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The Fate of Dumbledore's Portrait

Hermione and Fleur met outside of the entrance to the headmistress's office, which was protected by the gargoyle. Professor McGonagall had given Hermione the current password easily and had excused herself from the impending judgement onto the old fool that could have very likely damned their world with his secrets. She didn't have and pity for him. Hermione gave the password 'Unity' and both young woman went up to the office. There they found the portraits of the previous headmasters and headmistresses assembled, with the one of Dumbledore hanging next to the one of Armando Dippet.

"Miss Granger and Miss Weasley, what a nice surprise. But where is Harry? I need to talk to him," Dumbledore greeted them.

"He won't ever talk to you again after the way you betrayed him became clear, you old bastard," Hermione opened the volley.

"Really, you should show Professor Dumbledore respect, young lady," the portrait of Armando Dippet commented indigenised.

"Oh, shut up. Had you gone through what that stupid old man did, just because he couldn't believe that his interpretation of certain pieces of information was the only one that could be right, you wouldn't care for proper manners either," Hermione snapped.

"Then could you enlighten us to his supposed crimes, my dear?" Dillys Derwent asked, "I thought he had fought against the leader of the dark side in this war."

"Gladly," Hermione said with an evil glint in her eyes and started telling the previous headmasters, while Fleur hexed Dumbledore's portrait silent so he couldn't interrupt, what kind of things Dumbledore had done to her and Harry, what his idiocy had cost their world, how many people had died because he couldn't share information and ask those with more knowledge than him in certain areas.

To say that the other portraits were shocked was an understatement.

"Dear Merlin, that's horrible," Derwent commented, "I certainly understand your anger towards Albus then. To think that he condoned the drugging of students and didn't act on known abuse of a child."

"It gets better, Headmistress Derwent, he had to be part of the scheme that kept Harry under potions. After all, when we interviewed Madam Pomfrey why Harry never got treated for the things she must have spotted with how often he had to stay at the hospital wing, she told us that she complained about detected symptoms of abuse ever since his first year at Hogwarts and demanded that Harry was given the mandatory medical examination that all students had to get before school even started. But she was denied each and every time and her complaints to those that could have acted were made to disappear," Hermione revealed.

"Oui, the old man only wanted to be famous for defeating a second dark lord," Fleur commented, "Ze fact zat he condemned a child for his goals never caused him trouble sleeping at night. Well, we decided zat actions had to have consequences."

Hermione and Fleur looked at each other evilly and drew their wands, pointing them at Dumbledore's portrait.

"One moment please, let me get my portrait out of the way!" Dippet asked.

To the slight surprise of the two young women the portraits of the other headmasters, even the one of Phineas Niggelus Black were moved to the side magically and they had a free line to Dumbledore's portrait. Fleur undid the silencing charm and he protested the actions they were about to take.

"Please, everything I did was for the Greater Good. Tom had to be stopped," Dumbledore pleaded.

"You are the one that forced the man I love into an abusive home when it wasn't necessary at all. You were the one that ignored that he had an expert curse breaker at hand in Bill Weasley. You let Ron potion Harry and me with love potions, just to let your little sycophants get what they wanted. You ignored that Molly Weasley was round the bend and should have been closely monitored for her inability to accept that her world view was twisted. The wards of Hogwarts should have been able to not only detect the horcruxes that were inside the walls of this school, they should have also caught the blood quills that Umbridge used to torture Harry with. He had a permanent scar on the back of his hand from that. But for you it didn't matter. Why would you care for a boy that you had decided had to die a martyr's death, just because you didn't know another way to deal with horcruxes than a book that is considered a joke among cursebreakers? No, you don't deserve any mercy, as you never showed those people that needed help even a hint of it.

"Sirius, Remus, Harry, Neville, the students that suffered the abuse from Snape in his Potions classes and I could go on. Fleur, are you ready?" Hermione asked.

"Ready," Fleur confirmed.

Both witches concentrated their magic and unleashed white hot flames at the portrait of Dumbledore, who couldn't flee from it for some reason. The flames took five minutes to die down and in the end there was only a pile of smouldering ash on the floor. Then, to their surprise, from the pile of ash a very small portrait appeared again, with a very different picture of the former headmaster.

"Ah, that would be the security measure of all portraits of the headmasters setting in," Dippet informed them, "Don't worry though. If a portrait was destroyed for justified reasons it is returned to show the amount of positive influence that the headmaster it shows had on Hogwarts. As many mistakes as Albus might have had, he was the one that protected the children during the first war and kept Hogwarts as the only safe place in Britain. His picture though will show his true character for all eternity now. Fitting that he's dressed in the sinner's robes," Dippet explained.

The robes Dumbledore wore now were dark grey and very unflattering. He also wore a cap with the word 'Sinner' printed on it, and as much as he tried, he couldn't take it off of his head. Then a house elf appeared and took the portrait to the end of the line of portrait, where it was put on the wall again, not able to voice its complaints about the treatment it received.

"The ability to speak will only be returned to Albus if he's asked a direct question and he will be forced to answer directly and truthfully. No more half-truths and evasions," Derwent informed the two.

"Good, it's nothing less that he deserves," Hermione declared.

"I think you should go and see you boyfriend, my child. I think spending some time with him will do you good," Derwent commented with a wink, which made Hermione smirk.

Oh, yes, spending time with Harry to celebrate their NEWTs in private would certainly do her a world of good. Fleur decided that she would do the same with her husband and both witches left the office. Once the door had closed behind them, Derwent and Dippet looked at each other.

"Should we inform Minerva about this?" Dippet asked.

"I don't think it's necessary. She will have expected it when she gave the girl the password. But we should make sure that all new headmasters of the future take Albus as a bad example of how you have to take responsibility for your actions. After all, he won't get rid of the sinner's robes until his positive advice outweighs his crimes. And you know how long it took Phineas to reach that point," Derwent commented.

"Will you stop rubbing that under my nose? I at least only needed two decades for that. And I didn't nearly cause the victory of a dark lord that I partly created by my actions. I may have disadvantaged those not of pureblood status, but I never went as far as harming a child, while I was headmaster," Black protested.

The other portraits sniggered at that. Yes, it took a lot of time to get rid of the sinner's robes. Albus didn't like it one bit. He sat in his unflattering robes and pouted at the injustice of everything.

And that's the end of this story. Thanks for reading.