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A woman walked by herself in the dead middle of the night, relishing in the darkness and quietness of it, and feeling the breeze that was mixed with the smell of the wilderness and the ocean.

She actually seemed to draw in the night itself, like she was the source of it, and she also gave off an aura that would send chills down a person's spine. Her appearance didn't help out the aura, either. Black hair that was messy and unruly went down to the middle of her back, and she had pale skin that contrasted that, though the color of her skin made it look like she hadn't been out in the sun for years. Which in truth, she hadn't, but that wasn't really the reason why she was so pale; she was rather tall. Naturally blood red lips added to her beauty, as well as indigo eyes that flickered now and then to midnight blue, like they couldn't decide on which color to stay at. She wore a black dress that went down to just above her knees, and was ruffled and strapless, and she also wore black boots. Overall, she was beautiful, but she was just as equally terrifying.

Her name was Nyx. The primordial goddess of the night.

The goddess was currently pondering on a little bit of everything and nothing. She was thinking about her great-nephews, and how they had taken that pact to not have any more children, to prevent a prophecy from coming true. Just at the thought, she almost snorted. The key word was 'almost'. Yet, the youngest out of the three of them, Zeus, had already broken that oath. He had fallen in love with a mortal, and had a daughter. Poseidon hadn't fallen for a mortal, and by Nyx's judgment, he probably wouldn't. Tartarus knows that there would be hell to pay for if he did. Hades, however, wouldn't, especially not after the death of his beloved Maria di Angelo decades ago.

Then there was the fact that her least favorite nephew, although she couldn't kid herself with the fact she hated all of the six Titans, was rising once more. Slowly, but surely, he was rising. Maybe in about a decade or two, or so, and though he didn't have a body, Nyx didn't have a doubt that he would find some way to rise, probably by means of convincing a demigod. The bastard. Using children as his pawns, of all things! Oh, how much she wanted to torture him for the things that he had done and will do in the future.

But she couldn't do a thing, which sometimes just angered her even more. Her soul sang for blood, yet she couldn't do anything about it.

Yet, she was alone. What many did not know was that she had divorced her brother, Erebos, a long time ago. Several centuries, in fact. The reasons why were part of a long story, one that towards the end, grew slightly sadistic, not that it really mattered in the end. The Olympians didn't even know about it, thankfully. If they did, they would probably make her and her ex-husband get put into a deep sleep that would last for several millennia. And she did not want that to happen. It wouldn't be fair, either. Just because she was older, it didn't mean that she was evil like the Golden Age titans and titanesses, save for Rhea, Themis, Mnemosyne, and a few others.

Alone in a world where she was only allowed out during the night. How fitting.

Nyx knew that she shouldn't complain. Some of her sister's offspring had it much worse. Leto and Calypso were in their prisons, because although they were nice, comfortable, and pleasant, they were still prisons. The same went for Rhea, even if she had not fought in the First Titan War, and even though she had helped Zeus make Kronos throw up his five siblings, she was still locked away. The goddess of the night made a note that she would need to visit Rhea, and possibly Leto. She couldn't visit Calypso, as the third generation gods and goddesses did, and that would be a risk of being discovered. Nyx just couldn't allow that.

Over the millennia, though, her family had grown distant with her, especially her own daughter, Hemera, the opposite of her, the primordial goddess of the day. Many thought that she was resentful of them, but that was not the case for most. She had grown depressed from being around Erebos, and the fact that she was angry at him only fueled her depression and already bad temper, which caused her a lot of the time to lash out at others. Another one of her daughters, Nemesis, third generation goddess of balance and justice, could tell, and was the one who encouraged her to divorce Erebos, and was there for her to this very day. It was comforting to know she still had a mother-daughter relationship with the goddess, and occasionally her mother, Chaos, when she came every few centuries for a visit to Earth. But other than that, she was alone.

Nemesis had suggested she find a new lover, a mortal, and make him immortal, since as a primordial, she could do so if she wished and nobody but Chaos herself could argue with the goddess, but Nyx had refused. Yes, if she met a mortal who met up to her expectations, she would do so, but she had many expectations. The mortal would have to be kind, selfless, loyal, not easily angered, willing to protect family, and good with kids to meet to her standards. And so far, she had not come across a man just like that, with all those expectations. Maybe it wasn't a good thing to expect perfection, because in her eyes a person like that was perfection, but she did anyways. But like she said, she hadn't found a mortal, or at least not a mortal man, whom was like that. And she didn't favor Amphitrite as an enemy.

