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Abigail was not the kind of girl who made friends easily. Since she spent most of her life hopping all around New York with her parents and brother, she's never actually tried to make friends, honestly. What was the point if she was just going to leave and never see them again? It was always the same, she'd make friends, move away, try to keep in contact and eventually they would all forget her.

That's how she ended up making the library and the museum her home when she was fourteen.

The fact that the museum came to life at night and gave her her first friends was the best gift she could've ever asked for.

"You've never had any friends either?" Abigail found herself asking as Ahkmenrah gave his own answer.

The two were simply sitting side by side, just a pharaoh and a seventeen year old girl, and asking each other random questions.

The fact that Larry was keeping an eye on them, and had enlisted Nicky, Jed and Octavius to help as well, might have had something to do with it. Apparently, the older she got, the less her own father trusted her around her…kinda boyfriend (it was very difficult to put a name to a relationship when one half of it isn't even aware of modern customs he calls 'courting').

"No. My parents kept me isolated from most people, they wouldn't even let me talk to the servants at our home." Ahkmenrah shook his head. "It was quite lonely sometimes."

"I can only imagine." Abigail sighed. "Your situation is even worse than mine was, at least I was allowed to attempt to make friends."

"That's true, but I have all the friends I could need now." Ahkmenrah smiled, causing a blush to darken Abigail's cheeks.

As the pharaoh reached out to brush his hands against her cheek…

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold it right there, partner! Hands off the lady!" Jed suddenly cried, startling the two.

"What are you talking about?!" Abigail demanded, annoyed with the tiny spies. At least Nicky understood when to leave them alone.

"I believe we were charged with protecting Lady Abigail's honor." Octavius nodded as he meaningfully placed his hand on his sword. "It is a duty we shall perform with pride!"

"Translation: keep the hands off if ya don't want to lose it!" Jed cried.

"First, I'm not a lady and you've never called me that. Second, it's not your 'duty'! Third, Jed, if you don't stop threatening Ahkmenrah, I'm gonna run you over with that train you tried to run my dad over with!" The teenage girl listed off, her gaze as sharp as a knife.

"Ah, young love! Isn't it adorable, my dear?" Teddie asked Sacagawea from where they were on his horse.

"We aren't in love." Ahkmenrah protested, his cheeks turning a bright red that would've been impressive if Abigail wasn't a much brighter red.

"Dumb-dumbs need to learn about love-love." The Easter Island head popped up.

"Yeah, how else is Ahk gonna become my big brother?" Nicky teased as he leaned on the information counter next to the couple.

"Nicky…you have five seconds to run." Abigail warned.

The thirteen year old boy took off, the seventeen year old girl right behind him as Atilla began to either question Ahkmenrah or try to convince him to play soccer again.

All in all, it was a good night if you asked Larry.

When Abigail graduated, her party was hosted the one night the museum was closed.

By this point, both Erica and Don had been told the truth of the museum and they had accepted that it was museum exhibits that kept the oldest Daley child company rather than actual humans.

The museum celebrated Abigail's graduation like they celebrated everything: loud music with a DJ from one of the exhibits, Rexie giving free rides as Jed and Octavius drove around with his bone, a soccer game broke out with Atilla most likely as the perpetrator and more than enough yelling voices and flashing lights to be seen and heard from the outside.

Abigail had never felt more at home as she spent her time dancing with the many different exhibits, including a slow dance with Ahkmenrah as she turned bright red when Nicky took over for the pharaoh as the DJ.

Nicky looked like he was having fun, at least.

"So, Abigail, tell us, what's your plan for college?" Teddie asked once things had calmed down some and the entire museum could hear her.

"Well, I'm going to NYU, so I'm not leaving. I'm majoring in history so that, maybe, one day I could work here with either Rebecca or Dad." Abigail smiled.

