Apprenticed To A Slug

~So, as you've read, this is a new story from me. This is going to differentiate from what I normally write. I honestly don't know how well I'm going to do with this one because of the route I want to take, but hopefully I can make it work.~

"Katon" – Regular Speech

'Suiton' – Flashback/Thought Speech

'Raiton' – Demon/Summon Speech

"Doton" – Jutsu Speech

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Konoha Hospital –


"Don't be such a baby." said a feminine voice, sternly. "You're a big boy now, right Naruto-kun?" asked the same voice.

"Yeah..." replied the now named Naruto, rubbing his arm. "But that still doesn't mean I like needles." he mumbled.

Uzumaki Naruto, son of Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato, and sole brother to Namikaze Kiyomi, didn't like getting his shots. Which was quite ironic since he absolutely found the field of medicine much more fascinating than most ninja arts. He still wanted to be a shinobi, but not one who takes lives. Instead he wants to save them; he wants to be a medical-nin.

Although he was not dumb enough to believe he would never take a life. His parents had instilled in him that the chances of him having to fight for his life one day out in the field, regardless what profession he took, were a very real prospect.

People often found it odd how smart he was for a five year old. But then many people gave one look at him and understood. Physically, he is a perfect cross between his parents. He has his father' blue eyes, ears, and jawline while he inherited his mouth, nose, and crimson hair from his mother. Though, neither knew where his lighter skin complexion came from, and chalked it up to getting it from one of his grandparents; whoever they were.

He often thought it was funny how his outward appearance resembled his mother the most yet he acted like his father. When his sister resembled their father the most yet acted more like their mother.

"So, when are your parents coming to pick you up?" asked the doctor, reading his chart. She knew his mother had checked him in, but since she didn't have a return time, she couldn't very well leave the child all alone.

Naruto eyed his doctor. Her name was Maru Chie. She's been his personal doctor for as long as he can remember. Her skin was as white as snow, hair as dark as night, and her eyes as golden as the sun hanging in the sky. To him, she was very easy to recognize because she was so unique looking.

He's always liked her(except when she gives him shots), and she was always really nice to him, even taking him on tours around the hospital. It was during one of these tours when he had first become interested in medicine, still remembering seeing someone use chakra to heal a person. He couldn't remember a lot of things, but that one always stuck out to him.

"They're gonna get me in a little while."

"Hm, I see...Naruto?"


"Why don't you share a similar name to your father?" After reading his chart she found it odd how the rest of the family went by Namikaze, yet he didn't.

"I took that my name because I want to bring the Uzumaki clan back, but in Konoha." This was one of his primary goals. "My sister was born a few seconds before me, so by right, she is heir to my father' name." he explained.

Chie somewhat understood the laws regarding shinobi and their children since she dealt with many ninja in her office, and saw how it applied in this situation. Namikaze wasn't a clan, at least not before Minato became Hokage, by right, his name was established as a clan. All that remained was to fill the ranks, which would take years admittedly, but the whole thing was to have them recognized as a clan before that happened.

"Okay, that explains that, but what about you?"

"Uzumaki would have eventually faded or been assimilated into Namikaze." Chie wasn't surprised he knew such big words, she knew how smart he was first hand. "There are no such things as joint clans, even though people say otherwise. If the two clans joined, Namikaze would be the dominate clan due to my father being a Kage."

Chie slowly processed his words and was nodding slowly. It was similar to how when two people wed, the woman, on most occasions, takes the man' surname. She guessed the situation was the same here.

"I didn't want the clan to fade out of existence, not after all the stories my mother told me about them. I knew then what I wanted to do, so when I turn eighteen or reach Jōnin rank, I will become head of the Uzumaki clan."

Chie was simply astonished that the boy in front of her already knew what he wanted and had taken steps to insure it happen. Most adults couldn't even do that.

"I see, how do your parents feel about this?"

A large smile appeared on his face. "They support my decision wholeheartedly. They were afraid I would resent my sister because of her status, but my solution solved that problem."

"How are you going to revive the clan, Naruto-kun?" Last she heard, the clan was all but destroyed or scattered. The only reason she was even privy to such information was because she was caring for the last three Uzumaki and she needed to know just how the clan' physiology worked. She was astounded at just what people from this clan could survive from.

"I'm sure there are some out there in the world just waiting to be found." he stated, full of confidence.

"Or you can just repopulate the clan yourself~" teased Chie, knowing a smart boy like Naruto would figure it out. After all, if he wanted to be a medic-nin, then he would need to know the workings of both sexes.

On cue, he blushed a deep crimson. He looked away from her. "I'm going to be like my dad. Only one." he muttered.

"Oh? Just one? That's not enough to build a clan." She shook her head. "Why not two? Or three?"

He blushed even harder, his entire head resembled a cherry.

