Uzumaki Bloodlines & incest by PENTUPFURY chp5

OMAKE 1: The End of Konoha.

Elder Koharu stepped forwards with a deep frown on her face.

"I am sorry Uzumaki-dono but we cannot allow the boy to leave the village. ANBU!"

Numerous squads of ANBU suddenly appeared out of nowhere, surrounding the Uzumaki Clan and herding them into a circle.

Tsunade shot a glare at the Elder before turning it to her estranged surrogate little brother. "I'm sorry Gaki but you won't be leaving! You're too important to Konoha's safety to be allowed to walk free."

She ignored the muttering from the Civilian Council about 'getting rid of the demon brat'. "I know you're bitter that I didn't choose you as my successor but…"

She never got the chance to finish as Naruto had already created dozens of shadow clones that each grabbed hold of a member of the Uzumaki clan and vanished in a yellow flash. The original brought his hand up with a small, but decidedly evil grin on his face.

A sphere of whirling Wind Chakra appeared in his palm. It was roughly the size of a two story house with four spinning blades doubling that as they rotated around it.

He shook his head ruefully. "For some reason… I'm really going to enjoy this!"

And then he was gone…

…but the two story house sized ball of condensed whirling Wind Chakra with blades that doubled that width wasn't…

…and then in dropped like an Akimichi doing a belly flop…

…and that was the end of Konoha.

OMAKE 2: The Forgotten Jutsu.


Naruto and Kushina quivered in fear as Natsumi glared down at their huddled forms with a glare that would send a Bijuu scampering with its tails between its legs.

It had been just a few days since the siblings' marriage and their departure from Konoha. They were now in River Country where the Uzumaki Clan would be making its first stop for more than just the night.

Kushina steeled herself against the insane amounts of Killer Intent that her daughter was projecting. "I… I said I'm p… preg… pregnant."

Naruto bravely stepped towards his wife, holding his hands out in a calming gesture. "Now, now, Natsu-chan. This is a shock for all of us so let's calm down and…"

His attempt failed when he was sent flying into the wall, several dozen kilos of heavy oak having slammed into his head like a baseball bat.

Natsumi took a deep breath, calming herself just enough to put the dinner table back down, and levelled a cold glare at her mother.

"So… How is it that my Life Partner got you pregnant less that a week after our marriage?"

Kushina gulped. "I… I forgot to use a C… Contraceptive Jutsu."

Natsumi paused, her anger all but forgotten at the unexpected answer. She quirked an eyebrow. Then ran through a series of hand seals. Her hands glowed in a soft green light that she pressed to her abdomen.

Kushina and Naruto, who had just pulled himself out of the wall, waited with baited breath as she used the medical jutsu that had been designed to test for pregnancy.

The light faded and Natsumi let her hand drop to her side. She looked at them with a charming smile, her voice oozing false sweetness. "Why the fuck am I not pregnant?"

Naruto and Kushina shared a dismayed look. What the hell were they supposed to answer to that? With the bucket loads of cum that Naruto had dumped into both women that night there was no viable answer that would satisfy the obviously pissed of Uzumaki woman. What only made it worse was that Natsumi had undoubtedly gotten the larger share of Naruto's baby batter.

Their musings were interrupted when Naruto was suddenly hurled onto the table and stripped of his clothing. Before he could formulate a coherent thought Natsumi was on top of him, stroking him to full hardness before impaling herself on his pole.

She gave him a withering glare. "We're not going anywhere until I'm one hundred percent certain that I'm carrying your child! Do I make myself clear?"

Naruto nodded hastily and started thrusting upwards.

Kushina discreetly tip toes out of the room, glad that she had survived the encounter. She was actually quite happy to be pregnant again, even if the circumstances were a bit less than ideal. She smiled and placed a hand on her belly.

'Let's just hope your father makes it out alive ne? I think she's going to drain him for all he's worth.'

OMAKE 3: Alternate 1 Night Rain.

Aiko heaved herself up and slumped onto her back, wincing slightly as the sodden bed sheets squelched under her cum covered body.

'Otou-san's a beast!'

A deep grunt caught her attention and she let her eyes drift over to the other side of the room where her father had her half sister, Amaya, pinned to the wall, and was pounding into her, up until recently, virgin pussy. He stopped, his monster cock buried deep into the seventeen year old girl's womb as he injected it with thick strands of cum.

Aiko shivered as she felt the huge amounts inside her own womb slosh about and trickle sticky-ly down the crack of her butt cheeks. Her mind wandered as she thought back to how they had gotten into this situation.

