Loki saw the scene he caused. Feeling like he wanted to gag, formed an idea about how to further screw with Tony. Entering the dream realm, he saw Tony and Steve curled up under a willow tree. He snapped his fingers causing the willow branches to grab tony and lift him off the ground a few feet. Tony yelped branches securing his arms and legs spread eagle, trying to get to Steve who stood there. Loki walked over and stood behind Steve.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Loki caressed Steve, who leaned into the touch.

"Steve?! Really? Get me DOWN! Reindeer games, I WILL kick your ASS! Let me DOW…Mhrpg!" Tony ranted only to be gaged.

"Now why would I do that. The fun has just begun." Loki slinked to where Tony was at face level."If I remember clearly, we had fun with this," Loki held a catnip filled gag, quickly he replaced the ordinary gag with the nip filled one,"Now we wait for the fun." Loki turned around and swayed his hips while walking to Steve.

Loki changed Steve's clothes, he now wore skin tight leather pants, that left nothing to the imagination and black soldier boots. Loki wrapped his arms around Steve's waist, whispering in his ear.

"Look at how flushed Tony is. How he's straining against the bonds, how he's wiggling. Don't you want to help?" He pushed Steve towards the flushed Neko.

"My,my,my, is my kitty a little hot and bothered?" CloneSteve caressed Tony's face, as the branches brought Tony to Steve's height, "Don't worry, we have all the time in the world to have fun." Steve grabbed both sides of Tony's face nipping and liking at his lips that were stretched around the gag.

The more steve tried to lick and nip his lips more saliva filled his mouth and made the gag release nip. Steve walked to his side, hands caressing under the shirt. Both hearing some groans, moans and mewling Steve smirked towards Loki. Loki snapped his fingers, leaving Tony in nothing but a cock ring. The cock ring was a blue one with a small star on the front and loki flipped the switch, causing the ring to vibrate. Tony bucked, as much as his bonds allowed.


In the real world Bruce and Clint cuddled. Bruce played with his head on Clint's chest. Clint running his hands over Bruce's dog ear.

"Don't worry, we will fix this…All of this." Clint vowed.

Clint moved one of his hands down to Bruce's side, rubbing it gently.


Steve was sleeping, curled up against Tony. Feeling movement and hearing sounds he jolted awake. Looking around he felt Tony bucking and groaning.

"Tony? Tony, wake up. Tony!" He yelled shaking the neko,"Jarvis! Get Banner!" Steve held Tony close to his chest.


"Look at you. Wantonly, flushed and needy. I bet my kitty wants some cream or would you rather be milked?" CloneSteve caressed Tony's face.

Tony looked at him, eyes glazed and face flushed. Pulling weakly at his bindings. He hung weakly, sweating heavily.

"Why not do both? Here." Loki snapped his fingers, making the cockring disappear and tossing so heating lube.

"Hear that, double the fun." CloneSteve coated his fingers and rubbed at Tony's opening.

Tony gave a low moan, saliva drooling down. Trying to get away from the fingers, but his binding pulling taught. Ensuring him he'd feel everything.

"Don't try and get away from me. That's not nice." CloneSteve smack Tony's ass, hearing a yelp.


"Dr. Banner, captain Rogers requires your assistance, immediately!" Jarvis's voice rang out startling both men.

Both men jumped up and raced towards Steve's room. Entering the room they saw Steve holding a whimpering and aroused Tony.

"I-I can't wake him!" Steve yelled trying to wake Tony up.

"Fuck!" Clint ran from the room to get Thor.

"Tony? Tony! Wake up!" Bruce yelled, looking a little green.

Tony continued to whimper and moan. Lightly thrashing, sweat covering his skin, and hair sticking to his forehead.

"I'm gonna kill Loki!" Steve yelled, as Clint raced back in with Thor.

"What is... Oh by Asgard! Loki what have you done?" Thor strode over to Tony picking him and quickly going to the bathroom.

Turning on the water to a cool temperature, filled the rub and gently placed Tony in. He held Tony to his chest as he sat in the cool water.

"Thor! What the hell.." Steve started to yell.