"I'm just kidding." she giggled. "Or am I?" She could no longer stave off her laughter. The last face Naruto had made had pushed her too far. Her patient was just so fun to tease. "I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself." said Chie, wiping a tear away.

His head was buried in his knees, refusing to make eye contact with her.

"How about we take another tour of the hospital?" She knew this would bring him out of his embarrassment, and it was an apology from her. "We can do this until your mom gets here."

His head snapped up, eyes lighting up. "Yeah!" he cheered. Hopefully, he would be shown an area he had yet to see.

Chie smiled at his enthusiasm. Holding out her hand for him, they walked out of the examination room.

Hokage Office –

The office of the Yondaime Hokage was currently empty, save for two people.

"Are you positive he said this."

"Yeah. I was pretty surprised when he told me right as I dropped him off for his appointment."

"I see." said the voice belonging to the fourth fire shadow, Minato. "Well, it doesn't matter. Regardless of what he chooses, we will support him to our fullest." He looked to his wife of six years, wondering what she thought about this.

"I agree with you. Both of our babies shouldn't have to be anything they don't want to be. They have choices of being whatever they want in this day and age." replied Kushina. It was more than either of them had, but those were also during turbulent times. They were currently in times of peace.

They knew about their son wanting to take over the role of Uzumaki clan leader one day, and they had agreed, but they didn't know he also wished to be a medic-nin. It had only been over an hour ago when Kushina had heard it straight from their son' mouth, but in the end it didn't really matter. They would support him on this as well.

Minato agreed with her on that last statement. "Let's also not forget that just because he wishes to be a medical-nin, that it doesn't mean he's any weaker. I think Tsunade is evidence of that." He pointed out, and no sooner had the words escaped his lips did a light bulb go off.

Kushina saw the gears beginning to turn in her husband' head, knowing when he had an idea. She calmly waited for him to finish.

"I think I may have an idea that would not only brighten Naruto's future, but also make him stronger as a result." He would need to shuffle some things around, call in a few favors, but he was positive he could get her to return, if even for a moment. He could potentially kill two birds with one stone here.

"Oh? Do tell."

Minato began to explain to his wife his brilliant idea, and she had to admit that it held merit. If it worked, then not only would her son receive first class training, but Konoha would become stronger as a result.

Kushina continued to the specifics while sneaking glances to the clock on the wall. It was time to return to the hospital.

"Well, I'll leave you to continue to iron out the details while I go and get Naruto. You got Kiyomi?" It had been one of the rare times he had been excused from his schooling. His sister on the other hand complained up a storm about not getting a day off. She had shut up once she had heard where her brother was going and what was going to be done. She ran to school.

Minato looked at his clock as well and noted his daughter would be out in two hours which meant he could still get some more work done. "Yeah, I got her."

Kushina nodded and picked up her son' staff, holding it tenderly. This had been the last gift the Sandaime, Sarutobi Hiruzen, had given her son before he had given his life sealing away the Kyūbi into her two children. The children would be orphans today had he not done that, giving Minato and herself another chance at life; a chance to be a family.

She prayed for him everyday, thanking him for this opportunity. The staff itself was very unique. It was carved from Mokuton wood, something Hiruzen had been keeping to remember his sensei, but then figured it would do better protecting someone as a weapon rather than gathering dust. In it's base state, it was a short staff of about 4ft, but when chakra was added, it extended into a long staff of 6ft.

There was a seal on the staff, it had been the first once created by Naruto. They had taught him the art of sealing last year, and already he was beginning to advance past basic sealing. The seal was designed as a lock of sorts so no one other than him could use the staff to it's fullest potential, but it also came with a very ingenious surprise attack. The staff would suddenly extend past it's 6ft and aim for wherever Naruto had it positioned. The attack was meant as an illusion to trick the eyes since all the eyes saw was the tip, never it traveling towards them at high speeds.

The Sarutobi clan had taught her son some of their basic Bōjutsu and Jōjutsu exercises and forms, as was the wish of the late Kage. Originally, it had been decided upon by Minato and herself to have Hiruzen and Biwako as Naruto's godparents. The elder Kage had been honored and couldn't wait to teach her son, but alas, fate does not always allow for such things, she should know.

She would have rather taken the Bijū back into herself and risked death than seal it into her two children.

Her little girl, always energetic and loud, just like her. She had received the yang portion of chakra from the Kyūbi. Kiyomi represented life and light; that which illuminates the paths taken.

Naruto on the other hand, always calm, composed, and thinking. So much like his father. He had received the yin chakra. He represented death and darkness; that which covers the paths and spreads the unknown.

"Alright then. I gotta go and pick Naruto up." she said. "I'll see you at home." Kushina leaned onto the desk, pressing her breasts against the hard top and gave her husband a kiss. "Bye."

