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Balance of Chaos
Chapter 1: Alpha and Omega

*** - - - - ***

Nerima, Japan

Ranma Saotome was nervous. Almost scared actually, though he wouldn't
admit that to anyone, not even to himself. The reason for his
uneasiness? An entire week of peace. Nothing serious had happened for a
week except for the normal pounding of Kuno and a few cases of 'Proving
that Humans can fly even though they don't have wings' courtesy of
Akane's mallet. At first Ranma had thought it was nice to have some
peace and quiet for once but as the days passed, he became more and more

It's really quite easy to understand him. A normal week usually
consisted of a challenger, someone out for his blood or Genma's, or a
new suitor, or even all three. Of course one shouldn't forget all the
malletings from Akane, glomps from Shampoo, schemes from Nabiki, and
attempts on his life by Mousse, Kuno or Ryoga. Add a gender-changing
curse to the mix, and the usual weirdness that is part of Nerima, and
hey presto! You got a normal week in the life of Ranma Saotome.

Now, since an entire week of peace had passed, he just knew that
something BIG was waiting to happen. As he sat on the roof of the Tendo
Dojo, he wished that whatever was brewing could happened so he could get
back to his normal (?!) life. Of course since Murphy's Law always seemed
to apply to Ranma, he should have remembered the saying "Be careful what
you wish for" since just as he made the wish a black portal appeared and
swallowed him without a trace.


One week later

Nabiki Tendo sat down on a couch and idly switched through the channels
on TV. The last week had been somewhat troublesome... Ranma had
mysteriously disappeared without telling anyone, and the side effects
were very interesting. Some people, like Kuno, Ryoga and Mousse,
obviously celebrated Ranma's disappearance, while others, like Kodachi,
Shampoo and Ukyo searched for Ranma in the hope of finding him and
convincing him of just who he should choose as his wife. Of course the
two groups met and that started violence on a very big scale. Soun and
Genma just had to add to the craziness with their Operation Find The
Groom and Happousai just took the opportunity to steal more women's

The result of all this? Riots. BIG riots. Even for Nerima it had been
violent and brutal. It had made it to worldwide-news (Courtesy of
Nabiki, of course), and the government had to call in the military, not
that it really helped.

Nabiki sighed as she stopped for a moment to watch a sighting of the
Sailor Senshi. Why couldn't she find the secret identities of those
girls? She couldn't help to daydream of all the money she could make as
their manager. Her thoughts turned sour when she thought of the riots.
Sure she had made a lot of money selling the scoop to a reporter she
knew, but almost all of it had been used to repair the house after the
riots and Akane's temper. The riots had stopped but still, she really
wanted Ranma back, after all he was her best source of income (Or so she
told herself).

Just as she was about to change channels, a big, white explosion filled
the entire Television screen.


Five minutes earlier, someplace else

A young man looked at a blood red horizon. One might have thought that
the sun was setting but it really was a city burning that caused the red
color. He sighed as he checked his chronometer. Only four and a half
minute left until a full year since his arrival. He idly wondered what
the next place would be like. He hoped for some peace and quiet for once
like when he had lived with those marionettes, but he just knew that his
wishes would be ignored as so often before. It seemed like wherever he
went, fighting always followed. 'Just my luck that I would be the
personification of Murphy's Law.' He thought wryly. A small smiled
formed on his lips as his memories of times long past surfaced. 'I just
know what Tuvok and Seven of Nine would think of that thought though.'

"Oh well. Time to brief the squad." He said out loud. He turned and went
down some stairs.

- - - -

"ATTENTION!" A big man in the corner called out. Everyone inside the
briefing room stood up as the young man entered.

"Man, why does it seem that you undisciplined, filthy, worthless pieces
of crap always find a new way to aggravate me?"

"'Cuz you love us!" A tall woman proclaimed with a wide grin. The rest
of the assembled men and women chuckled.

The young man chuckled as well. "Yeah, that's the problem" He instantly
turned serious. "And that's why this seem so hard... In a little less
than one minute you will find out if the story I told you when we met is
true or not."

This seemed to calm down the squad instantly. Many looked almost
suspiciously at the young man.

"Yeah, not one of you believed me when I showed up at first and I know
for a fact that most of you still don't. Well, consider yourselves
lucky. I'm hereby giving you the last orders you'll ever get from me as
your commanding officer. This war is almost at an end. I'm authorizing
a full-scale attack on the last strongholds. Any and all reinforcements
are to be called in. As a little going away present I'm leaving my VR-
052 to Major Black who will take command when I leave. And believe me,
if you fail I will personally come back and kick your sorry carcasses so
hard that your grandchildren will feel it. What the heck, I'll come back
and kick you anyway!"

"Yeah, we love you to!" The tall woman from before yelled. Another round
of chuckles followed.

"You better believe it! Now go forth and Kick Ass!"

"YES SIR!" Came a massive response, before the world turned white.


