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Do you dream when you sleep? Do you remember what you dream? Does it even matter? Questions like these are always pointless. If it's not something that will, or is happening in real life, why care at all?

I lay in bed, awake in the middle of the night. If it weren't for those gun shots, I would have been sleeping… dreaming about pointless things. I wonder who my dad is killing, I wonder if the person had a family to return to. My dad always told me curiosity killed the cat. Though if I were to state my own opinion around him, I would say he killed the cat.

But I can't, I'm just a mistake. Another mouth to feed, he says… though we are filthy rich. With money that isn't even ours. Dirty money, which we took from the people who earn it. My dad says that it was a mistake that he met my mother. He tells me he was very drunk and just wanted to have fun. He tells me that women are nothing but objects. It was kind of sad and pathetic, that the way he met my mother… drunk. He also killed her…drunk.

I hear screams echoing through the windows, and I smell something burning. At this point my dad is burning every evidence… dead or alive. I wonder if my mom screamed when he was killing her. Or even tried to get away. I wonder so many things that in the end, are pointless like my life.


I waited all night for my dad, who never returned. My mom keeps crying, and I don't know what to do. It's time for me to go to school, but I don't know if I should. Should I leave her here, or should I just go and face the real world?

I want to stay, but I can't. Because if I do, I would just want to damage myself. I don't want to go back to the white room. I don't…it's lonely, and it just screams one word.


I pack my things, and I get ready to leave, I tell my mom I love her. But she doesn't even look at me, and tells me to leave. I want to cry, but what about? Should I cry because, my dad won't return back home. Because, they probably killed him by now? Or cry because, my mom screams to me to never return home.

I walk to school, like every other day. I try to avoid the crowds, in fear I'll be recognize. I quickly go to my locker, and get what I need. As I head to class, I see the boy of my dreams. His talking to another girl, like the one from last week. But she's way prettier, better compare to me.

I was too focus on him, I didn't see where I was going. I bump into a girl and the only I thing I could say was "I'm sorry." We both get up, and she says it's okay. She turns around and walks inside the classroom.

I follow right behind, I enter my classroom. I see her sit down, and I sit next to her. She gives me a glance, before turning her attention into her book.

"Hi… I'm Kori." I stutter as I present myself.

She looks away from her book, and gives her attention to me. She has no emotion in her face, just a blank expression. And it kind of scares me, it reminds me of the kids, who ended up killing themselves. Maybe she needs a friend, who would help her get her emotions. Maybe she needs me, like a need a person who could save me.

"Hey, I'm Rachel." She said as she went back into her book.

I wonder what it is about, does it help her escape reality?

"Do you want to be friends?" I asked, she didn't respond so I thought she didn't hear me. That book most have been very interesting.

"I mean… I have no friends but I want to be your friend. If that's okay with you."

She closed her book and asked why, I then told her because I felt alone, and it would be nice if I had someone nearby. She took about a minute to re-think, then told me it was fine.

I smiled and from that day forth, I knew things would be different. Then my past and all the cruel lies.


I didn't think today would be different. I thought it would be the same… the same annoying people with the same ugly face. The same rumors the same drama, which in the end was all pointless. But no, today was different… I guess you could say I made my first friend. Out of the 17 years in my life something actually makes sense.

Or perhaps she felt bad, because she bumped into me. Oh well it's pointless to worry about it now.

I have work to turn in, and things that needed to be done.

After class had ended, she waited for me to pass by. After thinking and thinking… I finally recognize who she was. Kori… a failure for a model. The girl who starves herself in order to get a great body. The girl who cuts herself in other to relief stress, as if it were a strategy. She was popular, she was cool and now she's nothing but a fool.

I knew that thinking about something that didn't even matter, would lead up to a tragedy. Now I had a crazy friend, who wants nothing but to believe that not everything is messed up in her life.

I wonder what happened, I wonder why she is the way she is. I wonder if she has a family, or if she's fighting every day with her demons, who want nothing more than her poor soul.

Why am I even wondering? It's not like I care, people are annoying. They bring nothing but trouble in life. It's all pointless… pointless…pointless.

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