"They can't do this." Ginny Weasley shouted at her father, "How can you allow this to happen?"

"Sweet heart I'm sorry." He replied, "I don't have any power to stop this."

"But you do." Harry said calmly to Kingsley.

"I tried." He sighed, "But we don't have enough people on our side. Those that are light side are opposing us. We're backing the purebloods on this one. They're just terrified if they don't pair a light or neutral person to a dark person they'll have another major dark wizard in a matter of a few years."

"They're going to if they force us to marry someone they choose." Harry frowned, "It will be me. Parkinson will drive me to it. There isn't any way at all that I'd consent to having sex with her."

"I'm sure Malfoy will be dead within a week." Ginny huffed.

"With Nott right behind him." Hermione growled.

"Bulstrode." Ron whimpered looking at the paper containing his spouse to be.

"Oh, I don't feel so bad now." Ginny snickered at her older brother, "That is seriously disgusting."

"Do you have a list of all persons being affected by this?" Harry asked.

"I do. I can't let you have it, but if a copy was to be made of this list there would be nothing I could do if I didn't know it." Kingsley smirked laying the parchment on the table and turning his back, as did the other adults in the room.

"You have a meet and greet tomorrow." Arthur mumbled as they all turned back after a few seconds, "All of you together in one place to be matched up with your chosen."

"I'm not going." Ron declared, "I think I'm moving to Australia."

"Oh we're going." Harry grinned evilly, "We're all going."

"Harry, I don't like that look." Kingsley grimaced.

"I like it." Ginny grinned, "What are we going to do?"

"Go to the library." Harry chuckled at the mouths that dropped open.

"Hey that's Mione's line." Ron spluttered.

"He can borrow it." Hermione was all for anything to get out of a marriage with Theodore Nott.

"Old laws aren't going to help you." Kingsley sighed, "This one supersedes anything that has been in place before."

"Oh well." Harry let his shoulders droop and turned his back, "I guess we can't do anything."

Only the wink to his friends let them know he wasn't backing down. To help with the ruse the other three also drooped and turned and made their way to Ron's room. They closed the door, locking and silencing it before Hermione turned on Harry.

"What's the plan?"

"First we need to get everyone involved to Hogwarts." Harry stated.

"You mean Slytherins too?" Ron asked suspiciously.

"Everyone." Harry declared, "I'm sure they are just as ticked as we are about being forced to marry each other."

"Point." He conceded.

"Letters are going to take too long." Hermione was quickly calculating how much time they had to get a meeting arranged before the event the next evening.

"It won't take us an hour." Harry grinned, "All we have to do is get to Hogwarts."

"How are we supposed to get into Hogwarts?" she asked.

"Portkey." Harry pulled a snitch out of his pocket. When his friends lifted an eyebrow he explained, "McGonagall gave it to me as an emergency portkey in case I get attacked or overwhelmed by fans. It takes me to Gryffindor tower."

"What are we waiting for?" Ginny placed a finger on the small ball.

Ron and Hermione followed with just a bit of reluctance. Harry tapped the ball with his wand and they all felt the pull as they disappeared in a swirl of color. None of them heard the gentle knock as Molly tried to get them to open the door. It would be a good thirty minutes before Bill suggested they fly up to the window to get their attention. By that time of course they were long gone.

"Harry, what are you all doing here?" Minerva asked as they all ran into the Great Hall during a staff meeting.

"Emergency." Harry explained, "May we borrow the house elves?"

"What?" she asked.

"I need them all for just about three minutes." He explained, "Oh, can we kick you out of here?"

"Harry." McGonagall started.

"Have you seen the new marriage law?" he asked. When she shook her head he continued, "It is pairing a light person with a dark one in the hopes of preventing another dark wizard like Volde."

"That's ridiculous they can't do that." She huffed.

"They are." Harry pulled his paper out, "They've matched me with Parkinson of all people."

