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Margaret frowned and lowered the phone, displeased with her lack of progress. She started pacing again, struggling to calm her increasingly jangled nerves.

Duncan had not yet returned home from the battle- a battle which had ended maybe an hour beforehand. She'd tried calling Dr. Pytel but the quirky scientist had no news for her. Same with Blitz- neither knew where her son was, making the poor woman more and more worried for her child's welfare.

She had only a few more places left to call. Isabel's, Kenny's, Jenna's, or…

She paused, then dialed another number, wondering if her hunch was correct.

"This is outpost Epsilon3. State your business." An unfamiliar voice ordered, sounding weirdly strained.

Odd..."This is Margaret Rosenblatt, clearance code 8431J6. I'm calling about Duncan, my son. Is he there? Have you seen him?" She asked, trying to keep the worry out of her voice.

"Yes, he's actually here right now, ma'am.." The soldier answered, pausing a moment as there was the distant sound of a shout. When he spoke again, it was obvious he was repressing laughter. "He's alright but...maybe you should come down here."

"What? Why?" She tensed, her grip on the phone tightening despite the assurance of his well being.

There was a definite sound of amusement in the soldier's voice. "I think you should see for yourself, ma'am." And then the phone disconnected.

Confused and still worried, the brunette quickly grabbed her keys, (and a blaster she kept somewhere around the house for emergencies) and rushed to her car, locking the door behind her. She pressed a few buttons on the dashboard and waited while the touch screen unfolded from its hidden compartment. (come on, why wouldn't she have a suped up car?)

Typing in the password and entering a code, the coordinates for her destination appeared onscreen and a route was calculated. She had to restrain herself from activating the boosters and drove the car like it couldn't achieve speeds higher than 200 mph.

It was hard, but she did it. At least the trip only took about twenty minutes since she sped a little bit on the desert roads (this does not encourage speeding).

She parked the car beside the military jeeps, just before the floodlights positioned on the cavern-turned-cage. The lights weren't on considering it was still relatively light out, they would be turned on at dusk.

Slamming the door, Margaret hurried to the guards positioned in front of the bars, strapping on her blaster to her hip. She flashed an ID card she kept in her pocket, and the guards offered a customary salute. She nodded politely and asked, "Is my son inside?"

Almost immediately she heard a shout and a sonorous rumble of amusement, echoing from the cage's confines. The guards smiled, holding back laughter, and one pointed behind himself.

"He's just inside, ma'am." The guard- who had spoken over the phone with her- grinned and stepped aside so she could climb through the thick bars.

Still confused, the woman swiftly maneuvered herself inside and trotted towards the massive kaiju laying before her, unaware of her presence since he was facing the cavern's back wall.

He was a bit taller than she remembered, but maybe that was just an illusion caused by the relatively narrow space. Other than that, he was just as she remembered, strong, muscular, and regal. Not even being caged could hide the majestic way he held himself.

She felt a dormant emotion stirring within her, tugging her heart towards the powerful dragon kaiju. She quickly tamped that down, though the longing remained.

"Duncan? Belloc?" She called out, making her way over to the king of kaiju.

"Margaret." The massive dragon kaiju swung his head around to catch her in his strangely gentle amber gaze, making her fight to keep her eyes steadily locked on his. "I had a feeling you would come."

"Where's Duncan?" She asked, crossing her arms sternly and shifting her weight to one leg. "And what've you done to him?"

"What makes you think I've done something to him?" Belloc responded, his tone a little too innocent to truly be so.

"Don't give me that." Despite her efforts, a grin worked its way onto her face. "I heard him shouting."

The great king sighed playfully and shifted, making enough space for her to squeeze past his arm. When she did so, he moved again to refill the space. She wouldn't be leaving without his permission anytime soon.

She gave him a nonplussed look to convey her opinion on that, then turned her attention to look for her son, stepping over a few gomorradons here and there as she marched in front of the dragon kaiju.

