Spencer Hasting's hands shook as they traced the writing on the envelope she had received. She recognized the handwriting immediately, a feeling of nostalgia hitting her as she slowly peeled open the envelope. It had been three years since she had any sort of communication with Kara, despite the various letter's Spencer herself had sent the younger girl. Her father had stated that the letters of remorse would help in any future appeals but really…Spencer just missed her friend. She missed all her friends. She knew that Toby and Yvonne were now happily married, with children of their own. He had moved on and seemed all the better for doing so. Spencer's forehead wrinkled as she found a letter inside and another envelope, making her question why the latter was hidden. Her gaze quickly fell on the letter, as she unfurled it, surprised to find it addressed more than just her.

Dear Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Alison.

Had Kara sent a letter to the four of them? As far as she knew, none of the other girls had contact with Kara either. Of course, there was no way for her to know for sure. She had sent letters to the other girls at the start of her incarceration but never received a reply. With her current sentencing, the earliest Spencer could be released was still more than twenty years away. Her life was disappearing in front of her eyes, and she knew she only had herself to blame for that.

Hanna found her eyes filling with tears as she looked down at the letter in front of her, watching a tear drop down onto the paper. That was all she seemed to do anymore. Cry. For the life she would never have, for Caleb…even for Bethany. She had made so many mistakes and hurt so many people, none more than Kara. She feared what the younger girl had to say to her. Hanna wasn't sure she could cope. All she wanted was forgiveness. She never had visitors, apart from her mother, and even those had lessened. It was tearing her mother apart seeing Hanna in prison. She had destroyed her mother's life just as much as she had destroyed her own. Hanna rubbed at her eyes and looked back down to the letter, as she began to read.

By the time you read this letter, Jason and I will be married. I can't begin to explain how it feels being able to write that. I never thought for one moment I would get here, that I could be happy. And that made me realise something else. For so long, I couldn't imagine not having the four of you there either.

Emily bit her lip as she re-read the first few sentences of the letter, feeling her breath stutter. Jason and Kara were getting married? The news should have upset her, but it made her feel strangely…happy? Despite everything, Emily knew Kara deserved her happy ending. Not like she did. Emily had slowly come to accept that she would never see Alison again, and even if she did, by what her mother had told her, there wasn't much of the old Alison left. It killed Emily that she hadn't been there to protect Alison from herself, but maybe it was for the best. She loved Alison. Always had…but she wasn't a good person when she was around the blonde. Maybe if she had let Alison go sooner, she wouldn't be facing the next twenty-five years in prison.

I felt so happy when I came to Rosewood that first time. I'd never had best friends before. It felt like I was a part of something special, and I never wanted that to end. But then Alison drove me out of town, and everything changed. I thought things would just go back to how they used to be when I returned when I was sixteen. I know that was naïve now. From the second I came back, you all lied to me. If you just told me the truth, things could have been so different. That's what hurts the most. I really wanted to help you all.

"K-keep going" Alison nodded, to her father, who had been reading the letter aloud.

She wasn't allowed to hold things like paper. She was a danger to herself, that's what the doctors said. But they were wrong. Alison Dilaurentis was a danger to everyone around her. The bodies she left behind were evidence enough of that and no amount of therapy was ever going to change it. If it weren't for her, Mona would have never become A. Cece and Charles may not have become corrupted…even Ezra's path may have been different. When she thought about all the things she did to Kara, it sickened her. And her brother. A part of her was happy that Wren had taken her children away, at least she couldn't ruin them from afar. But she was allowed to write to them, and she did. Well, she could dictate what she wanted to tell them, and her father would write it for her. Wren had even stated in a letter that when the twins were older, they would have his blessing to see her. He understood that they would likely need that, at least just once. And that's what kept Alison going. She wanted to be better for her children. Maybe Kara would understand that?

I still think about you four often. And Aria. All I used to feel was anger towards you, but now I just feel sadness. We could have been friends. Real friends. But by the time I came back to Rosewood, it was already too late. You killed Bethany and just got on with your lives like it was nothing. That's not something I'll ever be able to forgive or understand. But I don't hate you anymore. I don't want to be weighed down by that burden. I hope you don't hate me either. I'm glad you all stood up in Court and admitted what you did. Wren deserved that closure, and so did Bethany. I think that's the first good thing you girls have done in a long time.