"Steven! The only way to break Loki's hold, on him is to bring his temperature down. Once it's down, we can waken him easier." Thor replied, cupping water and pouring it over Tony's head,"Steven if you would." Thor motioned to him, so Steve could switch places.

After figuring out how to get into the tub, Thor left to gather some blankets.

"Tony, wake up... Please." Steve begged, Tony who was still making groans, moans and mewling sounds.

Tilting Tony's head back a bit, slotted his lips over Tony's. Rubbing circles on Tony's temples.


"Why would you want to...wake up Tony... Please.." CloneSteve's voice changed.

"What!?" Loki yelled,"Get on with it!" He demanded, trying to gain better control of the dream plane.

CloneSteve released Tony's gag, making sure Tony was looking at him.

"Wake up, please." Clonesteve pleaded.

"Wha.." Tony replied hazily.


"That's it, wake up." Steve encouraged.

"St-Steve?" Tony mumbled, slowing blinking his eyes.

"Welcome back to the real world.' Steve smiled looking at how owlishly Tony was blinking.

"Steve, why are we in the tub and….Im gonna kill him!" Tony stood up to fast, Steve caught him.

"Don't stand up so fast…" Steve guided them both to the bed, that has been switched clean.

"NO! Steve, h-he's screwed with me enough! He's screwed with you as well and he did it again!" Tony's tail lashed out.

"What happened?" Steve sat, knowing Tony needed to talk this out.

"W-we were under a cherry blossom tree… cuddling. He had the tree restrain me, put a cat nip filled gag in my mouth and used you to screw with me!" Tony's eyes filled with unshed tears.

"Tony, baby, come here." Steve opened his arm, and an armful of Tony.

"Jarvis, inform the team we have an emergency team meeting," Steve held him, "Lets go and talk with the team, ok?" Steve bundled Tony up in blanket carrying him to the main living room. He hushed Tony when he was being fussy.

Arriving to the living room, he sat down with a lap full of Tony. He huddled closer to Steve. He really didn't want to face the rest of his team.

"Ah, its good to see that you are awake, Young Stark.' Thor commented as he entered.

"Good to see your better, Tony kitty." Clint tried to joke with him.

"Eat it, birdbrain." Tony took the bait and smiled at Barton.

"What happened now, Stark? Steve?" Nat asked coming in.

"Tony mind if look you over?" Banner asked, pushing his glasses up,"Please?"

"Im fine, just little shaken up." Tony mumbled.

"Can I at least check your blood pressure?" Banner asked.

"Sure." Tony caved in.

As Dr. Banner took Tony's blood pressure, the devised way to get loki to come and make him reverse his spell. The plan was to leave Tony alone and wait for Loki, only thor would be in the home. So the next morning the team minus Tony and Thor, went out. Thor hid in an adjacent room from the garage, waiting to hear Loki's voice.

"How long does it take for an annoying God of Mischief to come here?!" Tony growled.

"May I suggest you work on something, sir?" Jarvis voiced, trying to get his creators mind off things.

" I do need to work on Cap's shield," Tony sat in his swivel chair and swiveled over to his work station, "Jarvis music, please?" Tony began to tinker with the shield.

"Isn't this what got you in to trouble like last time?" Loki appeared behind tony.

"Thor! NOW!" Tony shouted, pushing back causing Loki to fall.

Loki coughed, putting a hand on the chair that hit his stomach. Not noticing that Thor stalked behind him. He grabbed Loki's arms pulling them behind him and binding them with a belt.

"Thor what in Asgard are you doing! Release me at ONCE!" Loki struggled, demanding to be set free.

"I am truly sorry but, I cannot. You have to be punished for what you have done. Man of Iron, has left of a nice array of new toys," Thor leaned close and bit Loki's ear lobe, hearing a moan he smirked,"Some one likes that, do they?" Thor let his hands roam over Loki.

He heard little moans and mewling coming form Loki. Kicking Loki's legs apart, slid one of his own legs in between Loki. Adding a bit of pressure and stimulation, he hear Loki's breath hitch.

"All you have to domes change them back and this torture will end. If not, it will get worse. I know Midgard torture, Brother." He licked the side of Loki's neck and bit down, trying to make a bruise form.

