Fine's P.O.V

"Okay, It'll be okay" I muttered to myself. " A brand new school that I've never heard about and automatically being selected to a level 3 class instead of a level 1 is totally normal... I think." I was standing in front of a huge red door filled with decorations. There were different symbols carved on it that looked like the fire symbol, the water symbol, a leaf symbol, a lightning symbol, this weird swirl, and other strange symbols. And in the middle of it was this huge silver number 3. I sighed in. Should I knock? Or should I go in? Should I knock and go in? What do I do? I thought to myself. There was a lot of mumbling on the inside. Will I be liked? Will I make friends? Will I find my answer to my questions? Will I stop asking myself questions? Hmmm... Probably not. I was about to open the weird door and go inside when all of a sudden, Creeek... I moved back a few steps. The door moved on its own! Yikes! I absolutely hate scary things. I slowly walked toward the door and poked my head inside. "Hello?" I asked "Any one in here?" Nobody responded. The lights were off and it was giving the room a really gloomy and creepy look to it. "Uhhh..." Wasn't there people mumbling in here a few seconds ago? I wondered to myself. I slowly walked inside the room and suddenly stopped. Wait a second, something felt wrong. My instincts were telling me to duck, roll, jump, do a cartwheel, stop for 2 seconds and then throw some fire. Huh... I wonder why. Then I remembered something that happened a few days ago, Flashbacks of my family being killed reappeared. Then I realized that before my aunt opened the door my instincts were telling me to warn her not to go. All of a sudden, my body moved on its own and I ducked down. A silver pointed arrow with dark stripped whooshed passed my head, barely missing it. My eyes widened, if I didn't doge that, I would have been dead by now. "Hey! Who threw that!" I shouted. My eyes searched the area like a hawk but there saw no movement. Whoever threw that was quick, had accurate shots, and power in their shot, meaning they were dangerous. Then, out of nowhere, these icy aquamarine colored crystals flew out of nowhere. There was only one at first but it somehow glowed and the next thing I knew, there was 3 of them. I rolled over to my right and the ice crystals slammed into each other and exploded. I sighed but there was no time to relax. Something else was thrown at me but this time I couldn't see it. At first I didn't notice anything but red blood slowly dripped down on to the floor. Huh? I thought. There were cuts all around me but I didn't see anything thrown at me. I waited and stood in my spot. It looked like my instincts weren't always right. I closed my scarlet red eyes and calmed down to feel any movement. I felt another attack thrown at me so I tried dodging it but it was like a boomerang, it followed me and then cut me again and again. I used fire to attack but the boomerang cut right threw it. If fire didn't work, how was I supposed to block the attack? It was like wind, something that could cut through anything but you couldn't see it. It keeps attacking you but you don't know where it comes from. Wait a second... wind?

Wind is one of the main 7 elements . A voice whispered in my head. I looked around but there was no one there. Who 's there? I thought. You know who we are. But you can't remember. Dont mind that. Wind can only be defeated with Earth, or more wind. The voice continued. More wind? That makes no sense. I thought. Wouldn't having more wind make it worse? Think Fine, think carefully. We must leave now. He is coming. Bye for now.

Wait! I thought . That doesn't help at all! What should I do! If I don't do anything soon, I'll probably die from blood loss! ... There was no reply. Ugh! What kind of world is this. first I enter a new school, i'm in a level 3 class with no people in it, there are enemies attacking me, wind that I can't see, voices in my head that say weird things then go away, and not to mention the fact that the voices know who I am but I don't know them! Oh yeah, they also said to fight wind with wind, which makes absolutely no sense at all! Arghh this situation is painful and confusing! Okay, calm down Fine, Just calm down. I thought to myself. Everything will be fine or else it wouldn't be my name in the first place. I looked around me to see if I could use anything to fight , there were books on the desks, a arrow stuck on the wall, a long stick made of metal, and some regular school stuff. I quickly grabbed the arrow and threw it but it came flying back at me. I squealed and then ducked again as the arrow missed me. That was a pretty bad idea. Okay, note to self. Never throw things at a wind user, it will always backfire on you. My eyes scanned the room once again and this time, it landed on the metal stick. I quickly grabbed it and twirled it around. Surprisingly, the wind stayed away. I started twirling it faster and swung it. The wind turned into a cut and then into a slash and knocked down someone. The person yelled out in pain. I took that advantage and took the pointed part of the arrow and shoved it in its face.

"Who are you and why did you attack me!" I demanded. For some reason, the person laughed."What are you laughing about!"

"Good job fine. Your hard to beat and you passed the test." said the person. Their voice was soft and gentle... and familiar.

"Wait a second... Bright?" I said. The lights turned on and I saw many people. the person I attacked was Bright. "Why were you attacking me?" I asked him.

"It was a test and you passed." A voice said. I looked behind me and saw Shade along with Rein.

"What do you mean?" I said, backing away from Bright.

"The headmistress wanted to kick you out but me Shade and Bright said that we wanted you to stay. So she decided that if you pass the test of fighting different elements, the you pass. " Rein explained. " I threw the ice crystals since my element was water. Shade threw the arrow and the rest of the class worked together with the wind."


"YOU GUYS ARE HORRIBLE!"I shouted. Rein, Shade and Bright looked taken aback.

"Huh? Rude much!" a girl with frizzy blond hair said." These guys wanted you to stay in our school and now you're calling them horrible? You know what you're the one who's horrible!"

"I can't believe that you would hurt me to make me stay. Being in a school with kids like that, it, it's something I don't want! you should have asked me before this. Why did I have to be part of a test that I don't want to take!" I told them.

"Sorry Fine," Shade said. "We didn't realize that you would be upset. Please forgive us and Altezza's rudeness." I looked at everyone and then Shade.

"Alright" I told them. "Just promise that you'll ask before you do something like this again. And if you do... please make it so that the door doesn't open on its own again..."

(Someplace Dark)

"So. Have you gotten any new information" a voice boomed. The hooded person appeared and bowed down.

"Yes master. The person Fine has good reflexes. I was trying to put darkness in her heart with that test but it looks like it didn't work. Please forgive me, Master."

"You will get a punishment and gather more data about the one referred to as 'Fine'" The voice said.


"Yes Master."