Nor would she want a child born from the Olympians. Not that she had anything against most of them, but it was just the fact that a child of a primordial and god, though she liked to call them third generation as she was a goddess as well, would be too powerful. Way too powerful for her own liking. No, a legacy or pure mortal would be fine for her, though she would make them immortal most likely, the child wouldn't be too powerful, and she wouldn't have to worry about Zeus making the child an outcast or worse, destroying him or her.

Nyx let out a sigh. She really was putting too much thought into this. It was extremely unlikely she would ever have another child, no matter how much she wanted one, no matter how much she wanted to hold a baby of her own in her arms, it just couldn't be, no matter how much she wanted, and no matter how hard she cried or wished. Her daughters, the Fates, could be cruel. Many said that that the three got it from her, but that was not true. They got it from their ass of a father, if anything.

Still, the thought of a little bundle of joy always made the corners of her lips quirk upwards, if only a little bit.

Continuing on her walk, and still pondering her thoughts, she then saw something that pulled her away from them. Something rather odd. In the distance, there was a light, a campfire. Something that shouldn't be there in the middle of the night.

The goddess frowned. If anything, this was definitely odd, and possibly a little bit worrying. There shouldn't be a campfire on, as most mortals would be sleeping at this hour in the night, but there this fire was. Maybe somebody had forgotten to put it out, but she didn't like that thought, either. It could cause forest fires, harm animals, and she knew that Artemis would definitely not be happy about a careless mortal forgetting to put out a simple campfire before he or she went to bed.

Yet, she could also see a silhouette of a figure, sitting on a log. Curious, she quickly let the darkness make herself invisible, before walking slowly towards the light, remaining cautious, unless this figure was either a monster, a god or goddess, or a demigod. Either of those three were things that she definitely did not want to cross, though usually she would've shadow-travelled or flashed away, her curiosity won the better of her.

When she got close enough, she saw that it was a man, writing something, although when she got as far she could get, he scribbled something out of the notebook. He seemed to be tired, judging from how his shoulders were slightly slumped.

She wasn't really sure what she should do. The easiest and most probably option would be to get away, go to somewhere else on the world, since she couldn't go back to one of her homes, on Tartarus or at one of the Poles, until Hemera had gone outside, which would not be for quite a while. Yet, this mortal was interesting. Maybe he had insomnia, or since he had a notebook, maybe writers' block?

For a few minutes, she just stood perfectly still, watching pencil move on paper, most of the writing being either erased or scribbled out. "I know you're out there," the man said suddenly, "I won't hurt you so you might as well show yourself."

Nyx's eyes widened. He could sense her? Well, he was at the very least a clear-sighted mortal. She didn't know really what to think about that. But nevertheless, for some reason she complied, letting the darkness go away from her, unveiling herself from the night. Cautiously, she then took a few steps toward the fire, until the glow separated her from the night.

The man looked up from his notebook, pencil still in hand, and smiled. "Thank you for that, I don't think it would be very polite to not invite someone to sit down at the very least. That just wouldn't do."

She blinked in surprise, and sat down on the opposite side of the fire. He was the first person besides Nemesis and Chaos to even think about offering her a seat, or to talk to her in a kind way for that matter. He was strange, to put it bluntly.

He had brown hair, which was slightly lighter than dark brown, and he looked as if he had been out at a sunny beach all day. Maybe he had. She didn't really know about the weather during the daytime anymore. Sea green eyes looked at her, but not judging her, and she had a feeling if she looked too long, she would get lost in them. Sea green eyes, almost like the ocean at points itself. Yet, as she looked, they turned a sea blue, which befuddled her to say the least.

"Maybe I should be thanking you," she said finally. "Not many people willingly show me kindness anymore."

He frowned. "Well, if it's okay with you, I'm going to say that maybe they need to look further, because you seem like a nice person. The name's Salus Jackson."

"Latin," she noted, and he nodded. "My name's Nyx."