But I don't want to hear from you anymore. Any of you. And if you're released, don't come to see me, don't contact me…just stay away. That's all I ask. Let me have my peace. I hope one day you all might find your own.


Inside the second envelope were pages of scribbles and cut outs from magazines they had made when they were teenagers. All about their perfect weddings. Discussions on what their dresses would look like, how many bridesmaids they'd have, even who'd been invited to their weddings. It was bittersweet, at one time they really thought they'd be friends forever. What was there left for Alison to do but accept Kara's wishes? Kara had her happy ending. And they weren't in it.

Kara's cheeks were beginning to hurt from how much she was smiling as Mona applied the finishing touches to her hair. It was Kara's wedding day, and everything was going…surprisingly well. They were even ahead of schedule. She ran her hands down the gorgeous wedding dress she was wearing, feeling the lace underneath her fingertips. The thin straps that covered her shoulders even had a delicate pattern, which complimented her pale skin. The dress helped to give her an hourglass figure, as it cinched in at the waist, and hugged her in all the right areas. The back of the dress was bare and finished just above the small of her waist. The beautiful train made her feel like a Princess she always dreamed of looking like when she was a child. Kara had never felt prettier than she did at that moment—

"Are you crying?" Kara laughed, as she heard sniffling from behind her.

"No! It's just…allergies" Mona shrugged, despite the tear that rolled down her cheeks.

"Sure, it is, you big softie" Kara grinned, turning around to nudge her with her elbow.

"I always knew you two would end up together. Even that first time when you came to Rosewood…I could tell what you both had was special" Mona smiled at her.

"You shipped us before shipping was a thing" Kara giggled, as Mona rolled her eyes.

"I'm so happy for you, Kara. I mean it" Mona went on, as she pulled Kara into a quick hug, feeling more tears welling in her eyes.

"I love you, Mona" Kara replied, wrapping her arms around the dark-haired girl.

"I love you too" Mona exclaimed, giving her a tight squeeze before pulling away.

"Jason's going to pass out when he sees you" Mona laughed, wiping away a tear with her thumb.

"I'll be there to catch him" Kara beamed.

"Okay, I need to sort out my makeup before I ruin it completely. I'll be back in ten" Mona shook her head, fondly, before rushing out of the room.

Kara bit her lip as she looked down at the simple, yet beautiful engagement ring on her finger, remembering how Jason had proposed. It was one of the best days of her life.

"You know, when you said you wanted to blindfold me, this wasn't what I was expecting" Kara pointed out, as her hands itched to pull off the cloth that was wrapped over her eyes.

"That'll be for later" Jason replied, in a hushed voice, as he ushered her forward.

Kara's forehead wrinkled as she wondered what Jason was planning. It wasn't long until Christmas, and he had surprised her when he stated he wanted to return to Rosewood for a few days. It was the first time either of them had been back since the girl's trial, and Jason was being strangely secretive. Even Mona had been acting odd for a few days. Kara heard a door swing open, as Jason wrapped his arm around her waist and brought her forward a few steps. All of a sudden, the blindfold was removed, and her jaw dropped open at what she saw. The Ice Ball. It was an almost perfect recreation of the night she remembered so well from when she was seventeen. It must have taken ages to set up. There were hundreds of fairy lights dotted around, white trees and even the same gazebo from that night. Kara turned to Jason in shock, for once completely lost for words.

"Did you do all this for me?" Kara gaped, as Jason nodded.

"I wanted to do something special for you" Jason told her, as he took her hand and began to lead her down the steps.

"But how…?" Kara trailed off, still in shock.

"I pulled in a lot of favours, mostly from Toby. When he heard what I had planned he was more than happy to help out. I don't think the kids at the school have been too happy about not being able to use the hall this week though" Jason explained.

