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Jack's desperate shout was the last thing she heard before, in a rush of cold, she was ripped from the room packed with books and dropped onto the cold floor of a forest. Disoriented and shaking she stood in a rush.

"Jack!" Her head was spinning as she shouted into the dark and wind chilled woods. Her fingertips dug into the icy bark of the tree she collapsed against. "Jack, help me!" The wind pulled her voice into the leafless branches. She shivered. Still clutched in her hands was the beaten up spell book from the room Pitch had told her was Mother Goose's library. If she could figure out where she was and how to get back to her frost spirit she could save him. "Anybody?" She whispered into the wind.

"Is there someone out there?" A voice shouted into the woods from somewhere behind her. A light at the edge of the trees bobbed along with a voice. A shadowy figure in the distance took a few long strides through the snow. "Hello?"

Poppy struggled to turn, but her spinning head made it near impossible. "I think I need help." Her voice was thin and her knees wobbled but she managed to focus in the direction of the voice.

"Hey! Hold on I see you. Just stand still for a second." A bobbing light in the distance rushed towards her. "Hey, come on let's get you somewhere warm. Can you focus?" A soft hand touched her neck and made her turn towards the face. The hands lifted hers after turning her face towards his and pulled her up from where she had fallen to the ground. "Can you walk? What're you doing out here by yourself?"

"I don't know, the last thing I remember..." She looked up into a pair of warm brown eyes. The face was unmistakably familiar, though the wrong colors all together. "Jack?" She breathed and clutched his hands tighter. Her knees wobbled again. "What are you doing here? What happened to you.." She looked him over with wide eyes.

His dark eyebrows practically hit his hairline. "You know my name? Have I met you before..? I'm so sorry how rude of me."

Poppy shook her head and looked down frantically. Her snow spirit was completely different, human and solid somehow. Her hands moved from his hands to the thick cloak draped over his shoulders. "Where are we Jack. Nothing makes sense."

He flinched. "I am so sorry, I don't know your name, but were gonna get you somewhere safe." He pulled off his cloak off and looked around before wrapping it around her shoulders. "Come on, we gotta warm you up or you're gonna be toast out here."

"Where are we?" She repeated again as Jack pulled her to her feet and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. "Jack, the last thing I knew we were in a room and there was this horrible skeletal woman and the others-"

He scowled. "I think you must have me confused with someone. I've been chopping firewood miles from any stone rooms. And you're in Burgess, is everything okay? You hit your head or something?" He set one of his slim hands on her forehead and gave her a concerned look over.

"Firewood." She muttered and pulled his cloak tighter around her shoulders. "I don't feel so good." She wobbled on her feet.

"No, no." He scooped her up onto his back. "We need to get you somewhere warm and then we'll figure you out. Tell me your name at least."

She wound her arms around his neck and held him close. A strong heart beat in his chest and he was warmer than what she was comfortable feeling from him, when she was used to be him being cold. "It's Poppy. My name's Poppy." Her voice shook with the cold.

He laughed. "What a pretty name. Alright Poppy, keep talking to me. Where did you come from? Not the woods I hope."

"I don't remember really. Everything is a blur."

"Well, you're safe now. I've got you." Jack shifted her around on his back in order to open the door to a creaky cabin at the edge of a darkened town. Through the chilled darkness, she could just make out the outlines of shadowy buildings. The small village disappeared as her rescuer closed the door as quietly as he could behind themm and set her down in front of a wood fire stove in the corner of the living space. "There you go. Everything's okay now." The brunette sat in front of her and folded up his long legs before pulling his cloak tighter around the girl's shoulders. "Tell me where you came from. Focus on my voice okay."

Poppy couldn't really answer. The young man in front of her was Jack, definitely Jack. The Jack she had saved only a few hours before from the fire of a similar stove. His slim frame was lit with the firelight as he studied her carefully. "I don't know exactly how I got here. I was with.. And then we were frozen.." She could hardly keep her eyes open. The room felt like it was spinning and everything was so cold.

"You just appeared in the woods, huh?" He ran a hand through his hair and then set his chin in his palm. "Sounds like something out of a storybook to me. Focus on my voice, the fire will warm you up in no time."

