Hi, thanks for sticking with this story to the second chapter. This chapter includes Octavia 'persuading Clarke to be a part of Secret Santa.

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"Clarke? Are you in there?" Octavia cried as she pushed through Clarke's tent flaps. Clarke was sat on her makeshift bed drawing. She didn't look up or show any sign of hearing Octavia.

"Ah, you are here! Ive been looking everywhere for you. Why didn't you answer when I shouted of you?" Octavia questioned Clarke.

"Huh?" Replied Clarke only then looking up but also she turned the drawing over so Octavia couldn't see it. This naturally made Octavia curious. "Umm sorry Octavia, I didn't realise you were there. What was it you wanted?"

Pushing aside her curiosity for the time being, Octavia stated "I was coming to ask you if you wanted to take part in a secret Santa?"

"Thanks for the offer Octavia but I don't really feel up for it"

"Awww come on Clarke! It will be fun" exclaimed Octavia and she gave Clarke the 'puppy dog' eyes.

"The eyes won't work on me no matter how hard you try" replied Clarke smirking

Octavia say down on the end of the bed with a disapointed look on her face. She knew Clarke would be hard to persuade but she was sure she could do it.

"Can I see what you are drawing?"

Clarke's face turned red. "Umm no!" Clarke almost shouted "I mean it's not very good, you don't want to see it!" She hugs the drawing close to her chest so Octavia couldn't see it.

"Come on Clarke! Since you won't do Secret Santa you have to at least let me see your drawing.


Suddenly Octavia reached out and snatched the drawing from Clarke's grasp.

"No Octavia, give it back!" Octavia leapt up from the bed and moved to the other side of the tent. Just to make sure Clarke couldn't steal the drawing back.

"Octavia!" screamed Clarke as she jumped up and made her way over to Octavia.

"What the hell?" Remarked Bellamy as he heard Clarke scream Octavia's name. Suddenly he found himself running towards Clarke's tent. Bursting into the tent he collided with Octavia, knocking her flat and the drawing went skidding across the floor. Shocked at Bellamy's sudden appearance Clarke forgot about the drawing but Octavia hadn't. She was going to make Clarke be involved with the Secret Santa whether she liked it or not. After pushing off her brother Octavia stood and moved to pick up the drawing. Turning it over she was confronted by a image of Bellamy.

"Of course. That's why she wouldn't show me it! Ha, I knew she liked him!" Octavia thought to herself whilst smirking.

Clarke turned to face Octavia but with seeing her looking at the drawing she turned a even darker shade of red than before. Octavia looked up and smiled a mischievous grin at Clarke. She was going to blurt to Bellamy but Clarke caught on quicker than she expected.

"Bellamy" Clarke said without looking at him as the red face will spark Bellamy's curiosity and then there was no way of getting out of this situation. "Could you leave us please, I need to discuss something with Octavia. Privately!" Clarke was now glaring at Octavia.

The confused Bellamy looked at Octavia, then to Clarke. "Ok fine, whatever you like princess" With that he turned and left the tent leaving the two girls.

"I knew it!" Exclaimed Octavia

"Keep your voice down will you!" Strained Clarke. The embarrassment was too much. She couldn't even look at Octavia anymore. She didn't fully understand her feelings for Bellamy but she did know that she didn't really want his little sister knowing.

Octavia took this chance as her only chance of getting Clarke to participate. "I won't tell anyone..." Said Octavia looking at the drawing of Bellamy.

"Oh, thank you Octavia, you don't know how embarrassing it would be..." But Clarke was interrupted by Octavia.


Clarke grimaced, this was not going well for her. She dared herself to ask, "if what?"

"If..." Octavia had that mischievous look in her eyes again. "If you agree to participate in the Secret Santa!"

Clarke just stared. "Out of all the things you could have blackmailed me into doing, you chose to make me be in some sort of festive event?"

Octavia grinned "I take that as a yes then!" Grinning once again she skipped out of the tent.

"Octavia!" Clarke called after her.

Octavia stopped and turned around to look at Clarke.

"Can I please have the drawing?!"

Laughing as the red rushed back into Clarke's face once again she handed to drawing back to Clarke who quickly hid it from the sight of anyone outside of her tent.

"You might want to hide that! If it was to land in the wrong hands..." Whispered Octavia, smirking all the time. Then she half ran half staggered away as the moonshine was beginning taken over control of her body again, once the giddiness and adrenaline had seeped out.

Clarke turned into her tent and fell onto her bed pressing her face into her makeshift pillow, made out of leaves stuffed into a blanket, and let out a groan. That had been the most embarrassing moment in her life and she really hoped that Bellamy didn't suspect anything or in the morning she would have plenty of unwanted questions sent her way...

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