Salus nodded again. "The Greek primeval goddess of the night. I take it that you're her?"

Once again, her eyes widened. "How did you," she tried to ask, but she couldn't quite say the whole sentence. How did you know that? He knew! He was definitely clear-sighted, yet she got a slight aura off of him, not like that mattered. But still!

"I see odd things," he replied with a ghost of a smile. "I came to the conclusion a long time ago that at least some of the Greek 'myths', such as the Minotaur exist. It isn't such of a shocker to find out that a goddess such as yourself exists. Besides, I saw you literally come out of the darkness, like it was a curtain. Kind of obvious."

"I suppose it is," she smiled again. "But then again, I don't expect a mortal to be able to see me. You're what we call clear-sighted, meaning you can see through the Mist. An extraordinary trait."

"Thank you, Lady Nyx."

She shook her head. "Please, just call me Nyx, no formalities. My rein has long since been over, and I'm not that important anymore either. Not to mention the fact that I have never liked being called a 'Lady' anyways."

That was the truth. To be called a Lady just seemed so odd, or at least nowadays. Gaea, Hera, and some others may like to be called that, but Nyx didn't.

She decided to change the subject. "Are you having troubles with your story, Salus?"

"You could say that. I don't really know what to write. There are quite a few ideas in my brain, but none of them seem fitting enough, save for two. One of them I don't think will get me anywhere, and the other one—I have writer's block on it. I need inspiration, so that's the reason why I'm out here. Montauk, well, it's usually a good place for my imagination, but I just can't think of anything!"

The goddess thought for a few moments. She had written stories before, something to do while the hours kept on passing by, but they were usually short or very, very, long. "Inspiration comes at odd times," she said. "But you can't give up. Because if you give up, then you have to start from square one again. I would say more, but each method for a writer is different and unique. You can't just expect for one method to work for you all the time."

Salus' eyes then suddenly lit up, and he said a quick 'thank you' before he put the pencil once more on the paper, except this time he wrote quickly, and didn't erase or ex out the words. Nyx looked at him for a few more moments, before she stared into the dancing flames. This mortal was. . . . Different, though, in a good way. He seemed like a breath of fresh air. A breath of fresh air from others that she had come across in her millennia upon millennia. And she liked it. She liked the sense of something new, something fresh, something that surprised her.

The sound of the pencil continued on, and the two of them sat in companionable silence. Nyx was happy at the moment that there was another person out there that was willing to be kind to her.

A million thoughts were going through her head.

Nyx let out a sigh, letting herself slump into the cozy, black, couch. The quietness around her was a little bit unnerving, not a single sound besides her steady breathing. Her eyes were closed, as if she were sleeping, but that was, of course, not the case.

She was currently residing in her house at the South Pole, where freezing temperatures, without the proper care or equipment, would cause mortals to freeze to death. The goddess didn't really mind the cold, in fact, it was rather welcoming.

The house was gigantic, and mortals would mistake it for a glacier or mountain, one of the two. Most of it was black, while the rest of it was silver, white, and indigo. However, the interior was a mixture of modern and ancient décor, as well as the fact that half of the rooms were made for beings that were forty feet tall, while the other half was made for beings at mortal height. Besides her, it used to house one other occupant that she rarely had gotten to see, and hadn't seen for millennia. But she didn't really want to dwell on that fact.

Nyx sat in one of the two living rooms, the smaller one, which had more modern furniture and decorations than the other one did. Her black hair was as messy as always, she was still wearing those black boots, but this time, she was wearing a different black dress. It had sleeves, halfway between her shoulders and elbows, went down to just above her knees like the other one, except there was a definitely different design to it. Because instead of ruffles, there seemed to be actual stars sewn into the fabric.

She had been visiting Salus Jackson for the past two months, though, after the first month, something unexpected had happened. Nyx, the primordial Goddess of the Night, had fallen in love.


At least she could say it wasn't a certain niece of hers that had caused this, because that niece, just like her family, didn't know that Nyx was still awake. So it had to be natural. Still, it was quite shocking that she, supposedly the cruelest of the primordials, had fallen in love with a mortal. Maybe Nemesis was right after all. Maybe, just maybe, Salus would accept her offer, but unlike others, she knew it wouldn't be quite yet for him to say 'yes'. He still had a lot to live for.