The firelight flickered in the dim cabin, but she listened to his voice and focused as ahrd as she could on the warmth. "She said I had to wait." Her voice was small as she buried her face into the cloak he had wrapped her in. "What do you think could it possibly mean. Wait for what? The answers have to be in this world somewhere." Her eyes shifted up to him.

The brunette in front of her smiled almost apologetically. "You know, you're not really making a lot of sense. Who said you have to wait? Can you tell me anything else? Just keep talking so you don't pass out okay?" His voice was soft and encouraging.

She clenched the book a little tighter to her chest. "I don't know how to describe it. We were in the library one minute and then the next.." She trailed off with a weak sigh. "And now your hair is all wrong." She reached out and touched the soft hair at his temple.

With a soft laugh, he took her hand from his hair. "You need to sleep or you're gonna be this crazy in the morning. You must have hit your head or something." He leaned in and checked both her eyes.

She tried hard to focus on his dark eyes, but she was distracted. The lights flickered a second time, unnaturally and obviously not just the fire light. Her eyes scanned the shadows of the cabin. "Something tells me I didn't."

"Hey are you okay? It's just the fire-"

"Can you hear me? Finally. It's taken me hours." Pitch's ghostly form took a half stumbling step from the shadows and his gold eyes fell on Poppy's. The whole world around her faltered then froze at his appearance and she turned her attention to him. "This is a dream, fabricated by that skeletal witch. Jack is in danger, as are the others. I am being threatened, how sickening is that. Me. As if they think they can sway me to take sides with some nightmare more than I can imagine. The situation is spiraling stupid girl. You must return to the Halls of the Council or even my magic won't be enough to stop them."

"But how." She whispered quickly. "How can I keep him safe from here? What can I do to stop the High Council? I'm just human."

"If you truly don't know, then there is no hope for us." His form wavered and he set one of his hands on the wall to balance himself. "I don't know how to help you, but I can offer you this. You have the book from the library, you will figure something out or your delicate snowflake will suffer for your stupidity."

Poppy hesitated. She stole a glance and the boy in front of her, who looked like Jack but wasn't. Or at least wasn't anymore. She loosened her hold on the book she had taken from Mother Goose's library. "This isn't real. So then there has to be a way to break the spell that that witch cast. There has to be a way to get back." She looked up to Pitch, who was staring at the wall of the cabin with a concerned look on his shadowed face. "Is that what you're saying?"

He looked to her urgently. "Use your head, stupid girl. And quickly please. They're going to force me into a position I'd rather avoid."

Poppy let out a breath and chewed on the inside of her cheek. "I have to find a spell, can you buy me some time? Please keep him safe. Keep them all safe." She hesitated. "Don't let anything happen to you either Pitch, you've helped us all so much. I'll figure something out, Jack is all that matters."

"It's not me you should be concerned for and mind you I can only do so much. Good luck." Pitch disappeared in another flicker and the world came back to life with a relieved sigh.

The dark haired boy in front of her shook his head and blinked away the strange pause that the Boogie Man's appearance had left in the small room. "What happened? That was weird. Hey, are you okay?" His deep brown eyes flickered to her after a quick glance around the room.

"Will you help me get home?" Her voice was shaky and she crawled towards him. The cloak he had draped around her shoulders swished around her hands. "Someone very close to me is in a lot of danger. I have this book full of spells." She fumbled with the book before she dropped it in his lap and with an exasperated breath, grabbed onto his hands and leaned towards his face. "You're the only one who can help me. Please."

His face flushed and he moved her a little further from his face with a cautious breath. "You don't have to beg, I promise. That really isn't necessary at all. I feel.. I feel like I know you from somewhere." He hesitated for a long time before he searched her face again. "Listen, you know I can help you better when the sun comes out. And my sister can help too. She's got a huge imagination. You said this book of yours has the answers?" His voice was whisper quiet and he tapped the cover with one of his fingers. "Then we don't have to worry at all. We have everything we need here already. We just need to gather it all together, don't worry you have me to help."

She nodded quickly. He had the same soft comforting soft voice as her snow spirit. "There's a binding spell, I found before I was sent here. It will keep the evil spirits bound up and stop them from hurting anyone else. I need it to save my friends. All we need spring water and salt and-"

"Hey slow down." The new dark haired Jack cut her off with a soft laugh. "You're not making any sense anymore, spirits and water.. You need to breathe between sentences usually How about this. Let me set you up a blanket and you can get some sleep. I promise we'll figure it out in the morning okay?" He stole a glance at the window. " Sun will be up in a few hours and we'll get everything you need to help your friends. They must be something special if you're going through all this for them." He met her gaze with a warm smile. "I've got your back."

