Chapter 6


(by Metallica)

That summer when Harry came home, he had grown another three inches in height and had gained five more pounds of muscle from the rigorous training. He also had a lot he needed to learn, such as how to ride his new dirt bike. Dean took the liberty of teaching his son, after crashing a few hundred times, with plenty of scraps, bruises and once dislocating his shoulder, which his uncle had to pop back in place, he got the hang of it. Racing it down the dirt roads at high speeds was a thrill in and of itself, but when he was out of eyesight of his father, he would park the bike and take his broom for a ride feeling the clear rushing air as he flew high into the sky.

Harry took his bike down to the local fruit market to pick up a few groceries to make his famous steak and potato salad. He went to the meat counter to check out the steaks on display inside the large glass case. A blond haired man stood by the cases, smiling over at Harry, he asked him if he could recommend anything. Although it had been drilled into him by the elder Winchesters, "never talk to strangers," Harry didn't see any harm in answering the man's question, especially when he knew the butcher behind the counter. Vinny was a beast of an Italian man, standing at 6 foot 4 with arms as big as Harry's waist, the old butcher had been saved by his grandfather from a poltergeist years ago, which ment you messed with John Winchester's grandson you're likely to have a pork roast shoved up your ass.

"So what I do for you today, little Winchester?" Vinny said in his broken english.

"Well, I'm making my steak and potato salad today, so I could use a couple of nice tender boneless steaks," Harry answered craning his neck to look at the giant of a man behind the counter.

"Tell you what, I give you best I got, how you papa doing?" Vinny asked wrapping up the steaks.

The blond man that stood next to Harry looked up at the name Winchester giving the boy a curious look.

"You tell your papa hello for me," Vinny said handing Harry the wrapped steaks.

"Thank you, Vinny and I will, I hope Mrs. Marino feels better soon," Harry waved goodbye to the old butcher.

"Hey, that kid that just left is he related to a John Winchester?" the blond man asked.

"And what if he is, you some kind of pervert, you stay away from that boy if you know what's good for you," Vinny growled out, turning away going back to putting the meat in the display case.

"Sorry I asked," he mumbled.

Harry walked around the fruit market picking up a few more things for his dinner, purposely dropping a can of spices he turned his head to look at the man that was following him. Straightening back up placing the can into his shopping cart he pulled out his cell phone scrolling down to his father's number.

"Hey dad, just calling to see if you needed me to pick up anything special," Harry listened to his father speak for a moment, "o.k., it seems I got some gum on my shoe at the fruit market, ya o.k., I love you too, dad."

Harry went by the front window acting as if he was looking at the grapefruits, when he saw the Impala pull up into a parking spot by his dirt bike. The youngest Winchester went to the registers and purchased his items, picking up his bags he headed past the black car where his father and uncle pertended to argue over a map. Placing the bags in a basket his father had attached to the front of the dirt bike, Harry picked up his helmet.

"Hey, kid can I ask you a...," was as far as the blond man got, when Harry suddenly spun around faster then the man could react, slamming his helmet into the man's side and getting behind his giant of an uncle, Sam grabbed the blond man, throwing him into the trunk. "What the hell do you think you're...," was again as far as he got before Dean came down with a right cross knocking him unconscious and slamming the trunk closed.

"Go home," Dean ordered, Harry jumped on his dirt bike and drove away towards the bunker, while the two brothers headed in the opposite direction.

Adam woke up tied to a chair in an old abandoned gas staition, looking around he saw the two men who assulted him.

"Hey, you're in big trouble buddy, so you better untie me right now," Adam threatened.

Dean slowly walked over to the younger man with a flask in his hand, splashing holy water on him. When he didn't smoke as the holy water hit him, Dean narrowed his eyes, pulling out a silver knife this time, he ran the razor sharp edge across the younger man's arm.

"What the hell's the matter with you!" Adam yelled.

"Well, you're not a demon or a shapeshifter, then what are you?" Sam asked walking over next to his older brother.

