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Chapter 17

It could have went worse.

Dinner, surprisingly, did not end up with a fiery explosion and death as Tsuna had feared- the dark haired boy and Bel-san had seemed to have agreed on a very, very tentative truce.

By tentative, Tsuna meant 'barely there'. By truce, Tsuna meant they weren't outright lunging at each other.

Tsuna's expectations had grown throughout the years- as in, they had grown drastically downwards rather than upwards.

With such bare minimum standards, the brunet was extremely grateful even with the glaring and multitude of foreign threats (he would have long shoved his clearly broken translator and phone far, far away if not for the chance that someone might have called him) - this could be counted as very lucky already, he tried to console himself. Things could've gotten a lot worse. In fact, he might have used up a couple years worth of luck. The two other boys had also woken up in between spats, so they all ended up cramped in the living room eating food that Nana had ordered through room service.

The brunet had simply kept his head down the whole time, fully concentrating on eating the pasta on his plate. It was surprisingly good actually- he took a sip of the fruit juice, pretending that he couldn't see Bel cutting a piece of meat with his usual sharp and fancy knives- he also was momentarily blind and 'missed' the sight of Bel throwing said knife to aggravate the dark haired boy. It wasn't his problem~

Almost done with his pasta, Tsuna glanced at the other two boys who had been rather quiet. One was too busy wolfing down the food, while the other boy ate quietly. He considered for a moment before moving closer and shooting them a friendly smile. His mother had always taught him manners after all- and he had found out that smiling was indeed the perfect way to handle everyone and anyone. It worked best when the other party didn't expect it. He had already seen the injuries and scars on them- and the bar code… It resembled a branding too much- it made him uncomfortable. These boys were humans after all, not objects or some kind of livestock, and there was a constant stirring of anger in his heart. He didn't know what was going on, but it was clear that these boys were escapees. He lowered his eyes, reminding himself to contact Byakuran afterwards. Maybe he could help- though he didn't exactly know what, Tsuna did notice that the mischievous boy had a... interesting (suspicious) background. He lifted his eyes back to the two boys.

"If you're still hungry, we can order more food." They were much too skinny.

The blonde who was wolfing down his food only spared him a glance before continuing his meal. Tsuna had the vague thought that he was dismissed as a herbivore before shaking his head inwardly- not everyone thought like Kyoya! The other boy was quiet, his eyes devoid of any thoughts.

"Why did you help us?"

Tsuna perked up at the monotonous voice. Japanese! He didn't expect it, but he was thankful nonetheless. He didn't think Bel-san would've provided translations, and even if he did, Tsuna would have doubted the accuracy.

Tsuna pursed his lips for a moment as he considered how to answer the seemingly innocent question. One of his alarms was faintly ringing- it was clear that how he answered would be important, even if he couldn't quite grasp why.

"..." Hm? Was there even an appropriate answer for this question? In the end, Tsuna decided to answer with his initial thoughts- why was this important anyways? His alarm had made him think much harder than he should have, he thought rather sullenly.

"Just because," he ended up answering rather sheepishly. "Since I was there and we could all escape safely, why wouldn't I help?" He cocked his head, eyes bright.

Rather than 'Why did you help?,' Tsuna always thought 'Why didn't you help?' would be the bigger question. He was no angel despite what his friends thought- he helped because he could. If the risks had been much, much higher… would he have helped then?

It was a question Tsuna never wanted to answer.

He glanced at the blonde's empty plate before looking at the quiet boy. "Can you help me ask him if he wants more? More food," he clarified.

The boy remained quiet before muttering something to the blonde. His tone was unkind, and Tsuna twitched, wondering what had been said. The blonde was practically bristling.

So much...for...accurate translations….


In the end, Tsuna did end up ordering more food. Nana had stepped out way earlier, ignoring his protests and skipping out with her last words being "I shouldn't bother Tsu-kun when he's so busy playing with his friends~"

He had hid himself in the bathroom as soon as he finished eating- it gave him some to relax. Frankly, the whole situation still stressed him out. Looking at his phone, he pondered for a moment before making a call.


As room service took away the last of the dishes, Tsuna felt relieved as everyone seemed to have eaten rather well. But after the meal… would the truce still remain? Tsuna wasn't so sure.

The brunet glanced at the time; it was getting rather late. It should be about time, right? He decided to grab the two boys that were easier to handle first- somehow, he had managed to pull their names out of their mouths (Ken and Chikusa- whether the names were real or fake, Tsuna didn't really care. As long as he could call them by something, it was fine). Really, they were much more cuter compared to Bel-san and the boy with mismatched eyes. The brunet had blinded Ken and Chikusa with a beaming smile- taking advantage of it and easily guiding them away from the trouble making, horrific duo.

"Stay here for a moment, please."

With that, he returned to the dark haired boy, his bright smile still in place. Tsuna reached out easily to grab ahold of his wrist, beaming all the while.

"...Ushishishi, what do you think you're doing shrimpy?" Bel's smile was sharp.

"Bel-san, please stay there for a moment." Ignoring the Prince's scary smile, Tsuna pulled the dark haired boy forward, towards where Ken and Chikusa were standing.


Tsuna was actually surprised by how obedient the intimidating boy was being- but he wasn't about to question his luck. For all he knew, he could be using decades worth of luck right now. Tsuna was also glad that he had decided to directly guide him- if he had tried to gesture for him to follow (like he was an animal), he was sure that he would have lunged for him.

By now, there was a clear distance between the four and Bel.

The blonde looked amused, cocking his head to the side in thought. Abruptly, the smile disappeared. "Shrimpy, you didn't-"

And if as on cue, the door suddenly slammed open.


Tsuna could barely mouth an apology before Bel was instantly grabbed by the silver haired assassin.


Bel was making threatening gestures as he was being dragged out by an annoyed Squalo, his hand constantly making slicing motions across his neck. And as if knowing that Tsuna was (mildly) terrified of his smile, he smiled widely, his teeth gleaming. "You. Are. Dead."

Hiiee! Tsuna just smiled and waved, trying to ignore the phantom feeling of something slicing across his neck. "See you, Bel-san! Bye, Squalo-san!" Bel had already told him that once- so what was to fear? At least that was the logic Tsuna tried to convince himself with.

Now he was left with three guests… seeing the dark haired boy's ominous smile, Tsuna regretted not asking Squalo to take them along too.

Note: Squalo is lowkey Bel's nanny. Tsuna actually contacted the number Squalo gave to him via card months ago.

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