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SUFFOCATION Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, only this story, you know. Rated: R for obvious slash parings and language (a little) Summary: Love or lust come tingling between the three boys. Is it due to the paranormal, or is it real?


I had called Spencer a moment earlier and we was on his way. There is no way he was going to let this one slip right before his eyes. He was going to do something about all this and he was darn determined to do so. "Don't move a muscle, I'll be right there", he had told me. I felt like some kind of paranormal interrupter, switching it off and on at my will. Well, maybe I was. Maybe I could control all those surreal activities and I didn't know. Soon enough, I heard him rushing into my apartment. Never did he heard of a thing called knocking? He might be my best friend, my dad might be away, but he still had to knock, it was only polite.

"So, what's the matter?", he said hurrying into my room.

"My dog ate my homework", I replied with a nonchalant tone in my voice.

"First, I'm not here to hear your lousy excuses, and most important, you don't own a dog!"

"I know! That's what makes it paranormal!" I shouted.

"You know Zack, I think that's the first time I don't believe you. Do you even have proofs?" He said.

Spencer had always been there for me, helping me through tough time and finding the right answers to my mysterious walk of life. There was no way he was going to doubt of me now.

"Of course" I answered. I lead him to the kitchen, where a piece of paper seemed to bite itself off.

"Can I say 'Cool'?" he asked, hopeful.

"Oh no! That's two hours worth of work it's biting into!"

"Oh sorry, came to his mouth instinctively, Do you think it's an invisible dog of some sort?"

"I don't think so. I can't feel it. It could be something much more powerful than invincibility, though." I thought out loud.

"And that would be?" he asked, sounding much more dumber than usual.

"I don't know, Spence, you're the brainier in here." I replied, kind of monotone.

"Make it sound like you believe it next time" he said, looking very hurt. I was so surprised. Spencer was more likely to show off his intelligence rather than to doubt it.

"Spence, I meant it. I swear. You're smart and you know it" I said, sounding too merciful to my liking. My best friend was always experimenting on me, trying to find the key to all those paranormal moments I was guilty of. But he was caring, never to let me feel like a lab rat. I should be thankful, and I wanted to show him. He wasn't the kind of guy easy to approach. One needs the perfect time and mood.

"I cannot think of a thing, it's like nothing I've seen before" he said, for the first time with his head down like a dog with its tail between its legs. He wasn't sure of himself, wasn't confidant. I had lost him, he was vulnerable. I tried to look at him into his eyes, tilting my head a bit, but they were nowhere to be found.

"Spencer? Are you alright?" I asked, very worried. I walked an inch closer to him. He was still looking very lost.

It was as if the whole world around me, and him had disappeared. The sound of paper crushing was inaudible, all I could hear was our heartbeats pounding at our own little rhythm. Mine was obviously beating faster, as I was unsure of what I was going to say and do next. My trembling hand reached his body and touched his neck gently, letting him know I was still around. He looked up, confused at the warmth I had just brought him. I approached him and he seemed scared. I knew too well he wasn't easy, but somehow, he seemed forceless at this very moment. I softly brushed my lips onto his and he didn't back away. He was very passive, though. It was like kissing a dead body, only, his lips were hot. Unsatisfied with his response, I allowed my tongue to slip into his mouth. Only then did he answered to my touch. Not like I would of wanted. He pushed me with his hand like a dagger stabbing me numerous times. I felt hurt, only until I realised he wasn't getting off of me, but he was choking to death.

"Spence! Are you alright?" I asked, for the second time this evening. How could I ask such a thing? He was kneeled down, dieing. The world all came back to me in a second. I sat beside him, patting him on the back several times. He reached out for my arm and squeezed it hard, definitively trying to get me away from him. I quickly withdrew it. I turned around to get a glass and filled it with water. When I turned back, he was visibly feeling better, starting to breathe again. I handed him the glass of water.

"Don't come near me," he groaned. He tried to get up, but it looked painfully hard.

"Need help?" I asked casually. He shot me a "don't even try" look. Which was familiar to me since I was able to get plenty from him in chemistry, while brewing dangerous solutions.

"What were you thinking?" he shouted, getting up. He was trembling this time, like autumn leaves. I gagged for a moment, not knowing what to answer.

"I. I. wanted. I needed. I. love," I said, frightened.

"No, not that! The 'you trying to kill me' stuff!" He replied, angrily.

"Oh. Spence. I'm sorry. It wasn't my fault. I don't know what happened." I put a caring hand on his shoulder but he shrieked and backed away rapidly.

"Did you put your hand in the fire or something?" He massaged his shoulder gently and stretched the collar of his t-shirt to see if there was marks. Nothing could be seen, at least, not from my point of view. "You burned me!" he said, very loudly. I examined his right shoulder, making sure not to touch him.

"There nothing there, Spencer," I concluded.

"You can't see it? The burning marks! Your fingers, right there!" he said, still with a voice very loud. I was clueless. Seriously, there was nothing on his shoulder. I stared blankly. He slowly picked up his school bag, carefully putting it on his left shoulder.

"You're going?" I asked. "Bye" was his answer, and then he slammed the door shut. He left me very confused. The paper eating itself had stopped any kind of movement and was lying on the floor. I picked what was left of it up and put it on the counter. What had happened just now?