She was touched. "Thank you."

"Jack are you still awake? Who are you talking to?" A girl's voice made them both turn. A girl with the same face and eyes as the brunette had crept into the living room. She rubbed at her eyes and looked up to the pair sitting in front of the wood stove. "Who're you?"

"Emma! This is Poppy!" Jack scrambled away from Poppy and scooped the little brunette into a tight hug. He spun her around quickly and nodded over to the girl wrapped in his cloak on the floor. He knelt behind the small girl with his arms wrapped around her middle and his chin on her shoulder. "I found her in the woods. She's a princess who needs our help to get back to her Prince Charming. An evil witch ripped them apart, isn't that terrible? You think you can help us make a spell that can get her back to him?"

The girl watched Poppy for a moment with her wide dark eyes. "A spell?" She asked hesitantly as she stole a glance out of the corner of her eye at her brother. "Are you a fairy princess or something?"

"Err.." She started.

"Yep! And isn't she pretty?" Jack grinned and poppy felt her face flush a bit. They exchanged a smile as he urged Emma forward. "And she's stuck here with us, isn't that sad? We have to get her back to her handsome prince so we can break the spell and get her wings back." He pulled his sister by the hand. He slipped behind Poppy next to lift her to her feet carefully with a bow. He smiled and nodded from one girl to the next. "It's a tragic story don't you think? But they deserve to live happily ever after. Do you think we can help them?"

Poppy looked between the two. They were having fun, playing a game to ease everyones minds and solve her problem. She felt her heart beat a little faster, she could see why Jack had been chosen to bring happiness to people all over the world. After a moment lost in thought, she let out a long dramatic sigh. "Alas!" She draped her arm over her forehead and closed her eyes. "If I cannot return to my Prince I'll never get my wings back. The witch was jealous of our love and sent me to this strange land alone. If only I could read the words in this spell book I stole from the witch before she sent me to this strange land. I can only read fairy. Can you read this strange human language for me?" She opened one of her eyes to find the girl creeping towards her.

"Are you really a fairy?" Emma whispered before turning down to the book clutched in her hands. "I can read really well. Jack taught me. Do you think I can look at your spell book? Maybe I can find a way to get you back to your prince."

Poppy exchanged a look with the dark haired boy, who nodded enthusiastically. She fell to her knees in front of the girl and clasped her hands together. "Oh thank you. How can I ever repay you? What a gracious little human girl." She pulled the girl into a tight hug.

Emma hesitated. "You can pay me back by kissing your prince when you get back to him. That's how all the stories end. And you only fight this hard for someone you love isn't that right Jack? That's what happens in all the stories you read me."

Jack only laughed as Poppy gave him a flustered smile of gratitude. She mouthed a thank you, to which he returned a half bow. His kid sister stole a glance between the two of them.

The brunette cleared his throat and took a few steps forward before squatting down at their side. "Well what d'ya say, fairy princess." The way a half smile lit his dark face made her breath hitch in her throat. He was so much like Jack and yet nothing like him at all. With a dramatic sweep of his hands he let out a laugh. "Will you accept our help with that book of yours so that we can return to your Prince?" His thin hands motioned to the book clutched tightly against her chest.

"Yes I will." Her voice was whisper quiet but heavy with gratitude.

"And you'll kiss your prince for your happy ending?" Emma pulled the book from Poppy's hands.

"Yeah. Yeah, sure a happy ending."

She stole one last glance up at the boy, who had knelt down on the floor beside them, with a huge warm smile. The words from her snow prince rang through her head suddenly. There was no happy ending to be had between a human and an immortal snow spirit. Emma sat on the ground, and pulled her with her onto the rug before the fireplace. She started flipping through the book, babbling about how to read the spells. Her dark eyes turned back to Jack's doppelganger. She tried to remember what he had told her about his life before he had been chosen. He had mentioned a sister, but he had failed to describe himself. She hadn't really asked, it hadn't really mattered at the time. She was kicking herself for that now. The dark haired young man seemed to sense her apprehensions and took the space on the floor beside her. His hand slipped into hers easily and he smiled before he turned his attention back to his sister to ease the tension.