Kara giggled as she pulled Jason forward, near to the gazebo, and allowed the memories of that night to wash over her. How could she ever forget them?

"This was where we had our first kiss" Kara smirked, as Jason shared the expression.

"Oh, I remember" Jason grinned.

Kara's brow furrowed as she felt something drop onto her palm and saw it looked like snow. Her eyes flickered up as more of the white substance fell from the ceiling, as the smile grew wider on Kara's face. She held out her hands as the fake snow-coated her body, making her feel like she was in a Christmas movie. Kara spun around, closing her eyes, and letting out a laugh. She hadn't seen snow for a few years and the fact that Jason remembered was—

"Jase?" Kara questioned when she opened her eyes to see he was down on one knee.

"I love you, Kara. I'm never gonna' want to be with anyone else…so it feels like there's only one thing to do…" Jason trailed off, pulling a small box out of his pocket.

Kara's eyes widened as he opened the box, revealing a diamond ring inside, and from Jason's beaming smile, she already knew what he was about to ask.

"Will you marry me?" Jason grinned, holding out the ring.

Kara couldn't contain the squeal that left her lips as she lunged at him, throwing her arms around his shoulders as they both fell to the floor. She quickly leaned in to press her lips to his, making Jason laugh as he held her closer to him.

"Is that a yes?" Jason chuckled.

"Of course, I'll bloody marry you!" Kara exclaimed, as they both sat up with grins.

Jason carefully slid the ring onto her finger, breathing a sigh of relief when he saw it fitted perfectly. Kara was jumping back on him a moment later, only making Jason laugh harder.

"Can I come in?" A soft voice called out, bringing Kara out of her thoughts.

Kara took a cautious step towards the door, recognizing the voice quickly. With the wedding within the hour, Kara wondered why Mary Drake was seeking her out. The woman was smiling when Kara opened the door, seeming a little taken aback when she saw the dress she was wearing.

"Oh, you look stunning. My nephew is so lucky" Mary stated.

"I'm the lucky one" Kara replied, as Mary looked down the floor, appearing nervous.

"There's something I think you should have. It was my sister's" Mary announced, bringing out a pair of beautiful blue earrings that sparkled in the light.

"Mary, I don't think I can take these—" Kara began, but Mary shushed her.

"Jessica would want you to have them. From what I've heard, she always liked you. She would have wanted you to have them on your wedding day" Mary insisted, placing them on Kara's palm.

"Thank you" Kara smiled.

"I'm really happy you're joining the family, Kara" Mary exclaimed, giving her a quick nod before walking away, leaving Kara grinning to herself.

Kara's hands were shaking as she felt the wind blowing through her hair, getting closer to the venue that she could see on the horizon. She had grown up by the sea, so getting married on the picturesque clifftop, overseeing the waves below, just made sense to her. She could hear the music getting closer, and took a deep breath, hoping she didn't look too nervous.

"You've got this, Sis. I'm gonna' be right next to you, okay?" Dylan told her, her arm hooked through his.

"Just don't let go until I get to the altar, cause' I'm pretty sure I'm about to pass out" Kara mumbled, making her brother laugh.

"Sounds like how I felt when you asked me to walk you down the aisle" Dylan replied, as Kara's lips twitched into a smile.

"Admit it, you would have been pissed if I hadn't asked you" Kara whispered, now able to see the guests in their chairs.

"Damn right" Dylan smirked, as they watched everyone turn to them.

Kara's eyes were only on Jason, as he turned around, looking as handsome as ever in a blue suit. Jason's mouth went slack as he saw her walking down the aisle, which had pink petals sprinkled over the grass. Kara picked up her pace, desperate to get to her husband to be, as he beamed at her. The ceremony began quickly, as Kara could barely keep up with the words of the Officiant. Suddenly it was time for their vows, and Kara thought she had never seen Jason look so nervous.

"I've known you for over a decade, Kara, and from the moment I met you, I knew I wanted you in my life for a long time to come. You gave me a chance when no one else would. You're the kindest girl I've ever met, not to mention, the most beautiful. You keep me going and you've helped me heal from my past. We're a team and that will never change…This ring is a token of my love for you. I am yours, today and forever" Jason exclaimed, as he reached out and placed the wedding ring on Kara's slender finger, as she tried not to cry.

