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Summary: In which even when Sawada Tsunayoshi is not the heir of a mafia syndicate, he still attracts the same amount of trouble and craziness. A sky is still a sky after all. Drabble series. AU-kinda. Slightly crack, eventual plot.

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Chapter 1
Sometimes, Tsuna thinks of a life without them, these days- it's harder to forget that he was ever without them.

Tsuna had always wondered if he had done something terribly wrong in his past life to deserve...this. Whatever this was. It was hard to describe his life, but Tsuna figured it was a mixture of a train wreck and an accident waiting to happen. He simply attracted trouble like magnets, from being the target of his classmate's teasing, meeting the strangest people, getting into the most impossible situations and somehow- always tripping over himself.

Okay. So maybe that last bit wasn't really trouble since that was his own fault, but everything else still stands! He must have had brutally murdered someone before, or even worse- subjected someone to torture or something. Yes. It was just that bad!

For instance, currently- he was being glared at by a very scary skylark while being surrounded by a bunch of armed middle school students who wanted to beat said skylark up and him in connection.

Tsuna wondered if the Gods hated him or something.

His day had started off so normally too, just how did it escalate so quickly? He had just finished school- with his normal daily doses of teasing and taunts- and had been walking home when he happened to come across a fight that was about to start. The brunet had tried so very hard to become invisible. (It never worked! Never!) He had then somehow managed to trip over his own feet and crash into the tonfa wielding boy. Logic just didn't apply to the brunet much to his displeasure.

Oh. Did he mention that the tonfa wielding boy just so happened to be Hibari Kyoya, the demonic self appointed carnivore of Namimori?

No? Well then now you know.

Tsuna wanted to cry and simply curl into a ball as the skylark continued to glower at him with obvious irritation. He didn't mean it! Honestly, it wasn't his fault that he crashed into the boy and ruined the mood, nor was it his fault that the skylark had gotten laughed at for almost falling over at the impact!



Okay, maybe it was...but still!

He glanced at the seething skylark fearfully, feeling an unknown weight lift off his shoulders as the raven turned his attention elsewhere.

The middle school students surrounding them eyed each other warily, hesitant to jump and attack Hibari after he had shot them a furious glare for their laughter. Little kid or not, the brat was still a vicious demon.

One suicidal teenager decided that they had the numbers and advantage while the elementary schooler only had a pair of tonfas and a tiny brunet who looked like he was about to wet his pants. (Which wasn't too far off actually, Tsuna was about to wet his pants.)

Needless to say, he was proven wrong when said pair of tonfas brutally smashed into his stomach, making him keel over and hurl.

Seeing this, the five other pre-teens jumped in to help.

One by one, the older boy casually beat them down until only two were left. His movements were smooth, yet jagged at the same time. It was sharp and remorseless, and practically screamed 'Hibari!' Tsuna felt the shaking of his hands reside as his grip on the textbook tightened as he observed the skylark with wide eyes. While he was absolutely terrified, he couldn't hep but feel a bit of awe at how strong the older boy was. It was simply amazing. And very brutal and bloody of course. A part of him was screaming at him to get out while you can! But he was stuck. Just frozen stiff. From fear?

No. Because it was...thrilling?

The unlikely answer made his stomach drop.

The skylark ducked underneath a swing of a pipe, and shifted closer to the taller boy with a smirk. Spinning around, he caught the boy in the chin with his tonfa. The older boy let out a curse before he attempted to bring his pipe down once more.

It was at that point that Tsuna felt that something was off. Something was wrong, there was something missing?

Amber eyes widened as he looked around.

Wasn't there another boy? There had been two... or had that just been his imagination? Had it just been an illusion he had seen because of his fear? His gut protested, and Tsuna shook his head. No! He was right, there had been another one, but where?

Caramel eyes darted to another figure who was slinking behind the raven haired male and the brunet moved without thinking. Tsuna tossed the text book he had a death grip on and the boy yelped when it hit him square in the head. Steel eyes gleamed and the skylark grunted, throwing one of his tonfas at him and knocking the boy out. He then finished the blond in front of him with a well placed jab and kick.