Pitch had said this was a dream, nothing but a spell. If it was a projection of the past that was all it was. She relaxed a little more and closed her eyes as the siblings readied her a bed in the corner of the space. When Emma disappeared off to bed with Poppy's spell book, Jack set a hand on her shoulder.

"We'll figure this out together okay? I'll be here with you every step of the way." He smiled softly. "Sweet dreams."

"Thank you." Was all she could manage as he too disappeared to the back of the small home.

As soon as the sun rose Emma and Jack led her into the woods. Poppy had let the young girl hold onto the spell book to read and she rushed to get all of the items they would need to bind the spirits of the high council in a bottle she had taken from the kitchen of their cabin. The bottom most layer was salt, fresh as the spell called for. Then spring water, some sage, some twigs and from a barren blackberry bush, and a few stones from the bottom of a stream.

All the while the young girl was speaking excitedly about the stories Jack had told her over the last couple of days. Poppy walked quietly beside him with her arm tucked around his elbow with a polite, if not tight smile as she considered her options for the next short amount of time. The complicated part of the spell would be to find something of value to give up. The sacrifice would bind the spirits forever and that was something that she would need to figure out on her own. It was buzzing in her mind. It would have to be her belief, but in giving it up she would lose Jack forever. She tripped over a rock and the brunette at her side caught her quickly.

"You with me?" He leaned towards her.

"Yeah, sorry. Yeah. I just have a lot on my mind."

He nodded, stole a glance at where his sister had stopped at a leafy push to pull a few red berries off. "Whatever your going through where you came from? Its gonna be okay. You and your prince charming are gonna get your happily ever after."

Poppy tried to smile. She knew that a happily ever after wasn't likely and she also knew that the smile didn't quite reach her eyes, but Jack didn't catch it. He had rushed off when Ema had called his name and pointed excitedly to the book. The young girl had found a teleportation spell in the book which she was incredibly excited about that would get Poppy back home. It would be fueled by the need to help someone important and she just needed a few herbs and flowers to get her back to her winter spirit. It seemed almost too easy but Emma insisted the power of true love always won out in the end.

Poppy continued her charade as a fairy princess for the young girl, which seemed to make Jack happy. He played as a knight, who had come to her rescue. He held her hand easily and ith a huge smile on his face, which only reminded her how much she needed to get back to her own time and her Jack. The young girl was practically buzzing with excitement about the spells and she hadn't stopped asking about the prince Poppy had left behind. She tried her best to answer all the young girl's questions, about the fairy realm and about her prince but it was hard to keep up the charade. The brunette Jack from the past noticed her fatigue with the relentless questions and silenced the girl with a cautious word.

"Come on Emma, she's already tired enough as it is. She doesn't have any of her magic or anything." His hand left hers and he rushed towards his sister. "Give it a break and let's get some lunch."

As the sun hit the highest point in the sky they returned to the cabin with everything they needed to complete the spells. They had lunch together in the soft grass beside a huge tree. Poppy couldn't keep her eyes off of this version of Jack and his brown eyes lit every time they turned to her. Emma was still talking about the spell book as her small hands loaded the items for the binding spell into a small box she had grabbed from inside for her all before she set to work laying out the teleportation spell on the ground as the book instructed.

Poppy turned to Jack. She hesitated and then set a hand on his. "Thank you. From the bottom of my heart."

"Hey don't worry about it." He grinned. "But you should thank Emma too." He paused. "And you know whoever you're trying to get back to, I hope you can you know. Get a happily ever after."

"Yeah me too." She managed to whisper.

"Finished." Emma rushed back to their sides. "The spell is laid out exactly as it shows in your spell book your highness." She passed the leather bound book and the bag full of bottles and hers and spring water back to her before turning to her brother. "Time to send her back right? For her happily ever after."

Jack nodded and stood up. He offered his hands Poppy, who took them and let him pull her up to her feet.

"I guess this." He paused and smiled. "This is goodbye for now." He winked at her and led her towards the ring of salt on the ground. "Go save your prince okay."