"She was all for handing him over to Volde if you remember correctly." Hermione reminded the group.

"We don't want you here so you can't be blamed for helping." Ginny finished.

"I think we'll adjourn this meeting to my office in ten minutes." Minerva stated standing, all the others left without a glance or another question, "Babble."

"Yes Headmistress." And old elf popped into the room.

"Aid Mr. Potter with whatever he needs please. Whether it be lunch or anything else." She stated and pulled the doors shut behind her as she went.

"What is you being needing?" he turned to the young man.

"Can you and the other elves please grab each of the people on this list and bring them back here." He asked and the thought of the literal way Dobby had taken everything, "Make sure they are properly dressed with no one straight out of the shower or anything. We just want them here within the hour."

"We can do that Master Harry." He nodded and popped away.

"Harry." Hermione started.

"Is it worth the argument to marry Nott instead of using what we can?" he stopped her before she could start.

"Right." She nodded, "But you will pay them."

"I will offer." He stated.

"I wonder why he called you master." Ginny pondered, "They don't usually do that unless you own them."

She didn't get her answer as people started popping into the hall. After about fifteen minutes the popping stopped but the roar of talking in the room was almost overpowering. Harry stood on the teacher's platform and set a loud firework off to catch everyone's attention. It quieted immediately and everyone turned to face him.

"Good morning, I trust you all received the same notice I did." He held up his ministry decree.

"Are you the one that kidnapped us all?" Draco yelled.

"I didn't kidnap you the house elves of Hogwarts did." He smiled, "I did express the interest in talking to all of you and you know how helpful they are."

"Good one Harry." Seamus called.

"Now Draco are you happy with the person they've chosen for you?" Harry addressed him since he was the one that spoke first.

"NO." he yelled, "They negated my contract with Astoria. We've had that since she was born."

"Right and I'm betting the rest of you feel the same." He stated.

"But what can we do about it?" Padma asked from beside her sister, "It supersedes any laws or contracts placed before it."

"As I see it we can all rebel separately and bring many charges against the ministry and hold up court for a while." He said, "Or we can work together and rebel causing an upheaval of tremendous proportions. We already know we can beat any of them with magic. If we work together we can over throw the whole thing."

"How?" came a chorus of exclamations.

"I don't have a complete plan yet but if we work together we can develop one. We only have twenty four hours in which to do so." He said, "Can we put our differences behind us and work together?"

"What if we don't want to be led by you?" Pansy Parkinson growled out.

"I have an idea." Harry grinned, "Everyone, take a seat at your house table. Now we are going to vote for a leader. First nominations, they must be nominated and seconded and the person must agree to be nominated."

"I nominate Draco." She purred.

"I don't want it." Draco announced before it could be seconded, "If this falls flat I don't want to be blamed."

"Any others?"

"Harry Potter." Luna stood.

"I second it." Ron added immediately.

"I will agree to be nominated." He nodded, "Next?"

"Hermione Granger." George snickered from the back.

"NO." she stated loudly, "Though I thank you for the vote George."

They waited and no one else volunteered a name, Ron called it, "Anyone opposed to being led by Harry?" Pansy was the only one who raised her hand, "All for Harry?" Most of the room raised their hands.

"Right now here is what I think we should do." he began to outline his idea but was interrupted before he could get started.

"Would Master Harry like to be served dinner." The old elf Babble popped up to his side.

"Why do you keep calling him Master?" Ginny asked from her seat not far away.

He ignored her still looking at Harry, "Can you answer that question?"

"Of course Master Harry." He bowed, "Yous is being the heir and this is yous castle."

"I what?" he asked in shock.

"What he means is that you are by blood the heirs of both Gryffindor and Hufflepuff." The ghosts entered the hall from the side and Nearly Headless Nick began to explain.

"That's right." The Fat Friar nodded along, "It was a tossup which house would get you. You would have been a good Hufflepuff but it was unlikely you'd choose it because your parents were Gryffindors."