Naruto –

He was currently sitting in the cafeteria, located in the basement of the hospital, eating a vanilla pudding cup. Chie had taken him around to meet a few new people. They were the people who cleaned the hospital, or more precisely the rooms. He honestly didn't see why they were so important if all they did was clean, at least compared to those saving lives.

Chie had lightly scolded him, informing him that the people who clean are just as important. They were responsible for making sure the rooms which held patients were no longer infected. That way, they could move in people who were sick or hurt.

She explained that if even a spot of blood isn't cleaned or missed, then the chances of whatever the previous patient had would still be in the room. Naruto got the point when she brought up his family and how if they ever got sick and were put in such a room, the they could get even sicker because the blood wasn't cleaned.

That was something he didn't want. Not only for his family, but everybody.

Naruto had never realized just how important these people were. He had always ignored them whenever he came for a checkup or muttered a small hello. It was then he had realized that no matter if a person be a doctor, nurse, or a cleaning person, they all had one singular goal: To Save Lives. They all just had different ways of doing it.

After learning such things, he had mentioned he wanted to learn more. Chie, in response, had taken him to the small library the hospital had and checked him out two books. One was on human anatomy while the other was how chakra was utilized in medicine. Both of them written by Senju Tsunade.

"I can't wait to read these." He sent Chie his biggest smile.

"What can't you wait to read, Naru-chan?" He froze and blushed.

"Moooom..." He was so embarrassed. "Don't call me that." Naruto turned away from Chie.

Kushina giggled at her son, easily spotting the small crush he had on his doctor. "No matter how big or old you get, you'll always be my little Naru-chan." Just to embarrass him some more, she pinched his cheek.

The dark blue hoodie he was wearing came in handy right now. He grabbed the hood and pulled it over his face, revealing the crimson Uzumaki clan symbol on the back. Naruto couldn't bear to be seen right now and quickly grabbed his books, his mothers hand, and rushed towards an exit.

"Bye! I'll see you later!" he shouted. Kushina grinned cheekily as she to waved goodbye to the doctor, trying to keep up with her son pulling her.

"Kukuku...I'll see you later as well, Naruto-kun."

~Namikaze Residence~

Naruto had went straight to his room after the whole embarrassing debacle at the hospital. His mother hadn't stopped her teasing until they had reached the front door of their house.

"Lunch will be ready in five minutes!" They were having sandwich's, quick and easy.


He placed the two books he was borrowing from Chie on his personal bookshelf with his others, and instead of getting started on them, he took out another. He went downstairs.

Kushina had seen him coming with book under arm. "Naruto, what have I said about reading at the table?" She tapped her foot, waiting patiently.

"Heh, whoops. Totally forgot about that." He knew it annoyed his mother when he brought things to the table when they were about to eat. He was playing with fire, he knew that, but he wanted to get her back somehow for earlier, and this is all that came to mind, that wouldn't get him in serious trouble.

Kushina rolled her eyes and took the book from her son, it read: Fūinjutsu for intermediate beginners. She still couldn't wrap her head around the fact that her son was progressing so fast in this art. The art of sealing was all about math, length, physics, chakra proportion, tenacity, and imagination. All of which her son had.

It really was genius of Minato to have begun Naruto and Kiyomi' training so early on when their minds were still developing and malleable. The reason why was because the views of the mind started to get rigid the older a person got. Once the imagination and very belief of creating something outrageous went out the door, it never returned. So it was imperative they cultivate this in their children.

They had started this practice very very early on. From reading to them when they were infants, or just talking to them. It was all so they could expand their minds.

It was one of the reasons they had decided to enroll them in public school. What better way to cultivate minds of children than with other children. The other reason was so the two of them could create bonds with the civilian children who would one day take over their family's business. It would also give them a better understanding of the common man if either of them ever managed to be Hokage. In two years though, they would most likely enroll them in the ninja academy with the other clan heirs; establishing more bonds.

Everything worked out in a way that they let their children decide their own futures while still strengthening Konoha as a whole.


Kushina turned to her son hopping off his seat, having finished his lunch.

"Where are you off to in such a hurry?"

"Out back." he answered, grabbing his book. "Gonna do some chakra control while I read about seals." His parents had been explicit when they told him he would only practice with ink and scroll under their supervision. He would not do anything more advanced yet, but just because he couldn't put it into practice didn't mean he couldn't read about it.

"Don't you wanna wait for your sister?" She really wished Kiyomi had taken after her brother in the study and school habits department. It seemed her daughter took far to much after herself in that regard.


Kushina sighed. While she often wished for her daughter to be more like her brother, it was vice versa as well. Kiyomi was very social, had many friends, and was very outgoing. Naruto on the other hand was introverted, didn't have many friends(not his age anyways), and tended to stay at home more often than not.

It honestly worried her, but her husband assured her that it would change as time went by. Especially when he was enrolled in the ninja academy. So for now all she could do was believe in her husband' words.