When his hands slipped out of hers and she was alone in the circle in the grass. It was winter but the sun was shining brightly. She hesitated and wrapped her hands around one another. She slipped the bag over her shoulder with a rattle of bottles. "Thank you for all your help, the both of you. I don't know how I'll ever ever repay either of you." Poppy could only think of Jack now. She was so close. Her hands were clenched together so tightly her knuckles were white. She was only thinking of his eyes now.

Emma crossed her arms over her chest. "Kiss your prince when you get back to him. Tell him what you've done to get back to him. Then you can live happily ever after."

"Don't be pushy." Jack scolded lightly before he pulled Emma back by the shoulder. He met Poppy's eyes with a bright smile. "I hope you travel safely. And maybe we'll see each other again someday."

Poppy smiled. "I know we will."

Emma sprinkled the water from a bottle onto the ring of salt they had laid out around her and Poppy kept her mind on Jack, his white hair and blue eyes and in a flash she was back in the halls of the High Council. It was disorienting and she was immediately light headed and nauseous. She leant up against the wall with a groan. Her head was pounding. She just had to get to Jack as fast as she could. With shaking hands, she clutched the bag of ingredients and the binding spell tightly in her hands. Her eyes were wide and she looked wildly around the get her bearings, but the non-descript hallway was incredibly unhelpful. She turned to a shadowed corner and let out a breath.

"Pitch. Please help me find Jack." After a moment of silence passed she shook her head, she was exhausted and out of ideas. She felt like there was no creativity left in her but there was so much left to do. She was worried about Jack and she wanted to go home. More specifically she wanted to go home with Jack and never let go of him again. "Can you hear me, please Pitch I need your help now more than ever." She turned and looked back over her shoulder as her voice bounced off the sides of the hallway but nothing else happened. "Please."

The shadows wavered once and then the nightmare king emerged into the hallway. Pitch eyed her with disinterest and let out a long breath through his nose. "Well done little mouse. I only briefly doubted you. You've been gone for days, I didn't think you would ever come back for your little snowflake-"

"Take this." She interrupted his lazy drawl and shoved a tiny bottle into his skeletal hands. She had no idea how much time had passed and she didn't want to know, didn't want to know how long Jack had been subjected to the Councils brand of justice. "This is for helping me. For helping Jack, no matter how reluctantly. Very bit was appreciated so much."

"And what might this be, hm?" His monotonous voice piqued with interest as he raised the bottle to examine its contents with his yellow eyes.

"One spell, to break another."

"You're going to trust me with something like this?" Though his expression remained neutral, his voice betrayed some level of interest. "Do you have any idea what I'm capable in my true form? I was locked up for a reason, you must know this."

"Yes and yes. Consider it an act of good faith." She clenched her jaw and let out a nervous breath. He had threatened her but she chose to ignore it. "You deserve at least a chance after what you've done so far. You've come whenever I asked and you've helped us so far." She hesitated. "And you haven't given me a reason not to trust you but I can't help but feel like you might."

He laughed under his breath. "Well, I suspect so. I am the Boogieman, after all." He held out his hand and the tiny bottle disappeared in a little swirl of black sand.

Poppy set her teeth on her bottom lip. "Do you know where Jack is now?"

A strange look passed over his face but before he could answer, a wispy breath interrupted their conversation. She took a half step towards him, clutching the bag of bottles and spells to her chest. He half scoffed but held out an arm to block her in a sort of almost defense that didn't quite mean anything. Poppy could almost sense he wouldn't be able to fight but the motion was meant to comfort her. It wasn't working.

"You've returned human child." A tall robed figure crept delicately from the other end of

the hallway. She had obviously been there a while, and was almost completely covered in flowing robes and shadows but a pair of delicate, feminine hands floated out of her robes and seemed to be followed by a dark shadowy magic. "Why you are so persistent is beyond me. I suppose it has something to do with that human heart of yours. It'll be the death of you." She continued to creep towards Poppy, who took another half step backwards.

"Let me through." Poppy tried to sound confident, but her voice wavered. "I don't have time for this. I need to-"

"You need to help Jack Frost. You're becoming predictable human girl. If you're going to remain here you must fight harder to hold my interest." The hands waved in a circle in front of her chest and the black magic solidified into a silver mirror. It was perfectly round, with no frame or embellishments. "I don't think I will let you through though. Tell me again why you wish to pass. I feed on misery." The woman was almost hissing at the end and Poppy shivered.

