To everyone reading this, thank you. This is my first Night at the Museum story and it is being published in honor of the third movie, which I saw today. If you have seen it, then you understand why I am publishing this. This story will go through all three movies following Abigail, who will fall in love with Ahkmenrah, though that will not be the main focus until the third. I hope you guys enjoy this story and please review to let me know what you think. Have a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holidays depending on where you live! And please enjoy!

A girl laid on her bed, looking through her favorite book. It was a book on the history of Egypt, one of many things that facinated her. Her blonde hair hung loosely halfway down her back while her brown eyes focused intensely on the book. She wore a red sweater with a white raven pin on it, jeans and tan boots with fake white fur inside. Around her neck was a circular silver locket with only one picture inside. A knock on her door forced her to look up. She smiled slightly as she saw her step-father to be standing there.

"Hey Don." She greeted.

"Hey Abby, your dad's here." Don stated as his cell phones went off. Abby's face fell slightly.

"Oh." She whispered before she smiled a fake smile Don didn't catch. "Well, I'll just go say hi on my way out."

"Where're you going?" Don asked as the 14 year old girl stood up and grabbed her book as she did. She shrugged on a satchel her dad had given her a year ago as she answered,

"Return this book to the library and the museum." Don nodded,

"Well, have fun." She smiled slightly as she made her way out to greet her dad, seeing her younger brother, 10 year old Nick, and her mother, Erica, already out.

"Hi Dad." She gave the same fake smile she gave Don, something only her mom would notice.

"Hey, Abby, how are you?" Her father, Larry, greeted.

"Okay...listen, I've gotta return this book to the library and thought I'd stop by the museum as well, so I'll see you later." Abby said.

"Alright, cool. Uh, see you later." Larry agreed. Erica gave her oldest daughter a look that was soundly ignored as she put on her dark blue coat and ran out the door, calling back,

"Bye Mom! Bye Nicky!" As the cold New York air hit her, Abby sucked in a deep breath. Every couple of months, she, her mom, her dad, her brother and now Don had been moving around New York while Larry tried to find a job. He kept getting fired and being evicted, forcing his children to be uprooted all over again. On top of it all, the girl always thought her dad appreciated her brother more than her. After the divorce was final, Larry had spent a lot of time making sure Nick still had a good relationship with him, unaware that he had pushed his daughter away. Abby shook her head as she tightened her coat and ran to the library, eager to get to the museum as fast as possible.

When Abby entered the museum, she could only smile. She walked up to the reception desk and smiled at the dark haired woman behind it, Rebecca.

"Hi Rebecca." The blonde girl greeted cheerfully.

"Abby, back again, I see." Rebecca smiled, "What're you here for this time?"

"Egypt." Abby admitted. Being one of the biggest history buffs in her school, she was often found at the museum, learning something new every day. Sometimes, she even talked to the exhibits...when she was alone, of course. The Egyptian exhibit was one of her favorites, especially the pharoh, Ahkmenrah. She would visit him and talk to him for hours, though it was only because that exhibit was usually empty.

"Why am I not surprised?" Rebecca teased as the girl paid her fee.

"Hey!" Abby cried indignantly as she waved goodbye before she ran towards the exhibit she had in mind. As she reached the tomb, she smiled, "Ahkmenrah, I'm back!" Of course, there was no response, but that never detered the girl. She reached out and put her hand right above the sarcophagus as she smiled gently. "Sorry for being away for so long, I was just visiting Teddy and Sacagawea for the past couple of days. Sometimes I feel like you're all staring at me, listening. I know, weird, huh? It's probably just my imagination. would be nice to talk to you guys for real...I mean, then I'd have actual friends, I know, that's bad, right? But, everyone at school teases me for my brain or my attitude...or my family. For once, it'd be nice to have actual friends that like me...for me." Abby sighed as she walked around the sarcophagus and touched the tablet behind Ahkmenrah. "Too bad this isn't actually magic...that'd be pretty amazing." She shook her head to stop those thoughts. I'm being ridiculous. No matter how much I wish, the musuem coming to life just won't happen.

Oh, how wrong Abby Daley was going to be proven.

"I'm home!" Abby called as she entered the apartment her mom lived in. She found Erica standing in the kitchen, her arms crossed. "What?" Abby asked innocently.

"You know you're avoiding your father." Erica stated.

"No, I'm not. I just-" Abby started but her mother cut her off,

"Avoiding him. Abby, tell me why. Please." Abby sighed as she put her satchel on a chair and sat down, holding her head in her hands.

"It's because he doesn't love me." She whispered.

"Honey, he does love you." Erica said, confused. Abby sat straight up, allowing her mother to see the tears in her eyes.

"No, he doesn't, Mom! He only loves Nick! Why else does he spend almost all his time with him?" Abby cried angrily, "All he ever does is make me feel as if I don't belong, just like everyone else! He spends all his time trying to keep his relationship with Nick the same while he pushes me aside a rag doll! Nobody cares, Mom! Nobody!" With that said, Abby ran out of the kitchen and into her room, burying her face in her pillow and crying her eyes out.

A couple nights later, Abby found herself back in the museum, talking to Ahkmenrah again.

"My dad just...doesn't listen to me." She said, "He only cares for my brother cause he's only 10...he forgets I even have feelings sometimes." She sighed and placed her hand on the sarcophagus, whispering, "Maybe someday he'll listen." Feeling tired, the girl made her way to a small corner in the tomb and sat down. Just for a minute. She told herself as she closed her eyes.

Abby's eyes snapped open as she heard screaming. She looked up and watched as the sarcophagus shook, a voice screaming inside, demanding to be let out. She stood up in fear and approached the sarcophagus in shock when she heard,

"Abby?" The girl turned and saw her father and Teddy Roosevelt walking towards her.

"Dad?" She asked.

"What're you doing here?" They finished in unison.

"I'm the new night guard." Larry answered, "Now, what about you? You should be at your mom's."

"I was here like I usually am and guess I fell asleep." Abby answered running a hand through her blonde hair, avoiding the small braid near her face. "What is going on here?"

"Who might this be?" Teddy asked, causing the father and daughter to turn to him.

"Mr. President, uh, this is my daughter, Abby." Larry introduced.

"Good to meet you, Abigail! I'm Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of these here United States." Teddy introduced.

"N-nice to meet you." Abby stuttered. The yelling of Ahkmenrah turned the trio's attention to him.

"Yell all you want, Pharaoh. You've been in there 54 years. You're not getting out tonight." Teddy said, "There's the source of all this commotion. The Tablet of Ahkmenrah. Arrived here 1952 from the Nile expedition. On that night, everything in this museum came to life. And every night since."

"Whoa..." Abby whispered, her eyes wide. She never expected, in her wildest dreams, that her wish would come true.

"So everything in the museum comes to life every night?" Larry asked.

"Exactly." Teddy confirmed.

"And, I'm supposed to do what?" Larry asked, drawing his daughter's attention to him.

"You're the night watchman, Lawerence. A venerable position in this institution." Teddy answered before he cried out, startling father and daughter.

"Come on, lad." Teddy laughed as he led Larry out of the exhibit. Abby turned around and touched Ahkmenrah's sarcophagus.

"So, you're alive...can you hear me?" She whispered. Ahkmenrah stopped yelling and shaking, obviously answering yes. "Wow...this is...incredible!" The girl grinned, "I'll come see you later, I have to go explore! But, I promise I'll be back, okay?" With that said, Abby ran out of the exhibit with a huge grin on her face as she couldn't wait to explore the museum at night. This was going to be the best night ever!