A/N: Happy Christmas to Bex! Here is your Secret Santa gift; a multi-chapter, Marauder's fic based in the afterlife. I hope you enjoy it


He opened his eyes and was greeted by a vast amount of white. Blinking, James rubbed his head in confusion before remembering what had happened.

He died.

He died trying to protect his wife and son from He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Part of him was angry, angry at the fact that he had died to begin with, but mostly he was worried. He had to make sure they were okay.

Just as he thought it, a pensieve-like circle formed at his feet, and he could see her, his Lily. Tiny Harry was in her arms, his bottom lip quivering.

"Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry!"

"Stand aside, you silly girl... stand aside now."

"Not Harry, please no, take me, kill me instead!" she shouted, clutching the infant to her chest.

"This is my last warning-"

Lily placed Harry in the crib carefully, shielding him with her body before turning to the Dark Lord.

"Not Harry... have mercy. Not Harry! Please...I'll do anything-"

James stood in quiet shock as he witnessed his wife's pleas for their son. To sacrifice herself and save Harry would be an honorable death, but they both knew he wanted Harry.

"Avada Kedavra!"

A green flash, and a body thumps.

As the evil wizard closed in on the tearful baby, Lily appeared next to James. She blinked rapidly, her green eyes looking around to grasp sight of her husband.

"James, I-"

"Shh, Lily, look!" He pointed to the Watching Glass as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named raised his wand.

"Avada Kedavra!" Flash. Scream. A puff of smokey ash. Lily fell into her husband's arms and sobbed for her son.

"What... Lily, look..."

"No, James. I-I can't."

A baby's cries wailed through the night like a siren and the redhead woman gasped.


"He's alive, Lils. He's alive!"

"Oh my poor little man. My sweet, baby Harry."

Staring through the holes in the floor of Heaven, James and Lily Potter watched as their son cried in pain from a lightning scar on his forehead.


"Snape? What is that dirty Death Eater doing in my house?" James shouted, his temper flaring.

They both watched in silence as the pale man stepped precariously through the destroyed remains of the home. A fleeting glance to James showed no emotion on his face, but with the cries of a baby leading him upstairs, he shook his head and took to the stairs.

The bedroom door was cracked, and through the tiny space Snape could see baby James- no, it must be their son, obviously. Harold, or something.

Red hair strewn across the carpet like a halo, Lily was a crimson angel in death. Severus Snape fell to his knees, clutching his only love in his arms as his cries synced with the infant's.

"I knew it! I knew he was in love with you! That bloody creep, touching you as if you're his to mourn."

"James, please-"

James growled, but kept his thoughts to himself.


"Hagrid? What's Hagrid doing there?"

"I... I don't know, Lily. Dumbledore must have sent him. But how did he know?"

"How Dumbledore knows everything will be a mystery forever."

"Look, he's going inside..."

Hagrid put his hand on his chest at the sight of James' body, but he was on a mission, and so he moved towards the stairs. Snape, hearing the noise, Disapparated without a second glance to the orphan in the crib.

The nursery door is open at its fullest, thanks to the silent entrance of Severus Snape. Hagrid stepped in, heart wrenching at the sight of Lily on the floor. Carefully, he reached into the crib and pulled Harry to his chest, both of them sniffling loudly.

"Da da da da da," Harry cooed, his eyes rimmed with red.

"Dada is downstairs, 'Arry. We have to go now, a'right?"

"Muhhh," Harry added, reaching for Lily.

"Yer mummy is sleeping. She's so tired after a long day, aren' you?" he asked, hoping to calm the Boy Who Lived. "Come on, 'Arry. Le's go."

Hagrid bent down to Lily and let Harry pat her back. With large tears welling in his eyes, the half-giant swallowed a lump in his throat. "Say 'night-night' to mummy."

"Ni ni."

Hagrid made his way out of the house and near the street. Muggles were starting to gather in the road; he had to get out of there.

"Sirius! I knew he would come! Thank Merlin."

"No, James. This isn't good!"

"What? How could this be bad?"

"Everyone thinks Sirius was our Secret-Keeper! He needs to hide!"

"But he wasn't! Peter was- Peter! Voldemort must have tortured him! He could be dead... and now Sirius will take the fall."

"Oh, why didn't we tell Dumbledore who we chose?" Lily said, her hand wiping her forehead in worry.

James wrapped his arm around Lily's shoulders. "There's nothing we can do now, Lils. We'll just have to...watch."

"Hagrid!" Sirius called, landing his motorbike gracefully. "Hagrid it's..."

"Yeh. Dumbledore said the enchantment wen' off."

"James... and Lily?"

Hagrid nodded, sniffling again. "I'm sorry, S'rius. Really I am," he said, Harry squirming in his arms.

Sirius saw the baby Potter and paled. "Give Harry to me, Hagrid. I'm his godfather, I'll look after him."

"I got strict orders from Dumbledore, Sirius. I hafta take him."

Sirius nodded, Dumbledore knew more magic than anyone. He would be safe with him, and Sirius could always meet up with them later, after dealing with Pettigrew. "I understand. Take my bike, get Harry out of here."

"Wha- Yeh love that bike, S'rius."

"Death Eaters could be on their way. Just take it, Hagrid. I won't be needing it anymore."

James squinted, knowing the look on his best mate's face. "He's going to find Peter.."

"Good." Lily said, squeezing her husband's arm in comfort.

With a roar of the motorbike, Hagrid took Harry away and Sirius made his way to the front door.

Sirius stopped at James' body, slumped awkwardly across rubble that was once the front door. His voice cracked when he screamed in horror, seeing the lifeless body of his best friend, his brother.

"It's okay, Sirius... I'm okay. I'm right here..."

"He can't hear you, James."

The raven-haired man sighed through his nose, but Sirius carefully shut James' dead eyes and moved up the stairs. He had to see Lily, he had to know it was real.

As the fourth uninvited guest, he made the same careful steps up the stairway and into the bedroom. The same red hair lay out on the carpet, eyes finding Lily's lifeless body.

James looked to his wife, the one beside him, and hugged her.

"I'm sorry, Lily. I'm sorry I couldn't protect you and Harry. I wasn't quick enough-"

"Oh darling, it's okay. I'm here with you, and Harry is safe."

"But now we have to watch him grow up from here... without us."

Lily nodded sadly. "Yes, we do. But we'll look out for him, too."