Yay, as I'm into Marvel films and fanfiction at the moment, I decided to write a Harry Potter/Avengers fanfic. I'm just giving this a go, so please dont flame on me. Also, I have made some slight changes after the reviews I got, so please re read again if it isn't too much trouble.

"Gerroff' Buckbeak, otherwise you won't be getting any dead ferret for tea!" Buckbeak regarded his young charge with greedy Amber eyes, letting the tied up Ferret go grudgingly. The stormy grey Hippogriff's eyes glinted when he saw tired looking Harry bumbling over with a wreath of Ferret carcasses chucked over one shoulder and a bucket of water dangling from one arm.

Harry dropped the bucket next to him and gave the great beast a gracious bow. Buckbeak acknowledge the bow with a bow of his own, his tail tossing at the same time. Even though Buckbeak allowed Harry to approach, Harry enjoyed the ceremony. It reminded him of that first care of magical creatures' lesson, all those years ago.

"This will be it for the day. I need a break." Harry threw a Ferret over to Buckbeak, who caught it with his hooked beak and swallowed it down whole. He released a disgusting belch soon after. Harry wrinkled his nose in amused disgust.

"At least Fawkes has table manners, even though you are both equally high maintenance." As if on que, a great crimson bird glided out, seemingly from nowhere, and perched itself daintily onto the black haired boys shoulder.

"Oh, you're here are you?" Harry sighed and bent over to pick up a sponge from out of the bucket of water. The liquid was lukewarm; meant to cool the large Hippogriff on this hot day.

Harry himself had diminished his clothing to nothing but his working trousers and wellies. His long, shiny black hair was tied back in a low ponytail with quite a few strands now loose. The sun was still high in the sky even though it was late afternoon.

"I know it was a good idea to move to California, but I didn't expect the summers to reach this heat." Harry stood up straight after wringing the sponge out, gently slapping it onto the stormy back of the great beast. "I bet you find this temperature positively balmy, don't you Fawkes?"

The Phoenix gave Harry an affectionate nibble on a few of his hair strands. Fawkes then opened his beak and begun to trill an eerie call that sounded like a summer melody on a flute. Harry listened whilst he bathed Buckbeak.

It was so warm out that sweat was glistening over Harry's sinewy muscles, his chest rising and falling almost in tune with the note changes to Fawkes's song. After many long days of working, Harry kept fit and healthy, although he could never gain much more body weight. Harry was still small, even for the age of twenty two. Standing at five foot eight, Harry wasn't particularly short, but he wasn't that tall either. Harry was fine with it though. As long as he contained the strength to be a perch for many birds, it was all good.

"I thought Luna was looking after you!" Harry stated to the Phoenix, who just fixed him with a ruby stare. "She will only be here for another day before she leaves for the Far East. Don't you want to annoy her instead?"

Fawkes trilled loudly. It was more of a resounding screech, and then finally leaving Harry to his work. Fawkes flew off silently to Merlin knew where.

"That's one annoyance out of the way!" Harry stated under his breath. Buckbeak must have heard because he bopped Harry over the head with a large grey wing, causing even more hair to leave the tired boy's hair tie.

"Every ones against me today!"

Harry continued to slather cool water all over the Hippogriff right until the sun began to set. The blue sky was turning orange with fiery light and the sea glistened in the distance.

Hedwig's Owl and Raptor menagerie was situated close to the sea with one hundred and fifty acres of land which was home to many species of flesh eating bird which included normal species along with a select few magical ones.

It is a charity based organisation that received donations from the public both Muggle and Magical. The menagerie is open to the public during the week from ten till five each day. Entrance is free but donations are appreciated, especially when Harry Organises shows.

When the park opened suddenly five years prior on the edge of town, many people were sceptical, thinking it would only be a small aviary holding a limited number of birds. The public would be in for a shock when they saw the size of the park and the number of birds that were not even tied up.

The birds were mostly left to their own devices, and allowed free range. They stayed in the park mostly, but one bird was often not found in the same place twice, unless it was their favourite resting spot.

The Muggles didn't know that the birds were all very intelligent. But the Wizards and Witches did.

Owls would watch with their Amber and yellow eyes from the branches of dark trees. Eagles would swoop in close to visitor's heads and Hawks would occasionally land on unsuspecting tourists. People often left with stories of Owl's nibbling fingers and Eagles of massive size swiping cheeks with their vast wings.

The park became all the rage in California within a short year.

Of course Harry was ecstatic. The park got so popular that Harry had to hire a few extra hands during the peak periods to manage some of the high maintenance birds, shop and tea room. All the workers were magical folk of course; there was a restricted section to the park.

