a chance.

"Then Peter cut Hook and kicked off the ship! Then…" the voice of a Lost Boy went on and on telling the tale about how Peter had once again defeated Captain James Hook. This time for good. "Last we saw, he was hightailin' it through the water with one less hand!"

Yes, Hook was gone, and so was his one remaining hand. The fight went by in a blur. Peter swooped in, weapon ready. Hook roared in fury. The Lost Boys, girls, and Indians were cut free. Pirates were thrown overboard left and right, and the Captain and Peter took to their usual fighting of blades. It was no shock when the dark haired man dropped to his knees screaming bloody murder at the loss of his hand. The boy had offered the hand to Alex to chuck to the awaiting crocodile, but she politely declined. She didn't need to be handling cut off appendages before dinner. Blood stained the water that day when Hook was thrown over into the territory of the flesh loving beast. The Lost Boy was right, he was last seen swimming desperately for land, but according to the mermaids, he didn't make it. No one questioned the idea that they probably had something to do with it. After that, Alex persuaded Peter to take Smee back to the other world without harm. When hearing of the rescue the little man accomplished, he agreed without argument.

The natives had their original camp back, and a feast was prepared in honor of the return of their hero. Stories were told, food eaten, pipes smoked, and dances danced. Yes, everyone was joyful and celebrating. Most everyone anyway.

Alex couldn't help but be a little bitter. She knew she was being selfish, but damn it all, she did a lot of the work! Peter would have even been back if it wasn't for her. She did hate feeling this way, but it was the truth. And her bitterness only increased when she saw Pan doing a tribal dance with Tiger Lily. What did she expect, that he would be hers and hers alone? Actually, she was hoping that would be the case.

The ex pirate and the Indian princess had come to an agreement. No longer would they go at each others throats, and either one would be happy for the other if Peter chose to spend most of his time with her. Though saying something was along different then actually doing it. Tinkerbell on the other hand, was content with the odd relationship the flying boy and Alex had achieved. Everyone supposed it was because the pixie spent so much time with the girl.

The light of the fire in the dark night of the mystical island illuminated the now cut hair of the silver eyed girl as she sat on the edge of the land right outside the encampment, dangling her feet off the edge. Back inside the circle of teepees she could make out the gasps, ohhs, and ahhs, of the audience as someone told yet another story.

Alex had told the other girls of the image she saw in the water that day. The face of Meloney that stared up at her as she was pulled to the surface, away from certain death. A ghost maybe? No one could quite figure it, but they were happy with the fact that the small girl was still with them in some way. She was taken away from them to early in life.

The gleaming moons that hung in the sky overhead let out a soft glow that bounced of the water in a beautiful pattern. It was almost hard to believe only a few weeks ago she was looking down at this water from the deck of the Jolly Roger, back when she felt that angry toward Peter for not saving her and the girls. Mentioning that little problem, Alex had decided to let it slide unless Pan brought it up someday. He'd forgotten everything he ever knew, she didn't expect him to remember that one small detail.

Resting back on the ground with a sigh, the girl stared up at the starry sky. She would have to get Peter to go back and see Wendy and Jane. They needed to have the reassurance that everyone was alright once again. Not that anything on Neverland had ever turned out bad. It was a relief to live somewhere that evil never triumphant and a cocky flying boy with a dagger would come to rescue you whenever you needed it. Well…almost anyway.

"Hey." a male voice spoke up and a face popped up over her own.

"Hello Peter." she replied with a small crooked smile.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Tell you what?" Alex asked and pushed herself up on her elbows, her face dangerously close to the boys.

"What you did."

"W-what do you mean?" her voice broke out. She didn't know if he meant letting Hook know about the hideout or…

"Why didn't you tell me that you went through all that for me? Why didn't you tell me that's why you learned to fly?" he explained and floated in front of her, cross legged. Alex just opened and closed her mouth a few times.

"Ah, well…I guess I didn't think it was that important." she answered and rose a brow. Peter only stared at her. "How did you find out anyway?"

"Karry. Told everyone the story. You're a regular heroine now, Alex." Peter said and shrugged with a sloppy grin. Alex knew she should have never have told Karry the little 'adventure'. Especially some of the more…touchy feely details.

"Yeah, well…anyone else would've done it."

"Wendy wouldn't have done it." This point brought Alex's eyes back up to Peter from their spot on the grass below her.

"Yeah, she would've." the girl argued back.

"No, she wouldn't."

"Yeah, Peter, she would."




"Would. Why are we even getting into this. Long story short, I did what I had to do, your welcome. So there." she finished off and laid back down with a grunt. Oh the beauties of having Peter back.

"I remember." Peter spoke up again.

"Remember what?" Alex asked as she looked up at the darkened skies once again.

"Why I left you." Peter moved through the air and hovered over the girl. "Do ya wanna know?"

"Why?" she questioned in almost a whisper, her voice thick with curiosity.

"I thought you'd be like Wendy and Jane."

