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The next day at school began harshly for I have not slept all night. I just couldn't. These thoughts were suffocating me. I was trying to solve everything, but as I can see, that's not my job. It just doesn't make sense. I was starting to accept the paranormal activities I create, but now it was going too far. I only wanted a normal teenage life, and that is weird enough on it's own.

When I arrived at school, Cam and Gwen were talking in front of the lockers. I stopped and hid around the corner. I was afraid my presence would bother them.

"I'm telling you, Gwen, they are out of their mind, both!" said Cam as loud as possible without yelling.

"Cam, what are you saying? You guys are always acting weird." She replied calmly.

"No, this is beyond weird! It's..." he told her. Obviously, he wasn't going to revealed anything that happened yesterday, so I might as well interrupt now.

"Oh, hi Zack." Said Gwen nicely, with her usual smile. "How are things with Spence?" he added.

"What...?! You told her?" I replied angrily, but Cam shook his head instantly.

"Told me what, Zack? I was talking about whatever paranormal thing you two are experiencing." I couldn't believe she was actually buying it, after all the previous experiences with the unknown I've had.

At that point, Spencer showed up with a concerned look on his face. "Zack, I need to talk to you, in private." He said and dragged me a couple of lockers away. He was now whispering to me, "I finally got it. All this, it's all solved now, gone. Look, you can touch me." He grabbed my arm again.

"Come on, explain it to me." I demanded. He seemed all too excited about his accomplishment.

"I'll make it short because I wouldn't want anyone to over hear. You know how Cam was the only one that could see us touch without you hurting me? Well, that is because he was the only one not to believe in... us. And, for some twisted reason, when you two kissed, it broke the strange curse there was between us. I can't really explain that." He told me carefully.

"How can you be so sure? You kissed him too, and for a awful long time at that, it could have been that." I said, a little irritated.

"No, it's a scientific thing, you wouldn't understand." At that, I frowned at him, "Anyway, I only kissed him so things could get started. I doubt you two would have started kissing for no reason."

He had a point right there. This thing was too much complicated anyway. And it is not to be understood, much like love.

"Does that mean I'm not going to have a son, and a wife?" I asked him and sounded worried.

"Hey, I'm no clairvoyant Zack, don't ask me. Just live for the moment, please." If this wasn't a public place, I could have kissed him, and if Cam and Gwen haven't showed up behind me.

"Zack, I need some explanations," said Gwen, with a authoritarian tone in her voice.

"There is nothing to explain, all this was fake, bluff. Look, Spence does not have bruises." I rolled up his shirt's sleeve and his skin was clear and soft.

"I can't believe you guys! Playing tricks on me," she said and stormed off. I know now Gwen will never believe a word of the paranormal, but it was worth keeping a secret over, definitively.

"But I want explanations. I know enough for you not to say nothing happened." Said Cam after a long pause. I was relieved he was actually talking to us after that incident.

"I'm sorry, Cam. We had to do it. Everything's back to normal now." Spence explained.

"Okay, so you guys don't love each other anymore?" asked Cam, quite simply.

"No, we do." I answered dryly, and he replied with "Damn."

"What? You do not want us to be together, Cam?" Spence asked concerned.

"No, but yes. I don't want to be a third wheel, you know. I loved how things were before." And he looked very sincere and sad when he said this.

"What is we promise things will be as they were from the surface," I suggested.

"I'm pretty sure that is what we were planning on doing anyway," Spence immediately added.

"I guess I can handle that," Can said, to close the conversation. He went to class and never have we heard him speak of all this again.