"I'll tell you what he is, he's a pedophile," Dean interrupted angrily.

"I'm not a pedophile, my names Adam Milligan, I'm an R.N. at Smith County Memorial Hospital, call them they'll confirm it," Adam pleaded with the brothers.

Sam left the room while Dean turned back towards Adam, "even if you do check out, why were you following my son?"

"That kid's your son?" Dean didn't bother to answer. "Look, are you related to John Winchester?" Again Dean didn't answer. "He's my father," that time Adam saw something change in the hunter's eyes.

Dean walked out of the room slamming the door behind him, seeing Sam on his laptop he approched.

"Well, he checks out and as far as I can tell he's not a convicted pedophile," Sam explained looking at his older brother walking over.

"He says he's our brother, that he's dad's son," Sam looked at his older brother incredibly.

Sam walked around Dean back into the room, pulling out his cell phone he snapped a picture of Adam and sent it to Harry attached to a text telling his nephew to show the picture to John.

Harry pulled out his cell phone and read the text, enlarging the picture he brought it over to his grandfather. John looked at the picture of Adam and sighed, "get your dad and uncle on the phone."

The Impala pulled into the underground garage and the now three brothers got out as John stood watching them.

"You o.k.?" John asked looking at Adam's bruised face.

"Ya, I'll live," Adam answered, giving his two older brothers an apprehensive look.

"Come on in, Harry's got dinner ready," John said motioning his three sons inside.

"So, you're an R.N.?" Harry asked awkwardly, trying to start up a conversation with his new uncle as the five of them sat down to his homemade dinner.

"Ya, I just started at the hospital about a month ago," Adam replied, "you make this all by yourself?"

"Sure, somebody has to, the only thing the adults in this family know how to do is kill monsters and get rid of ghosts," Harry blurted out.

"Harry!" Dean warned.

"Monsters, ghosts, what the hell have you people been teaching this kid?" Adam looked around the table at the three older Winchesters, "and for that matter what kind of place is this?"

"I guess we should talk," John said stabbing at a piece of steak.


"O.K., Uncle Adam I'll ask dad if it's alright," Harry said hanging up the phone. He found his father in the kitchen stuffing his face with a whole apple pie.

"There's another pie in the fridge," Dean said looking up as Harry walked in.

"No thanks, dad," he said leaning on the counter, giving his father his puppy dog look.

Sighing, Dean put down his fork, "what?"

"May I stay the weekend at Uncle Adam's?"

"I don't know, Harry, I don't think that's a real good idea, have you asked Adam, I mean I'm sure he's busy working at the hospital and all," Dean rambled on.

"Actually, he's the one that asked me."

"Look, we just met him and you already want to stay the weekend with him?" Dean grumbled.

"He's family, dad," Harry told his father still giving him the look, "you don't trust him because you haven't even taken the time to try to get to know him."

"Alright, I'll drop you off at his apartment," Dean said finally giving in.

"He said he'll pick me up himself after his shift," he explained.

"I'll drop you off at his apartment," Dean repeated.

Adam opened the door to his oldest brother and nephew, smiling down at Harry he messed up the boys hair.

"Glad you could make it, how are you, Dean," Adam asked putting his hand out to shake his older brother's. Dean ignored it, looking around the apartment eyeing the furniture and electronics.

"So what are you two planning on doing this weekend," Dean asked turning his gaze on his youngest brother.

"That's up to Harry," Adam said returning Dean's stair.

"Alright, you two becareful and you better take care of my son," Dean said pointing a finger towards Adam.

"He doesn't like me very much does he?" Adam asked looking down at his nephew.

"He just doesn't know you, don't worry, dad seems mean, but he's really great once you get to know him," Harry said placing his backpack on one of the kitchen chairs, taking off his jacket Adam noticed the gun stuffed in the back of the boy's waistband.

"What the hell are you doing with that," Adam said charging over to Harry.

"With what?" Harry asked looking at his uncle confused.

"Give me the gun, now," Adam ordered putting out his hand.