"I'd love to have you here, Abigail." Rebecca smiled from where she stood beside Larry. Though things hadn't worked out with the Amelia look alike, it was obvious to Abigail and Nicky that there was something between Rebecca and Larry, though both refused to admit it.

Never mind that the siblings had been trying to push them together for literal years.

"And you can help out with the 'effects'." Larry added with a grin.

"That sounds cool. I wish I could work here." Nicky sighed.

"You still have some years of school left, buddy." Erica chuckled as she messed up her son's hair.

"And perhaps you'd find it more interesting to go into business like I did." Don said hopefully.

"Sorry, Don. That's not for me." Nicky smiled sheepishly.

"If you and Mom had your own kids, maybe they could follow in your footsteps." Abigail suggested with a cheeky grin.

"No, two children are enough." Erica shot that down at Don's look.

"Your mother is…quite the interesting woman." Ahkmenrah whispered to Abigail.

"That better mean you like her, or she's gonna kick you to the curb at sunrise." Abigail giggled as she saw the look of horror in Ahkmenrah's eyes.

Once he figured out she was messing with him, he tickled her, so she had something to laugh about for several minutes.

And yes, Ahkmenrah survived the night.

Abigail wasn't sure what she was expecting when she came home to celebrate Ahkmenrah's birthday.

She had expected the party, of course, and she had expected Nicky to take his now claimed spot as the DJ, at only fifteen too.

But she hadn't expected that Ahkmenrah would pull her into his own exhibit in the middle of the party.

"There's something I wish to tell you." Ahkmenrah whispered softly to her. His eyes were soft and vulnerable, and yet they stared at her as if she was his universe.

Now, Abigail prided herself on a lot of things. Her self-control was one of those things, considering everything having a museum come to life at night threw at her.

But in that moment, her self-control lapsed entirely, and she acted without thinking, doing something she had dreamt of doing since she was fourteen and only believed could be reality after she was sixteen.

She kissed Ahkmenrah.

The kiss was chaste, just her lips against his. But it was incredibly sweet to feel the pharaoh's arms gently and securely wrap around her waist, a sign that he had her, he'd protect her, but she was free to do what she wanted.

Her arms wrapped around Ahkmenrah's neck and she simply held him there, the kiss not changing from what it was.

And yet, that seemed to fit them perfectly. That they simply stood there with no need to move, simply conveying their feelings through the small touch of their lips and the way they held each other, it was perfect.

Slowly, Abigail pulled away as she became aware of her lack of breathing. When she opened her brown eyes to see Ahkmenrah's own staring gently back at her, she turned bright red.

His eyes were smiling at her and he looked so adorable, she had no idea what to do besides turn red and fight the urge to hide in her hair.

"I love you too." Ahkmenrah whispered, so softly she thought she imagined it.

"What…?" She asked, dumbly. She felt like hitting herself right after. How am I such an idiot?!

"I love you too. That was what that kiss meant, correct?" The pharaoh suddenly looked unsure of himself.

"No, no! That's what it meant! I-I mean…" Abigail trailed off, cleared her throat and tried again. "I love you, though I don't see how you could love such an idiot like me."

Ahkmenrah simply chuckled as he hugged her gently to his chest.

"I find you endearing and adorable, if you can believe that." He teased.

"Sh-shut up! Don't laugh at me!" Abigail whined as she hid her even redder face in the pharaoh's chest.

Of course, he continued to chuckle at her actions.

"I can't make any promises, my love." Ahkmenrah whispered in her ear as his face rested against her neck.

"Happy birthday." She whispered in reply.

They fell silent and simply stood there until they returned to the party.

Of course, as soon as they did, Jed and Octavius led the cowboys and Romans in a charge against Ahkmenrah for 'touching her ladyship without her father's approval!'

That night ended with Abigail yelling at Larry to call off the tiny boyfriend police and running said boyfriend police were then run over by a plastic train.

The birthday pharaoh himself was never bothered by the boyfriend police again, though Nicky kept up his joking and no-so-joking threats about hurting his sister.