"You are the heir of Slytherin by conquest when you defeated the dark one." The Bloody Baron spoke, something he did very rarely, "Only your reluctance kept you from Slytherin."

"Your lack of knowledge of the wizarding world kept you from Ravenclaw." The Grey Lady finished, "However mother died without an heir so her portion was split between the other three, which by coincidence means you."

"So Harry owns Hogwarts." Seamus asked.

"That he does Mr. Finnegan." Nick answered.

"I still don't want to marry him." Pansy sneered.

"Don't worry deary." The Fat Friar turned to her, "After his inheritance you wouldn't be able to anyway."

"Why not?" she growled.

"You aren't nearly powerful enough." The Bloody Baron waved her off.

"What inheritance?" Harry asked reluctantly.

"Prepare yourself." Nick grinned and a bolt of energy jumped from the enchanted ceiling and struck him in the chest and he began to glow with power and float in mid-air.

"That's a lot of power to be gaining so quickly." Ron observed.

"Oh, no it hasn't started yet." Nick chuckled, "Hogwarts is just releasing the blocks he keeps up. After that's done she'll transfer the knowledge and power."

"He's keeping up blocks?" Hermione looked shocked, "Why didn't he tell us?"

"He doesn't tell you every little thing." Neville shook his head, "Has anyone else noticed that he only struggles with a spell until someone else gets it, then he miraculously gets it?"

"I didn't see that since I wasn't in his lessons." Luna offered, "But his aura has always been the brightest one around, including Dumbledore when he was alive."

"If he had so much power why hide it?" Draco scoffed, "We would have followed him if he had all that power."

"Are you sure?" The Baron asked, "Or would you have run home to your Dark Lord and told him of the boy's power."

"We would have followed Voldemort because he's a pureblood." Pansy stated.

"He wasn't." Hermione interrupted, "He was a half blood. Daddy was a muggle under love potion."

Angry shouts filled the air before Ron shot off sparks, "His name was Tom Riddle. Riddle isn't a magical surname."

"How do you know?" Pansy yelled, "Who told you that stupid lie."

"His name was Riddle." Helena told them, "He was in the same year as Draco Malfoy's grandfather and he was a half blood."

"How in the world did he get grandfather to follow him then?" Draco asked.

"He was also the heir of Slytherin." The Baron offered.

"That would do it." Draco sighed.

"Isn't this pleasant." They all turned to find Harry sitting on the head table again.

"Are you ok?" Hermione asked.

"Peachy." He grinned, "And I know how we can get out of the marriage law."

"But it supersedes all laws before it." Padma argued.

"Not all of them." Harry grinned, "Not the ones concerning Hogwarts as a sanctuary for magical kind that was specifically set up to protect magicals from governments trying to force them to go against their magic even if it's a magical government."

"Hogwarts is a sanctuary?" Daphne Greengrass gasped, "I didn't know we still had any."

"What does it mean?" Draco asked the girl who was to be his sister-in-law.

"It means that as long as we are here they can't force us to obey their laws." Harry grinned, "Once Hogwarts has been declared a sanctuary the government must stay out unless invited. Otherwise Hogwarts will expel them."

"How do we declare it?" Daphne asked.

"First you need an heir from at least one founder, that's me." Harry grinned, "Welcome all those who are in conflict. Come and stay in the sanctuary we offer. You are protected from the unjust marriage laws. May you find your own happiness here."

A flash and a sound like thunder, along with a rumbling of the ground, signified the magic was in place and active just as the professors reached the Great Hall.

"Harry?" McGonagall asked.

"Sorry professor I didn't mean to." He grinned sheepishly, "Hogwarts did it."

"So you are one of the heirs." She stated with a nod, "Gryffindor if I'm not mistaken."

"You are mistaken." Neville grinned, "He is the heir of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Slytherin."

"You know mother had no heirs." Helena reminded Flitwick.

