Satine and Christian may have been known, may have a book written about their love but to the nameless Argentinean and Roxanne the once Diamond dog their love was stronger, was the love of the century…

And now years after Christian came to Paris, France, years after the group of friends only contact to one other is through old memoirs, years later that the sparkly Diamond is remembered only when the older gentlemen pass by the long lost Moulin Rouge, Years after the Duke and his terror, years after all those moments one thing still stood, unmovable, Love.

And now the nameless Argentinean and Roxanne lived most there life out in his homeland, in a small house with just enough room for their many children, with just enough food on the table for there ever growing family and with plenty of love to rejoice.

And even now Roxanne has found no passion in the dance she could do better than any other unless she is in the arms of her lover.

And even though he gave up being a child of the revolution to instead do hard labor he was breed for the nameless Argentinean could not be happier.

And high above their home doors and in their hearts are the words they believe in, till there dying days.




and Love…


Ah this is the first story i have finished! I'm still working on all my other ones but this is exciting! Anyways i hope you enjoyed this story i tried doing something different! X)