The group was led down the prophecy hallway, passing shelf after shelf of glowing prophecies. Harry felt death eaters watching him carefully. He knew his friends were watching him, trying to make sure he was okay, but he couldn't bring himself to meet their eyes.

He was such an idiot! He had fallen straight into Voldemort's trap, and now he and his friends were going to die. He looked around, trying to find a way out of this, but it was hopeless. He was forced to walk behind Bellatrix and Lucius, the death eaters following behind him, his friends held hostage with them. They were outnumbered, out gunned, he couldn't reach for his wand without being seen, and his friends were hostages.

It was hopeless.


Harry carefully turned his head back, just enough so he could see Regina. The queen was still stunned and being held by death eaters. She didn't look very dangerous or powerful, but if she could just wake up...

How long did a stunning spell last? Harry, Ron and Hermione had all hit her with one the day she had appeared at Hogwarts and she woke up pretty quickly. It wouldn't take her much longer for her to wake up, just a few minutes... But did they even have a few minutes?

Stall! A voice in Harry's head yelled, but another voice muttered, How?

"Can you please just... Let my friends go?" Harry asked, slowing down carefully.

"Aw, if we let your friends go, then who will we kill?" Bellatrix asked with mock disappointment.

Harry shivered as he looked over at Regina again. He wasn't sure if it was just his hopes playing tricks on his eyes, but he was positive he saw Regina's eyes flutter.

Harry swallowed his fear and tried to focus on where the death eaters were leading them. They were leaving the prophecy hall. The group turned down a dark hallway, away from the glowing prophecies, and they walked down black stone hallways. The hallway was long with no lighting, and Harry couldn't see where they were going. Honestly, he was surprised the building was this big.

"Where are we going?" Harry asked, trying to find information and stall.

"Shut up." Lucius hissed.

Harry racked his brain, trying to think of another way to stall.

"Where's Voldemort?" Harry demanded, trying to be brave but couldn't stop shaking. He kept his eyes on Regina, and watched as she slowly twitched, but she didn't fully awaken.

"Shut up! He'll be here soon, and then we'll slowly skin your friends apart and make you watch." Bellatrix hissed with a sadistic smile.

Harry blinked as he saw a light break through the dark hall. A wood door stood at the end of the hall, the door closed, bleak light pouring out from it's frame.

Harry stopped in his tracks with fear.

The death eaters stopped as well, all eyes falling on him.

"What are you doing?" Bellatrix hissed, "Do you want us to kill your friends?"

"Where are you- What, what do you want?" Harry stammered, unable to control his fear.

"Shut up, and WALK!" Lucius growled.

Harry stumbled back, shaking with fear.

The room was quite, except for heavy breathing from the hostages and Harry, until two screams broke the silence.

Everyone whipped their heads around, and found Regina Mills on her feet, her hands deep in the hearts of the two death eaters that had been holding her.

Regina ripped her hands out of their chests, and in her hands were two beating, human hearts. She squeezed her hands, and the death eaters cried out in pain as their hearts turned to dust. Their bodies dropped to the floor, dead in the dusts of their hearts. Regina clapped her hands, and her eyes were dead serious.

"Now, I'll give you all one chance to let the kids go, unharmed, and run. I'm not saying I won't chase after you, but I'll give you a chance to run. One, chance." she said, frowning with a fierce sneer plastered on her face.

The death eaters stayed where they were, now terrified and frozen with fear.

"Well then," Regina sighed, "Don't say I didn't warn you."

Hahahah, I have been wanting to write this scene for SOOO long! More Regina bas-assness to come, along with a Regina VS Bellatrix battle.