The names Winchester

Didn't follow the timeline because I wanted to add characters that were killed off didn't realize until too about late about the prophecy

hope you enjoy the story anyway

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chapter 1

Carry on my wayward son

There'll be peace when you are done

Lay your weary head to rest

Don't you cry no more


Harry rolled out of bed and felt the stinging pain from his back. The beating last night wasn't by far the worst he had gotten. However, he thought that his wrist might be fractured. It hurt to move it as he held it, trying not to rotate it, wincing at the pain. With his belly rumbling from not eating much the last couple of days. Harry went over to the loose floorboard in his room pulling it up, reaching inside taking out a small box of cookies. They were a bit stale but they were better then nothing. Harry took a bite of one. He heard the locks on the outside being opened. Placing the cookies back and replacing the board, Harry stood up on shaking legs. The door opened and a meaty face stuck itself inside.

"Well, boy, are you going to just sleep all day while we starve?" Vernon Dursley said in low growling voice.

Harry limped past the large man as quickly as possable.

"Don't you give me that look boy," Vernon said grabbing Harry by the hair and shoving him forward.


Dean fired the sawed off spraying rock salt at the spirit, making it dissipate.

"Come on Sammy, burn the damn thing already," Dean grumbled under his breath.

"Dean, behind you!" another shot rang out sending the spirit up in a cloud of smoke.

"Thanks, dad."

John Winchester made no reply instead laying out a circle of salt around himself and his son.

The spirt appeared again charging forward at the father and son duo. It stopped suddenly and let out a scream as fire suddenly engulfed it. John and Dean looked at one another dropping thier shotguns to thier sides and breathing a sigh of relief.

The father and son leaned against John's truck as the Impala pulled up and Sam got out.

"Took your sweet time, Sammy," Dean said eyeing his brother.

Sam ignored his older brother's sarcasism turning to thier father, "you guys o.k., dad?"

"We'll live," John said putting away his shotgun, "I don't know about you boys, but I can use a shower."


"I want this house spic and span by the time we get back, is that understood, boy?" Petunia growled eyeing Harry with distaste.

"Yes, Aunt Petunia," Harry said not looking up.

"You heard what your Aunt said," Vernon growled putting on his coat watching his wife and son leave out the front door. He suddenly spun around grabbing Harry by the hair and putting his face in Harry's.

"If this isn't to your Aunt's liking when we get back I'll make you sorry you were ever born, you freaky little bastard," shoving the boy away and turning to walk out door.

Harry watched his Uncle walk out the door, "bloody fat pig," he mumbled under his breath. As soon as he heard the car pull away he climbed the stairs to his room and let Hedwig out, opening up the back doors. He smiled, seeing his snowy white owl flying free in the sky. He sighed turning around going back into the house to start on his chores.

Harry was dusting and polishing the night stand in his Aunt and Uncle's room when he noticed a small book lying on the bed. Harry picked it up and noticed it was a diary. He looked at the door then looked back at the diary. Swallowing down his fear he opened it. Quickly, he noticed it didn't have too many entries and the dates were far and inbetween. The last date was yesterday,s. Harry sat down on the bed and staired at the older ones. Coming to an entry dating before he was born.

Feb. 17, 2002

My freaky whore of a sister has just admitted to me that she's pregnant with another man's child. I have a half a mind to tell James but, knowing that fool he'd forgive her. She told me she had met an American at a bar (of all places) called Harville's Roadhouse somewhere in Central Nabraska. He got her drunk and took advantage of her, most likely. His name's Dean Winchester. I'm a bit surprised she even got a name.

Harry dropped the diary on the floor stairing out into space. James was not his real father. He shook his head in disbelief not wanting to believe what he had just read picking up the diary and he read it several times over. The thought of having more family was overwhelming.

He ran to his room grabbing his backpack putting what little bit of clothes he owned in it. He then went over to the loose board and pulled it up reaching inside, he pulled out his wand and his broomstick (shrunken down) as well as an envolpe with money. Putting his wand in his back pocket, and placing the money and broom in his bag. Running down the stairs and out the back door. Looking up he saw Hedwig flying towards him. Harry put out his arm letting the owl land on it.

"I'm going to meet my real father, in America girl, try to follow me when you can," Hedwig cocked her head to the side and hooted.


"Dad's definitely enjoying that movie," Dean said sarcasitly.

John Winchester snored in his lazy-boy while a John Wayne movie played on the t.v. Sam grinned not looking away from his computer screen.

"What do you expect, dad's getting on in years."

"Ya, I guess so," Dean shrugged running a cleaning rod through his shotgun.

"I may be getting on in years but I'm not deaf," John said turning his head away from his sons.

Dean and Sam grinned at each other. The Men-of-Letters bunker never felt so homey. The three Winchesters had bought a fifty-inch flat-screen and a couch. Dean insisted on a lazy-boy recliner for thier dad. John had refused it at first, saying that he wasn't that old yet. However, they got it for him anyway. The first time John had fallen asleep on it, in front of the t.v. his sons couldn't stop teasing asking if he was ready for the old folks home. John mearly grinned taking his sons teasing like a good sport.


Harry walked into the Roadhouse and looked around, several of the hunters eyed the young boy. Harry walked past them not making eye contact and sat down on one of the stools.

"Well hello there, can I help you?" Ellen asked leaning on the counter smiling down at him.

Harry smiled back at the older woman, not feeling at all intimidated or frightened from her. Unlike most of the people he had met since coming to this country.

"Maybe you can help him find the door?" one of the hunters growled giving Harry a look of annoyance.

"Maybe you can find the door, Eric, this is my bar and I will decide who comes and goes," Ellen said as a matter of fact. The hunter, Eric, went back to his beer making no more objections.

"Now, with that out of the way, what can I do for you sweety?"

"I'm looking for someone ma'am," Harry eyed the man that spoke up earlier not knowing if he was listening in. Ellen noticed the look.

"Don't worry about him, hun, he's harmless, so who you looking for maybe I know them," Ellen finished seeing several bruises on his arm. She pretended not to notice.

"Well... his name is Dean Winchester and I think he might be my father," Harry said with a bit of hesitation.

Ellen didn't bat an eye but inside her stomach did a flip. "I know a couple of guys who know him, I could give them a call if you want?"

"You would, thank you very much, ma'am!"

"Now that's enough of that ma'am stuff, the names Ellen," she went over to the soda fountain and poured Harry a drink putting a shot of holy water into it. Ellen handed Harry the drink. "On the house."

"No, I can't do that, Ellen," he said reaching into his pocket pulling out a couple of dollar bills. "I'm not a begger, thank you very much."

Ellen was impressed as she watched Harry place the dollar bills on the counter. He took a sip of the soda and when he had no reaction to the holy water Ellen relaxed a little.

"I'll be right back, hun, I'll give those friends a call," Ellen went in the back pulling out her cell phone dialing Dean's number.

"What?" a gruff voice came over the phone.

"Dean, this is Ellen I need you to come over to the Roadhouse as soon as you can."

"I'm a little busy right now, Ellen."

"It's important," stressing her words.

"Alright, give us a few hours, we're almost done here."