A few days later all the girls were having a sleepover at Alison's house and things were going surprisingly well. They were all sitting all the couch in the living room and watching a movie while as usual Kara got up to the get the popcorn. She walked into the kitchen and saw Jason pouring some alcohol down the sink.

"What're you doing?" She inquired.

"Getting rid of the last bit of my stash" He admitted.

"That's a pretty bold move" She stated.

"It's better if I get rid of it...it's too tempting knowing where it is" Jason explained.

"I get it. So you're going sober?" She told him as she grabbed the popcorn.

"Yep, been about 3 weeks sober by now" He exclaimed.

"Wow, that's really good! Have your parents noticed?" Kara questioned.

"When would they? They're either out or fussing over Ali" Jason sighed.

"Parents suck" Kara replied.

"Kara, have you got the popcorn?" Alison shouted from the other room.

"Her majesty awaits" Kara said, rolling her eyes, getting a chuckle out of Jason and walking into the other room.

"So, you and Jason seem to be…close?" Hanna asked when she sat down.

"Oh Han, not you too" Kara sighed.

"I'm just saying that he was really worried about you after what happened at the party. He seems to really care about you" Hanna exclaimed.

"Yeah, a little bit too much" Alison told them.

"What does that mean?" Kara questioned.

"I'm just saying you could do better than my brother" Alison insisted.

"Okay, changing the subject!" Kara exclaimed.

It was a few hours later when Kara was woken up by a sound. She surveyed the living room and saw all the girls were there except for Alison. Thinking that it was probably just Jason upstairs she let her head fall back onto her pillow when she heard a man and a woman arguing outside. Frowning, she got up and walked over to the front which was open, just as Alison came bounding through it.

"What's going on?" She asked, rubbing her eyes.

"Nothing. Go back to sleep" Alison told her.

"No. Who was that out there Ali?" She questioned.

"No one. You're hearing things" Alison insisted.

Just then they heard a car rev its engine and drive away.

"Well obviously someone was out there...it sounded like a guy" Kara exclaimed.

"Just go away Kara" Alison sighed.

"No, I won't. You're hiding something Ali, I know you are. Who was that out there? They're obviously older than you because they can drive" Kara explained.

"Kara, just stay out of this" Alison told her, angrily.

"Oh my God...you're going out with some older guy aren't you? That's why you are always going out and not telling me who you're going with" Kara realised.

"You don't know anything" Alison spat.

"How old is he, Ali? 18? 20? Even older? It's wrong and you know it" Kara retorted.

Suddenly Alison raised her hand up and slapped Kara so hard in the face the other girl stumbled back. It wasn't the first time Kara had been slapped, but knowing it came from someone who she considered to be one of her best friends hurt.

"Kara...I...I'm sorry..." Alison stuttered.

Kara pushed her out of the way and rushed upstairs to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Her eyes teared up when she saw how red the left side of her face was and she could see a small cut on her cheek from when one of Alison nails must have cut her. Slowly Kara started to dab at the small wound with some cotton wool. Suddenly the door was pushed open and Jason entered the bathroom, taking in Kara's red cheek and watery eyes.

"What happened?" He asked, walking over to her.

"It's nothing" Kara told him.

"Did someone hurt you? Who did this?" He questioned, indicating to the small wound.

Kara gave him a sad look and he quickly realised it was his own sister who had slapped Kara.

"Are you okay?" He asked, softly.

"Yeah, I'm fine...it just shocked me, that's all" She exclaimed, rubbing her eyes.

"Here, let me" Jason said, as he quickly reached over into a draw and put a small plaster onto Kara's face.

"Thanks" Kara said, walking out of the room, feeling awkward.

"Kara, wait..." Jason trailed off, as she closed the door.

She slowly walked back down the stairs and saw that Alison had curled up near Emily like nothing had happened. She tiptoed down the stairs and went to sit in the place she had fallen asleep, but couldn't get back to sleep. She tossed and turned, but every time she felt like she was almost asleep she'd get the weird feeling that someone was watching her and had to look around to see if it was Alison. Deciding she would never be able to sleep downstairs she walked upstairs to her own bedroom, but found that she couldn't sleep there either, as she was always worried someone would storm into her room. She didn't know why Alison slapping her had shaken her so much, she just looked so angry when she did it. Sighing, she got up from her own bed and cautiously walked over to Jason's bedroom and opened the door. He was sleeping on his back, breathing softly. She knew it would be awkward if he woke up in the night, but she knew she wouldn't be able to sleep otherwise. She always seemed to feel safe around Jason. She quietly walked over to his bed and sat down on the mattress. She turned so that he was in between her and the door and soon found herself falling asleep.

When Jason woke up that night, he felt a small weight on his chest and looked down to see a small figure curled up to him. He first tensed in shock, unsure of what was happening but soon realised it was Kara. After her abrupt exit earlier he had tossed and turned, worried about her and worried about his sister. Why would she do such a thing to someone like Kara? Seemingly disturbed by his constant thinking Kara started to squirm in her sleep, so Jason relaxed himself and laid a hand onto her arm, bringing her closer to him. He lowered his head down slightly to check if she was still asleep and couldn't help but smile at the view of her sleeping face. She looked adorable and he was embarrassed to admit that he felt butterflies in his stomach. God, why was he acting like such a teenage girl? Shaking his head lightly, he lowered his head back onto the pillow and soon fell asleep.

Author's Notes: Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! Things are reaching boiling point between Kara and Alison now, and next chapter they get even worse! One the plus side, Jason and Kara certainly seem to bet getting closer;) Please leave a review:)