Tonight, as usual, she would visit him. He was still at Montauk, staying there for the summer. It was late July now, the summer heat lessening in the night, thankfully. His story was coming along a lot better now, and he often said that she was his source of inspiration, and would thank her directly after that most of the time. She didn't really know what to think about that. Yet, when she told him about her own problems, he would nod, and say that the rest of her family should've seen the truth, but he didn't give her pity, nor did he badmouth her sisters, brother, and plenty of nieces and nephews, no matter how many greats they were. Overall, she knew now that it would've been near impossible for her to not fall in love with him.

However, she was pulled from her thoughts when a cold voice said, "Mother."

Immediately, Nyx's eyes snapped open, for a split second she was in panic. Yet, she calmed just as quickly when she saw who it was. It was a woman, appearing to be in her early twenties, with most of the same facial features that the goddess of night had. Yet, there were quite a few differences. For one, the woman had more skin color to her, but not quite tan. Her hair went down to her shoulders, and was not messy, but instead was in tight ringlets, very curly, though a jet black instead of the night goddess' midnight. Her eyes were a sharp grey, but not like Athena's. Though, the woman's eyes also flickered at times into a cruel black, the latter being the same eye color that Nyx hated. The woman's eyes held a coldness in them, and yet analyzing the primordial goddess herself. She wore a red jacket, black jeans, black boots, with a whip tied to her jeans.

Nyx smiled. "Nemesis," she greeted her daughter. "Such a pleasure to see you, though, I must say that it is rather unexpected."

Nemesis' eyes narrowed, her eyes searching even more so than before. The primordial goddess' smile faltered a little bit, but other than that she didn't move or say anything else. Finally, her daughter spoke up, "You've changed. Something is different, very different. You're closer to being balanced; the way you should be. Who has changed you, Mother?"

Nyx mentally shook her head, slightly in defeat. There was no use in hiding anything from her daughter, because Nemesis always had a way of figuring out if somebody was hiding something, no matter how much the person tried to hide it. After all, she was the goddess of balance, justice, and vengeance. So, the primordial goddess gestured to her daughter to sit next to her, which she complied to.

"You were right," Nemesis raised an eyebrow at the words that her mother had just said. "You were right, Nemesis. And you are right about somebody changing me. Whether it's for good or worse, it's your opinion. But the person that I have met. . . ." she trailed off for a second, before picking back up. "His name is Salus Jackson, a clear-sighted mortal."

"You've fallen in love," the third generation goddess deadpanned.

Nyx nodded. "Yes, I guess I have."

Then, her daughter did something so strange, she nearly fell off the couch. Nemesis' cold expression went away, something the primordial goddess had only seen on occasions that she could count on one hand. Her eyes became indigo, their natural color, the sharp grey and cruel black disappearing. And then, Nemesis smiled. Not like her other smiles, that promised bad luck for eternity or justice being served, but a true, genuine, smile.

Though, the goddess of the night then got another surprise. "I'm happy for you, Mother," she said simply, and Nyx's eyes widened as her daughter continued on. "I wish that I could make Father pay for what he has done to you, but I cannot, no matter how much justice you deserve. But you've found another person. You're moving on, and you're finally being balanced, something I haven't seen on this level before! A clear-sighted mortal though, is rather interesting. Are you sure that he is just a mortal?"

"He's not a demigod, if that is what you mean, Nemesis," Nyx replied. "His parents died in a plane crash when he was little. Are you suggesting that he's a legacy?"

"Maybe," her daughter shrugged.

Nyx pondered that for a moment. There was always a possibility of a mortal being a descendant of a god or goddess—maybe. But he could see clearly, unlike demigods and legacies.

Nemesis continued, smile still on her face, "Besides, if he has won your heart, then he is worthy of it. Not even Father had won your heart, you married him because it had seemed fitting, seeing as how he is the primordial god of darkness, and you the night; you had thought that you had loved him, but you didn't. I only wish the best for you, Mother. You deserve better, you deserve justice, and yet my sisters have not been kind to you at all."