The 'Restricted section' as Harry called it with a giggle, was home to the magical creatures. To the Muggles it was the section where sick birds where housed and contained the section of the park meant for breeding and incubating eggs.

In truth it was that, but only magical visitors were allowed here.

Harry arrived in California, on the outskirts of Malibu after the war in Britain. He arrived with Luna, who agreed to help him start out before she went on the quest for the Crumple Horned Snorcack. Two creatures came with Harry and Luna; Fawkes and Buckbeak.

Fawkes had approached Harry during the rebuilding of Hogwarts. His ruby eyes stared into Harry's wounded emeralds, seeing a hollowness resounding there. The sadness and grief could be seen in the face of the teen and Fawkes, in his own way, told Harry that he would stick with him for the rest of his life.

It was soon after that harry discovered a wounded Buckbeak. The Hippogriff was actually laying amongst the pumpkin patch next to Hagrid's hut, harbouring a torn wing. Harry approached with Fawkes sat on his shoulder. The boy bowed and was allowed near.

Ever since, Buckbeak was affectionate towards the boy. It was then that Harry wanted to get away and start something new.

Ever since he first set eyes on his beautiful snowy Owl, Hedwig, Harry held a love for birds, especially meat eating birds. He decided he wanted to open a Raptor sanctuary. His passion burned slow during his Hogwarts years, but the incoming freedom that followed after the dark lord's death kindled that fire, and Harry had to open the park.

He named it Hedwig's Owl and Raptor menagerie in honour of his wonderful Snowy Owl, whom he misses dearly to this day.

Soon, Harry made a habit of calling all his new family members after the souls that were lost during the war.

Harry accumulated many species of Owls, including Fred the mischievous burrowing Owl. A bold Hawk he called Tonks and a steppe Eagle with deep, dark black feathers he called Sirius. He rescued a Hobby from a trap before he left the United Kingdom. It was a scraggly bird whom couldn't be anyone other than Lupin.

His family just grew and grew until Harry was called in to handle a problem with a Thunder bird terrorising a town settlement within the Rocky Mountains.

Harry laid a trap with Luna's help and waited patiently for three weeks until it appeared. There was a bleating goat within its ginormous grasp and it was flying low to the tree line. It resembled a massive Corvid of some kind.

Harry only just managed to subdue it with a magical lasso. He approached tentatively and slowly. It was by far the biggest bird Harry had ever seen and easily matched in size to the Hungarian Horntail back in fourth year.

Harry bonded with it and took the newly dubbed 'Moody' home to the Sanctuary.

It was a bird that could speak, but only a little. Moody agreed with Harry that he wouldn't terrorize people on the Malibu coastline as long as he was supplied a stock of free roaming goats to hunt.

Now the people believed that the area was subject to more storms than ever before. What they didn't know was that what they actually heard was the booming wing claps of Moody as he flew overhead.

As the park grew, Harry became famous for not only being 'the boy who lived' but also 'an Ornithological prodigy' in the Zoological world, both magical and non- magical.

"I'm famous for being something other than 'The chosen one' Harry gleefully told Luna one evening with tears glistening over his bright green eyes.

"That should do it!" Harry left his memories and ceased bathing Buckbeak, deciding to call it a day. He was so tired and his muscles were now really sore. It was a Friday so the park wouldn't be open during the weekend.

Harry threw the sponge into the bucket, which released a gloopy sounding splash. Harry checked the time on the battered watch he received on his 17th birthday, deeming it past closing time.

Harry whipped his Holly and Phoenix feather wand from his trousers and levitated the bucket towards a storage shed. He really couldn't be bothered to carry it manually.

"See you later Buckbeak." Harry stroked the beautiful steely feathers on the beats crown before he left for his house at the front of the park.

Once he arrived he noticed that Luna was levitating a bag onto her range rover. Her dirty blonde hair was tied into a neat plait and her moony eyes looked focussed for once. She had a piece of parchment levitated off to the side of her face so that she could work and read at the same time.

"What's going on Luna? I thought you weren't leaving until Sunday?"

Luna turned around, the parchment rolling up by itself. "Oh Harry," the girl cats her pale blue eyes, regarding Harry with her aeriated voice. "I just got news, the expedition for the Vampiric Snaggletooth has been moved forward by a day. I need to leave for the portkey now."

"I see," Harry was sued to Luna leaving at the drop of a hat. She was only around for about a quarter of the year, maybe even less. When she was here Harry didn't feel so lonely.

"Don't feel so blue Harry, there will be a chance for you to make friends very soon. Besides, I will come back in a months' time."

Harry smiled, marvelling at the perceptiveness of the girl. Certainly, it was lonely when harry lived in that large house on his own with No-one but Fawkes and a few Owls for company. They were a presence, but they didn't quite manage to have a conversation with Harry yet.

