"Didn't we see that tree ten minutes ago?"

"Fue? Are you sure? They all look the same to me."

Rin nodded. "It's got those funny crooked branches."

"But, are you sure it's not just another tree with funny crooked branches?"

"Hmm." Rin gazed at the tree pensively, then shook her head. "Ugh, I don't know. Why are there so many trees? I'm so sick of trees."

"I know what we could do!" Kud held up a finger. "Let's find something to tie around the branch and mark the tree, then we'll know if we see it again." She cast her eyes around and spotted a plastic bag. "Aha!"

"That's a good idea," said Komari. "That way we'll know for sure."

Ten minutes later, they found themselves looking at the same tree with the plastic bag. There was no doubt about the dire situation they had found themselves in.

"We're just going in circles." Kud seemed distressed. "Are we lost?"

"Don't worry!" Komari forced a big smile. "We'll just take a different path next." She started off and then stopped. "Er, does anybody remember which way we went last time?"

"We went right," Rin said in a decisive tone. "I think."

"Are you sure?" Kud asked.

"Um. It could have been left." Rin's face fell. "Maybe. I'm not sure. Sorry."

"Aaaaaah!" Komari's knees hit the ground and she clutched her head. "We're lost!"

"We're lost?!" Kud's eyes widened in alarm. "What are we going to do? Are we going to have to build campfires and hunt for meat? Will it be like in that book, uh, what was it called? Road of the Flies?"

"I think you mean Lord of the Flies. Hyaaau, isn't that the book where people ate each other?"

"Th-they did?" Kud's mouth gaped open. She pressed her fingers together. "Oh dear. I really don't want to be eaten, but if we end up starving then..." After contemplating it, she nodded. "I do not mind being the first sacrifice! If it's for my friends, I will gladly offer up my body."

"No, no, I don't want to eat you, Kuu-chan!"

Rin quietly listened to the entire conversation with a look of disbelief. She took out her cellphone and checked the display. There was still no signal. "That idiot brother. What was he thinking sending us on a mission in a place like this?"

"It's all my fault." Kud dropped to the ground. "If I hadn't let go of that map, it wouldn't have blown away."

"Ehh? No, no, that was my fault," Komari protested. "You let go of it because I screamed and startled you. So, that means I should be the one who is eaten first." She clenched her fists with a determined look on her face.

"I wish Riki was here," Rin muttered. Komari and Kud seemed to have completely lost their wits. If Riki was present, he would surely have some retort at the ready to quell their panic. It looked like it was going to have to be up to her to calm them down. "It's alright. We don't have to eat each other."

Komari and Kud regarded her with confused looks.

"Fue? We don't?"


"Yeah." Rin gestured at the backpack she was carrying. It was stuffed full of snacks and cakes that Komari had provided. "We have food."

"Aaaahhh! That's right!" Komari ran over and wrapped her arms around Rin. Rin's face turned red. "I totally forgot. Thank you, Rin-chan, you're a lifesaver."

"Wafu!" Kud bounced over to hug her as well. "Rin-san is awesome."

"Hey, it's not like I did anything amazing," Rin protested, her cheeks flushing even more.

"Well then, let's eat some yummy cake." Komari took the backpack and started humming as she rummaged in it. "Sweet things always cheer me up."

The three of them sat down and helped themselves to cake. They devoured it in no time at all. It turned out that walking through the woods had really given them an appetite.


"Huh? What is it, Kuu-chan?"

"Well, the cake was nice, but we're still lost."

"Oh, yeah." Komari's smile faded away and she sighed. "What are we going to do? It's so scary, being lost in the woods. Rin-chan, are you scared?"

A chime rang out as Rin shook her head. "No. I know everyone else is going to find us eventually so there's no need to worry."

"Whoah. Rin-san is so confident, I can't help but believe her words."

"Well then, if Rin-chan's not scared, then I'm not scared either. Alright!" Komari nodded, a smile forming on her face. "So, what should we do now? Should we look for them?"

"But walking is so tiring." Kud sighed. "We're just going in circles too."

"Why don't we just wait here?" Rin suggested. "They are bound to come across us eventually."

"Right, we'll do that," said Komari. "Hmm." After thinking for a bit, she spoke again. "Then, let's pass the time by telling stories. I'll start. There was a bear who lived in a forest..."

A short while later, they heard voices calling out their names. The girls called back and the other members of the Little Busters soon appeared.

"There you are!" Riki exclaimed. "We were wondering what had happened to you. Are you alright?"

"We lost the map and then we became lost," said Komari. "Then we were walking around in circles so we had to give up and eat cake instead."

"I was so scared," said Kud. "Being lost is super scary. Wah?!"

"It's alright now, Kudryavka-kun." Kurugaya had darted over to wrap her arms around Kud's small body. She rubbed her head in a reassuring manner. "There's no need to be scared now that Onee-san is here."

"So that's what happened. Sounds like you had quite some excitement," Kyousuke said.

"Don't send us out on such dangerous missions!" Rin berated him with a look of sheer indignance. "Thanks to you, Komari-chan and Kud were going to eat each other!"

A sudden silence fell over them all. Several pairs of eyes slowly looked toward Komari and Kud.

"These two?" Masato looked doubtful. "Seriously?"

"What were they doing, having a fight to the death?" Kengo asked. "I can't see that happening."

"Eh, for real?" Haruka cringed. "Why would you do that?"

"Cannibalism is a crime," Mio said. "Please don't eat each other."

"Ueeeeehn, it wasn't like that!" Komari's shrill voice rang out. Her face crumpled. "I wouldn't ever eat anybody!"

"Me neither," Kud said. "I'd never do such a terrible thing."

"Rin, are you sure you didn't just get the wrong idea?" Riki asked.

"Well, they were worried about starving and having to eat each other. They were really freaking out so I had to remind them we had food." Rin placed her hands on her hips and beamed. "I saved their lives."

"No, I'm pretty sure their lives weren't in danger to begin with."

Kyousuke cleared his throat, smiling with an air of nervousness. "Well, now that we're all together again, shall we get going?"