"Do you Jason Dilaurentis take Kara Dixon, to be your lawfully wedded wife, to share your life openly, standing with her in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, in hardship and in ease, to cherish and love forevermore?" The Officiant questioned, as Jason was nodding before she could even finish.

"I do. Always" Jason replied.

"Jase, you're the strongest person I've ever met. After everything you've been through…it's only made you kinder. Braver. Every day with you feels like a dream, because you're all I could ever want. You've stood by me from the first day we met. Every time we were pulled apart, I could feel my heart breaking in two…because you're a part of me. I give you this ring as a gift that lasts forever. Know that I'm always with you, behind you, and by your side" Kara grinned, as she placed the wedding band on Jason's finger.

"Do you, Kara Dixon take Jason Dilaurentis, to be your lawfully wedded husband, to share your life openly, standing with him in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, in hardship and in ease, to cherish and love forevermore?" The Officiant asked, as Kara's smile grew wider.

"I do. I suppose I should say…we do" Kara announced, placing her hand to her stomach, raising an eyebrow.

"…You mean…?" Jason trailed off, completely speechless, his eyes wide with shock.

"You're gonna be a Dad" Kara nodded, excitedly.

Jason couldn't stop the excited cry that left his lips, before he leaned in to give her a chaste kiss, his own hand coming to rest above hers. The whole crowd erupted in cheers as everyone was on their feet, apart from Dylan, who looked like his brain had stopped working.

"You know I didn't say you could kiss the bride yet" The Officiant chuckled.

"Wait, we are married, right?" Jason questioned, his arms still wrapped around Kara.

"I think you've made your feelings towards each other very clear. I pronounce you husband and wife…with child" The Officiant beamed, as Jason pulled his new wife into a tight hug, his eyes welling with tears.

All of a sudden, they felt someone lunge at them, as hands wrapped around both their shoulders. Kara began to laugh when she saw it was Dylan, who was now sobbing, with Mona quickly following behind. Before they knew what was happening, all the wedding guests had formed a circle around them, becoming an overjoyed group hug. Confetti seemed to appear out of nowhere as the group jumped up and down, tears and shouts of happiness drowning out the sound of the waves below.

The reception was stunning, a large white tent which had enough space to easily house all the guests, combined with soft lights that hung from the structure, that seemed to sparkle. The sun had already set, and the reception was in full swing, with Kara's brother having finished his speech not long before. It had started well, but he soon ended up a blubbering mess, too emotional about the fact he was about to become an Uncle. Kara was currently on her second serving of wedding cake and let out a moan as she took another bite.

"This is the best cake I've ever had…by far" Kara exclaimed.

"Well, we did spend half our budget on it" Jason laughed.

"So worth it" Kara mumbled, taking another bite.

"I wonder if our kid is gonna' have your sweet tooth," Jason said, dreamily.

"Oh, she definitely will" Kara grinned, as Jason raised an eyebrow.

"She? It could be a boy, you know" Jason stated, as Kara shook her head.

"Nope. It's definitely a little girl in here" Kara smiled, stroking at her stomach.

"How long have you known?" Jason couldn't help but ask.

"I only found out yesterday. And I know, I know...I should have waited to tell people but I just had to tell you and..." Kara bit her lip, with a grin.

"What? Is it twins?!" Jason gaped, making Kara shake her head.

"No! It's just...I haven't had a period in over four months and I've been putting on weight. I think I might be pretty far in the pregnancy already" Kara explained.

"Even better. I can't wait to meet her baby...but I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a boy" Jason smirked, as Kara nudged his shoulder.

"Well, Lucas is going to be happy" A familiar voice announced, as Kara saw someone approaching her out of her peripheral vision.

"Hey Alex!" Kara beamed, as the girl came to lean near her.

"What do you mean?" Jason inquired.

"Mona's placing bets now on the gender of your baby. Lucas has already put his money on a boy" Alex giggled, as Kara rolled her eyes.