Harry took out his gun from his waistband and handed it over obediently to his uncle. Adam staired at the large caliber handgun noticing the inishiles in the handgrips.

"It was a present for my thirteenth birthday, from grandpa," Harry explained proudly.

"Dad gave you a gun, for your thirteenth?" Adam asked his nephew, not believing what he had just heard.

"It's a tool not a toy, Uncle Adam, I was trained on how to use it properly," Harry told him folding his arms across his chest. That was when Adam saw the arm sheath on the boy's forearm with the silver knives.

"Jesus Christ, what are carrying an arsenal?" Adam exclaimed.

"I'm carrying the tools of my trade, grandpa told you what we do."

"I know what dad told me, Harry, and he's wrong, ghosts and monsters don't exist, they're made up to scare people."

"That's not true Uncle Adam, I've seen them, I've helped fight them, they do exist, just because you don't believe in something doesn't mean it's not real," Harry explained to his new uncle.

"What did those people do to you," Adam asked with a worried look at his nephew.

"So, what did you want to do tonight?" Harry asked trying to change the subject.

The two were driving back from the movie theater, Adam still thought about his nephew growing up with a bunch nut cases, family or no family he didn't trust them with the little boy next to him. He was such a good boy, very polite and respectful that it frightened Adam to let him go back home.

"I want you to know Harry, that if you ever need a place to go to get away from the rest of the family, my door will always be open, o.k., in fact here's a key," Adam said handing his nephew a key, while the boy still enjoyed the tub of popcorn from the theater.

"Thanks, Uncle Adam," Harry answered, taking the key.

Adam saw a lone woman walking down the side of the road, she turned to wave him down.

"Harry, roll down your window," Adam told the boy, as he stopped by the woman, "hey, are you o.k., do you need a ride?"

The woman looked inside the truck window a bit confused at first, "my son is missing, I got into a car accident a little ways back, hit a tree when I woke up he was gone."

"There's a gas station down the road, we can have the cops meet us there, then they can look for your son," Adam explained.

"O.K., that sounds good," she said still looking a bit confused. Harry scooted over in the bench seat allowing the woman to get in.

"What's your name?" Adam asked.

"Umm, ya, Alisha Feld," she answered looking out the window.

Pulling up to the gas station the three of them got out, Harry headed towards the restrooms while Adam gave Alisha his phone to call the cops. Taking out his cell phone Harry scrolled down to Sam's number.

"Uncle Sam, Does the name Alisha Feld sound familiar?" he asked.

On the other end, Sam thought for a moment, "ya, it does," he answered going through a stack of folders, finding the right one and opening it up.

"She died in a car accident back in '95, her seven year old son was with her, he survived, why are you asking me this?" Sam asked.

"Because I think I just met her ghost, but it's not like anything that you told me about, she's not fazing out or anything, it's like she's a living person," Harry told his uncle.

"A revenant, she's a revenant, Harry, where are you?" Harry gave his uncle the location of the gas station and then hung up.

"Uncle Adam!" Harry yelled from the restroom.

"What," Adam barked back.

"Umm, my fly's stuck, could you help me," Harry lied.

Adam shook his head, "kids," he mumbled, "alright be right there."

Leaving Alisha alone, Adam walked towards the restrooms to help his thirteen year old nephew.

"O.K., so what do you expect me to do exactly," Adam asked Harry as he entered the restroom.

"Uncle Adam, that woman is a revenant," he answered.

"A what, Harry, a revenant, what are you talking about," Adam asked stairing at his nephew.

"It's a kind of spirit, very rare, Uncle Sam's on his way."

"Harry, that woman is flesh and blood, these stories that your dad is telling you they're making you see things that aren't real and I've had about enough of listening to it," Adam said exasperated.

"Fine, I'll prove it," Harry said storming away towards Alisha.

"Harry, what...," Adam bit out after his nephew.

"Alisha, what year is it?" Harry asked as Adam caught up to his nephew.

"What kind of question is that?" she asked looking at Adam then back at Harry.