It wasn't so long ago that Amaya had met a young man to whom she had a strong reaction. But he had died of his wounds shortly after. Since then they had both agreed to try and find a way to be with their father without causing any problems.

For a while they had considered finding two random but suitable men to marry, and then ask their father to be their Helper… but they had rejected the idea. Eventually, together, the two young women had found the courage to do the simply thing.

They had spoken to their parents… all three of them.

Surprisingly enough Natsumi had already been suspicious, and had been more than understanding.

The very next day Aiko and Amaya had been wed to their father as his second and third Life Partners. They had chosen each other as Helpers, so that the bedroom wouldn't be too crowded for their first time, and their father and lovingly taken all of their cherries.

That was roughly five hours ago.

They now both understood why the clanswomen were jealous of Natsumi… and now them… a man with massive chakra reserves and Uzumaki stamina was… tireless. She shakily got to her feet and waddled over to the other two.

Naruto pulled out of his first born daughter and gently let her fall to the floor, smirking as her overflowing snatch spilt his baby batter all over the carpet. He turned around and felt his lips twitch into a wide grin as he saw his youngest approaching, cum dribbling down her legs.

The night was far from over.

OMAKE 4: Daddy's Baby's Daddy's Baby.

"Please Otou-san…"

Naruto sighed and looked up at his daughter's pleading face, the dreaded puppy dog eyes staring right back at him. He shifted in his seat uncomfortably. He had never been good at refusing her anything, and those eyes just made it harder.

He steeled his wavy resolve and shook his head.

"No. We've got forever to have a baby Aiko-chan, there's no need to hurry. I'd rather we wait a bit longer."

Aiko pouted adorably, letting unspoilt tears wet her eyes and make them glisten sadly. She, her mother, her grandmother, and her father were sitting at the dinner table, eating their evening meal, and she was trying, yet again, to convince him to give her a child.

She fluttered her eyelashes at him, knowing that he was about to crack. "But, Otou-san… I really, really want your baby. Besides, I'm over a hundred years old, I've waited long enough! Pleeeeeaaaassse?"

Kushina and Natsumi watched on in amusement as Naruto's 'defence' visibly crumbled under his second Life Partner's 'assault'. They shared a knowing smirk as he heaved a defeated sigh, the same thought crossing both of their minds.

'She'll be pregnant by the end of the night.'

Naruto shook his head in defeat. "OK! OK! If you really want it that bad…"

Aiko squealed happily and vaulted over the table, paying no mind as she sent food and cutlery everywhere. She bent over, not caring that her hair was dangling in her father's half eaten dinner, and hiked up her skirt, revealing the already damp mound.

She looked over her shoulder. "Come on Otou-san! I've waited long enough! Let's do this now!"

Forgetting any and all of his previous objection, Naruto stood up from his seat, dropped his pants, and pushed all the way into his daughter in the slow affectionate way she so loved.

A stray thought drifted through his mind.

'What is it with my Life Partners and wanting to conceive children on the kitchen table?'

He pushed the question aside and started pumping into his daughter's tight folds.

OMAKE 5: Never hurt Daddy's Baby.

Naruto cackled as he stood over Toushiro's battered body.

A seventy two year old Toushiro's battered body.

As far as Naruto was concerned a quick death was something the boy, now an old man, didn't deserve. In the confusion of the discreet execution, he had managed to substitute him with a well disguised clone and keep him hidden so that he could enact the punishment the boy, now an old man, truly deserved.

Naruto smirked and pulled out his trusty teaspoon.

Toushiro whimpered and tried to scuffle away. "Please… have mercy…"

Naruto's smirk grew wider. "Sorry! All out of mercy!"

He leaned over and…

tapped the teaspoon on Toushiro's forehead. Much to the terrified man's terror.

Naruto reeled his weapon back and tapped his victim again, making sure not to use chakra.

Sooner or later his skull would break.

…he had plenty of time.

OMAKE 6: This Truly Is Hell!

When the light cleared Kushina looked around her and felt her jaw drop. "What the hell?"

When condemning herself to Shinigami's stomach she had expected fiery pits and tortured souls. What she hadn't been expecting was a beautiful white castle, surrounded by a small peaceful village, surrounded by endless green fields with scatterings of flowers and cute fluffy wildlife.

She watched incredulously, standing stock still in the field she had landed in, as a white bunny in a smart blue jacket hopped by her feet without a care in the world.

She blinked unbelievingly. "This! This is Hell!"

"What did you expect?"


Kushina jumped around to find Shinigami looking at her in amusement, an eyebrow quirked in question.