Five minutes earlier, Juuban, Japan

All of the Sailor Senshi had gathered to defend against a massive attack
of... something. For days, big, blue, humanoid shaped beasts doing
massive property damage had attacked Juuban. The first attack consisted
of only one of the beasts, but for each attack the numbers doubled, and
the beasts got weapons and equipment that made them even harder to
fight. The last attack had consisted of 24 beasts and the Senshi had
only barely defeated the invaders.

No one really knew who the enemy was or what their purpose was. The only
real piece of information that had been gathered was the fact that these
creatures was not part of the Negaverse or any other old adversary. Not
even the infamous Time Gate had provided any clues, as it for some
reason did not show more than a thick mist.

This time however the Mercury Computer had picked up a large energy
fluctuation, presumed to be a portal of some sort. The Senshi had
quickly gathered at the indicated spot, only to find hundreds of the
blue creatures emerging from a big portal.

"They are so many!" Sailor Moon whined.

"We know that already, meatball head. Now shut up!" Sailor Mars said
while surveying the force from the rooftop that the Senshi had gathered
on. Inwardly she wanted to whine just as much Moon. It was just not
possible to take every single beast this time. The last attack had only
been truly suppressed by a good amount of luck i.e. Sailor Moon tripping
at the right moment. Or that was at least what Mars thought. She shook
herself and concentrated on the force again. It seemed that the stream
of enemies was stopping. That was when she noticed something else.

"Hey!" She called out to get the attention of the others. "Isn't that
another type of creature?"

"I think so." Mercury said while bringing up the Mercury Computer. She
got an image of a small and rather cute looking, brown creature. "Yes,
it's most definitely another type and it seem to be leading the others."

"Well what are we waiting for?" Sailor Jupiter said while cracking her
knuckles. "Let's get it!"

"Well it seems like a plan." Sailor Neptune said. "It's not like we have
a chance against all those blue monsters."

"But it's so cute! Can't we find another way?" Sailor Moon asked. She
only got glares for answers.

Moon sweat dropped under the combined glare. "I still think it's cute
though." Sailor Moon muttered to herself. "Oh well, everyone ready?" She
asked and glanced around. She got a nod in confirmation from each of the
Senshi. She turned and prepared to leap down.


At the same time as the Sailors prepared to attack, the brown creature
smiled in anticipation. His bioengineered soldiers had proven
successful. Sure the first attacks had been put down but those were just
test runs and the data collected had been most useful. The defenders of
this area had proven to be formidable adversaries but they just had no
hope against this many soldiers. His home planet had been destroyed and
but he and his people had been able to escape since they were off planet
on a scouting mission. The last of the soldiers came out from the ship-
surface teleporter, and he started giving out orders. Soon, very soon,
the attack would begin.


Suddenly a bright column of light shot down from the sky between the two
forces, followed by a loud boom as the light made contact with the
ground. Everyone in the vicinity was thrown back by the blast and most
windows nearby found it hard to stay in one piece.

"Did they just shoot at us?" wondered Sailor Venus out loud as she and
the other senshi gathered them selves and stood up after the blast.
Turning to the blast area they saw something they did not expect.

The blast had torn a ten feet wide and one-foot deep crater into the
concrete. In the middle a figure was kneeling. As the figure stood up it
became very obvious that this was a man. A man in a very impressive
black armor with red trim. Smooth and rounded armor plates covered the
entire body. The man's face was covered with something that looked like
a breathing mask while a shiny metal plate covered the forehead and a
visor shadowed the eyes. The hair was black as night and some of the
senshi got a dreamy look in their faces (Let's face it, the inner Senshi
have way too much imagination when it comes to males).


Freelance reporter Ichiro Kaneda couldn't believe his luck. First he had
spotted the Sailor Senshi preparing to fight some unknown force and now
this! He hadn't had a break in ages and he was sure to capitalize on the
opportunity before him. Of course he conveniently forgot the scoop he
had only three days ago about the riots in Nerima. He had paid a lot to
that Tendo girl but it had been worth it.


Sailor Mercury was one of the few senshi that didn't either have
fantasies of pretty boys or a jaw firmly planted in the ground. Quickly
she called forth the Mercury Computer to scan this new person. Too bad
it was hacked.


The man glanced around and pressed a few buttons located on his left
wrist, then suddenly things started to appear out of thin air. First was
more bulky and angular looking arm- and leg armor. Then something that
looked like a headset with an antenna by the right ear materialized.
Followed by that was a big gun with a long barrel on the left shoulder.
Finally both forearms got a curved blade that crackled with blue
lightning as each hand was filled by a mean looking pistol.

He turned to face the aliens as if daring them to move. An eerie silence
settled over the battlefield.

"Lets Rumble" was the only warning the aliens got.

Immediately one of the alien soldiers got its head blown off followed by
two others that were riddled with bullet holes. Each hit caused a small
explosion after penetration, which left quite gruesome holes in the
aliens. Not a pretty sight which left most people watching quite sick.

"What are you standing around like idiots for?" Screamed the alien
leader. "Destroy that puny human at once!!"

The aliens seemed to snap out of a daze and began a headlong charge
against this new threat.