"Harry, that's enough, I'm sorry my nephew has an overactive imagination," Adam tried to explain to Alisha.

"Please, just answer the question, what year is it." Harry asked again, ignoring Adam.

"It's 1995, why is that so important?" Alisha asked looking at the both of them.

Just then the Impala pulled up with Sam in the driver's seat, getting out and walking towards the three of them, he looked at Alisha.

"I need you to come with me, I'll take you to your son," Sam told her, "you two come along as well," Sam said motioning all of them towards the Impala.

"I don't think so, I think I'll wait here," she said taking a step back.

"We're not going to hurt you, we just want to take you to your son," Harry said taking her hand gently.

"You know where Robby is, you know where my son is?"

"Ya, come on," Sam again motioned towards the Impala.

The Impala pulled up across from a small house, where a man and a toddler played outside on the lawn.

"Where are we, I thought you were going to take me to my son?" Alisha asked looking at Sam suspiciously.

"That is your son," Sam answered, turning in his seat, he nodded his head towards the man and little girl.

Alisha staired over at the happy little family with confusion on her face, "Robby, my Robby is only seven."

"Alisha, you said the year was 1995, it's not, it's 2015, you died 20 years ago today, in the car crash, your son, Robby survived the crash, he's now 27 with a 15 month old daughter," Sam explained, Harry watched his uncle taking note how and what he told the spirit.

"No, that can't be true, my son is missing, he's only seven, why are you saying these things to me?" Alisha asked, tears starting to come to her eyes.

"I'm sorry, Alisha, but it's true, I wish it wasn't, but it is, your spirit wanders the same part of road every year the day the accident happened, searching for your son."

Sitting back Alisha staired at the man and his daughter tears streaming down her face, "I remember now, a dog ran out in front of me, I swerved to avoid it and then everything went dark, the next thing I remember I was walking down the road looking for Robby."

"You need to let go, you need to move on," Sam told her.

"How, how do I do that, what will happen to me?" she asked looking at the different faces in the car.

"We don't know what will happen to you, Alisha, hopefully you'll go someplace better, be with people who love you," Sam said.

"That sounds beautiful," she almost whispered, reaching forward she grasped Sam's hand, "thank you," suddenly Alisha disappeared in flash of white light, Harry wiped the tears from his cheeks.

Silently the three of them made it back to the gas station, dropping the two younger Winchesters off at Adam's truck. Sam gave his nephew a one armed hug and told him he did a good job.

"All I did was call you, Uncle Sam, you're the one that put her to rest," Harry said with the memory still fresh in his mind, he swallowed a lump in his throat.

"You're the one who remembered her name, I'm proud of you shrimp, now go have some fun with Adam," Sam messed up Harry's hair and watched his nephew get out of the Impala.

On the drive back to Adam's apartment he looked over at Harry with a different sense of the boy, realizing that there was more to him then meets the eye.

"Harry, I want to apologize for the way I treated you, I treated you like you were some stupid little kid, I was wrong," Adam told his nephew.

"It's o.k., I understand," Harry was silent for a moment, "I guess since you know that the supernatural exist now, I should tell you something about me."

"There's more?" he asked.

Taking a deep breath, "I know that you're going to have a harder time with this one, I'm a wizard."

Dean heard an acoustic guitar playing in Harry's bedroom, pushing open the door he saw his son strumming on what looked like an old beat one.

"Where did you get that from?" Dean asked walking over to Harry.

"Uncle Adam gave it to me with some books of tablature, he taught me how to read it, it's pretty simple really, to read that is," Harry explained.

"You really like him, don't you, Adam I mean," Dean said sitting down next to him.

"Ya, and he likes me, too," Harry sighed looking at his father, "why don't you like him, dad?"

"It's not that I don't like him, son, I guess," Dean sighed feeling ashamed at what he was about to tell his only child, "I guess I'm a little jealous of him, he had a mom, and I understand that dad didn't know about him til he was 12 but still, he was able to have a nomal life, me and Sam, we had to grow up like this, I just feel that it's not fair."

