Coleiosis presents…

PlayStation All-Stars Christmas Special!

By yours truly… Cole Bezotte

It was Christmas Day at Los Angeles, as the League of Heroes slept in their cozy beds until 8:30 a.m.

At first, nobody stirred at all from their sleep. But then, Sackboy turned to look at his clock and noticed the time. Surprised and excited, he looked out his window and witnessed a white wonderland of snow out in the backyard of the mansion.

Suddenly, everyone in the mansion heard Sackboy scream out: "OH MY GOSH! MERRY CHRISTMAS!" They were suddenly reminded of what day it was in the first place; and so they all rushed downstairs to the living room.

In the living room stood a tall Christmas tree with many shiny colorful ornaments hanging on its branches, as well as bright white lights that wrapped around it. The star that stood on the top sparkled beautifully as everyone looked up to observe it. This was truly to be a memorable Christmas, to actually be the first Christmas celebrated by the entire League of Heroes.

(Note from the author: The original series that was cancelled is not the true story canon. The supposed finale is the correct storyline.)

Everyone sat down on any seat or spot of the floor in the living room, ready to unwrap the presents that sat underneath the tree. The gifts that had doodles on their wrapping papers were a dead giveaway for everyone to know whom they were from. Sackboy usually didn't use actual wrapping paper; he took blank white paper and doodled on them funny pictures.

For example, Sly Cooper held his gift from Sackboy, his eyes widened at the drawn picture. It was a picture of Sly, shirtless, wearing nothing but boxer shorts with rubber ducks on it. The present itself was a ring for his cane.

As for Ratchet, Sackboy drew him with a more muscle-bound body. The gift was a Sonic Screwdriver.

(Note from the author: The Sonic Screwdriver is that little device the Doctor uses at times in Doctor Who.)

But Sackboy had a different method for when it came to the girls; he drew them all as "hotties". Sexy and beautiful were they drawn; some girls laughed once they saw the drawings, and some of them thought it was very awkward (especially Pupuru).

After all gifts were opened, Sackboy dove into a giant pile of the torn wrapping paper. Among one of the torn parchments, he found a small note written in a code of numbers.

This code is for YOU to unscramble yourself. Carefully study the numbers below and use the method of unscrambling Marcus Kane's messages in Twisted Metal: Black. (1=A, 2=B, Z=26, etc.) Good luck!

16 12 1 25 19 20 1 20 9 15 14 1 12 12 19 20 1 18 19 23 9 12 12 8 1 22 5 1 19 5 17 21 5 12