Seeing that her child wasn't in the cavern, at first glance anyhow, she turned back to Belloc. "Alright, stop hiding him."

"I am not hiding him." He spoke with slight emphasis on the word 'hiding', slit-pupiled eyes sharp and playful. He was giving her a hint.

She gave an unwilling grin, familiar with this game, and fingered her blaster, showing it off warningly. "Release him then. Or you can help me practice my shooting..."

Her long-lost husband let out a few rumbling chuckles, perhaps remembering the times she actually had shot him, and unclasped his talons, revealing Duncan to have been trapped inside. Said boy, still in full kaiju form, brightened considerably at the sight of his mother. "Mom!"

He lunged forward, but was stopped by his father's paw before he could get very far. He sent the king a rather dirty look and then gave his mother a pleading one.

"What's going on here?" Margaret crossed her arms again, a perplexed smile on her lips as she glanced from her son to her long-lost husband, slightly amused by the situation.

"He came to me with a problem and I helped him fix it." Belloc spoke before his offspring could, catching the boy with the other paw as said boy tried to escape again, like a cat playing with a mouse.

"Uh-huh." She gave him a disbelieving look and turned to her son.

"Uh, well," The teen suddenly seemed rather flustered about something, his scales darkening slightly. "Some Gomorradons wouldn't stop li- uh, they wouldn't leave me alone, so I came here to see if he could help me." He nodded at his sire.

"Alright, so why were-" She cut herself off, eyes widening, as she spotted a new detail. "When did you get a tail?!"

"Hm?" Duncan blinked, then twisted to look at his tail, which was swaying and twitching in time with his mood. "Oh, uh, today, actually. I didn't have a chance to tell you yet 'cause of the, uh, gomorradon problem." He faltered a little but recovered, offering a nervous smile.

The brunette raised an eyebrow, looking back and forth from the two males skeptically. "Am I missing something here?"

"Um, well, uh…" Her son's scales definitely changed color this time, turning a lovely dark red.

"He was unaware of the gomorradon's duties to care for kaiju." Belloc interjected, seeming amused by this. "Specifically, the cleaning portion of their duties."

"Ohhhh…" Margaret nodded in realization, fighting to hold back a smile of her own as the poor teen blushed deeper. "Now I think I can guess why I heard shouting over the phone." She couldn't help the chuckles that snuck out of her mouth.

She had nearly forgotten that bit of kaiju info- the gomorradons hadn't really bothered Belloc since his scales were so tough, so he never really mentioned them that much unless she'd asked.

Duncan's scales were indeed thick, but apparently still sensitive enough to feel the gomoradons' antics.

"Mom…" The hybrid struggled to climb over the forepaw that held him in place, wary of being near his father as the boy's wings twitched tensely. "A little help, please!"

The woman turned to the kaiju king and tipped her head to the side as she put her hands on her hips, a slight glint in her eyes. "Is he clean now?" She asked, the smile she had been fighting slipping across her face.

"Mom!" Duncan's hiss was overlapped by his father's response.

"Hmm…" The dragon kaiju looked over the teen critically, even tilting him this way and that, (earning a threatening growl due to the action.) "Not quite…" He surmised with a grin directed at Margaret.

She returned the grin and waved her hand, making her son look between his parents with an expression of dawning horror.

"You can't be serious." He tensed at the twin evil looks they gave him, eyes wide. He leaped into the air, wings outstretched, attempting to escape for the 21st time. Belloc merely reached up, grabbed the boy right out of the air with ease, and plopped him right back on the ground.

The brunette leaned back against the cavern's wall, fondly watching her husband's and son's antics. It was rather...odd, but still- normal was so overrated. Besides, it was good for the two of them to bond- even if their 'bonding' embarrassed the poor teen.

Her gaze softened further as she observed, laughing quietly at her son's protests and her husband's rumbles of amusement as he gave the teen a rather unwanted tongue-bath.

She remembered when the great king would do the same for her, either out of affection or when water for bathing was unavailable. He was always so gentle with her, so kind...

