A/N: Hey everyone. So despite several revelations surrounding the Dean in the third season, I'm keeping her the way she was in the first season unless I change my mind otherwise. I'm also keeping her name as Ingrid. Anyway, hope you enjoy this chapter. :)

Later That Night

Carmilla feels warm; safe and warm.

Safe. There's a word I haven't associated with myself in a while, she thinks.

Her heavy eyes slowly open and she realizes that she's still in Laura's arms.

How long have I been out? She wonders and glances at the clock; it's 10 P.M.

Has she been by my side all this time? She truly is amazing.

Carmilla kisses Laura's forehead and silently chuckles when Laura tries to hold her closer. She gently slips out of Laura's grasp and gets off the bed nearly stepping on Bella, who currently rests on the floor.

Good grief. Don't tell me SHE'S been here all this time, she thinks and walks around Bella to exit the bedroom.

The house sounds relatively quiet except for the sound of something coming from the kitchen. Carmilla heads for the kitchen and spots Michonne sitting in the center of the room sharpening a stake.

"Hi," Michonne says.

"Hi. Those for me?" Carmilla asks pointing to the pile of stakes next to Michonne.

"I've got other things on my mind besides ending you, Vampira. These are for your friends to protect themselves," she answers adding the stake in her hand to the pile and starting to sharpen another.

"I am not going to bite any of them."

"Who said anything about you?"

"You've been watching me like a hawk ever since I came here, Blade."

"Hardy, ha, ha. Well, they're not for you. They're for your mother."

"We are not going to fight my mother."

"Just because you don't want to be in a fight doesn't mean she won't one day bring it to you. It pays to be prepared for these sorts of things."

"Right. How's the whole stockpiling for the 'zombie apocalypse' thing going for you?"

"You know, it's pretty rich that you're mocking me for that given that the Earth was nearly destroyed by an ancient evil light. You never know what life may throw at you, so, like I said, be prepared."

"I'll be sure to keep that in mind."

"Well, as long as you're here, grab some stakes and start sharpening them," Michonne says and tosses one to Carmilla.

She catches it and glares at Michonne. They sit there in silence for a while just sharpening stakes until they are eventually joined by Hermione and Buffy.

"Ah Carmilla. Glad to see you're awake. I have some questions for you," Hermione says through a yawn.

"What about?" Carmilla asks dropping another stake into the pile.

"We were wondering if there was anything specific you could tell us about the evil light you fought at Silas that can help us with our research."

"Research? What research?"

"Oh right, you were asleep when that conversation was taking place. Long story short, a friend of Laura's called from Silas to tell her that your mother's definitely alive, there's a resistance fighting her on campus, and the light you all tried to kill is growing restless and soon might no longer be able to be kept pacified with human sacrifices."

"See what I mean about being prepared," Michonne laughs.

"Shut up," Carmilla says.

"Anyway," Buffy starts. "Laura's got us all trying to figure out how to get rid of the light, but it would help if we knew something distinguishing about it. She said you got the closest look at the thing, so was there anything you saw that could help us out?"

"You want me to talk about the night I almost died?" Carmilla asks with an edge to her voice.

"Yes," Buffy replies with even more of an edge to her voice.

"Sorry, but I prefer to not discuss traumatic life events with people I don't know."

"I can sort of see where you're coming from given how traumatic my second death was," Buffy understands. "But still, we aren't asking you this for kicks. We're trying to keep the world safe, so start talking," she orders and Carmilla snaps one of the stakes she's holding in half in response. "Oh, I'm so scared."

"Carmilla, tell them." Carmilla's eyes glance to her left spotting Laura entering the kitchen. "Now," she adds in a firm voice.

"You think I'll talk just because you want me to?"

"Carmilla, normally I'd put up with your vampire broodiness, but not this time. Especially since you were perfectly fine with telling me about your traumatic backstory when I had you tied up in my dorm room."

"Wow, didn't peg you as one of those people, Laura," Buffy says.

"You're one to talk."

"Excuse me?"

"Never mind! Sorry," she apologizes then turns her attention back to Carmilla. "Look, you already signed up for the 'heroic vampire crap' so you're just gonna have to embrace your pain, spank your inner moppet or whatever, and get over it."