"Don't look her in the eyes or that mirror if you wish to live. Run run little mouse and meet me at my cell. I can't help you here." Pitch's form wavered before it disappeared and Poppy faced the spirit alone in the hallway.

The girl stuffed the small bag of spells into the deep pocket of her wool coat with shaking hands. She tried to puff out her chest at the spirit, but her whole body was weak. All she could think of was Jack, saving him was everything. "Who are you?" Her voice was breathy but held a constant tone and she managed to sound somewhat confident. Her hands pulled into fists and she set her jaw.

"Call me Truth child." One of her hands pulled on her hood to reveal her face. She appeared to be young, and she had huge, empty silver eyes. Her thick hair was woven into a careful braid pulled over her shoulder, with single strands of bright grey wound around and through it. "I have come to collect you for Justice, despite Patience's best effort it seems you've returned to our halls and I regret to inform you, everyone is quite done dealing with you." Her voice was lazy and slow. "He requests you stop prying and appear before the Council. Mortality and belief and all that, I'm sure you've heard it all from my colleagues." She paused as Poppy's clenched her jaw.

"I'm not going anywhere with you." She said with a certain level of resolve. Pitch's words were echoing lightly at the back of her head. Don't look in the woman's eyes or her mirror. Her eyes settled on the floor and her hands were clenched in tight fists at her sides. In a rush of air the woman was before her. Her dark flowing robes brushed against Poppy's arms and she desperately fought to keep her eyes on the ground beneath her boots.

"Warned you about my eyes did he?" Truth's voice hissed. "Would you like to know why you shouldn't look?" She paused and when the girl didn't answer she touched her chin with her long fingers. "My eyes will reveal to you the horrible truth of yourself. My mirror absorbs the energy of your failures. I can practically smell the doubt on you."

"I'm not going anywhere." Her voice wavered but she remained firm.

Thin fingers pulled on Poppy's jaw and she forced her eyes closed as the spirit's breath hit her face. She laughed a breathy and taunting laugh. "You fight so hard for so little. You already know the truth so why avoid my gaze. Your hero's are scattered, banished by one of Honor's spells. Did you know that? They won't be able to come back for a long time, what do you think of that?"

Poppy kept her eyes shut despite the threat.

Truth laughed again. "The spirit you're fighting for has already lost. He goes before the Council soon you know. He's chained and shackled and for all this trouble you've caused we'll have you watch him suffer-"

"Don't you dare hurt him." Her mossy eyes opened as she cut the spirit off fiercely. As soon as she met the silvery gaze of the grinning spirit, she felt her body's energy drain and the milky color of the eyes cleared up to reflect her own eyes back at her. The hallway around them faltered, and from the corners of her eyes she could see bits of the forest where she had first met Jack.

"Your truth is you love a spirit who can never be yours, he belongs to the wind and the snow and you know where your story ends. You'll fight and lose and in the end you'll be as mortal as ever." Her voice was hissy and low. "Your truth is you believe in magic you have no business clinging to. You wonder whether the things you see are real at all, don't you."

Poppy's gaze was drawn to the mirror clutched in Truth's hands. Her worst fears were projected to her. Jack dying, blood and ice was thick over his hands and face, the result of her own failures. Mortality had no place in his world, the world she'd stumbled into by following Jack. A rush of pain consumed her as a light flowed out of her eyes, nose and mouth and into the woman's mirror. She felt her knees growing weak and her hands were shaking as a gasping sob escaped her. "Please stop." Was all she could manage to say

"You don't know the powers you're dealing with child. I almost feel apologetic, your truth is truly tragic, but such is the way of things. Now Honor dear, carry her for me wont you?" Truth's voice was echoing and distant as if she was underwater and far away.

Poppy fell back into a pair of huge hands. She could barely focus on the growling above her. There was light still flooding out of her eyes and her body was burning like she had letting out a breath for too long.

"You've meddled enough, now it is time to face your fate." A deep voice was at her ear as she was lifted off the ground. "You have fought well though none of it matters. We will take you to your snow spirit, if it is even just to say goodbye."

She struggled briefly, but her vision was going spotty. Honor was holding her roughly in his huge plated hands. Truth turned lightly on her feet and with a sweep of her hands, the mirror was gone and the hood covered her face. She was tossed over Honor's shoulder with a groan before the world around her went black again.