"I hate to say this dad, but get over it," Dean looked at his son in mild shock, "did you know why Aunt Petunia hated me so much, because she was always jealous of my mum, she hated the idea that my grandparents were proud that she was going to Hogwarts, that she was a witch."

Dean looked down at the floor, feeling about an inch tall, not even able to meet his son's eyes.

Harry continued, "you have nothing to be jealous of, dad, you're a hero, you save peoples lives, can you imagine what this world would be like if you weren't a hunter?"


Harry typed on his laptop while his grandfather looked over his shoulder, pointing at sites and news articles on the internet, printing out anything that had to do with missing children in a small area of Flint Michigan.

"So what do you think we're looking at, grandpa?" Harry asked.

"I'm thinking it's a rawhead, tell me about them," John quizzed.

Harry bowed his head thinking, John grinned watching his now fourteen year old grandson proudly, knowing that when he grew up he would be a force to be reckoned with.

"Well, they're humanoid looking with decaying skin, they live in basements, the usual superhuman strength, speed, umm, invulnerability to all weapons, except electricity and they feed on children, that's why we're looking up missing children in the area," Harry finished looking over at the oldest Winchester.

"Good boy," John said messing up the boy's hair.

"Darkness, imprisoning me, all that I see, absolute horror, I cannot live, I cannot die, trapped in myself, body my holding cell!" Dean sang along to the radio, drumming on the steering wheel. Looking over at his son, he noticed that Harry seemed content, eyes closed, leaning back in his seat, then he saw the earbuds.

"Hey," Harry complained as Dean pulled out one of the earbuds and put it to his own ear.

"What the hell are you listening to," Dean asked as Harry pulled back the earbud.

"It's Concrete Angel by Martina Mcbride," he answered, giving his father an irritated look.

"You need to stop spending so much time with your Uncle Sam," Dean sighed looking back at the road. Harry grinned, putting the earbud back in place and leaning back in his seat.

At the motel the four Winchesters congregated in one room going over a map of the area.

"As far as I can see there are four buildings that it could be hiding in," John told his sons and grandson.

"So, do we split up or stay together?" Sam asked looking around the table.

"We stay together, we're stronger as a family," Dean answered.

The four hunters entered the building's basement shinning flashlights in all directions, the last two buildings had produced nothing to show that the rawhead was living there. Each of the Winchesters were armed with tasers, Dean explained to Harry that he only had one shot with it so he needed to make it count.

"How...," Harry was about to say when Dean clamped a hand over his mouth, Harry got the message and didn't say anymore.

John motioned for his family to spread out, with Dean and Sam at each end, keeping a close eye on Harry, the Winchesters advanced weapons at the ready. Hearing a noise like something falling over on Dean's end, they turned in that direction, Sam protecting their rear.

The rawhead suddenly slammed into Sam sending him crashing into the wall, Harry turned to see the creature bonding towards his grandfather as John took up a defensive posture in front of his grandson. John fired his taser, sending 100,000 volts of electricity threw the rawhide.

"Hit 'em Harry now!" John yelled as Dean and Sam both discharged their weapons, putting the creature into convulsions, Harry fired his taser making the creature roar in pain, falling to the ground dead, the creature smelled like burning flesh.

Sighing, John looked over at Sam, "you alright, son?" he asked, giving his family a once over.

"You o.k.?" Dean asked Harry putting a hand on his son's back.

"Ya, I'm sorry dad, I hesitated," Harry said handing the taser over to Dean.

"You did good, son, I'm proud of you," Dean gave Harry a pat on the back, "come on you need to use that pooping feather duster of your's to check the place out."


"Mr. Smith, Harry has been in three fights already this school year, I will not tolerate this type of behavior," Principal Bos explained to Dean.

"Those boys were bullies, as far as I'm concerned my son was defending himself," Dean spat back out.

"If Harry was getting bullied why didn't he come to me or a teacher?" Principal Bos asked sitting back in his chair.

