So I've read like every Argentinean and Nini fic basically and they all end bad! (Sad face) anyways I hate sad ending but for them I think it will always end bad so I thought the only way to make a semi good ending story would be to switch Nini with someone else so that's what I'm doing. This is an Argentinean/O.C paring. Enjoy!

To start off i didn't reread this story so sorry about any errors! And i don't own the Moulin Rouge.


Years before Christian came to Paris, France, before the group of friend that contained a dwarf, an Argentinean, and a bald weirdo, a long bearded man and later in the years a writer was formed, before every man knew the sparkling diamond, before the duke destroyed two lovers' dreams. Before all of those moments one place still stood unmovable, the Moulin Rouge.

The Moulin Rouge offered the underworld to the gentleman of Paris and everyone still poured in, the elite were the highest paid they called them, The Diamond Dogs. The best the Moulin Rouge had to offer before, the sparkly diamond.

This is a story of before, during and after the fall of the red windmill. And yes this is a story of two lovers but it does not follow the meaning of true bohemian love.

Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Love... That was for the children of the revolution.

Lies, Lace, Money, and Lust... That was for the courtesans of the Moulin Rouge.

"I know she does not look like too much now, but she does still have some growing to do" Miss Pennyworth tells a red haired man, Harold Zidler. "Her mother was a looker, and at her age she already getting a few looks from men" Miss Pennyworth adds.

I stand there, lips in a line as my only form of a mother is trying to sell me to the brothel owner, Zidler.

He turned his gaze to me, eyeing me up and down.

"She a dancer, she was the best in her class" Miss Penny's tells him.

"Pull your hair back" Zidler asked of me.

I learned soon after my mother died you did what was asked of you or else.

I grabbed my dirty locks of dirty color muddy water hair back.

"Pretty" he commented. "What color was this?" He asked disgusted as he pulls a lock of my hair into sight.

I look up to him, my narrow eyes wide like frightened child.

"Gold" I tell him without hesitation.

Zidler sighed looking me over again.

"I'll take her" he tells Miss Penny.

He handed her a low some of money and smiled to me. I look to Miss. Penny than back to the man.

"Say your goodbyes and Marie will see to you" Zidler says.

He walks out of the room. I look to Miss. Penny her cold gaze wasn't unfamiliar, everyone in this world who ever loved me is dead and I already accepted that on mother's death bed.

"I know this must seem curl" Miss. Penny says crouching down to my eye level. "In the end you'll thank me. I cannot keep you; no one will keep a free loader a sick whore left behind but hell itself." She comments darkly. "The streets are filled with low paying men and death; I've given you a chance to live a life. Maybe it would have been kinder to have just let you die in your mother's arms but it's too late for that now so do all that is asked of you and do not ever come back around my house again.. Am I clear?" She asks holding my chin in her firm grip.

"Yes, Miss. Pennyworths" I confirm.

She didn't say another word just rose from the floor, fixed her dress and took one more look at me before leaving then room in a rush.

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