Title: The Potter Chronicles Revelations

Author: Knife Hand

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Rating: R

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Summary: As time passed, the tale of Harry Potter took on mythical proportions, much like the tale of King Arthur and his Knights. Now, amongst a panel of so called 'Experts', comes the true tale of what happened, from ones who lived it.

"So, you are saying that Harry Potter never existed?" the host asked.

The host sat in the middle of a curved table, with two 'experts' on each side of him. The experts were some of the great learned minds, from the some of the most important Magical Universities across Europe. The panel show was beamed around the world via 'Omni-vision', which had eventually developed out of the Floo Network and Pesnsives, was one of the most popular shows in the Magical World. Every week there would be a new panel and they would discuss either topical issues of the day or debate points of history. Today's panel was discussing the now two Centuries old publications known as the 'Harry Potter Chronicles'. These Chronicles detailed the life of 'Harry Potter' from the death of his parents at age one all the way through to his defeat of 'The Dark Lord Voldemort'.

"Not exactly." Professor Diggle from the Merlin University of Magical Arts replied. "There may well have been a real person called Harry Potter. What I am saying is that these Chronicles are nothing more than Myth, and any real Harry Potter had nothing to do with them. Let's take a look at some of the so called events that are recorded. A thirteen year old Wizard performing the Petronus Charm? Impossible, let alone being able to drive off a whole slew of Dementors. A Dark Lord who is able to create more than one Horcrux? Completely ridiculous. And don't even get me started on the portrayal of the Government Officials. Utterly insane that they ever considered anyone would believe that."

"So you are instead suggesting that the events and places themselves have been, if not purely inverted, then at least greatly exaggerated?" The host added.

"Oh come on." A female panellist said.

"We'll get to you in a moment, Professor Brown." The host said. "Professor Diggle?"

"More than just that. While there are records that places such as Hogwarts did exist, the grand scale is simply insulting. Modern estimates consider the school to be one tenth of the size indicated, and it most certainly was not a Castle. Perhaps an old Manor house, maybe, but not a Castle. No, these so called Chronicles are completely worthless and should be taken out of circulation immediately." Diggle said.

"Alright. Your thoughts, Professor Brown?" The Host said, turning to the female panellist.

"That is the most narrow minded, egotistical drivel I have ever heard." Professor Brown said. "Ok, I concede that in all probability, the Chronicles are not entirely accurate. But then again, I don't think they were meant to be. They are a morality tale. They are designed to show how one person, with will and determination, can overcome adversity and become a morally better person. And just look at the make up of the three main characters. A Wizard from an Old Wizarding Family and one First Generation Witch, both supporting the principal character whose father is from an Old Wizarding Family and his mother is a First Generation Witch. I mean you can't really choose a better demographic than that."

"Good point." The host said. "Chancellor Delacour, what's your opinion?"

"While I generally agree with Professor Brown, in that this is supposed to be a morality tale, I just find the whole concept of this 'Dark Lord' and his 'Death Eaters' to be too over the top." The French Academic said. "Yes, in these kinds of stories you do need a formidable adversary, but I do not find everyone's reactions believable. A primary villain who keeps coming back. A group where even a small number appearing sends hundreds running for the hills. And they seem to break out of an 'escape proof prison' with disturbing regularity. While some of the events may have happened, even if they happened to several different people, the enemy has obviously been greatly exaggerated for dramatic purposes."

"Actually." A strong but slightly raspy voice said from off stage. "The Death Eaters were toned down quite a bit."

Four figures moved onto the stage. Two were female and two male, and older pair and a younger pair of each, with the younger pair supporting their elders as they shuffled onto the stage. The elder male had short 'salt and pepper' hair, was bent over either with age or from an old injury, carrying a staff in one gloved hand and had half of his face covered in a simple silver mask with a neutral expression, with the rest of his body covered by a long, thick robe. The elder female's hair had long since gone a silvery grey, but she did not bother to hide her scars as her male counterpart did. The left side of her neck, at least what was revealed under her dress, was a discoloured, sandpapery mass of an old burn scar. Her right eye was milky and most probably blind, with a vertical scar that ran directly down from her hairline, through her eye to her top lip. Her left hand was also a simple silver replacement.

"Who in Merlin's name are you?" The host asked. "Security!"

"My name is Harry James Potter." the old man said. "And this is my wife, Hermione Jane Potter Nee Granger."

"Impossible." Professor Diggle said. "He doesn't exist."

"Well that's just insulting." The old woman, Hermione, replied, before taking on a sarcastic tone. "I mean honestly, being told after two hundred and forty-seven years that you don't exist. I'm sure there would have been memo at the very least."

"I assure you I am Harry Potter, and I knew all of your ancestors. Professor Diggle, I only met yours once, but Professor Brown, your ancestor Lavender was in my House and Year at Hogwarts, which most certainly was a Castle. I knew several of Chancellor Delacour's ancestors very well." Harry said before turning to the fourth panellists. "Professor Lupin, your ancestor Remus was my God-Uncle."

Finally Harry turned to the host of the show.

"As for you, Mister Lovegood. Your ancestor Luna, she was one of the most gifted and unique individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing." Harry concluded.

Off stage, the security guards were being held at bay by the producer. Two real life legends had walked onto their set. These were the best ratings the show had ever seen.

"Why are you here?" The host, Mister Lovegood, asked.

"To save you from the damnation of repeating the past." Hermione replied. "To set the record straight on what really happened."

"And to give our final testament to the world." Harry added. "Because the truth is, life back then was far darker and more violent than even the Chronicles would ever admit."

"Very well. We are all listening." Lovegood said.