Each one ended with said sister whacking her little brother over the head, even if he was getting closer to her height now. That was unimportant.

Abigail didn't find herself lost for words that often. She always had some kind of comeback prepared for any confrontation, friendly or otherwise. Not too many people could catch her off guard.

Apparently, Ahkmenrah was one of the people who could.

She hadn't expected much for her twenty first birthday, really, she hadn't.

But walking into the museum only to have Teddie and Sacagawea lead her down a trail of rose petals while the rest of the exhibits, Nicky, Rebecca, Erica, Don and Larry gave her one flower each until she had an entire bouquet in her arms was starting to unnerve her.

What on Earth are they planning?

When the trail of rose petals led to the Egyptian exhibit, Abigail felt her heart and breath stop.

The exhibit was lit up with candles and the two guards were bent down in bows towards her.

And at the end of the flower petals was a smiling Ahkmenrah.

Teddie and Sacagawea stopped right outside the exhibit and handed her a crown of white roses that contrasted with the red ones she stood on and held. But her breath caught as the flowers were put on her head, as if…

As soon as she continued walking into the exhibit, she knew what was coming. She could read it in the way the pharaoh stood, the way she had been given a bouquet by everyone she cared about, the way Larry had been the last person to give her a rose and kissed her cheek, the way Teddie and Sacagawea had led her down this path, the way the white rose crown had been placed on her head.

She saw it coming, she did, but she couldn't say a word as she finally reached Ahkmenrah and he smiled at her, so softly and yet so fully that she thought she would melt.

"Abigail. I know the last time this subject came up between us, it wasn't the best, so I decided to do it differently this time." Ahkmenrah said. "I've known you for eight years now and I've listened to your voice for much longer. You were the first person I had laid eyes on in this museum and the only person I can think of that deserves this as a gift on this special day. You have made this endless existence of mine so much more bearable, I feel as though I've been waiting for you my entire life and now that you're here, it's complete. I don't want to lose you like I almost did with the Battle of the Smithsonian and I know this won't be easy for either of us, but…"

As Ahkmenrah knelt down in front of her on one knee, Abigail could hardly feel the tears falling from her eyes as he held up a box to her, opening it to reveal a stunning engagement ring.

"Abigail…will you be my queen?" Ahkmenrah whispered, his voice hopeful and full of love as he seemed to be fighting tears of his own.

Abigail felt a sob slip past her lips.

He didn't say Great Royal Wife, he said queen…

She didn't even think about her answer as she dropped down onto her own knees and hugged the pharaoh tightly, her tears and sobs freely slipping out as she choked out an answer.

"Yes, yes, yes." She whispered over and over, feeling her heart pound in her chest as she let the bouquet fall to the floor and felt the ring being slid onto her left ring finger.

Ahkmenrah gently kissed her hand, his smile was blinding, and she swore she could see the entire universe in his eyes.

The two of them simply knelt there, staring at each other for what felt like an eternity.

Then Nicky broke the silence with a shout.

"She said yes!"

The entire museum cheered, and Abigail found herself laughing between her sobs as she leaned into Ahkmenrah-her fiancé's- chest while he kissed her temple, being careful of the crown still resting on her head.

"I guess you were right about giving me the pendent." Abigail managed to choke out.

"No, that was simply to keep you safe." Ahkmenrah shook his head. "I didn't decide to make you my wife until I knew both of us would be ready and were in love."

Abigail managed a laugh, because that was so like Ahkmenrah, to put her before himself and his own feelings and traditions. He chose to make her happy and comfortable before anything else.

"I really do love you." She whispered, her arms tightening around him.

"And I, you, my love." Ahkmenrah kissed her temple one last time and they took the time to collect themselves before they left the exhibit and returned to the now birthday party/engagement announcement.

Abigail had never been happier, no matter how complicated this relationship and marriage of theirs was going to be. They would make it, no matter what.