Ami was greeted by a super deformed version of the armored man that
appeared to be sorting through the Mercury computers files. A big pile
of files littered the "floor" of the computer and it only grew bigger
and bigger as the SD-man threw them over his shoulder. All the time the
man could be heard muttering phrases like "Not interesting..." and "not
enough pictures..."

Suddenly the SD-man turned around and spoke to Ami: "Yo, sorry about
this, but your computer was the nearest one that I could link to. Nice
piece of hardware by the way. Now miss..." He paused as he held up a
file. "...Sailor Mercury? Strange name... Could you please tell your
colleagues NOT to attack me when I'm finished? If your files are any
indication they probably thinks I'm quite a threat and I'm not in the
mood to defend myself from a group of vigilantes dressed like something
from a pervert's wet dream." Nodding dumbly Sailor Mercury prepared to
go over to inform the rest of the group.


The man calmly dropped both pistols after having spent the ammo. Next
the shoulder gun's barrel split in two and began crackling with barely
suppressed energy. When the aliens were only 10 feet away, the gun
released its payload in a howling roar that tore a 5 feet wide trench in
the concrete. Anything within 20 feet of the beam got instantly
incinerated and a house at the end of the street some 2 kilometers away
crumpled as the beam hit it.


A scream of "Barbecue!!!" followed by an almost insane laugh could be
heard from the Mercury Computer.


Still the aliens charged, as they were confident that their superior
numbers would tip the battle in their favor once close combat ensued. It
should be noted that mass-produced alien grunts are not known for their

The armored man blurred as he rushed forward to meet the charging
Aliens. His arm blades crackled with power and neatly sliced through any
enemy they touched. The man cut a very bloody path through the alien


Ichiro Kaneda almost drooled at the violence in the fight. These
pictures would be worth a fortune! However, he didn't know that he had
accidentally managed to set his transmitter on a wide broadcast
frequency meaning that a lot of people were watching this. He could
literally kiss those exclusive rights bye-bye.


The alien leader chose this moment to interfere shooting fireballs into
the melee, not caring if some of his underlings got killed. Some of the
aliens armed with firearms followed their leaders example and started
bombarding the area with ranged attacks. The resulting explosion left a
lot of dead grunts and the man was thrown back into a store.

Satisfied that this nuisance was taken care of the alien leader ordered
his remaining soldiers to form up and attack the Senshi. Of course being
a standard generic bad guy he didn't bother to check if the armored man
really was finished off. Big mistake.

"Oh well. No pain, no gain."

Noone could believe their eyes as the armored man walked out of the
ruined store seemingly unharmed, although the right breastplate had some
cracks in it.

By now even the most stupid grunts had realized that discretion was the
better part of valor and the alien leader was the only one left.

"Hold it you unworthy worm" the alien screamed trying to look
intimidating, something that's very hard to do when you look like a
kawaii version of ET. He tapped a communicator and spoke a few words in
it and a big ship de-cloaked in the sky. "I was going to take over this
planet and this city was going to be the new capital of my Imperium.
However your intervention made me reconsider. This city will be made as
an example to all those who think they can oppose me. I just ordered a
bombardment from my ship that will utterly obliterate this city,
starting with you!"

As the alien finished dozens of red beams shot out from the ship. The
armored man calmly held out his palm and a red force field, as wide as
the street, became visible that seemed to ripple like water when the
beams hit it. The bombardment continued for a minute but as the smoke
cleared it became painfully obvious the red force field had deflected
every shot it took.

The alien could only stammer in horror: "How... why... it's not

"Nice ship, could probably stand up to Voyager. Oh well, it has to go."
the armored man said with a shrug. Again the shoulder gun was charging
but this time the energy had a fiery orange shine instead of blue and it
made a high-pitched sound.

After 15 seconds of charging, the gun let loose a wide beam that hit the
spaceship in the side. At first nothing seemed to happen but after a few
seconds the shields almost visibly caved in and the ship disintegrated
without as much as an explosion.

By now the alien leader was a blabbering mess and his eyes got quite
wide when he saw the strange man approaching. Backpedaling up against a
wall he stuttered out: "W-who a-are you? WHAT are you?"

The man removed his breathing mask and visor and smiled evilly.

"Now since corny speeches seems to be the norm around here, let's give
it a try:

I am Alpha and Omega
The beginning and the end
Nothing and everything

I'm neither bad nor good
Black nor white
Dead nor alive

I... am... Wildman."

With that a new gun appeared in his hand and promptly ended the alien's
life with a bullet to the head.


To say that Nabiki was stunned was like saying that the pope has a funny
hat (Sorry all you Catholics out there, just had to put it in there
^__^). If anyone had seen her in that moment, they would have been
equally stunned since she made no pretense to keep her Ice Queen
appearance. She had gotten a good view of the armored man when he took
of his mask and visor. Now that just had to be Ranma, it just had to be.
Only his eyes were a different color and his hair was not done in a
pigtail. And were did he get that get-up from? Too many questions, but
Nabiki was still positive of one thing: Ranma was back.

*** - - - ***

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