"Let's see here..." Naruto was on the ground flipping through pages of his book. He had placed three leaves, one on his forehead, two on his cheeks, and added chakra. "The art of sealing is more than just adding chakra to a seal. It involves knowledge of many things, the highest being imagination." he read.

He continued. "Imagination is what gives birth to ideas, and it is through ideas that we continue to innovate and move forward in the ever changing world..."

Naruto had lost track of time and before he knew it darkness had fallen all around him. The words the author of the book said were just so enthralling to him. Many of which he agreed with. Without the use of imagination, then many of the seals in the world would never have existed.

The fire that had been started when his parent had first shown him seals only grew the more he learned about the art, and the book was only strengthening those flames. While being a medic-nin, and reviving the Uzumaki clan were two goals of his, they certainly weren't his only two. Both of his parents were seal masters and he one day wanted to stand above them.

Another thing that was on his radar but wasn't entirely sure about, depending who asked, was whether he would go for the mantle of Hokage after his father stepped down. He honestly wasn't sure, since he knew medics weren't supposed to be front line fighters or instigate fights, they were supposed to protect people, which he guessed also feel in line with being a medic. Even if he were to consider the option, he didn't know if he would even have the skills or power to be the Hokage, but who knows, he certainly didn't know. Perhaps his view of the world would change as he grew older.

He gathered his things and went inside for dinner, already hearing his sister shouting something at the table.

~One Year Later~

"Hurry up mom!" whined Kiyomi.

Naruto shook his head at his older sister. She was just so impatient, which wasn't a good trait to have, especially if she was going to be a kunoichi. Her sun-kissed golden blonde hair had grown over the past year, now reaching her shoulders and would soon reach her back, much like their mother'. Also, like their mother, she had inherited her violet eyes, distinguishing them further.

He was a bit miffed though. She was currently taller than him despite being the same age. He did learn though that girls grow faster than boys in the beginning, but in the end boys eventually grow even more. She also had a mild obsession with the color red, or more precisely the color that he and his mother shared. She would always ruffle his hair while rubbing her face in it, and often heard her saying she wished her hair was crimson like theirs.

"You need to calm down, Kiyomi." said Kushina, sternly. "Patience is a virtue." Minato, who had a few hours off before he had to go back to the office, would have snorted. His wife wasn't exactly one to preach patience when they were growing up, but he remained silent. Why? Because he preferred to keep his manhood intact.

"Your mother is right." he added, silently patting himself on the back for that one. And judging by the look his wife sent him, he had done good.

"Now, we're going to determine your nature affinity today." Before Kiyomi could start gushing, Minato interrupted his wife to stop his daughter before she could get started.

"This however does not mean we are going to teach you techniques." he stated. "You will practice nature transformation under our guidance and when we feel you have reached an adequate level, then and only then will we start technique training." He needed them to understand this and not get their hopes up. This was after all just a way for them to plan things out later on.

"Thank you for that dear." Kushina smiled lovingly at her husband. "I have two chakra papers in my hand, one for each of you. Channel your chakra into them and let's find out what your most attuned with."

She handed both pieces of paper over to her children, both of them holding onto them gingerly. Almost afraid to hold them tighter in fear of messing something up. Seeing as the paper wasn't as fragile as they believed, they finally did as instructed.

Minato and Kushina studied both of their children and first watched as Kiyomi' piece of paper showed reaction first. It slightly split down the middle before the paper evaporated into a small pool of water in her hand. Both were surprised to see she had two affinities right off the bat.

"Wasn't expecting that, but congratulations nonetheless Kiyomi. You have two affinities." stated Minato.

"Whoo!" Kiyomi cheered loudly. "I got two!" Everyone smiled at her joy, and turned their attention to the remaining person and were once more surprised.

Naruto had two as well, but the only difference was his were both equally strong. Unlike his sister' who's affinity for water was higher.

"Congrats son." Naruto looked up to his father and mother. "You have an affinity for lightning and earth."

It was definitely two of the more weird combinations he's seen sprout up since neither nature complimented the other, but beggars can't be choosers. They would make this work. Even though neither he nor Kushina new any techniques for either of his affinities.

'Perhaps I can see about Kakashi teaching Naruto for a bit." mused Minato. It was a decent idea since his student no doubt had numerous techniques from various elements copied.

The only emotion Naruto had shown was his large smile, but on the inside he was jumping for joy. He wasn't sure about the earth affinity, but he was glad to have lightning. He had prayed for it. It would help him in the long run for becoming a medic-nin since the body dealt with electrical signals all the time. This would surely benefit him.

"This is so cool, huh Naruto!" exclaimed Kiyomi.

"...Yeah, it is." he replied, smiling.

Before the family could proceed any further, an Anbu dropped down behind them.

"What's the problem?" Minato had switched from his fatherly personality to his Hokage mindset. Now only stood the warrior.

"She is a few minutes away." It was all the masked one said before vanishing. The only two who were confused with the whole thing were the siblings.

