Author's Note:

Here is the background:

It's 4 years after the 3rd Spirit Portal opened in the Spirit Wilds of Republic City.

Instead of rebuilding Republic City, they moved further inland and founded New Republic City, or NR.

Prince Wu abolished the monarchy and democracy was founded in the Earth Kingdom. Re-elections are coming up.

Air Benders still act as peacekeepers, a select few act as impartial political ambassadors due to their nomadic ways.

Mako is 26

Bolin is 24

Jinora is 18

The relationships are the same as when the series ended. But, for reference:

Bolin + Opal

Korra + Asami

Jinora + Kai

Varrick + Zhu Li

Forgiveness please:

I wrote out the entire outline before writing the story. So I know how it will end, and hopefully it'll be easier for me to stay on track.

I have no beta reader (and I've tried looking previously). I will do my best to correct spelling and grammar mistakes.


I do not own anything about the characters except the OC. I do this just for fun and not for money.

= = = = = CHAPTER 1: LETTER = = = = =

snippets of letters between Jinora and her friend

Mirai, so are you getting any better at pai sho with all the lessons you've been having? How's Grand Pa doing? It's amazing how much your healing has improved. It's amazing what a little motivation can do isn't it? I am hoping that I can teach Kai some things about spirituality, but I've been trying for years and it doesn't seem to stick. But that's fine, I like him just the way he is…..

jinora, i can not believe you are still trying. maybe you should stop and give the poor guy a break. are you guys still travelling to the earth kingdom together or are you on separate assignments again. i can not imagine what it must be like to be in a long distance relationship. thank you for asking about grand pa. he seems to be getting worse. i'm worried this is beyond my ability to help but he does not seem interested. he keeps saying that he feels better after our pai sho sessions and says game play does wonders for your health. i keep explaining to him that i am healing him in exchange for the lessons…

j, i am worried. i am really worried. grand pa seems to be doing worse, faster. i have tried reading books, i have tried consulting with the doctors. grand pa refuses to see other healers. i am at my wits end. i need some guidance. i have been meditating more but have not seen you in the spirit world. are you busy?

j, i'm worried. he coughed up blood the last time we met. i think i am going crazy. i feel like i could sense the water elements throughout his body. that's just a fluke right? i am sleep deprived because i have been trying to come up with ways to help heal him. i want to ask the chiefs if i can go into the spirit portal to get spirit water...but considering the history, i do not think i can nor do i feel right going without i being a coward….

Mirai, my apologies. I have been kept so busy. Did I not tell you I was gone as an ambassador to the Fire Nation? I'm sorry that I have been out of touch for so long. I have been meditating but maybe our timing is off. I haven't seen you. But I haven't been meditating as much. I am so sorry to hear about your friend. I do not have any advice to give other than to say you are doing what you feel is right. You are not a coward. In fact, I think you're very brave to be helping Grand Pa…

Mirai, I hope things are going well. Everything's the same here. Ikki might actually have a boyfriend. I'm curious to see how Dad will react to that. Meelo has really developed his artistic skills, although I do not know how much more he can develop them. You should see Rohan, he's so calm. He's more like me than Ikki and Meelo. But he's like Meelo in the sense he really doesn't want to train in air bending. Dad is furious with him.

Mirai, I'm going on another trip. I know air benders are supposed to be nomads and to give up their worldly attachment, but I really miss Kai when we're gone. Things are starting to get really serious. Can I ask you some personal questions...i hope no one reads these letters…

Mirai, I haven't heard from you. Did I offend you with my questions about Kai….

Mirai, it's been months since I've heard something or have felt your presence in the Spirit World. Are you okay? What happened to Grand Pa? I am worried.

jinora, you must be wondering where i have been. i have decided to travel. unfortunately grand pa passed. there was a big misunderstanding in regards to his family. i was overwhelmed with such sadness i left. did you write me? i have not gotten your letters if you have….

Mirai, It was good to see you in the Spirit World… i had no idea you travelled all the way to the Fire Nation…

Mirai, You travel almost as much as I do. Are you picking up souvenirs for Kai and Me from the Southern Air Temples…

Mirai, I can't believe you're in the Earth Kingdom and heading here. What terrible timing. I have to leave for Ba Sing Se when you are supposed to arrive at New Republic City. I'll be gone for a month at the least. I'm helping with the Elections and the transition of officials. I can not believe the timing. I've enclosed a ticket to the New Year Masquerade Ball they have. It's a good way to see people without being known, plus you get to taste all of the wonderful food. I wish you'd stay with us at Air Temple Island instead of renting an apartment. I can understand wanting a place of your own, but you've been alone for so long, wouldn't you want to hang out with a bunch of air benders! i can't wait to introduce you to my family…