Kushina stuttered in embarrassment. "W… well I… I thought it would be fire and… and…"

Her embarrassment increased when the Goddess laughed good naturedly. "Don't worry about it. This isn't my stomach anyway. I don't know where humans come up with these ridiculous ideas. Why in my name would I keep souls in my stomach?"

Kushina nodded dumbly, unsure what to say.

Shinigami took her hand and started towards the village. "This is a dimension where the 'good' souls, that sacrificed themselves to me, come. They all live in this village surrounding my castle, ageless and unchanging. There are surprisingly few of them all things considered. Here! This is your home"

She pointed at the small cottage they had stopped in front of. Then turned to point at the castle.

"That is my castle. Normally I don't allow anyone to enter it, but you're the very first that I'll be making an exception for Kushi-chan."

Kushina snapped her head back to the Goddess in surprise, blushing slightly at the affectionate address. "Why are you making an exception for me?"

Shinigami smiled, though Kushina swore she could see a bit of a perverted glint in her eyes. "The Uzumaki Bloodline was literally created with a drop of my blood. Technically you can consider yourself my great-great-many times great-granddaughter. So it's only right that I'd allow you in my castle.

"Well! I'll be on my way! I'll leave you to settle into your new home."

As Kushina watched her… grandmother… walk away she frowned when she heard her mumble something along the lines of "…she'll be moving out eventually anyway…"

Shrugging it off as a God's ramblings she opened the door and entered her new house.

Just as she was looking around a voice she hadn't heard in a very long time startled her. "Kushina-chan? Is that you?"

She spun around in shock. "Minato?"

Half an hour later, after a happy reunion, Kushina found herself laying prone on the floor, her legs split wide apart as Minato thrust in and out of her enthusiastically.

He was completely oblivious to the fake-ness of her moans and the lack of arousal/wetness in her folds.

Kushina looked down at the 'tiny' cock that was trying to service her. A century of sex with Naruto made Minato's effort entirely pathetic. She felt as if someone were trying to get her off with their little finger.

Anime tears poured from her eyes as she looked to the ceiling comically. 'Naruto-kun… you've ruined my for other men!' She glanced back down at the thing between her legs and tried to picture an eternity with nothing but that at her disposal.

'This truly is Hell!'

OMAKE 7: Alternate 2. Uzumaki Island.

Naruto grinned as he pulled his softening cock out of his second cousin's tight pussy, a small squirt of his cum making its way out from between her puffy and abused nether lips before they sealed closed, holding the rest of his load inside. The grin widened when his great-granddaughter and his grand-niece, both of whom also happened to be his daughters, crawled up to lick him clean, alternating between swallowing his fat head and slurping on his shaft. Soon enough he was hard again and getting deep throated expertly.

Over five hundred years earlier, just after the Toushiro incident, an ingenious Uzumaki woman had decided to see if it was possible to fool an Uzumaki into thinking a man was a potential Life Partner. After three years of research she had created a seal that didn't fool the woman it was applied to… it actually created a compatibility.

When the time of the Shinobi came to an end and the Uzumaki women could no longer find suitable partners they had a secret meeting and came to an agreement. Every single one of them applied the seal to themselves, using a sample of Naruto's chakra.

After shooting his load down the girls' throats and across their faces, Naruto left them playing with their prize and looked over the Uzumaki Island, admiring the result of that fateful decision. He now had two hundred and sixteen Life Partners that lived happily on their Genjutsu hidden paradise island. They all walked around naked so that he could simply 'bend them over' and have his way with them whenever he wanted. All of them were immortal. Thirteen were currently pregnant, which promised at least thirteen new daughters would be sucking him off in the near future.

He smiled affectionately as Kushina and Natsumi swaddled over. Both pregnant with his child for the third time. With a quick hand seal he created a Clone, swaggered up to them, turned them around, and thrust into their oh-so-tight assholes in perfect sync.

"Life is good!"

OMAKE 8: The End of the World.

He really hadn't meant for it to happen. Naruto and the twins were in the school yard, on the way to the homeroom classroom, when some upstart snot nosed little brat had tried to 'show his feelings' by surprising Miki-chan with a kiss.

The fact that he had actually kissed Kimi only made it worse.

If that was possible.

Naruto's anger had exploded.

Unfortunately, since he had never had to really fight since the end of the Shinobi Era, he had never noticed that Shinigami had left the remaining Uzumaki with a little gift. He never noticed that, over time, his power had drastically increased and that he was no longer in the realm of Demons, but in that of the Gods. His chakra reserves had gone from a bit more than nine tails to roughly nine thousand.

As such when he slightly lost his temper and tried to create a two story house sized whirling ball of condensed Wind Chakra with blades that doubled that width…

…he created a moon sized one…

…and in his surprise he dropped it…

…and that was the end of the world.

