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The timid and shaky voice had Kagome sighing and she glared at one of her four companions (only two of which actually showed themselves), "What are you doing, Yusuke?"

She wasn't too surprised when he ignored her.

"So you're Hobo, huh?" Yusuke sized the teen up, disregarding the muttered 'it's Hojou' before he smirked and cracked his knuckles, "What the hell do you think you're doing hittin' on my girl?"

Hojou spluttered and Kagome's brow twitched.

Even Kuwabara (the second who showed himself) couldn't help but to grin at the rather pathetic noises that were coming out of Hojou's mouth, "Can you even make a fist?" He taunted, cracking his own knuckles.

Sadly, neither noticed the death glare that bore into their backs as they took one step forward for Hojou's every two steps back.

And as such, both punks were completely surprised when they fell flat on their faces as the only female Reikai Tantei tripped them, "Oi, the fuck was that fo–!?"

Another glare easily silenced Yusuke.

"H-Higurashi-san?" Hojou swallowed as she ran her fingers through her long locks in obvious frustration, "Are you really dating the Urameshi Yusuke?" Even he had heard of the delinquent's reputation.

"I'm sorry, but I have to decline your offer to go to the movies this weekend," Kagome dodged the question and gave her former classmate a strained smile, "I have my shrine duties then."

"A-all right," Hojou clearly looked dejected but then frightened when he chanced another look at Kagome's two companions, "A-another time I suppose, Higurashi-san?"

The poor teen practically sprinted away in fear when Yusuke growled angrily from the ground and Kagome only spared them a look when Hojou was finally out of sight.

"What the hell was that?"

The two delinquents were quickly on their feet with Kagome's annoyed question and answered at the same time, "Just trying to show where that wimpy-ass kid belongs." "You're way too good for him, Kagome-chan!"

The Miko could only roll her eyes in response, 'Men.' She would never understand a male's need to turn everything into a pissing contest, "I could have handled him myself," She said in exasperation, "You didn't need to scare him!"

"I must disagree with you, Kagome."

A smooth voice suddenly murmured into her hair and she jumped from how quickly he moved from his hiding spot, "That boy needs to learn his place." Kurama threaded his fingers through her silken locks until she pulled away to huff at him.

"You people need to relax," Kagome crossed her arms over her chest and with a slight flush from the three pairs of eyes staring unrelentingly at her, she looked away, "I could never date Hojou– wait, where's Hiei!?"

She could no longer sense her fourth companion's aura within the immediate vicinity.

"Way to take some action, short stuff!" Yusuke smirked, feeling Hiei as he followed after Hojou (most likely to give the wimp the scare of his lifetime), "Show him Kagome's off limits!"

"Can't argue with the shortie here." Kuwabara muttered and sort of wished it was him who followed after Hobo – err, Houjo.

"I wonder if that boy enjoys botany?" Kurama murmured with a dangerous glimmer to his enchanting green eyes, "Perhaps I can send him... something." He unconsciously touched the seeds tucked away in his hair.

The dark-haired Miko could only stare at her male teammates before letting out a tired sigh before she made herself to follow after Hojou and Hiei before the latter could do anything permanently scarring to the former.