Haven't written a FanFiction in quite a while, just tryin' to get back into the swing of things! Set post-episode 25 of season two, Saya waking up from her 30 years of sleep. A few twists here and there to make it my own, but other than that, I tried my hardest to make it accurate.

I gasped, my chest filling with stagnant air as my eyes whipped open. They met an inky, black darkness. Panic was the next thing to fill my chest. Where was I? What's going on? My hands shot up to protect my face instinctively, feeling the smooth skin there. I began to feel around, only for my fingertips to meet... something soft?

Where on earth... was I?

My hands started to robotically tear, my nails digging in to whatever I was surrounded by, until they met a rock-hard layer. Adrenaline pulsed through me as I tore through it with desperation and need.

"Kai?!" I yelled automatically, as if it were a reflex. "Haji?!"

What was I screaming? What do I mea-

Suddenly, I froze. Pictures whisked through my head at a rampant speed. A red-haired boy, a stoic-looking man with dark hair... I remained still as I remembered. The memories sank in quickly, bringing comfort along with them as my muscles slowly began to relax. What did these pictures mean? They flashed so fast, I could hardly connect them to one another.

I remembered being happy.

I again began to tear at my cacoon, until I was able to stumble out of it and fall to the dirty stone floor. I flinched as I felt my knees hit the ground, taking in my surroundings with blurry vision and wide eyes. Everything was a different shade of gray, light pouring in through a crack in the walls as dust motes danced carelessly through the air.

"K-Kai?" My voice called out hoarsely. How was I going to get out of here? My eyes pricked at the memory of collapsing opera house rubble covering a man, along with a monster's cracking form. "Kai!" I yelled a bit louder. Tears started to fill the corners of my eyes, and I wiped them away with trembling hands. Why was I yelling this name? What did it mean to me, why was it bursting out through my lips so mechanically? I wrapped my arms around my torso protectively, feeling a cool draft through the air as I began to miss the warmth that the thick cacoon had brought me. My slender fingers rubbed at the softness of my sides as a pathetic attempt to bring some sort of heat. My throat burned for any sort of drink to quench my thirst.

No one was coming for me. "Kai! Kai, where... h-how do I get out of here? I don't remember..." I called to the blank name again. My bottom dragged across the floor as I scooted and dipped closer to the back wall, tremors ripping through my body with ghastly force. "Ha...ji?" My voice squeaked out in a panic as I brought my knees to my chest.

I was alone. A trembling, lonely ball of limbs, huddled on the scuffed stone floor as dust danced around me. My lips smacked together dryly. Shutting my eyes, I fell into a light sleep, a hauntingly foreign yet familiar face flickering behind my eyelids.

And I waited for someone to come.

First FanFiction I've written since... well, middle school, to be honest. Just finished Blood+ and I loved it, so I couldn't resist. The next chapter will be much more more eventful, I just wanted to get this started. I'll continue this story regardless of the amount of reviews, but reviews are much appreciated! Thanks for reading. ^3^