An involuntary smile crept over her lips at the memory, and, as an evil idea popped into her mind, a few giggles escaped her control as well.

She walked over to the two and leaned against the kaiju king's arm, pretending to be observing. "Hmm, I don't know, Belloc," She mused mischievously, making the massive kaiju glance over to her. "I think you missed a spot."


He blinked down at her, a grin slowly appearing on his face. "Oh?" He inquired, lowering his head by her as if to see from her angle. "Where?"

"Mmm, there!" She pointed vaguely at a random spot on her son, making the boy's horrified eyes flick to his father.


Duncan yelped as the dragon kaiju gently prodded his stomach with one massive claw, squirming in an effort to escape. "Oh come on!" He complained, even using his tail to try and pry the talon away from himself. "You're just ganging up on me! That's not fair!"

"Almost, a little higher." Margaret smirked to herself. She wanted to see what Belloc would do once he discovered what one little movement would cause.

The king dragged his claw a bit higher, causing the blonde to let out an odd squeaking laugh that he quickly tried to swallow. Belloc paused, seeming surprised that his son could even make that noise.

Experimentally, he twitched the long digit, eliciting another (nonsqueaky) laugh from his offspring. "Don't do that!" The hybrid protested, curling slightly as if that would protect him from the massive kaiju, his tail wrapping protectively across his middle.

That apparently sealed the deal for the kaiju king, and he proceeded to tickle the living daylights out of his son. Amidst the laughter, he glanced to his wife.

"There was a time when I did this to you." He mused thoughtfully, his gaze flicking back and forth from his son to her.

"Yep." She nodded, her expression turning a bit stony. "Fun times, huh?"

Belloc paused, then curled a paw around the woman, pulling her closer. He dipped his head and gave her a gentle lick, which she did not reject. "Very fun." He rumbled softly.

Margaret looked to him, and, after a moment of resistance, smiled faintly. "I'm still mad at you, you know."

He chuckled. "I know."

She waited a moment, observing, then smirked. "All right, back off. It's my turn now!" She cracked her knuckles and, without further warning, pounced upon her son.

He let out a stunned cry from her sudden attack, but immediately responded, rolling with the impact and starting to tussle with her.

The great king watched with amusement as his mate and offspring wrestled and roughhoused across the cavern floor, grunting and growling at each other. While Duncan was incredibly strong, Margaret was actually still providing a challenge for him, even gaining the upper hand quite a few times.

Huh. He had been curious as to why his son knew how to fight so well, but had attributed it to instinct. He should've known that Margaret was not about to leave her child defenseless.

A few rumbling chuckles vibrated through his chest as the fearless woman managed to pin her son to the ground, one arm pressed up against his back below his wings.

"C'mon, say it!" She urged, panting from the enthusiastic grappling. "Say it!"

"No way!" The teen hybrid twisted and, rather unexpectedly, used his tail to pry her off. Flipping over to crouch on the ground, he waited until his mother got to her feet before pouncing at her, initiating another round as the two battled for the upper hand, rolling and growling.

The dragon kaiju used this time to examine the feisty brunette woman.

She was just as he remembered- spunky, cunning, playful, and unafraid to speak her mind. Her hair was a bit shorter than he remembered, but other than that she was just the same. He wondered if she'd kept the present he'd given her, the one that he'd presented to her to declare his intentions.

Belloc grinned and lay his head upon his paws, half-lost in warm memories and half-absorbed in watching the playful battle before him.

"HA! Can't escape now!"

"Ow! How did you even do that?!"

"Say it…"

"No! I'm not- what are you-?! AHAHAHAHA! STAHAHAHAP! OKAHAHAHAHAY! OKAY!...*pant pant* you're evil..."

"I'm waiting…"

"'Mom is the best agent ever and can totally kick my butt', you happy?"

"Very. Now then, back to business!"


Belloc grinned and began to move. The laughter increased as all three became engaged in the fun.

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