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To Give Thanks…

A/n: Happy thanksgiving everyone!! (Ryou is normal bakura, and Bakura is the yami)


Sighing, Bakura wiped a bit of blood from the side of his face. Another day, another street fight. It was all the same to him.

He always did.

Smiling at the thought, he looked around as he started to walk. It was snowing, and about noon. He hated snow. They had three inches of the stuff, and now more was coming down.

Breaking into a run, He headed around the corner, Realizing that the convent stores lights weren't on. In fact, no stores lights were on.

Shrugging, He ran under the overhang of the roof on the store. Muttering about the incompetence of mortals.

As if to verify that he wasn't going insane, he glanced around the street. Yep. All of the stores on this block were closed. Shaking his head to get the snow off, He headed back onto the street.

"Ryou said something about a holiday today….hm. What was it? Thanksgiving or something…"

Pausing, He suddenly realized where he was. In the Ishtar's neighborhood. Pacing his walk to a jog, he decided to see what his only friend in the world was up to. Maybe he could explain what this holiday was about. What ever it was, It sounded stupid.

Jogging to the back, He saw a window. Peeking in, He realized it was the dining room.

Sitting there was Malik, Isis, and Ishtar. Upon further inspection, There was lots of food on the table with a big turkey in the center. Isis was yelling, Ishtar was stuffing his face, and Malik was ignoring his sister with as much effort as possible. (a/n: I KNOW they are Egyptian…but I need it for the story, so blah, :P)

"Hm… Odd behavior.."

Deciding not to bother their odd ritual, he continued home.

Walking up the steps, he suddenly saw an odd scene. His hikari was sitting at the dining table, A microwavable turkey diner steamed in front of him. Ryou's head was bent over, eyes closed, Hands folded together.

" What is he doing?" Concentrating, he tapped into Ryou's thoughts. He was praying.

"I know he is really a good person….. Just please help him be a bit more sensitive onegai? Thank you…for everything. Especially bakura."

Shocked, Bakura walked in. Maybe he wasn't so bad……..


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