"What do you mean? Girly? Sensitive?"

"No." Peter scoffed. "They stayed for a while, but always left. I knew you'd probably wanna go back too, so I…just…left you." he faded off and shrunk back a little, timid of the females reaction. For a while, there was no reaction, only a blank stare. Then finally a long sigh escaped her lips and she shook her head with a small smile.

"It doesn't really matter anymore, Peter. Somehow it really doesn't." Alex breathed out and lightly slapped the young man. "But don't do it again. Or loose your memory again, that was really a pain in the neck. I should be more mad at your for that then for leaving us. Do you have any idea of how-"

Alex didn't have anytime to finish. Her words were cut short by the feel of Peters lips on the corner of her mouth before he quickly pulled back with a flushed face. A confused look came over the girls features, but it was quickly replaced by amusement. Once more leaning up on her arms, bringing herself closer to Pan, Alex smiled and leaned her head to one side.

"Peter, did…did you just try to kiss me and, and…miss?" she asked while attempting to hold a chuckle back.

"No! I…I just wanted to shut you up! You blabber on to much." Peter shot back and narrowed his eyes stubbornly. "Stupid girl."

"Whatever Peter." Alex mumbled and pulled her legs off the ledge and got to her feet leaving the boy over a patch of empty ground. Brushing off the dirt from her legs, she made her way slowly up the path to the Indian camp where people were still laughing and partying without a care in the world.

"Wait, wait, wait." Peter interrupted her walking by grabbing lightly onto her hair and caused her to turn back around with an irritated look.

"Something I can help you with?"

"Sorry." he finally spit out while rubbing the back of his neck. Alex put a hand to her chest in mock amazement.

"Can it be? Peter Pan saying he's sorry for such a small little thing? What have I turned you into?"

"That's what I wanna know." the boy smiled and dropped his hand. Picking his feet up off the ground, he crossed them at the ankles and swung them back and forth a few times, avoiding Alex's gaze. Sighing heavily, Peter wrapped his arms around the girl for an embrace.

"Peter?" she cautiously asked, but let her arms slide around him as well.

"Thank you." Peter mumbled sincerely into her hair. He wasn't sure if she really knew the importance of what she did for him, but Peter needed to let her know. Tightening his grip slightly on her, the young man couldn't help but stroke the back of her neck with his thumb.

"You're welcome, Peter." she responded and took in a deep breath of the cool night air. They held each other like that for quite some time. Everything was finally over and done with. The pirates were gone and everything was right with the world. So what were they suppose to do now? Was she to forever stay with Peter and the Lost Boys? Find a place of her own with the girls? She remembered that night on the rock when Peter spoke the words that told her she was wanted back at the tree house, but did they still stand? In all actuality, the tree was to small for them all to stay in. However, she supposed there could always be renovations…

"Alex?" Peter asked, his voice still muffled by his face in her taupe locks.

"Yeah, Peter?"

"Can I…uh, can I try again?" he went on, the nervousness clearly showing through in his tone. Alex pulled away from the hug so she could look at him with a half smile on her face.

"Come again?"

"Try…again." again, his voice light and hardly audible.

"Try what again?" she asked with a knowing smile on her face. Peter shifted in the air and twitched his wrists and his sides.

"Don't make me say it." the boy whined pathetically.

"You are a sad, sad excuse for a male, Peter Pan." Alex laughed at the expression that formed on his face. She would say a mix between anger and embarrassment.

"A sad excuse! Fine, then, then, watch this!" he yelled before grabbing for her again. Pulling her to him by the shoulders, Peter laid a hard kiss right on her lips. With wide eyes, Alex motioned around with her arms in surprise. Settling down some, the ex pirate rested her hands on Pans forearms and hummed contently against his lips. She could feel a smile working its way onto his mouth but never did they break the contact. The kiss lingered, and lingered, and lingered, and lingered, until eventually the two had to come back up for air. Oh the curses of having lungs.

"Better?" Peter choked out, finally catching his breath.

"Better." Alex nodded. Staying silent for a brief moment, they looked back at each other only to move their faces together again in a spit second. It was a good thing, this kissing. A happy thing…though the girl tended to forget that. Being happy while kissing and having the ability to fly was not a good mixture. When Alex felt herself drifting off the ground involuntarily, her eyes opened and she muffled against Peters lips, 'uh oh, uh oh, uh oh', as she kept getting further and further off the ground. Peter on the other hand paid no attention to this and just situated his mouth to a better spot when the girl was floating sideways in the air, and gaining altitude.

"Ewwww!" a young male voice cried out, breaking the kiss as well as Alex's happy thought and she came crashing to the ground. Rolling her head to the side, she spotted all the Lost Boys and the girls standing not ten yards away. The boys all sported a horrified or grossed out look. The girls were all smiling and tilting their heads to the side while letting out romantic sighs. Karry was only twiddling her fingers and scuffing her feet on the ground.