"I hope you will look after yourself better this time. Actually socialise for once, maybe get a girlfriend," Harry stared with a questioning glance, "or boyfriend." Luna giggled.

Harry blanched. His birds were his life now, he didn't know how to talk to people outside of work. Harry became notoriously shy ever since the war. He withdrew into himself and wouldn't let anyone in except his closest friends. Harry was now constantly nervy, expecting death eater attacks to start up once again with him on the frontline once again.

"Hey, I do try, you know I do…" Harry trailed off.

Luna regarded Harry with her moon like eyes. Harry missed the tint of worry hiding within her eyes. "You will," she gave Harry a hug, comforting him in a way Harry always craves. "You are the most courageous person I know. I'm sure you can handle anything that is thrown your way." She let him go and then circled round to the driver's side of the Jeep.

She hoisted herself inside, turned on the ignition and allowed the window to roll down for her final goodbyes.

"Oh and, don't disregard your mail for today. It's a golden opportunity." There it was, Luna Lovegood's famous cryptic messages, freshly imparted from her bizarre brain.

Harry's nose crinkled in confusion before Luna gave him a final wave and left.

Harry already felt the loneliness creep in.

"You have been cordially invited to a science convention in New York." Harry read out loud, his audience being Fawkes and two of his rescued Owls, Fred and Fergus.

Harry read for a bit, his eyes widening after each passage read. "Shows, autographs!" Harry was turning pale. This convention ranged from animals to Rocket engineering. Everything was to be featured at this massive event.

"Heck, they want me to do a bird demonstration." Harry reached over and picked up a bit of juicy steak for his birds to nibble on. Fergus, a spotted owl, immediately hopped over and stole a nice fat strip before retreating back to his hiding place amongst the rafters.

"Guess I better say yes, they seem eager to enlist. Luna would be happy." Fawkes trilled in agreement.

"Never any autographs though." Harry mumbled to himself, remembering Colin Creevy and his ridiculous camera.

Harry read through the paper again before sighing and taking it over to his desk. He picked up his laptop and brought it over to the sofa. "I have to email the organisers."

Fawkes glided over and perched himself on the edge of the sofa arm, watching Harry open the laptop and enter a few letters for the password. After Luna changing his screensaver and mucking around before it had a password, Harry wouldn't take any chances again.

Time ticked by before Harry entered his reply. He sent the email on its way. He then checked a few other emails before he shut the computer down and closed the screen.

"I'm so ready for bed now." Fawkes simply trilled in agreement.

Three days later Harry woke up to find that the organisers for the science event in New York had replied back. It was simply an email that explained how delighted they were that Harry could attend. They also sent the event roster via a digital PDF, which Harry opened up to find out where he was situated.

He was sat up in bed, the covers covering his legs and his back resting against the headboard. Fawkes was sat right next to him on top of the covers, watching the laptop screen as Harry manoeuvred through his emails.

The event would last for a whole week. "I have close the park for a week. I'll have to ask Moody to watch everyone for me while I'm gone."

That's the good thing about this park. You can leave the birds to their own devices.

"I want you to come with me Fawkes, as well as Buckbeak. I'll have to transfigure him again." Fawkes trilled his joy. He always wanted to go where Harry went.

Harry went back to reading through the events list. "I have to do a single show each day in the morning. Forty minutes long for showing and ten minutes for questions and answers. The magic happens in the arena. Sounds fun!" Harry said sarcastically. Couldn't they find open sky for him and his birds? Hopefully there wouldn't be a roof.

"You can choose some birds for me!" Harry turned to the crimson Phoenix, who was preening himself currently. "Choose two Owls and another Raptor." Harry scratched Fawkes's golden crest feathers to get his attention, "Well behaved ones." Harry couldn't stress the 'well behaved' enough. Fawkes nodded his head.

Harry read once again. "I see that Tony Stark is opening the event." Harry wasn't at all surprised. The man was dominating the television, internet and other media. "At least the man has a handsome face." Fawkes pecked Harry on the nose once. "Ow, Okay I get it!" Harry rubbed his nose, his eyes stinging. "Well, I'm sure the man wouldn't be so cocky if he wasn't a major engineering genius and a looker."

Fawkes simply appeared to glare at Harry. Harry supposed the bird was rather possessive of his master.

"What are you, my dad?" Fawkes replied by biting him on the ear this time.


Fawkes looked rather smug when Harry looked at him again.

"Meanie!" Harry muttered.

I will create a list of birds with their names and species for the next chapter. Also, the creature Luna is hunting for is totally made up by me. Please tell me what you think.