COR MEUM AD TE PERTINENT (My heart belongs to you)

Sam was seating at O`Malleys at the end of a bar, drinking her 3rd beer. She had no idea how she ended up there at the first place. They had a hard mission. But they all usually were hard. Only this one was harder than usual. She almost lost him. Jack. She took another sip of her beer and muttered something into her chin. She never behaved like this. It was not something that she usually did. She would never go to a pub alone and try to get drunk. She took a deep breath and her lower lip trembled a little when she tried not to cry. Carters don't cry, she said to herself. She stood up, paid for her drink and went outside. As soon as she opened the door, a cold fresh air attacked her and made her shiver. She put her arms around her body and ran towards her car. She was there in a minute, the first thing she did, was to turn on the heating.

She started to drive, but the moment she was on the road, she figured she had no idea where to go. She hated going home. Her house was empty and cold, she never considered it as home. Home is where Jack is, she thought. She cursed at the thoughts that she had and tried to think of something else than her CO. You should be thinking of Pete, she said to herself. She was driving for a while and after 20 minutes she noticed the familiar neighborhood. But it was not hers. No, it was Jacks. She stopped her car and just sat in there for a while, thinking about what the hell was she doing. But she knew. She knew where her heart belonged to. It belonged to Jack. Always.

She finally gathered some courage and left the car. As she was walking towards Jacks house she noticed that there was not one light turned on. She cursed but tried her luck anyway. She knocked couple of times but there was no answer so she decided to try at the back door. As soon as she was there, she noticed him. He was lying on his porch swing, one leg down on the floor and his hands behind his head. She said nothing, just walked to him and before he could register anything, she was lying next to him, her head on his chest and her arms around his waist. Jack was in total shock. He had no idea what to do with a lying Carter on top of him. Not that he didn`t like it, but it was unexpected and she was engaged.

"Um… Carter. What are you doing"? Sam looked up at him and shrugged with her shoulders.

"What does it look like I am doing"? He noticed she hadn`t added the "sir" at the end of her sentence. She always added the "sir". And he also noticed the smell that was coming from her of alcohol and cigarettes.

"Are you drunk, Carter"?

"No. Just had 3 small beers. Not drunk". Jack tried to figure her out, but by the way she was talking, he knew she really was not drunk.

"Just sleepy", she added and tried to get her body closer to his, now almost trembling from cold. Jack noticed that and finally he wrapped his hands around her, trying to warm her a little.

"Hey. Are you ok"? he whispered. Sam looked up at him again, but this time didn`t say anything. He was reluctant at first, but then decided to place a strayed lock of her hair behind her ear. He always wanted to do this. But then he had hard time letting his hand go, so he lingered a little while and caressed her cheek. Sam moved her face to the warmth of his palm and inhaled that scent that was just Jack`s. Neither said anything for a while, but Jack decided that he should find out what was wrong.

"Carter, w…"

"Sam. My name is Sam". Jack leaned his chin on top of her head and took a deep breath.

"Sam. Tell me what`s wrong. Please". She moved a little to look him in the eyes and he noticed that tears were running down her cheeks. He used his free hand to wipe them away, but new ones were falling, just as the older ones were gone.


"I almost lost you today" Jack finally knew where all this was coming from and held her tighter against his chest.

"But you didn`t. I am still here, not going anywhere. I promise". Sam wiped away her tears, feeling a little embarrassed by her breaking down like this before him.

"You know you can`t promise this. You never know what…"

"I promise I will try everything not to get myself killed. Is this better"? Sam just nodded and sat up.

"I should go. I`m sorry, I…"

"Sam. You have nothing to be sorry about".

"Sir" and there it was, he thought. The "sir". Sooner or later she would say it.


"Can you please not mention this to me tomorrow"?

"You sure"?

"Yeah. I`ll be too embarrassed to even look at you, so just act like nothing happened. Please". Jack grinned and stood up.

"Come, I`ll drive you home".

"It`s ok, sir. I drove her in my car".

"You`ll get it back tomorrow. I won`t be able to sleep, if I don`t drive you. Come on now. Let`s go". Sam finally stood up and followed him to his truck. They were both silent all the way to her house, only radio breaking their silence. Jack decided to walk her in to her house, to make sure she`ll be all right.

"Come on, Sam. Go get some sleep". Sam just took off her shoes and her jacket and lay down on her couch.

"Don`t you think you`d be more comfortable in your bed"? Sam just nodded and covered herself with a blanket.

"Ok then. Get some sleep. You`ll feel better in the morning. He turned around to walk away, but in that instant he felt her hand in his, lacing with his fingers and gently pulling him back. He noticed she was crying again and knelt down to look at her face.

"Sam. Please don`t cry". He cupped her face with his hands and leaned his forehead at hers, trying hard not to kiss her. Her hands were suddenly around his neck. He had hard time trying to give her some comfort, but nothing he said or did, made her feel any better. It was about 30 minutes later when he noticed that her breathing slowed down and that she was asleep. He decided to take her to her bed, put her under the covers and now, that he knew she was asleep, gave her a kiss on her forehead.

"Good night Sam. I love you". With that he quietly walked out of her house and made sure to lock all the doors.

I am not sure if I want to continue this story, or should I just keep it like this. For now I wont tag it as complete. Let me know what you think.