Minato and Kushina on the other hand knew what the shinobi meant. They had finally located the elusive woman and she was on her way. It had taken much, mostly bribery, but it had been done.

"I have to go." Minato gave his family an apologetic look. "When I get back from the office, we can decide what the next step in your training is going to be after this." he said, and then he was gone.

Hokage Office –

Minato appeared in his seat, hoping he got there before the woman did, whom he knew would be annoyed. He didn't. Staring at him were two chocolate brown orbs that belonged to a woman whose beauty and skill were unparallelled.

He composed himself. "Thank you for coming, Tsunade." greeted Minato. Senju Tsunade, granddaughter and grandniece to the Shodai and Nidaime Hokages. Her blonde hair framed her beautiful face as her grass-green haori held her unmatchable bust, according to his sensei anyways. She is one of the most powerful kunoichi in the world, and she didn't look happy.

"Cut the pleasantries brat." she replied, rudely. "Why did you call me back for? Kushina isn't pregnant again is she?" Tsunade had been the midwife when Kushina had the two children, but due to her fear of blood, she had been useless in the fight against the man who had taken Naruto. All she did was move Kiyomi out of harms way and watched her teacher die from the sidelines.

"No, it's not that." He silently thanked whatever god existed above for that. He couldn't deal with the crying and constant mood swings, from both baby and Kushina. "I called you here for a different reason."

"Well, get to the point." she growled out. The sooner she was done here, the faster she could leave.

"I...No, not just me." he said. "Kushina and myself would very much appreciate if you could teach Naruto."

Tsunade actually stopped whatever rebuttal she had in place, and just stared at him. "That's what you called me back for? To teach your baby brat? Why should I even bother?"

"Well, it would be as a favor to me and Kushina. Plus, he's really talented. Reads a lot of medical books published by you."

Despite her ostentatious behavior from before, she couldn't deny the fact she was interested. It wasn't very often she found others who were talented and wanted to learn in the field of medicine. She knew it wasn't hyperbole when Minato spoke, even if this was his own son. The man just wasn't built like that, perhaps Kushina, but not him.

"What's in it for me?" She wasn't outright denying nor accepting the request, and Minato knew that. This was his chance to secure the future for one of his children while still working on getting his sensei back to the village to train Kiyomi.

While they would indeed train her, they wanted her to gain as many skills as she could while learning from different people. It was the reason he was trying to get Tsunade to train Naruto, that way, when they finally came back, both he and Kushina could train him in other things.

"Well, aside from molding a young mind, I am prepared to pay off your debts using my funds." he started. "I will also begin to put together a program that will ensure there are medic-nin in every four man cell." He hoped that this would be enough for her. The money itself was nothing to him, if his children benefited from it then it was a worthy investment. The medic-nin program however had a deeper meaning. He was hoping to provoke her into coming back into the village and run it once she was done teaching his son.

Tsunade bit her lip. She honestly didn't care about the money since she always ran away from her debt collectors anyway, but the program was something she had been trying to establish for a very long time now. Despite not being in Konoha, she did not want anymore needless deaths because teams were ill-prepared to treat wounds or toxins, the medic in her just would let her.

Her goal was right before her eyes. All she had to do was say yes.

"If I do take you up on this..." she began. "Then I want to do this my way. I decide what and how to teach him. I don't want any outside interference." she stated, standing firm.

"That is agreeable-"

"...And I want to do this outside of the village."

Minato had stopped mid-sentence, and had hoped she wouldn't have brought it up. He had been hoping she would have stayed within the village of her own accord, but it seems he was wishing for to much. He sighed. It was either not go through with this and screw Naruto out of a possible future, or have him go but not interact with his family, friends, and other clan heirs when the time came.

"Is there nothing I can say or do to persuade you to remain within these walls?" He knew it was a foolhardy question to ask, but he still had to give it a shot.

"No." she stated, firmly. This was something that she would be obstinate about.

"Is this a deal breaker?"

"Yes." She valued her freedom above all else, and did not want to stay in the village that had taken so much from her.

"I see." In reality, Minato already had his answer. He could have easily just pulled rank since she was still technically a shinobi of this village, but he didn't want to deal with the headache of her possibly forcing her way out and something going amiss. Not only would it paint a bad picture about his authority and the village, but he would then have to possibly deal with his sensei, and he didn't even want to think about what would happen should one of his shinobi accidentally kill Tsunade in defense.

He knew the man was still in love with her after forty plus years, and love made people do strange and stupid things. He didn't know what the man would do if that scenario were to ever go down.

Looking at Tsunade, he knew his son would be safe with one-third of the Sannin yet this just didn't sit right with him. There was an uneasy feeling about all of this. The woman was powerful, there was no denying this, she was also very good at evasion and stealth, considering none of her debt collectors had caught her nor any other shinobi found her. But how would she protect Naruto should she face more than one or two enemies?

