When she walked downstairs the next morning she was surprised to find all the girls gossiping downstairs.

"Hey, what's up?" Kara questioned.

"Is it true?!" Hanna asked.

"Is what true?" Kara replied.

"Do you like Jason?" Hanna whispered.

She gave a disapproving look to Alison who had obviously phoned the girls up this morning to tell them the 'big' news.

"Considering that half the times I've seen him he's too drunk to even talk properly, I'm going to have to say no" Kara smirked, sitting down next to Emily.

"Oh really? So why have you been so eager to be around him then?" Alison asked.

"Maybe it's because I'm trying to be nice...unlike some people" Kara argued.

"Hey!" Alison exclaimed.

"Woah guys, calm down! Look by the sounds of it Kara doesn't like him, and even if she did then so what?" Spencer told them.

"Thank you, Spencer" Kara smirked.

"Seriously, you're standing up for her? I thought I was your best friend, Spence" Alison stated.

"You are, but Kara's also become a good friend of mine too" Spencer insisted.

"I think you're being a bit harsh on her too, Ali" Aria admitted.

"Fine, I'll just go then" Alison said, stomping out of the room.

"Alison, wait!" Emily called after her.

The four girls stood up and uttered their goodbyes as they went to go chase after Alison. Sighing, Kara stood up and walked up the stairs, going to wash her teeth, when the bathroom door opened and Jason walked out in nothing but a towel. Blushing lightly, Kara walked past him and closed the bathroom door. Okay, maybe she did have a tiny crush on Jason, she thought to herself.

Later on while she was downstairs having her breakfast, Jason entered the room, now fully clothed.

"Hey...uh can we talk about last night?" Jason questioned, sitting next to her.

"Um, sure" Kara said, as she stopped eating her cereal.

"What did I say to you last night?" Jason asked.

"Are we referring to how you think you're no good at anything or how you think everyone prefers Ali over you?" Kara questioned.

"Ugh, I said that?" He sighed, putting his face in his hands.

"Yep, it was pretty depressing" Kara commented.

"And true" Jason added.

"Well after this morning I think you are probably my preferred sibling" Kara exclaimed.

"You guys got into another argument?" Jason inquired.

"Yep" Kara replied.

"What was it about?" He asked.

"Oh, nothing important...anyway why don't we talk about your psychological problems instead?" Kara questioned, avoiding the subject.

"It's nothing" He told her.

"You do realise you're not leaving this room until you tell me, right?" Kara asked.

"Oh really? How are you going to stop me?" He said with a grin.

"I have my ways. Now spill" Kara insisted.

"...I guess it's mostly down to my parents really. My mum always made it obvious that she preferred Alison, but sometimes my dad acts like I'm not even his son" Jason explained.

"Why do you think that?" Kara questioned.

"It's just the little things I guess, like how my mum always gives Alison presents when she goes on trips but forgets about me and how if I do something really well it's like it's not good enough for either of them" He admitted.

"You know drowning your sorrows with alcohol isn't going to help" Kara told him.

"I know..." Jason trailed off, upset.

Growing bold, Kara raised her arms out and pulled him into a quick hug, then pulled away to see a strange expression on his face.

"What's wrong?" She questioned.

"It's just...I can't remember the last time someone hugged me" Jason admitted.

It was a couple of weeks later and Kara was putting her books in her locker while talking to Mona about her maths homework.

"So which part don't you get?" Mona questioned.

"All of it" Kara whined.

"Oh c'mon, it's not that hard. All you have to do is put the X's on either side...like this" She exclaimed, writing it on Kara's homework sheet.

"Huh. You know you're a lot smarter than you make out to be" She told her.

"Hey Kara, how's it going?" A voice asked from behind them.

"Hello Noel" Kara sighed, turning around as he handed her an envelope.

"What's this?" She inquired.

"An invitation to my party" He smirked.

"Well I think I'll pass my invitation onto someone who wants to go more" She said, handing Mona her invitation.

"Alright, your friend can go too, but Alison specifically told me to make sure you had an invitation and I want you to be there too" Noel admitted, handing Kara another invitation.

"Fine, we'll be there" Kara sighed, as Noel walked away.

"Oh my God! I can't believe you got me an invite to one of Noel Kahn's parties!" Mona squealed.

"Well I'm going to need you there to stop me from going insane, aren't I?" Kara smirked.

"Sure thing...so what do you think of Noel?" Mona asked.

"What do you mean?" Kara inquired.

"Well, do you like him?" Mona questioned.

"Nah, he's not my type" She admitted.

"I guess he is a bit big headed" Mona stated.

"Just a bit? If his head was any bigger he wouldn't be able to fit through the doorways here" Kara joked, causing Mona to giggle.

"So, if Noel's not your type then who is?" Mona inquired.

"Hm, I don't think I really have a type to be honest" Kara admitted.

"C'mon everyone has a type" Mona insisted.

"Alright I'll think...Uh I guess greenish eye colour, nice hair like maybe an ash blonde kind of colour, oh good eyebrows, eyebrows are very important. And a six pack would be nice" Kara winked.

"...Hold on, didn't you just describe Alison's brother?" Mona questioned.

"What? No. Of course not" Kara blurted out.

"You were totally thinking about him then weren't you!" Mona exclaimed.

"Okay so maybe I have the teeniest, tiniest crush on him. But come on, have you seen the guy?" Kara explained.

"He is pretty hot" Mona grinned.

Author's Notes: Hope you guys liked this chapter:) Everything seems to lead to an argument between Kara and Ali at the moment, doesn't it? Also there was a bit of foreshadowing for a secret that was revealed in season 2 in this chapter, can you spot it? Please leave a review:)