"Why does that sound so familiar?" Buffy thinks out loud.

Carmilla gives a frustrated growl, walks over to the living room couch, and slumps on it; the rest of the ladies joining her in the room. She rubs her temples and takes a breath. Laura places a comforting hand on her shoulder and Carmilla places one of her hands over it. Laura notices Carmilla's other hand tightly gripping the couch. She sits down beside her, pulls Carmilla close and kisses her cheek calming Carmilla down a little.

"Ok, fine. First things first. We are not fighting a sentient ball of light. It's only part of what lies beneath the library; a monster. The light made it very hard to see, but when I dove into the pit and stabbed the thing with the sword, I was able to make out a pair of two bright white eyes and a giant set of razor sharp teeth. The light itself was coming from something attached to the monster's forehead. It shook me loose in its agony and I got flung into the side of the cliff. I could feel my life starting to drain as the light was dying down, but I still tried climbing out of the pit even as the sword attempted to pull me back. About halfway up the cliff, I looked back down and with the light not so blinding I think I saw what the monster was. It looked like a giant fish."

"A giant…fish," Laura repeats.

"Buffy and I have seen giant snakes, so a giant fish isn't out of the realm of possibilities," Hermione says.

"Oh right," Laura replies. "What happened next?" She asks Carmilla.

"Not much. As my life started to fade, I could faintly hear you, cutie, making some sort of quip and then I heard my mother screaming followed by her falling past me and onto the beast."

"We know the light/fish had to have used Ingrid as another sacrifice to stay alive and since it didn't die, that must've been why the sword stopped draining you. That still doesn't explain how Ingrid survived though. Is there anything else you remember?" Laura asks.

"Just the light starting to grow bright again and then passing out. After that, the next thing I remembered was waking up out my room at Silas," Carmilla finishes and looks over at Hermione. "That's all there is, so I hope it's enough for you."

"It's more than enough, Carmilla. Thank you," Hermione says. Carmilla sighs and starts rubbing her temples again.

"You keep doing that. Is your head alright?" Laura asks.

"Just a headache is all," Carmilla answers.

"Want me to get Bella? Her powers were able to calm your nightmares earlier today."

"Thanks, but I think I'll take my chances," Carmilla laughs.

Silas University

Ingrid paces back and forth in front of two women sitting in the center of her bedroom; a red aura encircling them both. She does this for a few more moments before throwing her hands up in the air in annoyance.

"What on Earth is taking so long?"

The aura around the women disappears and they unclasp their hands. The two ladies stand and face Ingrid. One appears to be in her mid-twenties and is dressed in a red jacket and black dress. The other woman is in her early forties and is also dressed in black.

"Our apologies," the woman in the red jacket says.

"Our apologies? We have nothing to apologize for," the other woman responds and Ingrid shoots a hard look at her. The woman doesn't appear intimidated. "This kind of magic takes time on one with a strong will," she explains while spinning her wand in her hand.

"I'm aware of the strength of my daughter's will, which is why I recruited you two in the first place."

"It isn't just that," the woman in the red jack adds. "There also seems to be something shielding her mind wherever she is. I don't know what, but it must be damn powerful to almost immediately cut our connection to her the couple of times we have broken through."

"Hey! You can't come in here! AHHHHH!" A guard outside the room screams. A few more screams follow in addition to what sounds like a neck or two being broken. The two women with Ingrid stand ready to attack, but she motions for them to stand down.

"I'll handle this," she tells them. After about fifteen more seconds, the carnage outside dies down and the door is calmly opened.

A black woman, who looks a few years older than Carmilla, with red lips, perfectly filed nails, and an aura of extreme confidence strolls inside the room and takes a seat; licking away some of the blood staining her teeth.

"You should get better guards. Not that they would've been a match for me anyway, but the ones I killed put up such a lousy fight that any human could've waltzed in and, well, you would've killed them too. Still, it's the principle of the matter, maman," the woman laughs and a smirk forms on Ingrid's lips.

"My dear Matska. The wayward daughter returns," Ingrid says.

"Wait a minute. You look different. Have you gotten some work done?" Matska asks earning a laugh from Ingrid.

"The blood of a god does work wonders for one's figure," she chuckles.

To Be Continued...