OMAKE 9: Alternate 3. Uzumaki Galaxy.


Naruto looked up and smiled at the, physically, thirty year old woman in front of him. After several billion years he wouldn't even pretend to know what type of relation she was. She was his daughter, of course, but she was also something along the lines of… great-seventy four times-great cousin forty two time removed… or something.

"Hey, Miyuki. What's up?"

She smiled at her father, not at all bothered by the fact that he looked six years younger than her, nor by the fact that he was actually several dozen millennia older. She slipped out of her dress and climbed over the pile of naked, sweaty, cum covered flesh that was made of many of her sisters, aunts, cousins,…

After the success of the seals that allowed any Uzumaki to become Naruto's Eternal Life Partner, one of the women had created a seal that made sure any child born was a female. As such, after all this time, Naruto had never sired a son. He had however, sired many, many daughters. The initial harem of roughly forty women had grown and grown and grown…

Soon Uzumaki Island wasn't big enough and they had to expand. The Uzumaki clan had declared war on the world and, since they were the only remaining chakra users worth mentioning, they had easily conquered the Elemental Nations. The 'normal folk' became a work force for the ruling clan, allowing the Uzumaki to engage in more… pleasant… activities.

But eventually the new births had been too much for even an entire continent to bare. Naruto had so many wives that he had at least one new daughter a day. So they had launched another campaign, conquering the entire planet to compensate for ever growing clan of immortals.

But eventually…

…the world wasn't enough.

And so the Uzumaki had launched themselves into the conquest of space.

Miyuki moaned as she sunk down on her father's monster cock. She pondered on the possibility of giving him another child, but pushed the thought aside. She had already born him twelve daughters, that was quite enough… for now.

She started bouncing up and down, mewling and cooing happily as he played with her D-cup breasts.

Naruto grunted as his seed left his balls, filling her up. He had long since solved the problem of not being able to satisfy so many partners. He had created a variant of the technique Pein used to see through the eyes of his paths. His version allowed him to see, feel, taste, hear, and speak through his clones. At first he could only maintain the connection to two or three. But with time he got better and better, and now there were billions of him scattered across the galaxy seeing to the pleasure of his Intergalactic Uzumaki Harem. His mind had evolved beyond human so that he could integrate everything his clones experience in real time and respond accordingly.

He held her close as she shiver in the afterglow of the sex.

When she recovered enough to speak she looked up at him, kissing his lips lovingly. "The cruiser from the Ida Galaxy will be dropping out of hyperspace in less than an hour now."

"Ahh…" Naruto nodded in understanding. "The new arrivals for the 'mass marriage ceremony' and the 'wedding night orgy'."

It was his policy to always take his new Eternal Life Partners' virginity himself, they would spend a few months with him before returning to their galaxies with their own personal clones.

He got up and started for the door, not bothering to clothe himself, and placing kisses on various body parts of every naked woman he passed.

When he got to the door he turned back to her. "Do me a favour and tell Kushina-Kaasan. She wanted to help me with the next batch."

Getting a nod for a response he went off along the corridors of his main complex, whistling a jaunty tune as he prepared himself for yet another month long sexathon.

"Life is good!"

OMAKE 10: God.


Naruto grunted as he shot his load up Shinigami's divine ass. He pulled out and collapsed on his side, pulling her sweaty form into his side and placing a soft kiss on the top of her head.

After the unfortunate event that led to the end of the world, and that in hindsight was perhaps a bit of an over reaction, she had invited all five remaining Uzumaki to her own personal world (they did survive the blast, but they were stuck in space with very little to do). After getting over the shock of discovering that the Shinigami's stomach was actually a very pleasant place they had been reunited with a tearful, and incredibly frustrated, Kushina.

She had been so happy to see them, especially Naruto, that she had stripped and had him fuck her then and there.

Right in front of Minato.

He had been flabbergasted. Not only because he had a front row seat to his wife getting ploughed by his own son. But because, for the first time in roughly forty thousand years, give or take a few millennia, he realised that she had been faking!

The shock had been enough to kill him.…again.

After that they had all retreated to Shinigami's castle where Naruto found out that, technically, she was his great-great-great-many times great-grandmother.

…and now she and Kushina were his fifth and sixth Eternal Life Partners.

Naruto looked over to the other side of the room where Aiko and Natsumi were eating each others tasty pussies in a sexy sixty-nine position, and Miki and Kimi were double teaming Kushina, both of them ploughing her tight cunt with their girl-cocks…at the same time.

He sighed happily as Shinigami gently gyrated her curvaceous hips.

"Life was good! But death is so much better!"