"Slightly, would you like to say something?" Alex called out and pulled herself off the ground with the aid of Peter. Slightly stopped 'ew'ing immediately and his expression was wiped clean before his face turned a bright red that stood out even in the darkness. The other Lost Boys looked to him then to the girls only to find Karry blushing just as much. Again another chorus of 'ew's came from the boys.

"You all got something to say?" Peter questioned loudly and pulled the dagger from his belt, pointing it at the group of boys. For a second they all stared at their leader innocently, that is before Pan let out a battle cry and took after them, brandishing his blade above his head. The smaller boys took off down the path, Slightly dragging behind still a bit embarrassed, while Peter charged through the air with a false menacing look on his face in an attempt to save his reputation.

"Well, Alex, everything's back to normal." Karry grumbled and walked up beside her taller friend. Looking up at her with a small smile at remembrance of the kiss she witnessed between the two older teenagers, the younger girl continued, "Well, almost everything anyway."

"You should talk." Alex chuckled as the group of girls watched the boys rush past them once again, with Peter at their heels. Pointing to 'his' girl, the flying boy yelled out as he sped off.

"I'll be right back!"

"They're all hopeless." Claire spoke out and shook her head.

"They're all boys, Claire." Sara commented and rolled her eyes. "I'm heading back up. I need more food."

"We're coming too!" the two voices of Jenni and Honey spoke in unison. The three made their way off, leaving just Claire, Karry, and Alex behind.

"Well, now what?" Claire asked with a raised brow. Alex just shook her head and shrugged.

"Wait until they come back I guess."

"In that case, I'm goin' up too. See you two in the morning." the shortest of the three joked and waved back.

"Well…" Karry sighed and swayed back and forth when the group of yelling males ran by again. "Everything's the way it should be."

"Yep, everything's peachy keen."

"Told ya I'd be back." Peters voice piped up suddenly as he appeared in front of the two girls.

"Where is everyone?" the youngest girl asked looking around for Slightly.

"I dunno. Hiding in fear?" Pan replied in a unconcerned voice and floated on his back with arms crossed under his head, giving a big arrogant smile to Alex.

"Give it a rest, Peter." she smirked and pushed him through the air away from her. So, the two began a little argument. While they were doing so, they failed to notice Slightly poking his head through the bushes and ushering Karry away. They didn't hear the sound of sticks and leaves crunching as someone approached them from behind Peter. They didn't see the sly grins on the stalkers faces. Only when the two decided to end the fight and once more feel the enjoyment of physical contact did they notice the band of Lost Boys descending upon them.

"Peter!" Alex screamed and pointed behind his shoulder. However it was too late and our dear love birds were buried in a pile of rampaging Lost Boys. The noise brought Karry and Slightly out of the bushes, followed by Sara, Jenni, and Honey. Soon after Claire found her way to the pile, and decided to be the queen of the mountain. A huge pile of human beings clambered over the ground and towards the forest of Neverland. Meanwhile, under the stack of children, Alex grunted and looked over toward the dark mass which she presumed was Peter.


"Yes Alex?"

"I hate you."

"I love you too, Alex."

You make me strong
You make me weak
You lift me off my feet
You give me hope

When all my dreams
Seem like they're out of reach
You make me understand
The way the perfect love
Should be
You take me to a place
So high
I never wanna leave

Sometimes I think
All of the things
I should have said
I hope it's not too late
I wanna make you understand

If the world crashes down over me
I know that my life is complete
'Cause I've held you
In my arms all night
'Cause I can't imagine

Life without you by my side

You whisper in my ear the words
"Just hold me close tonight"
And when the pain is holding me
Your touch just sets me free

Sometimes I think
All of the things
I should have said
I hope it's not too late
I wanna make you understand

If the world crashes down over me
I know that my life is complete
'Cause I've held you
In my arms all night
'Cause I can't imagine

Life without you by my side

You make me weak

You make me strong

You give me hope

You hold me close

You take me high, oh

If the world crashes down over me
I know that my life is complete
'Cause I've held you
In my arms all night
'Cause I can't imagine

Life without you by my side

The End

Oh, dear, its over. Real quick I have to say that the song at the end was Enrique Iglesias 'If the World Crashes Down'. For some odd reason whenever I hear that song I automatically think of Peter Pan. Anyway, I suppose this is the last time I'll talk to you on this story. As for a sequel, I haven't decided if I'll do one yet, but the thought is tempting. I just want to tell all of you out there thanks for reviewing, I really appreciate it. I'm very proud of this story, and I hope you guys liked it as much as I did. I have other stories to write on, but I'll always feel kinda wrong not having to update this anymore. As a parting gift, I have finished a picture of Alex and Peter during the little 'sitting on the rock in the sunset' scene. Review with your email and I'll send you the link, so you can gaze upon its beauty, hehe. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I bid you all farewell. I love you guys, and I'll put some serious thought into the next installment of the Alex & Peter saga. For the last and final time for 'A Pirate?' I will scream to you all my final word…REVIEW!!!!