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"Did you know Hillary watches porn?"

There was a crash from the kitchen. Bryce got up to look. Lara's tea and tea cup were splashed across the floor and Lara herself was leaning heavily on the worktop.

"I really didn't need to know that."

"Oh, it's nothing weird. Quite classy, actually."

Lara's eyes were tight shut. She made a noise.

"Pretty normal, I guess. I mean, he is a middle aged, unmarried man."

Lara gave a sharp shake of her head and swept from the room.

"I think it makes him more approachable."

Lara didn't answer. She was just standing facing into the corner of the hallway, hugging herself. Bryce shrugged and went and sat back down.

A few moments later, she joined him, sitting carefully down next to him and keeping her gaze solidly on the gardens outside.

"And how do you know this?" she asked at last.

"Responsible IT management, isn't it? I monitor the network."

Lara winced. "Bryce, unless it's immoral or illegal -"

"Oh it's nothing like that. Just-"

"-then I really think the members of this household deserve privacy."

There was a silence for a moment.

"I could tell you what I watch."


"Well I know what you-"


Another pause.

"Did you enjoy Fifty Sha-"


He regarded the gardens too, for a minute, and then got up. "I'll make you another drink."

"Thank you."

He looked back as he left the room. She looked mildly horrified. He knew why – it was nothing to do with Hillary's porn. She knew that he knew, he thought, that she read fanfiction.

The End