He also had to add in the fact that she probably had to protect Shizune, and granted, he didn't know the level of skill the young lady possessed. But he doubted she could take on high level enemies or a group of them alone.

The blonde Hokage still remained silent before giving his answer. "Very well." he agreed. "You can take him out of the village, but I have a few stipulations."

Tsunade frowned, already he was trying to control her. "What are they?" She would hear him out, and depending on what they were she would either accept or refuse.

"Don't travel anywhere near Tsuchi no Kuni." That was his first. While he knew Ōnoki, the Tsuchikage, would not risk starting another war so soon only to garner the same result, the same could not be said about some of the shinobi under his command. Even he had some. He was not naive enough to believe every shinobi under his command followed every order to the letter.

The only remaining Senju agreed with his first demand. "What's the second?" Tsunade already knew to call him by his Uzumaki surname nor would he even be recognized as Minato' son. He was a perfect blend of Kushina as well. She was positive no one would notice unless they were actively looking for it.

"I want you to take these." Minato handed her three of his tri-pronged kunai. "I won't interfere with what you have planned, but should the need ever arise where a situation is spiraling out of control, then do not hesitate to use these. I will be there." Minato didn't care if they were used while he was working, in a meeting, asleep, or just waking up. He would be there.

Tsunade nodded, putting away the three kunai. "Any more?"

"Yes." he nodded. "One more. I want to assign a bodyguard-"

"Don't need them."

"...He isn't going to be a visible one nor is he going to interfere. The Anbu recently acquired a new recruit, he is very talented and knows how to fight, but he needs experience. This type of mission will serve him well." This was to be deemed a long term mission, something that he would no doubt be doing later while also offering protection from the shadows, another thing he will be doing in the future.

It really was too bad the boy had joined the darkness. He was positive he and his son would have hit it off perfectly. Perhaps once the mission was over they would meet when his mask wasn't on.

"How talented?"

"Prodigious." He wasn't lying when he said this. "All he needs is experience, he knows how to follow orders and only you will know he's there. If anything, you will be the commanding officer for him on this mission of his."

Tsunade remained silent. Normally she would have refused the help, and had it been someone who was visibly trying to protect them, then she would have. She didn't need that, she was enough. But even she couldn't detect all the threats, and having someone from the shadows to watch over not only Naruto, but Shizune as well, it was a weight off her shoulders.

"...Very well. I agree to your stipulations." She shook his hand and went to inform Shizune of the agreement and to start gathering supplies for the trip ahead. Meanwhile, she and Minato would be taking a trip to see her newest student.

~Namikaze Residence~

"We're back."

Kushina heard her husband' voice inside of the house and went to greet him. She wasn't that surprised to see Tsunade with him and greeted her as well.

"Since you're here, then I'm guessing everything went well?"

Minato inwardly frowned and sighed. "I think you should sit down."

So began the long explanation of what had just recently transpired, and it was as he guessed. She was not happy. Kushina would have lunged for Tsunade, screaming at her for taking her baby boy away from home but was held back.

"But what about his school!? Or the ninja academy?!" She was grasping at straws here. Trying to say anything that would deter him leaving. "That stuff is important to ya know."

Tsunade snorted in disdain when the words ninja academy were brought up. She had taken a glance at the curriculum being taught nowadays, it was laughable. Even if they weren't at war.

"I think learning history from a person who actually knew, albeit shortly, the Shodai and Nidaime Hokages is better suited to teach it." Kushina couldn't refute that point. "Plus, he's still going to receive his basic education. Shizune has that covered. I will teach him the rest."

"But, but..."

"Enough already Kushina." whispered Minato. He knew it was tough, but they had to push through this. All of this was so their kids could have a better future.

"Where is the brat anyways?"

"Yeah, where is he?" repeated Minato. "And where's Kiyomi?"

"She's outside practicing." replied Kushina. "Naruto went to the library to return a few books. Said he would be back in a few minutes."

"Oh." Well, that was fine. As long as Naruto wasn't there overly long. "C'mon, I've already introduced Jiraiya-sensei to the kids, they've yet to meet you."

Tsunade followed after him as they went into the back to introduce her to his daughter, Kushina trailing behind them.

Naruto –

Having returned the books he had checked out some time ago, he was ready to head on back home to continue his training when he spotted something. It was practically calling out to him.

Traveling over to the medical section, he spotted the book that had been calling out to him. He shivered when he read the title.

"Acupuncture & Acupressure: A Beginners Guide."

He knew acupuncture dealt with needles and he assumed acupressure must have been similar to what the Hyūga clan could do. Often he found himself wondering just what it was like having the Byakugan, being able to see the chakra paths and such. It would be a great tool for medics.

He walked over to the librarian and gave her his book and card.

"I'll take this one."