"That girl never changes" Kara shook her head, fondly.

"How've you been, Alex?" Jason asked, as Kara handed her a piece of cake.

"Well…Wren just asked me out!" Alex cried, looking like she was about to burst with excitement.

"He did?!" Kara and Jason yelled at the same time.

"We're going on our first date next weekend!" Alex exclaimed, as Kara cheered and grabbed her hands.

"I'm so freaking happy for you two!" Kara giggled.

"I'm gonna' go out on a limb and say I'm happier than the pair of you" Jason admitted, glad that Wren seemed to be moving on.

"You look amazing by the way—" Alex began, as Kara suddenly gasped, her eyes wide.

"Oh my God!" Kara announced, pushing herself to her feet.

"What?" Alex frowned, confused.

"I haven't thrown my bouquet yet! Ladies, line up. You too, Alex!" Kara insisted, ushering everyone into a group behind their table.

She twisted around soon after, grabbing her flowers, taking a quick peek behind her before she tossed them back. A large grin grew on her lips when she saw it was Alex who had caught them, a blush covering her cheeks, as she looked to Wren.

"You threw that towards Alex on purpose, didn't you?" Jason suggested.

"I don't know what you're talking about" Kara smirked.

"You're ridiculous, Mrs Dilaurentis" Jason smiled, leaning in for a quick kiss.

"And you love it, Mr Dilaurentis" Kara exclaimed, with a fond look.

Four Years Later

Kara felt the warmth of the sun hitting her cheeks, as she slowly woke up. She giggled as she felt soft lips kissing their way up her arm, causing her eyes to flutter open. An amused sound left her lips when a single red rose was in her face a second later, as she turned to face Jason properly.

"Happy 30th" Jason exclaimed, pressing a kiss to her lips.

"I'm so old" Kara complained, as Jason began peppering kisses against her cheeks.

"You're so right. In fact…is that a grey hair?" Jason frowned, brushing his hands through her hair.

"Where?!" Kara gaped, sitting bolt upright in bed.

"Right…there" Jason mumbled, before he lunged at her, wrapping his arms around her waist and tickling her, leaving Kara in a fit of giggles.

"You're such a dick" Kara rolled her eyes, slapping his shoulder.

"I guess the honeymoon period really is over" Jason stated, sarcastically, his tone full of amusement.

"You know, I think I've been a bad influence on you. Your jokes are almost as bad as mine" Kara told him.

"As long as they make you laugh, I don't care" Jason pointed out, kissing her passionately.

A second later there bedroom door was swung open and a small blonde girl ran through, holding out a plate in front of her, an excited expression on her face.

"Mommy! Mommy, I made you breakfast!" The blonde beamed, shoving the plate towards Kara.

Kara's jaw dropped open as she looked down and took the sandwich she was offered, opening it up. Gummy worms, peanut butter and a whole chocolate bar were inside, all smushed together, the handprints clear on the bread.

"Oh, Jessie. That's so sweet of you" Kara replied, pressing a quick kiss to her daughter's head.

Jessie looked so much like Jason, the same ash-blonde hair flowing past her shoulders, but she had Kara's bright blue eyes. And she definitely had a lot of her attitude. She was named after Jason's late mother, who she would never meet, but she would always help those who knew her remember.

"Aren't you gonna' eat it?" Jessie questioned, expectantly.

"Well…I just thought your dad might want some too. Remember, sharing is important, isn't that right, Jase?" Kara smirked, as Jason shook his head fondly.

"…Alright. On five. We both take a bite" Jason nodded, taking a deep breath as Kara held the sandwich closer to his face.

They did as he suggested, taking a bite from either side of the sandwich, chewing thoroughly as the strange flavors hit their tongues.

"It's actually…" Jason trailed off, with a frown.

"Pretty good?" Kara finished, just as surprised as he was.

"I knew you'd like it!" Jessie smiled, hugging her mother, her small arms wrapping around her waist.

Kara hugged Jessie back just as tightly, feeling a sense of peace wash over her. She had her friends. Her little family. She was finally happy.

The End.

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