Silence filled the air as Tsuna scurried over to his textbook. He sighed in relief as the book didn't seemed to be damaged. The brunet tucked the book into his bag before noticing Hibari's stare.

"I did not need your help, Herbivore," the raven haired male hissed, bringing out his tonfas.

The brunet flinched at the dark tone, feeling his hands tremble nervously. He had hoped that the older boy would've left him alone, but of course he couldn't have that. Nothing ever seemed to be easy for Tsuna. "I- I'm sorry!" he squeaked, cheeks flushing. "I a-" Tsuna took a deep breath before continuing, why oh why was the skylark so scary? "...accidentally tripped. And when I...when I saw him sneaking behind, I couldn't just do nothing!"

The skylark rose a brow at this, but showed no signs of moving. "Hn." The brunet stared at the floor nervously, feeling rather pathetic. There was a reason why he was known as Dame-Tsuna throughout the school after all. Now he was probably going to get 'bitten' to death and teased by his classmates again. He bit his lip, toeing the ground. He didn't dare run away lest he angered Hibari, plus- the brunet had a feeling he wouldn't get far anyway. But-

Duck. Caramel orbs widened in surprise. His instincts were screaming and he obeyed clumsily, feeling something whistling through the air, piercing the edges of his hair. Tsuna glanced behind him uneasily and spotted a tonfa laying innocently on the ground. He blanched before whipping his head back to Hibari who seemed to have a gleam of interest in his cold steel eyes.

It was in this moment that Tsuna had a mini flash back in his head.

He had once asked his father what 'trouble' was, of course he had said something along the lines of "Whats twoble?", but that had nothing to do with it what so ever.

His father had laughed and responded jollily. "Trouble is a problem, a difficultly. Something annoying to deal with." Iemitsu had also cooed and called him 'tuna-fish', but the boy crossed that out and banished the nickname to the depths of his mind. He would never answer to that. His father had came home to visit that week, and the brunet hadn't heard from him since then. But the definition had still latched onto him since Tsuna had a feeling that it was going to be important in the future.

The seven year old knew without a doubt, that Hibari Kyoya was definitely trouble.

He could feel it.

The deep stare that seemed to drill holes into his head. Or was that a glare?

He really couldn't tell, but Tsuna was leaning more for the glare since that seemed more appropriate for the infamous skylark.

It seemed that ever since that not so fateful day, Hibari had taken an unfortunate interest in him. The older boy had sharp eyes that seemed to follow him everywhere. (From a far of course. But everywhere. It was driving him mad.) Said brunet was quite freaked out, panicking whenever he felt the skylark's gaze on his person. (Which happened quite often to his dismay.) It was an uncomfortable prickling sensation that made him feel quite awkward at the attention. Well...at least it seemed like Hibari wouldn't beat him up or punish him. That was the one silver lining.

For now, that is.


Tsuna squirmed in his seat uneasily, mindful of the leg kicking the back of his chair. He sighed, twirling the pencil in his hand absently before clumsily dropping it. Ugh, even pencils hated him. He tried to focus on the teacher speaking- but couldn't, so the brunet ended up staring out the window listlessly instead. He couldn't wait to get back home. It was his one safe haven after all.

(Away from the dark looks and sneers, from the numerous jeers and name-calling, away from the disappointed looks from his teachers and those cold yet burning all seeing eyes.)

He couldn't wait to get back home.


Once school ended, oddly enough, he didn't head straight home.

Tsuna had headed off to the swings in the park instead. He had forgotten.

Swing up-

He had told mum that he would be home late today.

He had lied. Lied and said that he was going to play with his friends. It was a pointless lie, he knew- everyone knew that he didn't have friends after all. But he wanted so desperately to pretend, to try to ease her worries at least.

Swing down-

Each day his heart seemed to become more heavier and weary, the brunet somehow knew instinctively that this feeling inside was not normal for children who pranced around and played together. He was ashamed and frustrated with himself for his 'Dame-ness', angry that he would disappoint his mother in such a way. She had always smiled at him and said that he worked hard enough, but the brunet could see that quick flash of disappointment. His horrible grades and clumsiness...