The elderly woman behind the desk in the library looked up from what she was doing and smiled. One of her regular patrons was looking to check out another book. She nodded her head, stamped it, gave him a smile and sent him on his way.

"Heh, I can't wait to get this home and read it."

As he continued his trek back home, his curiosity got the better of him. Despite hating needless and what they did, he opened up his book and started on the first chapter.

Naruto had paused in his reading, stopping halfway through the first chapter. He hated doing that, especially when it was getting good, but the reason he stopped was because he was in front of his door. He had been so engrossed that he had failed to realize he had made it all the way home. Boy would his mom be mad at him if she ever found out he hadn't been paying attention to his surroundings.

"I'm home!"

"Ah, Naruto." He was surprised to hear his father's voice so soon already. "Can you come into the living room. We need to have a talk."

'Uh oh.'

He wanted to bolt right back out the front door when he heard the words "need" and "talk" in the same sentence since those were never good together. He was positive he hadn't done anything wrong.


No sooner had he entered into view did he stop, seeing who was sitting next to his parents. She was one of the reasons why he found the medical field in general so fascinating. Senju Tsunade was in his home, it took some serious self control to stop from gushing. Sure, he had met his dad's sensei, but all the man did was point out all the breasts, butts, and special places of the ladies in all the medical books he was reading.

He liked the man, but he felt the man was a bit too laid back. He didn't understand why his sister liked him so much, probably because they're both so like each other. But this was different, she was different from her teammate, or at least he hoped she was.

"Please tell me you're different from Ero-Sennin?" Were the first words out of his mouth.

Minato sighed, but still found himself chuckling lightly at the nickname. Kushina and Tsunade had no reservations and burst out laughing.

"Why do you call him that?" Tsunade could barely speak the words in-between her laughter.

The blonde Hokage quickly explained the situation that wouldn't put his sensei in even hotter water that he was when he himself had found out. Had Kushina been the one to find out, oh man, Jiraiya wouldn't be called "Ero-Sennin" as Naruto put it, no, he was be called the music man. Making a sound every time he walked. Minato shivered and unconsciously covered his manhood.

"Heh, I think you and me are going to get along just fine."

Naruto was puzzled by this, why would she say that. "What do you mean, Tsunade-sama?"

Her eyes lit up. "Scratch that, I think I may be in love." she teased. "He's smart, cute, and respectful. He's the ideal man. Can I have him?" she asked, jokingly.

"Nope, he's all mine." replied Kushina, pulling her son into a deep hug while kissing his forehead.

Meanwhile, Minato watched the whole interaction and hid his smirk. It seemed his son could charm the ladies without even trying. His sensei would be jealous.

"Moooom..." Seeing his son squirm was funny, but he figured it was time to get down to business.

"What she meant from earlier Naruto was that she has accepted to train you."


Naruto for once in his short life was left speechless. He had honestly never envisioned this as a possibility that would, or could ever happen to him.

"Yep, your dad and me know how much you want to be a medical-nin. So we did a few things and now your teacher is here." said Kushina, completely glossing over how much it had actually taken to convince the woman in front of them.

All any of them saw was a small red and blue blur tackling his two parents, repeating thank you over and over again.

"However, it's going to be outside of the village." Now that had put a halt on his celebration.

"Outside? Why outside?"

"I have my reasons." answered the busty female.

Naruto was now having second thoughts about this whole thing. Sure he wanted to learn under the best, but not at the cost of having to leave his home and family. It just didn't feel right to him, in fact, it felt really scary.

Minato could see the anxiousness in his eyes.

"Son." Naruto turned to his father. "I can see you debating this now, but you shouldn't. This is a golden opportunity that almost never happens. You have a bright and promising future ahead of you. It's only going to get brighter once you start learning under Tsunade."

The future heir of Uzumaki understood what his father was saying, but he was still really uncomfortable with this.

"He's right, Naruto." This time it was his mother. "Just imagine it. How much stronger you'll get from this, plus you can tell us all of the stories of your travels and brag to your sister about how much stronger you've gotten." Though it was unlikely he would. His sister might once they bring Jiraiya, her godfather, back and force him to remain so he can teach her as well.

As much as Kushina hated that man' perverted streak, she couldn't deny the man was a good teacher. Plus, she was positive her daughter would come out unscathed, like her father, aka not perverted.

"Well, I guess I could try..." Naruto interrupted her musing. "When would we leave?"

"Very soon."

Naruto frowned. "Why so soon?"

"Because the world outside of these walls doesn't wait. Every minute of ever day there is sickness, injury, or death." she stated, bluntly. This was one of the first things she would teach him. "Theory in your books is good and all, but when you don't have experience then it does you little good. Books can't explain the unpredictable or chaos of the world. Things out there are real."

Kushina knew she was speaking the truth since she had seen it many times as a kunoichi, but as a mother she wished the woman had more tact.