"N-Never!" Loki stubbornly shouted.

"I was hoping you say that." Thor chuckled, picking loki up and putting him on his shoulder. He walked over and grabbed his hammer and found a spot on the cold ground to have fun.

Setting Loki down, he straddled him. He grabbed his arms and placing them above his head, placing his hammer in the space between the arms. Keeping them above his head. Raking his eyes over Loki, began to to undress Loki. All Loki could do was demand to be let go. He only received a head shake, Once Loki was only left in boxers, Thor got up and got a few of the toys. Holding some clamps, a wand and warming and calling lube, smirked.

"Last chance, if not I will make you beg me to stop." Thor played with a nipple, making it go erect.

"Hngnnaa… Never!" Loki cursed.

Thor shrugged, getting the eating lube smeared it on both nipples. He blew on them, causing Loki to arched and moan. Clipping a nipple, Loki moaned trying to tug as his bonds. Loki heard a low buzzing sound fill the space.

"Wh-what i-s nhgg..th-that?" Loki asked, trying to distract Thor.

"This, Brother is a Hitachi wand. It supposed to being emend pleasure…. or torture. It depends on who and how its wielded." Thor put the want on the chain of the clamps.

Loki arched up, head thrown back and a loud mewl sound was heard. Moving the wand off and on the chain, he chuckled. He looked down and saw a tent in Loki's boxers. Moving the wand down, he heard a displeasured moan.

"Whats wrong?" Thor asked, smirking seeing Loki's face flushed, hair sticking to his forehead.

He moved the wand over the tent, he heard loki cursing and yelling.

"Oh, god.." Loki shouted, clamping his legs together.

"Just call me Thor," Thor smirked, hearing Loki's cries of pleasured torture ring though the garage,"I wouldn't do that." Thor warned.

"Wh-why….Hnnggggg… Is thahahaat?!" Loki shouted, feeling the vibrations increase.

"Thats why. Getting close? Can you feeling the tingled pleasures running through your veins?" Thor leaned next to Loki's, sucking on the hickey that began to form. Seeing a nod, backed off.

"Wha.. What!?" Loki shouted wanting the vibrations to continue.

"Ill continue if and only iif, dear brother, you change Man of Iron and Dr. Banner back." He lightly traced his finder over the rod, looking at Loki only got a shake of his no,"I can keep this up all day." Thor sat back, seeing Loki's face flushed, his hip moving a little to get some friction.


Up stairs curled up in the sun, waiting for either Thor to come up with Loki ready to change him and Banner back or Steve and the others to return from where ever they wine off to. Tony drifted off, feeling the warmth of the sun roam over him and feel asleep. A few hours passed and Steve got a call from Thor that Loki would change them back. Steve looked to Banner and saw his normal human self, getting excited he raced home. Entering the tower, he spotted tony curled up in front of the back door. Dropping next to him, gathered him in his arms and squeezed.

"Gah! Steve! Can't breath!" Tony wiggled.

"Oh my gosh!" Steve released him and hugged him gently,"Tony! NO ears or tail!" He kissed Tony, causing them both to fall back with Steve on top.

"Guys get a room!" Clint shouted, throwing a pillow at them.

"How? Steve? Did you have something to do with it?" Tony asked, sitting in Steve's lap.

"Neigh, Man of Iron. Tis was my doing." Thor tugged an embarrassed Loki in front of him, with one hand and his Scepter

"Do I want to know?" Tony asked, not really sure if he did.

"NO!" Loki yelled, wrenching his arm out of hors hold and grabbing his Scepter.

"Brother!" Thor yelled.

Loki disappeared with a cloud of smoke, leaving everyone baffled.

"Im just glad things are back to somewhat normalcy.' Tony said, glad to be back.

"So Thor what did you do?" Nat asked.

"spent some quality time with Loki. Tis was long over due." Thor smirked, going into the kitchen to get pop tarts.

"So what about you two, Clint? Banner?" Nat smirked as the two men in question blushed deep red and both ran off to their room, "Just another day in Avengers Tower." Nat followed Thor to get coffee.