She was overcome with extreme happiness suddenly. Her daughter's words of acceptance crashed over her, in a good way. Of course, she wouldn't have needed her daughter's acceptance, but she had wanted it. Nemesis was the only family on Earth that she had left, the only one to still accept her for who she is, to see past the resentment she had once had. And to hear that her love was accepted, even if the third generation goddess had said she should fall in love with a mortal before. . . . Well, it was one of the best feelings in the world.

"Thank you," Nyx grinned, and it was then Nemesis' turn to blink. "Thank you for everything, daughter. . . . You have no idea how much you've helped me over the centuries. But right now, I feel like the happiest woman alive. Thank you."

"Like I said, you deserve better," Nemesis said. "Many deserve much better, and many who have much better deserve worse, far worse. Being abused for millennia isn't right, and Erebos deserves to have the same punishment as he gave you. Or," the goddess of vengeance smiled one of her usual smiles, "He needs to have Artemis and her Hunt give him some lessons, particularly in jackalopes, or the other punishment."

Nyx laughed softly. Nemesis then pulled her mother into a quick embrace, before getting up. The same slightly sadistic smile stayed, while her indigo eyes then changed back to the sharp grey and cruel black, to which the primordial goddess resisted the urge to shiver. Her expression became cold, and the goddess of balance, justice, and vengeance was back to her regular self. "I must be going now, Mother," even her voice had returned to the same cold tone, "Dictators to crush, genocides, executions, and trials to bring. I would wish you the best of luck, but there is no such thing, really." Nemesis laughed sharply. "Goodbye, Mother."

And with a flash of dark red light, the goddess flashed away, no doubt about to do the things that she had said, leaving Nyx sitting on her couch, their short discussion ending rather abruptly. She blinked, before looking at one of the clocks on the wall, and smiling. A multitude of emotions were going through her at the moment, all of them what people would call 'happy' feelings. It didn't really matter to her, though, what the feelings were, just as long as they were good ones.

Letting out a sigh, she got up off the couch. Two months. She had fallen in love after one. It was something completely foreign to her, because Nemesis was right. She had never loved Erebos, never. It had only made sense for them to be husband and wife, because he was darkness and she was night, two of the things in the world that supposedly went well together. Yet, where she was gentle, the primordial god had been harsh. Where she was kind, he was cruel. They didn't really go well together hardly at all, and they never would.

So, no matter how much he may try in the future to get her 'back', her ex-husband could never compare to Salus, nor would she want him to. Because nobody could compare to the one that she loved, nobody. She bit her lip, noting the fact that that sounded kind of selfish or arrogant, or at least to her. Nobody could compare, though. He was the love of her life, the only romantic love she had ever experienced. Nyx just didn't want their time together to end, like other godly-mortal relationships had had with her nieces and nephews. No, she knew it would eventually either have to come to an end, at least only for a while, or he would accept right away. That tore her a little bit.

Yet, something in the back of her mind was telling her that she was forgetting something, but what? What could it possibly be that she was forgetting? It must be the nerves, she decided. Because she wasn't forgetting anything.

Finally, she shook herself out of her ponderings and looked at her dress, and frowned. It wouldn't do. Stars looking as if they were almost literally sewn onto a dress? That would be unnerving to any mortal, clear-sighted or not. And if it wasn't unnerving, they would probably stare at it for a while. With a snap of her fingers, Nyx suddenly wore a completely different outfit. What mortals call a black 'tunic top', with silver cutoffs, not too short nor too long, and finally black sneakers and matching socks; overall, she thought that the outfit was pretty modern.

Though, in her opinion, dresses were so much easier. Because really, you could make a design that didn't look too modern nor too 'old-fashioned' or ancient. With outfits like what people wore today. . . . That didn't really happen. And in all honesty, Nyx dreaded what was going to come, as there wasn't a doubt that there would be some drastic changes in mortal fashion in the next decades. Though, it wouldn't be as some of the fashion that had happened in history, but she wouldn't name any, as there were quite a few, and it might include this one soon, but she doubted it. It was better than wearing corsets, because no matter how much she loved to wear those dresses, the corsets were a bitch.

And with that, Nyx flashed out of her South Pole mansion, being enveloped in a midnight black light, and going off to see a certain mortal at Montauk.

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