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Chapter 2: Waiting


It ended up that only Cass and Hiro were allowed to go see Tadashi, as they were family. The other four friends however, were stuck in the lobby, nerves racking their brains as they were forced to wait.

They did not speak to each other, all trying to cope with this new information in their own ways. Each left alone with their own thoughts.


Fred was sitting down in a chair. He was trying to act natural and read a comic book, something that wasn't uncommon to find him doing. But his heart wasn't in it and you could tell. The comic book was upside down.

His eyes stayed rather glazed over, not fixated on anything specific. His mind however, was fixated on the event at hand. Fred didn't know what to think, at first. He had thought his friend to be dead, they all had. But the more he thought about it, the more it seemed like something a villain would do. Take the innocent, good-hearted guy and possibly torture him, imprisoning him and making him weak.

But how was Tadashi now? He was worried. It had been about a month since the fire. How would Tadashi react to everything? What happened to him? Was he tortured? Would he remember them? Did he know that they were superheroes? Did he know that everyone believed him to be dead? How would he react to learn that Baymax was gone?

Questions filled Fred's mind as he pondered, lost in thought.


Gogo was pacing the room. She couldn't sit down and stay still even if she tried. And believe me, she did, but she would just start shaking or tapping her leg. Impatient and nervous at the moment. Right now all she really wanted to do was just jump on her bike and ride as fast as she could, nowhere in particular. She just wanted to feel the bite of the wind and have it help clear her mind.

It was a lot to take in, thinking that one of your best friends was dead for a month, only to suddenly find out that Hey! Guess what! He's actually been alive this whole time! Crazy huh?

Don't expect her to just take it all in and go about like normal. No. She had struggled to listen to the caller's words and then repeat the info to everyone. She hadn't been able to say everything, it was too hard and it hurt her. She assumed that some doctor would tell them it eventually. But it haunted her brain.

The caller said that Tadashi had been trapped on the quarantined island. He had fresh water yes, but Callaghan gave him little food. He was very thin and weak they told her. But that was just the beginning. He had gotten quite a few burns from the fire that hadn't had medical attention when needed. They said there would be scars and there was a possibility for some infections. They were also waiting for him to wake up and tell what else had happened. Plus, who knew how long it would take for him to recover. Maybe he never would. She was scared for him. She didn't know if he'd be okay. But she tried to keep her cool, pacing back and forth.


Wasabi, to sum it up, was pretty much a nervous wreck. And when that happens, he cleans. However, his little habit was proving difficult. Why? Well, at a hospital, not too much is "messy" or unorganised. And yet, he was fixing every single little detail in the lobby.

He went around stacking magazines perfectly and centring them all into neat piles in the centre of the tables and in the magazine racks. He sorted them by topic and then by brand. He aligned the chairs in perfect rows. If they were even a centimeter off he fixed them. He centred the plants and made sure that the flower to leaf ratio showing to the public was good. If it did not satisfy him he adjusted them to his liking. He made everything "perfect" and when he was done? He did it all again.

Throughout his cleaning, Wasabi was of course, thinking about Tadashi. He assumed that his friend wasn't in a very good condition currently. Otherwise, Wasabi concluded that he would have said been able to see them. Instead, here were his friends, practically going crazy in the lobby waiting for Cass and Hiro to come back to update them. At least it would be clean when they did.


Honey Lemon? She was at a loss as to what to think. She sat in a lobby chair, her hands in her hair, supporting her head. Her fingers drummed random ryhthms and then drummed on the armrest once she let go of her hair.

Yes, she missed Tadashi horribly. Everyday since his death she had thought of him and longed to hear his voice again. For three weeks after the, er-incident, she would wake up at insane hours in the night, crying. Only the fourth week did it stop because of their hero work and connecting a bit more with Hiro.

She had grown to the fact that Tadashi had passed. He had died a hero, their last memory of him being risking his own life to save another. She had missed him so much and it hurt and she was learning to keep moving forward, but now... Now she didn't know what-what to think.

Yes, she wished he hadn't died. Oh how badly she had wished that he hadn't died, or that she could have said goodbye. But she would never have wanted him to be locked up as a prisoner! Never would she have imagined that and it overwhelmed her.

Now she just wanted to see him. See his face. See his dark brown eyes. See his smirk, his soft black hair, his hands, his nose, him. See him and hug him. Hug him tightly and never let go. And talk. She missed just talking to him. They would talk about anything. School, baseball, movies, family, books, and so much more. That absence of someone to confide in had felt like there was a hole in her heart when he left. She missed talking to him so much. But now she was worried about him and what condition he was in. She was scared.

They all were.


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