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The years brought a lot of heartbreak to the Potters; not only did their son live in a neglectful home, but he was underfed and constantly lied to. James had a particularly difficult time watching the Dursleys treat Harry in such a way. But it eased their minds to spend time with James' parents, Charlus and Dorea, as well as Lily's parents, Harold and Daisy.

They watched as Harry defeated Quirrell and Voldemort with his bare hands, and sobbed as they saw themselves in the Mirror of Erised. They rooted for him in the Chamber of Secrets, in awe of his thick-headed bravery against the Basilisk to save Ginny Weasley.

But it wasn't until their son turned 13, and the whispers of Sirius Black's escape from Azkaban, did they feel so utterly hopeless in Heaven.

"That's Peter? Peter betrayed us?!" James shouted, his hands ruining his hair as he tried to grasp the situation.

"Relax, love, breathe," Lily said, hoping to calm her husband. "Sirius and Remus will take care of it. They always have."

"No, they haven't! Sirius has spent twelve years in Azkaban, the dirtiest, lowest places for a wizard to be, and Remus has spent the same dozen thinking he was the only one left! The only one who wasn't dead or mad! Neither of them were in a position to 'take care of it'! Neither of them took care of Harry, because of Peter!"

"James Charlus Potter, you listen to me right now! You four were always close, were always the thickest of thieves; Peter may have strayed from the right path but not Sirius, not Remus! We both know Sirius would never betray us, and Remus is level-headed enough to keep Sirius from doing anything drastic! Dumbledore will see, he'll make it right."

In the white abyss of Heaven, James and Lily sat in silence, watching Remus transform and Sirius saving lives by fighting him off.

"He was always the alpha, you know," James mumbled, draping his arm over Lily's shoulder. "Sirius fought for Alpha when we first learned to transform...figured it would keep Moony in check better."

Lily offered a warm smile, "That was a brilliant idea. Who thought of it?"

James sighed, ruffling his hair out of habit. "Peter's."

And they shared silence once more.


The Tri-Wizard Tournament came and went, just as the seasons come and go. The pair walked a quiet path from their own Heaven and met Cedric a few days after his arrival. He was a nice boy, innocent even, and Lily thanked the Hufflepuff for his help to Harry.

"It was only fair," Cedric said. "He warned me about the dragons..."

"Perhaps," she responded, "But it's nice to know that someone else was looking out for my son."

Cedric smiled, his thick hair falling into his eyes. "Yes ma'am."


The day Sirius came was bittersweet. James watched as Harry once again took on Death Eaters, outnumbered not only in skill but also in bodies. Lily found it difficult to keep her eyes on Earth, instead clinging to James' green sweater and hiding her eyes in the crook of his neck.

"Padfoot..!" James cried, and his wife caught a glimpse of Sirius' body falling gracefully into the veil. "Padfoot, no! No, no, no, you can't...you can't!"

"Oh James..."

"He's left Harry now! Harry's on his own again!"

"He's got Remus..."

James nodded absent-mindedly, "Yeah...he's got Remus."

It wasn't until Harry was back in Dumbledore's office that Sirius came to them.

It was a quiet stride, as Sirius' always were, that brought the Potter's back to Heaven.

"Padfoot," James nodded stiffly.

"Prongs," Sirius greeted, his right hand in his pocket.

A quirk in James' lips giving his feelings away. "It's a shame you got old," he said.

"It's a shame you didn't," Sirius replied, eyeing his old friend up and down.

And like that, the two embraced as brothers, distanced through time and death.


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