"Her portion was distributed between the other three if I'm not mistaken." Flitwick nodded, "So Harry owns Hogwarts."

"And took the wards." McGonagall noted.

"I wasn't expecting that when I got here." He offered with a shrug, "I have just activated the sanctuary wards."

"Is anyone leaving?" she asked the room at large.

"Can we?" Draco asked.

"You may leave this once and come back with my permission." Harry offered, "However you may only return with your personal belongings. No additional people or any magical items like portkeys you have or someone gives you. If someone else wants to come they may petition me. If you leave without permission you are not allowed back in. If you need out later we will discuss it."

"If we want to leave and stay gone?" Oliver asked thinking of his quidditch team practices.

"Then you are at the mercy of our ministry." He pointed out, "More so if your ministry chosen spouse also leaves."

"How are we to get our things and get back?" Hermione asked.

"We's being helps with that." Babble appeared beside Harry, "Master I will being getting yous things now."

"Do we just stay in our dorms?" Ginny asked.

"You do not have to stay in your dorm." McGonagall offered, "Males and females must stay separate. But whether you stay in your dorm, another year or even another house is up to you. Once September first arrives we'll have to change things around. Those who were seventh years last year may complete their education but we'll have to find alternate accommodations for you."

"We'll begin to find them after you get back here and we begin our revolt." Harry offered.

Babble returned, "Master Harry yous place is ready."

"Babble did you put him in the headmaster's suite?" McGonagall asked.

"Yes Missy." He responded.

"Why the headmaster's suite?" Hermione asked.

"As long as Hogwarts is a sanctuary it must be led by one of the founder's heirs." McGonagall explained, "Harry don't forget you must declare it in writing and send it to the ministry."

"Helena, can I get away with just signing it the Heir of Hogwarts?" Harry asked as he wrote the letter.

"That would be acceptable." She agreed, "You do need to warn them."

"Right." He finished his name with a flourish, "If anyone is not staying they are not allowed to inform anyone who the heir is. Magic will stop you, painfully if necessary."

"Why?" Hermione asked again.

"Don't you want to see their faces when they show up and find out it's me?" he asked, "I am inviting them for a one time visit to discuss a treaty."

Babble had also gotten Ron, Hermione, Ginny and George's things from the Burrow while he was picking up Harry's things. When everyone was back Harry made an announcement.

"As I said before I have issued a onetime invitation to the Minister and a select few others to come to dinner this evening and discuss a treaty. Which is to say force them to repeal the law or face the consequences."

"Who did you invite?" George asked grinning.

"Let's seeā€¦ the minister, a panel from the Wizengamot and very specifically Madam Umbridge." Harry grinned.

"What consequences could they face?" Draco asked.

"That would be telling now wouldn't it?" Harry grinned, "We have a few surprises for our old government. Needless to say everyone should dress nicely for dinner we'll be having guests. Passwords to the Hufflepuff, Slytherin and Gryffindor common rooms are all set as Freedom. Anyone who wishes to test their intellect is welcome to go to Ravenclaw. If you didn't know you have to answer a question before you can enter. Any questions?"

"How do I get to Ravenclaw tower?" Draco asked.

"The house ghosts will be leading the way." Harry answered.

Dinner time came around and Harry was dressed formally and waiting at the new table on the floor between the teachers podium and the house tables. McGonagall, Flitwick and Sprout were meeting the guests at McGonagall's floo. They would escort them down to the hall. The young adults were all in the hall waiting. The group entered and Harry had to suppress his grin. Umbridge was at the back being herded along by McGonagall.

"Go up to the front Mr. Potter will show you to your seats." Flitwick waved them up and took his spot at the Ravenclaw table.

"Why aren't we sitting at the high table?" Umbridge demanded as she reached Harry.

"It is as the heir wishes." Harry replied with a smile then called, "Babble, Madam Umbridge is ready for her new accommodations."

The elf popped in and quickly left with the woman in tow.