Calling in a Favor


The Malevolent Masterpiece


Prologue: The Call

"This is Herman Munster, leave a message."

"Dean Winchester? This is Neal Caffrey. I don't know if you remember me, we met a couple of years back in a bar in Spring, Texas. I gave you a few pointers on how to properly forge a credible FBI badge and you gave me your number, telling me to call if anything weird ever happened. Well, I think I finally found your definition of 'weird'. I don't know how soon you can make it to Arizona, but the sooner the better. I'll be the first to admit that I am in over my head with this. I mean, paintings aren't meant to just . . . move like that. Anyway, give me a call on this number if you or someone you know can help me with this little problem. I'll owe you one."

Author's Notes: Inspired by Keiran's White Collar/Supernatural crossover story 'Falsifiable'. That story is also acting as back story. Um, without permission. . . but hopefully they won't mind. But I seriously suggest reading it simply because it is an awesome little ficlet, though you don't really have to in order to understand this, seeing as I pretty much just summarized it. Another thing, this is going to be set in season one of Supernatural and pre-series for White Collar, about a year or so before Peter catches Neal for the first time. Just thought I'd set the time line. I'm throwing this out there to see how many bites I get how soon. One last thing before I take off, I am working with the help of CarsonAvery1234. She is acting as my Supernatural informant and aiding me with keeping Dean and Sam fully within character. She is also the one who found me Dean's voicemail recording from season one, hence the first line. This is my first ever crossover, so I need all the help I can get. xD Hope this is a tantalizing little taste of what is to come. Take care all! God bless!

Edited 9/7/2015: This story is being renamed 'The Malevolent Masterpiece' and now acts as the first story of my Supernatural/White Collar crossover series Calling in a Favor. The entire series will be as cannon as I can manage, and will all be beta read by my wonderful Supernatural Informant CarsonAvery1234.