Swing up-

The brunet blinked, looking up at the sky while he swung his legs easily. It'd be nice to have wings, he thought randomly. What would it be like? To soar across the sky. Preferably on a trustworthy flying robot, because wings could break- they were flimsy unlike the strong robots. With seat belts of course. The thought made him laugh. Robots were strong. Robots could not be hurt.

But he was human. Humans could get hurt, but they also could get back up again, right? The simple thought gave him comfort.

Glancing at the reddening sky, Tsuna grabbed his bag and continued home.

"I'm home," he greeted as he opened the door, the soothing scent of tea drifted into the air as he padded towards the kitchen.

"Welcome home, Tsu-kun!" Nana welcomed joyfully, smiling as she turned on the fire. The brunet smiled at his mother, feeling happier now that his mother was happy. He exited the kitchen and started his way upstairs, hearing a muffled yell from his mother. He blinked, but brushed it aside as he continued up the steps. He would ask about it later. Spotting the door to his room and the familiar tuna fish ornament, he allowed himself a tired smile.

He could finally rest.

Sawada Nana was quite pleased. Her baby had finally made a friend! Such a pretty friend too~ She continued to hum as she stirred the pot.

Oh! She should at least notify her son right?

"By the way, Tsu-kun! Your friend is in your room!"

She blinked at the lack of response but decided to just shrug it off.

Perhaps he was simply too tired to answer.

The moment Tsuna entered the room, he felt the familiar prickling sensation. He furrowed his brows, it couldn't be...right? He whipped his head up, staring at the one and only Hibari Kyoya.

He then proceeded to slam the door shut.

Then opened it up again.

Nope. It was not an illusion.

The raven haired male was still sitting on the floor, sipping tea. He looked rather annoyed though.

Tsuna blanched, shutting the door. Again. WHAT WAS HE DOING HERE?! How did he get here? Did his mother just invite him in?

The brunet gulped, tentatively opening the door again.

He was met with a tonfa to the face.

Right, he had somehow forgotten that Hibari was quite an impatient person. Rubbing his throbbing face, he cautiously picked up the tonfa and greeted the skylark stiffly. "H-hello Hibari-san."

"Hn," he took the tonfa that was offered to him and placed it to his side.

"W-what is Hibari-san doing here?" he asked shyly, scurrying a bit closer.

"Your mother invited me in," he answered coolly.

"Oh..." So she did invite him in.

There seemed to be a flash of something in his steel eyes before he edged forward with a quirk of his lips.

"I've come to repay my debt."

Tsuna would later recognize that look in his eyes to be Hibari's 'This amuses me and I know you're suffering but I don't care' face.

Basically his sadistic/happy look.


Sawada Tsunayoshi has officially gained a stalker much to his displeasure.

Instead of quick glances and stares, Hibari Kyoya would now pop out randomly to demand him to let him repay his debt. He looked like he was having fun too! The jerk... Tsuna could only freak out every time the skylark suddenly appeared.

On the way to school:

"Herbivore, accept it!"

"Hiiieee!" *runs away*

At the park:

"Herbivore, I hate owing people."

"Hiiieee!" *runs away*

On the way home:


"Hiieee! Hibari-san! I told you you owe me nothing!"

"...Accept it or I will bite you to death." *tonfa gleams*

"Wait, wha- oww!"

Tsuna sighed tiredly as he once again managed to avoid the skylark by running. Why did Hibari even want the brunet to request something from him anyways? It was true that Hibari was quite prideful and hated owing others, but there had to be a better solution right? He didn't have to pursue him like this. Urgh, he didn't want to think about this anymore. Hibari was too confusing, and all this thinking was making his head spin. He's also pretty sure that he had already lost dozens of brain cells because of the raven.

The brunet yawned before collapsing on his bed, running really tired him out...it wouldn't hurt to take a nap right?

Caramel eyes opened to meet with steely orbs.

Tsuna blinked.

Steel orbs blinked.

Wait. Something was off. Dark hair. Grey eyes. Brain is connecting. Understanding is reached.