Naruto gulped, but nodded. "What else are you going to teach me?"

Tsunade contemplated his words for a silent minute, slightly tracing the rhombus mark on her forehead before speaking.

"How to create and battle toxins, how to heal wounds, fix fractures, but most importantly. How to save a life."

She had briefly thought of teaching him her own personal techniques, but banished those thoughts. The two of them would have to be as close as mother and son for her to teach him those. And in reality, despite them being distantly related, it would still take something paramount for her to agree.

"There are other things I will teach you regarding the role of a medic-nin, but I can teach those to you once we're on the road."

Naruto took a deep breath and exhaled. He could do this. "Let me go pack."

"We actually already did that for you." said Kushina.

"Okay, but I want to take a few personal things. Is that okay?" he asked. Tsunade nodded. He went up to his room.

Kushina turned to Tsunade.

"Do you have all of the scrolls we gave you?"

"Yes." replied Tsunade, annoyed. This was the third time she had been asked the question. The few scrolls she had mostly contained his clothes, currency, quite a few meals, and the kunai given to her by Minato.

"I was just checking is all." mumbled Kushina, pouting. This was her only son after all, she had a right to worry.

Tsunade just rolled her eyes at the mother hen attitude and waited as patiently as she could for Naruto to finish. She had already informed Shizune to meet her at the front gates.

Naruto –

The crimson haired youth left the room and slowly made his way to his room. Opening the door and lightly shutting it closed, he slid downwards.

Taking a deep breath, he looked up and at his room. It was here when the full weight of his choice hit him. In just a few minutes, he would be leaving all he knows behind. His parents, sister, home, what friends he did have; it was all being left behind.

He started to sniffle a bit.

He was going to be all alone out in the big world. He knew he would be safe with Tsunade, but he really didn't know her that well, she didn't feel warm like his mom did. Or at least he didn't feel it when he talked to her.

With a deep breath, he picked himself up and started to pack a few things. Mostly a books. His newest one along with a few fūinjutsu books.

"Guess this is the last time I'm going to see this room." he mumbled. "Or at least for a little while anyways."

He left and closed the door behind him.

"I'm ready to go."

Kushina saw her son all geared up and ready to go. Ready to get a head start on his life.

"I want you to listen to Tsunade, okay?" She gave him a hug. "Learn everything you can and then come back home to us. We'll be waiting." She was beginning to tear up.

Minato knelt down. "What your mother said." he said, smiling. "Be careful out there son. Know that when things get tough for you, think of your family and keep pushing. We love you."

Naruto wanted to cry but composed himself before he could, though if one looked close enough, you could see the tiny droplet by his eye. He gave his dad a stiff nod.

Tsunade got up from her seat after witnessing the touching scene and felt a bit awkward. She walked over to Naruto, put a hand on his shoulder and getting them ready to meet Shizune. However, before she could, Kushina suddenly leapt at them.

"Wait! I changed my mind!" She had latched herself onto Naruto's legs, refusing to let go. "I can't go through with this, he's my baby boy! I'm going with you!" she exclaimed. She wasn't about to let her baby go out there all alone in the big bad world, as her motherly instincts kicked in.

Minato shook his head, his wife' antics were always over the top. He jumped atop her and slowly began to pry her off with all of his strength, and held her down.

"Get going!" he told the two. "I'll hold her for as long as I can!"

Tsunade rolled her eyes at the whole scene. That was an Uzumaki for you though, she guessed. Always the unpredictable ones they were.

"Minato!" screamed Kushina, angry. "You're so going to get it once I break free!"

The blonde Kage grimaced, he knew his fate when he had grabbed her. But it was all for his son, so it was worth it in his mind.

"I'll tell your sister, Kakashi, Asuma, and Kurenai you said bye." Minato informed his son. The three young adults were the only real friends his son had. The three were like older siblings to him. Asuma especially. Ever since the young man had returned from the employ of the Daimyō, he had been there to help his clan through the loss of not only his own mother, but his father as well.

Naruto nodded, grateful to his father. He had wanted to say goodbye, but then his mom started acting all crazy.

"Bye mom, dad. I love you guys."

Both Tsunade and Naruto vanished.

Once Naruto and Tsunade were outside of the residence, she hoisted him up and ran for the gates. She was positive she could take Kushina, but she just didn't want to waste any more time.

Naruto spotted a very pretty woman waiting for them at the gate. She had short raven colored hair, big dark eyes, tanned skin, and a bright smile. He blushed a bit, she was pretty.

After handing over the papers of Naruto' permitted leave, the trio quickly rushed out of the gates and were on the road.

"Where are we going?" asked Naruto, still being carried. Tsunade wanted to gain a bit of distance before they chose a concentrated location.

"For now, we go where the road takes us."

Unbeknownst to all but Tsunade, a shadow was silently keeping watch of them while the group began their journey.

End of Chapter


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