"Principal Bos, Harry did come to you, if you remember right, it only made things worse," Sam explained.

"Your nephew is very violent, Mr. Smith, he knocked out two of this boys teeth," looking back at Dean the principal sighed, "I'm suspending Harry until you get him some therapy."

"Well, I'm taking him out of this school, I'm not going to allow my son to be punished just for sticking up for himself," Dean said storming out of the office.

"Dean...," Sam tried watching his older brother slam the office door, "I'm sorry, Principal Bos, I'll talk to my brother and nephew."

"Come on," Dean motioned for Harry to follow him out of the school.

Harry sat in the backseat of the Impala, arms folded looking out the window with a scowl on his face. Sam reached back turning his nephew's head to look at the bruise on his cheek.

"I'm fine, Uncle Sam," Harry said brushing Sam's hand away turning back towards the window.

"I'm not mad at you, Harry, I'm pissed off at that ass of a principal, I bet that other kid got an award for being a dick," Dean told his son, looking in the mirror at him.

"So how long am I suspended for this time," Harry asked not really wanting to hear the answer.

"You're not, I'm taking you out of that school as of now, we can figure something out," Dean answered.

"You know there are online schools nowadays, we can look into that if you two want to," Sam told his older brother and nephew.

"I'm sorry for putting you threw this, dad, Uncle Sam," Harry apologized casting his eyes to the Impala's floor boards.

"It's o.k. son, nobody's blaming you," Dean answered, "did you really knock that kids teeth out?"

"Ya, you should have seen the look on football coach's face when his star player got dropped by the smallest kid in the class," Harry grinned making his father and uncle laugh.

Online schooling was much easier on Harry, not that the curriculum was easier just the fact that he didn't have to deal with the dicks that didn't want to learn. In school he had been placed in classes that were below remedial. Which ment all the trouble makers, pot smokers and class clowns were in them. As for learning magic, Hermione had been sending Harry books and supplies allowing the young wizard to learn new spells and potions. His father however made him practice these things outside with an extinguisher handy, after he set one of the library tables on fire.

Doing his daily routine Harry stopped at his two mile point to stretch out before heading back towards the bunker. He heard a movement behind a nearby tree, reaching up his sleeve wrapping his hand around one of the silver knives he called out.

"Is anyone there?" when there was no answer, Harry tried again, "is anyone there?"

"Do you know me boy?" a man said stepping out from behind the tree holding a gun pointed at Harry.

"No, who are you," Harry said defiantly slowly pulling out a silver knife.

"You knew my brother boy, you helped your family kill him, you drove a knife right in his back."

"Your brother was a shapeshifter, a monster, he deserved to die," Harry spat out.

"So what, he may have stolen, but he never hurt anyone," the man explained.

Harry had never thought of it that way, it was true, that shapeshifter never did kill anyone that they knew about. He had been so proud of himself for finding the hunt that it never occurred to him nobody had been killed during the burglaries.

"You're right, but you need to understand he had a knife on my father, I had to protect my own family."

"He was protecting himself!" the man yelled angrily, the gun shook in his hand as he raised it towards Harry.

Suddenly a large black dog came out of the nearby bushes grabbing onto the man's forearm making the gun go off. Harry felt something wet under his shirt, ingoring the pain in his side, he threw his knife as his father had taught him. It hit it's mark, burying into the man's throat, he grabbed at the hilt trying in vein to pull it out as he gurgled his last breath before falling over dead.

Harry looked down at his side, pulling up his sweat shirt he saw the still smoking hole. He collapsed to knees pulling out his cell phone he dialed his father.

Dean picked up on the second ring, annoyed at being woken up so early in the morning, "this better be good, Harry."

"Dad, I've been shot, I'm on the trail," Dean jumped up immediately, still dressed from the night before, he ran out of the bedroom door, yelling for Sam.

"What's the matter?" both Sam and John came out of their rooms guns raised looking at one another.

"Harry's been shot, he said he's on the trail!" Dean yelled running towards the garage.