"Hiiieeee!" The brunet squealed, flying backwards in panic. What the heck?! Pain erupted as his head collided with something hard. He rubbed his sore head, rolling around on the bed in pain. OWWW! That wall hurt.

Hibari just continued to stare at him, sitting on the edge of his bed.

"H-Hibari-san! How did you-?!"

"...Your window is broken, herbivore."

Tsuna blinked before he glanced at the window. And true to his word, the window was in fact broken. Shards littered the floor and Tsuna swore he could see some clinging onto the skylark as well. Understanding dawned and he leapt from his bed, "Hiieee- mum is going to kill me!"


"Why didn't you use the door?!" he demanded, exasperated and way too tired to care that the older boy in front of him could easily give him a dozen concussions.

"Hn." The skylark rose a brow, giving Tsuna a look that the brunet translated as 'Door? Psh. Doors are for losers and herbivores'. Huh...that didn't seem right. The brunet noted that he should definitely find a way to understand the language of Hibaris. Clearly it was not normal.

"Favor." The skylark gruffly demanded and Tsuna just wanted to cry. Not this again!

Seeing that the boy clearly would not leave him alone any time soon unless he achieved his goal, Tsuna decided to just give in. But...the skylark had also given him so much trouble and he had even broken his window! Tsuna admitted that he was feeling rather vindictive. He also admitted that he was being quite stupid. Really, he didn't even think properly...must have been half asleep or something. His words were blunt and thoughtless, but he didn't think he would ever change them.

"Be my friend."

Hibari Kyoya was pretty surprised when the herbivore stated his request.

No, he was downright shocked, but the only hint of his disbelief was a slight and quick widening of his eyes. The little animal had guts to demand such a thing. Sawada Tsunayoshi, a short and scrawny brunet with large brown eyes. Gravity defying fluffy locks. (And no, he was not tempted to pet them...anyone who says so otherwise will be bitten to death.) No friends due to his...clumsiness and shyness. Known as Dame-Tsuna, and one of the most weakest herbivores he had ever seen.

Hibari himself had no interest in him, the boy was quiet and blended in with everyone else. He was not a troublemaker nor one to seek attention. He was just there, and therefore- the brunet did not warrant his attention. His only misconducts were arriving to school late a few times and doing horrendously in school. But something had caught his eye that day when a group of students had came to him for revenge. A flash of something bright and burning with potential.

"And when I...when I saw him sneaking behind, I couldn't just do nothing!"

His eyes were a burning orange, filled with his resolution and belief. His voice that was stuttering so subsided into a tone of absolute conviction. It was awfully mesmerizing. Hibari had always been quite a good judge of people, though everyone usually defaulted as a 'herbivore'. He was able to distinguish trash and people who were shallow, greedy and weak from those rare strong people who he knew were going to get far in life. Getting far did not necessarily mean getting good grades and a decent job, no- those things were petty. It did not even mean that had to be good at fighting (though he preferred them to be). Only those who were strong- those who held resolution would get far in the end.

And Sawada Tsunayoshi was definitely going to get far. (He had been unsure at first, but with a bit of polishing, the brunet would shine.)

He admitted that stalking and scaring the boy so much was not the best idea, but well- it was slightly amusing how the brunet ran. Besides, he wanted to observe the boy more. He wanted to see his growth and evolution.

"Be my friend."

Yes. He was definitely interesting.

There was only one clear answer in his head.

Tsuna was surprised.

Very, very surprised.

Hibari had said yes.

He had said yes.

To potential crowding! To loud noises! To...be friends with him?

The skylark had given him a thoughtful look before nodding. He had looked so sure, so convinced!

The shock was slowly wearing off and Tsuna blinked. The skylark was no where to be found. Imagination? Nope. The glass was still there.

Another realization kicked in. Tsuna had a friend. A friend that was very violent and liked punishing people for being herbivores. But still. A friend. The brunet felt slightly giddy, a light warm feeling engulfs him and his heart skips a beat. He had a friend!

And then reality sunk in.

A friend who also broke his window and left him to deal with the repercussions!

His mother was going to kill him! (as sweet as she was)

And then Tsuna would have to go hunt down his 'friend' and kill him!

Then again, he would probably get beaten up instead.

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