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~SHAPE SHIFTER 2-its not duck face!~

Sara glanced at her watch and sighed "Hi Bindi ."
Bindi looked at her and instead of sneering at her and mumbling she smiled and gave a cheerie
hello. Merlock looked puzzled at his duck like pink friend and piped up "Now where did I put those
binoculars?" he said, just loud enough for Bindi to hear. Flint and Sara were already far ahead in
search of the time shifter while they were doddling behind.
"Ahh a perfact view of my love S A R A"he said Sara's name very slowly and loudly to make
sure Bindi heard him. Bindi just glanced over and smiled at him. AHHH Merlock was now making
faces at her and teasing her. Merlock knew for a fact that she would just kill him if he ever even
attempted to laugh at her but no she just smilled at him. Okay he thought silently to himself there is
no way that this could be Bindi. First of all she hates it when I talk or even look at Sara and she
wouldn't stand even one second of me teasing her but if its not Bindi then who could it be???
"AAHHAAAAAAAAAAA,"laughed Petra, as Dino, Mite, and her put the finishing touches on their
trap they had set for Flint and the others.
"This is the best plan ever boss,"Dino said, as he smiled with delight.
"Yaa its fool proof,"added Mite.
"Ah I know my plans always work when Iput all my love for the Dark lord into then,"Petra said, as
she stared off dreamily at the snow covered mountains.
"Now boys this is how its gonna work.I'm giong to pull that rope so that they will get trapped
in the net!!!"Petra said, as a huge triumphant smile crossed her face and she began to skip around.
"Okay we've done this a million times and she hasn't caught them once I don't get it?"Dino
said, as he was trying to keep his voice low so that Petra would'nt hear but she did anyway.
"No no no this time is different because this time I have hooked up electric wires to it and
when they try to break out will just giv'em a little zap!!! Its brilliant!!"Pertra said.
"But boss won't we kill them if we do that?"asked Mite."No no no its not very powerful at all
it'll just let them know whos boss in the world of..........TIME!!!!!!!!"she once again said triumphintly.
Now being as smart as Merlock was it only took him 35 min to figure out who Bindi really
was..........Merlock ran up to Sara since Flint was still busy eating grass, he had even made up a song
while he was eating which went something like this......

Ohhhh the grass grows high and Flint (canadiain tire theme song melody)
eat the grass because Flint wanna poo
green ohh it starts with grassa a ass
with grass!!!

Merlock glanced back and bushled his eyebrows at Flint and whispered something about how
phathetic he was but Flint wasn't listening to hear a word anyone said.
"So anyway Sara that isn't Bindi youv'e gotta belive me I think its the time shifter,"he said,
as he hopefully begged for her support.
"Merlock its just not belivable it has to be her maybe shes just playing a joke on us and
even if it is the time shifter how would we prove it?"Sara questioningly asked him.
"Well how should I knowwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!"Merlock
screeched, as Sara himself and Flint were trapped in a net.....not Petras net................................

Sorry this one wasn't very long ohh whatever who cares but i'll make the next on long!!!