Good Deed
A Ninja Turtle shortie by Deana Lisi
Disclaimer: I don't own anything, naturally. A friend of mine dared me to write a Ninja Turtle story, and 10 minutes later, this is what I had, lol…


One day, while wearing their disguises, the Ninja Turtles were walking in a park. They were startled at the sound of a shout.


Running in the direction of the voice, they found a little boy crying, pointing up at a tree.

"What's wrong, little dude?" Michaelangelo asked him.

"My kitty ran up the tree!"

"Argh, you mean there's no badguys to pummel?" Raphael said, disappointed.

"Not this time," said Leonardo. "Who's going up the tree?"

"I'll go," said Donatello.

The kid smiled.

Smiling back, Donatello reached for a branch and started climbing the tree, higher and higher, before he finally saw the kitten sitting contentedly on a branch, staring at him.

"Here, kitty kitty," he said.

"Mew," the cat replied.

Donatello continued to climb, watching to make sure the cat made no move to climb higher. "Stay right there!" he said, as if the cat could understand him.


Finally, Donatello reached it. "Come're, kitty..." he said, reaching out for it.


The cat dove away from the turtle's hand, jumping down the tree branch by branch, landing on the ground in front of the boy on all fours.

Donatello made the mistake of watching the cat as it flew down, and saw his brothers and the little boy standing there, seemingly miles away. "Oh crap," he said, losing his balance.

"LOOK OUT!" Raphael exclaimed, when Donatello came crashing out of the tree.

"I gotcha, dude!" Michaelangelo shouted, stupidly throwing himself under his brother to try to catch him.


Donatello laid on the ground for a minute, head spinning, the breath knocked out of him. Suddenly he saw Leonardo and Raphael's faces above him.

"Are you all right!" Leonardo asked, concerned.

"Huh?" Donatello replied, dazed.

"Way to go!" Raphael exclaimed, laughing."You missed the cat and fell out of the tree!"

"Where's Michaelangelo?" Donatello asked.

"Underneath you."

Donatello gasped and rolled off his brother, who was lying there, laughing.

"Gee, I try to save you and you squish me," Michaelangelo said.

"Did I hurt you?" Donatello asked, shocked but relieved to see his brother laughing instead of wincing.

"Nah," Michaelangelo said, jumping to his feet and giving Donatello a hand up. "You didn't fall out of the tree very hard, thanks to the branches slowing you down, dude!" He busted out laughing, remembering the sight.

Donatello blushed, embarrassed, not knowing what to say.

Leonardo was trying not to laugh, knowing that Donatello was a sensitive turtle. "Leave him alone, guys, he tried to do a good deed."

"Speaking of which," said Donatello, looking around the park. "Where'd the kid go?"

"He took his cat and ran when the missile dropped from the sky!" Raphael said, still laughing.

"What?" said Donatello. "Huh. There's appreciation for ya."