"Go!" John ordered his middle child.

Sam took off after his older brother jumping in the Impala, John came out to the garage watching his former car race out the large door.

"Please God, let my grandson be alright," he prayed.

Dean raced down the dirt trail, "there!" Sam yelled pointing at his nephew laying on his side while a black dog stood watch over him, the dog saw the Impala roaring towards it and turned tail running away.

Dean slammed on the brakes, sending the Impala skidding to a stop, the brothers jumped out, Dean heading straight for Harry while Sam, gun raised headed towards the man's body.

"He's dead," Sam announced, kicking the body over and feeling for a pulse.

"Dad?" Harry weakly asked opening his eyes looking up at Dean.

"I'm here baby, I'm right here," Dean said taking his son in his arms, picking him up he ran towards the backseat of the Impala, Sam opened the backdoor closing it after his brother entered with Harry in his arms.

Sam threw the Impala in reverse slamming on gas he turned the old muscle car around, throwing it back into drive he floored the gas heading straight for the hospital.

"How is he, Dean?" Sam asked not looking away from the road.

Dean tried to lift up Harry's shirt to see how bad it was, Harry pushed his father's hand away.

"I have to see how bad it is, son," he explained to Harry.

This time Harry didn't resist, Dean lifted the boy's shirt and saw the bullet wound, it was a through and through, the bullet had gone straight through his son's left side. Dean put pressure on the wound, putting his son's head against his chest, rocking him gently.

"It's not that bad, son, you'll be fine," Dean kept saying.

The old muscle car came to a screeching halt in front of the emergency entrance of Smith County Memorial Hospital. Sam got out opening the door for Dean carrying Harry, running into the hospital he started calling for help.

"I need help over here, my son's been shot!" several nurses and E.R. doctors came running over, taking Harry from Dean, they put him on a gurney. Dean watched feeling helpless as they wheeled his son away. Looking at the blood on his hands, he felt Sam's arm around his shoulder leading him towards the waiting room. John and Adam showed up a few minutes later sitting down with the rest of the family.

"Mr. Angus?" a doctor asked walking into the waiting room.

"How's my son?" Dean asked jumping up at the name.

"He's going to be fine, he's lost a lot of blood, but the bullet missed any arteries or organs," a sigh of relief went over the Winchester family.

Dean wiped the tears quickly from his eyes, "can we see him?"

"Sure, but it'll have to be brief, he's very weak and he's going to need his rest," the doctor answered smiling.

The nurse led them to Harry's room where the boy lay asleep, the family walked in with worried looks on their faces until Harry turned his head, eyes barely open.

"How are you feeling, son?" Dean said smiling, taking Harry's hand.

"I've been shot, dad, how do you expect me to feel," Harry said in a raspy voice.

"Here, take a drink," Adam suggested picking up a cup of ice water, placing the straw in his nephew's mouth.

"Thanks, did you find the shapeshifter, the one I stabbed, he said that he was the brother of the one we killed in the sewer," Harry explained looking towards the closed door.

"Dad and I will take care of it, don't worry," Sam told him.

"Uncle Sam, there was a black dog, it saved my life," Harry said giving his father a puppy dog look.

Dean sighed, running his hand through his son's thick hair, "if Sammy finds it you can keep it."

John and Sam headed back to the spot where Harry was attacked, John knelt down to inspect the body, he pulled his grandson's knife out of it.

"Sam," John said still looking at the body.

"What is it, dad?"

"This is no shapeshifter, son, he's human," John explained standing up.

"What do we tell Harry?" Sam asked.

"We tell him the truth, he was defending himself, human or not he would have killed him if he could have," John answered.

"I don't get it, he said he was his brother how is it that he's not a shapeshifter?" Sam asked.

"Half-brother maybe." John answered.

"How is he, how is the pup?" a voice said behind Sam.

The two Winchesters spun around guns raised, the man that had spoken raised his own hands in surrender.

"I mean you no harm, my name is Sirius Black, I'm Harry Potter's Godfather."